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Traveling Soldier

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: Written for @yourtropegirl ​‘s birthday challenge.  Happy Birthday, my love!! My song was Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks.  it just fit Steve so well i couldn’t stay away. and guys, i really really love this one okay.  It’s my baby. (Also it’s mostly canon with some tiny changes)

Summary: Steve makes a stop in a diner in a small town in New York on his way to training camp and meets a waitress that he feels inexplicably drawn to.

Warnings: seven thousand words of straight up angst my dudes. okay, it’s a little fluffy, but mostly angst. and a lil bit of cursing

Words: 7109 (jesus christ)

tags: @itsanerdlife @feelmyroarrrr @jimtkirkisabitch @sistasarah-sallysaidso @ravengirl94 (honestly tagging people i want to hurt with angst)

You lean against the counter of the diner, finally getting a chance to rest after the busy lunch rush.  You take a sip of your cold and thick coffee and groan when you see the time.  It was already 2:30? Damn.  

You grimace at your coffee cup and take another sip.  Just another half hour, and you were off for the rest of the day.  You hear a laugh and look up through the open window to the kitchen.  Ronnie, the older cook that owned the diner with her husband, was laughing and shaking her head at you.  

“You keep starin’ at that coffee like that it’ll turn to stone.”

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Slipped Through His Grasp

Title: Slipped Through His Grasp

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky x Reader 

Genre: Slight angst, Slight fluff

Summary: Steve didn’t know what he had, until it slipped away from him, right into Bucky’s arms. 

Peggy’s death hit him hard. It was one of those moments where it hits him right in his face; the ugly truth that even though he was this high and mighty super soldier, he could not stop all deaths. Some just slip right through his grasp.

But there she was, standing beside him, her small but comforting hand atop of his. She was Steve’s best friend. A tiny girl with a heart big enough to accept all his flaws, staying by him no matter what.

A year after Peggy’s passing, Steve began to move on. He started to loosen up when someone introduced him to a lady, he started to give small smiles and could even muster some harmless flirting here and there.

But there she was, still standing by him, a small, pained smile hung on her lips. Eyes downcast, as she heaved yet another sigh. She’ll never be on the receiving end of Steve’s flirting or his lingering gaze. She’ll always just be his “best doll”.

“(Y/N)!” he called out as he walked into the kitchen, wearing a pair of dark navy sweatpants, white shirt clinging onto him, damp with perspiration.

She was preparing his breakfast as he was walking in. She knew by heart what time his finished his morning jog, how he preferred his eggs on his toast, how he drank his coffee; all these little bits and pieces of information she picked up only served to make her love for him grow.

Burying those thoughts to the back of her mind, she turned to face him, both their breakfasts in hand, she gave him a smile and said, “Morning Cap. Breakfast?”

He circled over to grab the plates from her and replied with a chuckle, “You really are my best girl, doll.”

The duo settled into a comfortable silence until Steve looked up and said “So… I met this girl…”, voice laced with a bit of embarrassment with matching flushed cheeks.

Hearing those words, she felt a hard tug at her heart and the breakfast she was eating suddenly tasted like cardboard. She swallowed her food, tried to push her tears back and gave him the same pained smile on her lips as she whispered “That’s great Steve! I’m… I’m sure she’s amazing.”

Three months passed after the breakfast conversation, Steve and his girlfriend are cuddled on the cozy couch in the compound’s entertainment room as a movie played in the background. (Y/N) walked into the room, took in the sight and hastily turned back to the corridor leading to her bedroom.

Tears of frustration started pooling in her eyes, her eyebrows furrowed and her footsteps heavy. In the haze of her anger, she didn’t notice the figure coming out from the gym. The figure had his eyes trained on her back, a sense of longing seeping through as he sees her turn into the comfort of her room.

Bucky was mostly a quiet soul. Partly from his assassin training, partly because he didn’t know how to fit into a group that used to hate his guts. Most of the Avengers were more than okay with leaving him to his privacy, all of them but (Y/N).

When Steve finally found Bucky, cleared up all the Civil War mess and brought him back to the compound, Bucky couldn’t bring himself to look at anyone in the eye, let alone speak to them. Most of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents were wary of him, and the Avengers left him on his own and pretended he didn’t exist.

