just give them back when you're done

anonymous asked:

Hey!!!! Can I request Bobby and B.I when you're begging them for a kiss but they're trying so hard to refuse it.


“look, i gotta have my work done by tomorrow, okay? can you not…” *deep sigh because he finds you sooo cute* “one kiss and i’ll go back to work”

Hanbin is a responsible worker. He would put up his work as his priority, after you. So of course, as you are his precious girlfriend, he’ll eventually gives you what you asked. But like he said earlier he will focus on his work again just to hear you whine behind him.


“really, y/n? I told you to wait for a minute and you cant even wait that long?” *chuckle chuckle* “done, you little thing. come here and let have something you asked”

Unlike Hanbin, Bobby will find it a bit cute. He loves the idea that you came to him and ask him for some attention. So maybe after he gives his little thing some kisses (sorry i dont see him only giving a single kiss)  you guys will end up cuddling all day long.