(Y/N), though, understood his need for silence. But she also never let him forgot he belonged. She started making an extra big serving of breakfast for him when she prepared hers and Steve’s. She also made sure to include old 40’s films when it was her turn to pick for movie night. She knew Bucky wouldn’t join them, but she tried anyway. She just wanted him to know someone cared.

Another three months has passed, Steve was still with the pretty S.H.I.E.L.D agent. This was the longest relationship he’s had since he came out of ice. (Y/N) and Bucky’s friendship has also blossomed into something neither of them expected. They found solace in each other’s silence and comfort in each other’s gaze.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)? Doll? You here?” Bucky called out, hesitantly pushing her bedroom door open.

(Y/N) was huddled in her thick blanket, sniffles could be heard coming from under.

Hearing that, Bucky hastily closed the door and settled himself on her bed as he quietly wrapped a strong arm over the lump of her covered in the blanket. They stayed in the position in silence for a good long while until (Y/N) poked her head out from under, her face red from sobbing.

She took a few deep breaths and gave the worried soldier a shaky smile.

“I’m okay. I’m sorry I scared you,” she said, her voice hoarse.

Bucky circled his arm around her waist and hoisted her over to him, placing the girl in between his legs. She leaned back into him and snuggled into his warm form.

“Doll? Will you… will you tell me what’s wrong? I’m worried for you. This is the third time I’ve found you like this in the past month.” he whispered as he placed his stubbled chin on her head.

After a short moment of silence, she let out a resigned sigh and closed her eyes. “It’s… it’s Steve,” she said, her voice small and shaky.

“He’s canceled six times on me in half a year. We were supposed to go for the WWII exhibition in town today, but he’s gone with his girlfriend instead,” she said.

Letting out a self-depreciating smile, she continued on, “I mean, it sounds kind of petty doesn’t it? Forget what I said, I’m just a little on edge recently.”.

Bucky’s arms tightened around her waist, wanting to provide her with any amount of comfort, no matter how little.

“Hey, doll… Do you want to go for the exhibition with me tomorrow? I’d have you know I was a respectable sergeant of that time!” Bucky asked, chuckling into her shoulder.

From that day on, Bucky and (Y/N) not only found solace and comfort in each other, they found a sense of belonging, a load of fun and laughter as they spent most of their waking time with one another.

The two were enjoying breakfast over playful banter as Steve walked into the kitchen. He furrowed at the sight, a slight pang of anger hitting him as he sees Bucky wiping a spot off the corner of (Y/N) mouth.

“Morning,” Steve mumbled out as he took his seat next to (Y/N). The flash of surprise on the two’s faces did not escape Steve’s eyes as his annoyance bubbled seeing the coordinated expression on his two friends’ faces.

“Hey, Steve! I didn’t know you’re joining us for breakfast! I’ll go prepare yours now. Just give me a moment alright!” (Y/N) said, hopping off her chair.

“Doll, let me help. I’m almost done with breakfast.” Bucky offered, following her.

Steve’s frown deepened at the nickname Bucky called his best friend.

“You’re usually having breakfast with Jeanette at this time, aren’t you? Where’s she? Should I prepare hers as well?” (Y/N) asked, rummaging through the fridge.

“No. She’s off for a spa appointment with her friends. Again.” Steve grumbled, eye still not leaving the pair standing side by side preparing his breakfast.

It took a whole month till Steve realized what was wrong. Why his heart clenched as he saw Bucky and (Y/N) together doing some mundane day to day activity. He didn’t want Bucky to be the one standing next to (Y/N), he didn’t want Bucky to be the one helping her grab the plates from the highest shelves, he didn’t want her to be wearing Bucky’s shirts, he didn’t want Bucky to be who she screamed for when she spots a spider in her room. He wants it to be him. Steve Rogers.

But as he looked over at her, a huge smile hung on her face, her tiny body engulfed in Bucky’s gray sweater, her hair splayed over his chest, giggling as Bucky whispered something in her ears, he realized, all he could do was wish.

There was once he thought even as a super soldier he couldn’t control what slipped through his grasp. And that hurt. Now, knowing that he let something so precious slip through his grasp, something his efforts could have helped salvage, his heart felt like it broke into a million pieces over and over again.

He let the best thing he had slip right through his grasp.

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You’re not weak

Originally posted by heatherpotter

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 806
Warning(s): Angst. Fluff at the end!

So this is my first real writing on tumblr, so please have mercy with me!
Also English isn’t my native language so if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes I’m sorry.
Thoughts are bold.

(Y/N) can do this!

Sure, she is the best!
Of course, if someone can do it then (Y/N)!

Stop! Please stop!

Everytime I can hear them. How proud they seem to be. But why?

I can’t do anything like they say. Maybe it seems like I could take care of all these things. Take care of my job, my friends and my private life. But it’s not that easy. Of course, I always give you a smile. I don’t want to show you how scared I am to fail.

And I failed so many times and you didn’t even noticed. At least, I thought you didn’t.

Bucky always watches me. Even when I won’t recognize it, he takes care of me. Still I won’t talk to him, he has enough problems to deal with and I don’t want to be another one of them.

Bucky’s POV

There is that look again. I can tell it at the way her eyes scan the room when Tony gives another speech about how great she did in training the new recruits for the field. She’s great. Everyone knows it. And I love her more than she could ever imagine it but she doesn’t know. I don’t want to be another problem (Y/N) has to take care of.

But it would break my heart if I would ever see her with someone else who is not me. I know that sounds selfish but I love her and I don’t want her to get hurt. (Y/N) doesn’t deserves this.

So I follow her when she gives us an excuse to leave. I feel Steve’s eyes on my back when I leave the others behind and stroll after her.

She does that very often but I think the others never notice this. Everytime when some of the others try to praise her in any kind of way, (Y/N) tries to leave or escape this situation because she can’t handle the smiles. I don’t know exactly why but (Y/N) can’t take those compliments. Maybe she thinks she isn’t good enough.

“(Y/N) wait!” I call out and she frozes.

(Y/N)’s POV

Oh please, leave me alone. I can’t handle another ‘How great I am’ speech!

Slowly I turn around and meet Bucky’s gaze. His blue eyes search my face for any emotions like he always does when he notices that something depresses me.

“Yes? What’s the matter?” I ask and shift from one foot to the other.

In some kind of way he looks nervous and his gaze turns towards the floor before he speaks up again and raises his head to meet my eyes.

“I was worried about you. I knew something is up so I wanted to see if everything is okay…” he mumbles and stratches his neck a little bit which looks really cute.

Just say that everything is okay like you always do. You can’t bother him with your problems. Give him a smile and just leave.

The voices in my head are getting louder and all I can do is to squeeze my eyes shot.

In the next second I feel two strong arms embracing me. First I am really caught off guard but then I let myself sink into Bucky’s embrace. I can’t hide it no longer and start to cry.

He begins to caress my hair and kisses my head slightly while he speaks to me “I don’t want you to feel alone. I know that you do everything to make us happy but you have to be happy as well, you know?”

I nod sniffling and raise my head. Softly he strokes my cheek and brushes the tears away that are flooding down to my chin.

“And you know why?” he whispers and looks deeply into my eyes. Slowly I shake my head.

“Because I love you more than I thought I could ever love a person. You are such a strong woman even if you think you’re weak. And you help me so much by just smiling at me in the morning. Can you give me that smile again, doll? Come on…” Bucky winks and gives me his award-winning smile as a smile spread over my face.

“You love me?” another sniff leaves my nose as I look up into his bright blue eyes who sparkle when he gives me a smile “Yes, I do…soo much, (Y/N)”

“Can I tell you a secret?” I whisper and look over his shoulder down the floor to see if someone of the others are watching us. He nods and holds me in his arms as I stand on my toes and give him a quick sweet kiss on his pink plump lips. Smiling he responses with another kiss “Let me guess, you feel the same?”

“You’re such a smart-ass, Sergeant” I grin and wrap my arms around his neck.

I hope you liked it! Give me some feedback if I could change something or if you just want to make me happy!

Hiraeth | Pt.4

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

Words: 7,135.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us.

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[This fic was requested by @awesome-impala1967as well as one anonymous individual I believe, I hope you all enjoy it! Also if you guys are interested this fic was inspired by Distance by Christina Perri so if you guys wanted to listen to it I recommend you start listening when they mention someone named Tobias]

“So did I tell you this is fucking awesome? Because it is fucking awesome,” I was practically bouncing with the excitement of it all, but he was still in character so he just looked at me with mild irritation.
           "I met Will Smith, did you see that? I met The Prince, I am-“ he gave me a look before entering his trailer.
           "I can be chill, I can totally be- there’s Margot! Oh God, she is so beautiful!”
           I followed after him quickly, he was already seated with his laptop out and I took a calming breath.
           "Admittedly I have no chill when it comes to certain celebrities. You’d think I’d be used to all this by now but come on, it’s like Christmas!“
           "Quiet,” he growled.
           I rolled my eyes, flopping back on the small couch. Sneaking a glance over at him I smiled.


           I jumped, dropping my mug when there was a loud pound on the door. I cursed when it shattered and a piece of it cut my foot and shrieked when scalding coffee splashed on me. For fuck sakes! Looking at my watch I threw my hands up in the air, 3am. Who the fuck pounds on the door like that at 3… Oh. Of course, how could I have forgotten for a second?
           Limping over to the door I pulled it open. He wasn’t there though, but on the carpet just outside the door sat a little black gift box.

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okay as much as I want to send almost all of the best friend prompts because they're wonderful and your writing is also wonderful I'll limit myself to “You can’t even reach me to hit me, shortie-OW!!”

Oh thank you so much <3

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

“Bucky , give it back” you crossed your arms and tried to look intimidating as possible.

Bucky simply chuckled in response. “Is that supposed to scare me, doll?”.

“Just give me the damn cookie” you growled, standing your ground.

“You’re so cute when you’re mad” he laughed, even booping your nose to annoy you further.

“Don’t make me take it from you” you threatened, Bucky holding the last cookie above your head.

“You can’t even reach me to hit me, shortie-OW!!” kicking his shin, Bucky dropped the cookie.

Grabbing it and taking a bite you teased your best friend over your shoulder, “I may be short , but I can still kick your legs”.

You Don’t Belong With Him - Negan & Carl Grimes Imagine

Part 2

Part 3

request: I adore your work💕 I was actually wondering if you could do a story(imagine?preference?) of reader X negan where the reader is like 17-18?and is apart of ricks group. The backstory would be like reader use to have feelings for Carl but Carl friend zone / rejected their feelings and now negan comes along and everytime he sees reader he would enjoy their company and tease the reader with sweet words and almost kisses and reader catches feelings, which makes Carl jealous af lol

a/n: everything italicized is a flashback from when the reader had a thing for carl

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 1627

Alright, you can do this. You quickly walked up to the gates of Alexandria to greet Negan. This was something you thought you’d never have to deal with again. After meeting Rick when you were little, you always felt safe. Now… You were unsure. 

Alright, you can do this. You slowly walked up to Carl, unsure of how to address the subject. This was something you thought you’d ever have to deal with again. Boys. One boy in particular. You wanted to tell him how you’d felt for months, and you knew you had to do it soon. With the world’s current state of being, you didn’t have much time to tell him how you felt before something bad was bound to happen. 

“Hey, beautiful,” Negan said loudly from the opposite side of the gate. He leaned in and smirked at you, raising his eyebrows. 

“You talkin’ to me?” you snapped. “What’s your problem?” you asked sarcastically.

“Sure ain’t the view,” Negan sighed, rocking back on his heels. You stood confidently, not giving in to his manipulative mind games. You knew, though, that if Negan wanted you, he would take you. 

“In all seriousness, I want to talk to you about something,” Negan mumbled, his voice growing quieter so only you and a few other people could hear. Fear jolted throughout your body and limbs. Well, there went your confidence. 

“Hey, Carl?” you said quietly from behind him. He turned over his shoulder and smiled at you, brushing his hair out of his face.

“Oh, hey, (Y/N),” Carl said with a smile. “What’s up?”

You took a deep breath and adjusted your shoulders, remembering Maggie’s advice. Be confident; Boys can’t resist a girl who knows what she wants and takes it.

“I really just want to talk about something,” you muttered. Well, there went your confidence. 

“I barely know you! There’s no way in hell you’re just gonna kill my friends, steal our shit, then take me back with you as a goddamn trophy! I won’t let that bullshit happen. You can sure as hell count on that. Do you have any idea what you’d put me through? Did you really expect me to say yes to your offer? Screw off,” you yelled, leaving Negan shocked. 

“Look, (Y/N), we’ve known each other for a really long time–and I care for you a lot. I just… I don’t want what happened to my dad to happen to us, you know? When my mom died, you saw him. You know how much it tore him apart. And Jessie, too. I don’t want that for us. Maybe if things were different, we’d work. I just care about you too much to risk that. I’m sorry,” Carl said gently, placing his hand on your shoulder before walking away. 

“Well, here’s the deal. Either you come back with me, or I kill someone. Anyone of my choice, and at the moment… I’m thinking cowboy,” Negan snarled, pointing his gun at Carl. His eye caught yours, and your breathing sped up. Sure, he let you down when you confessed everything to him, but you still cared for him.

“Fine,” you groaned, giving in to his threat. If he had killed Carl because of your defiance, you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself. “I’ll go with you, but I won’t be happy about it.”

“Ah, doll, you just give me time, and you’ll change your mind about that,” Negan grumbled. 

You nodded, for you were suddenly unable to speak to the boy you had grown to love. You had never felt so broken in your life. Of all the things you’d been through, you’d think a teenage heartbreak would be nothing. You’d be wrong.

 When you arrived at the Sanctuary, you were treated with a tour of the whole place. It was magnificent, really, how he had built this community from the ground up and given people a place to stay. These people didn’t just respect him–They worshipped him. They kneeled before him, and anyone who walked at his side was untouchable. 

When you first met Rick, you were introduced to everybody in the small group they had. It was amazing, really, how he had brought strangers together and given them hope. These people weren’t just his friends–They respected him. You were the only other kid in the group. Naturally, you and Carl were drawn to each other. You always felt safest when you were by his side. You knew he would keep you safe from all harm. 

“So, are you just gonna screw me all the damn time? Is that why I’m here?” you asked annoyedly. You had been through it before; the sexually suggestive comments, the inappropriate touches, and the filthy things that had been said to and about you. 

“God, no. I’ve got my wives for that. You… I want to get to know you,” Negan admitted, sitting down across from you and offering you some fruit.

You stared at him in disbelief. “You’re joking, right? Come on, if you want to screw me just do it. I’m not gonna sit around a goddamn table and talk about the weather with you like we’re friends. I hate your guts. I’d kill you if I could. You know that.”

“I just want to talk, really. I mean it. I’m not gonna make any moves on you,” he chuckled. For a moment, you caught yourself admiring the glint in his eyes, but you snapped yourself out of it before your mind could wander too far. 

“I don’t have many women who go on runs with me. I’ve seen you in your group; You’re tough. You could be of use to me, and I could give you whatever you want, as long as you stay here. This is a one time offer. I want you to really think about it before you just say no. You could really benefit from this-”

“I’ll do it.” Your bluntness took Negan by surprise, but he was delighted. 

When you arrived in Alexandria a week later, you had already assisted him with a few other communities, including the Hilltop and the Kingdom. You had never heard of it before, but you were greeted by Morgan, who informed you that Carol was okay. That was really a relief for you. Carl ran up to you with open arms, but Negan pointed the head of Lucille at his chest.

“Hands to yourself, cowboy,” he demanded. Carl was furious. You could tell. His mouth shut and he deeply and quickly exhaled clenching his fists at his sides. 

To your surprise, Negan came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, placing his head on your shoulder. Your shoulders awkwardly hunched to avoid his touch, but Negan didn’t seem to notice. 

“I think it’s time to go,” he whispered. You sadly smiled at Carl, then followed Negan into the truck. He drove alone with you in one of the smaller cars. 

“So,” he began, his voice being the only audible sound other than the rocking of the tires beneath you, “What’s up with you and cowboy?”

You shook your head, fiddling with a bracelet on your wrist. “Nothing’s up.”

“Come on, darlin’. You really expect me to believe he just came runnin’ up to ya’ because you’re buddies. Did ya’?” Negan taunted. When you remained silent, his voice softened. “Tell me.”

You exhaled deeply before allowing him into your past. “I loved him. I really did. We were young, but I know I loved him. I’ve known him since we were little kids, and his dad saved my life countless times. He’s a good guy–Rick. Go easy on him. Anyways, Carl didn’t feel the same way, and we just kinda… drifted apart. Of course we still talked occasionally. How couldn’t we? We were neighbors in Alexandria. Rick almost had me move in with them.”

Negan’s eyes darted between you and the road ahead of him. It was obvious he actually cared about what you had to say. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

The next week, when you went to visit Alexandria, Negan let you call the shots. He said he ‘just wasn’t feeling up to it.’ You knew better. You were helping everyone load up the trucks when you felt his firm grip on your shoulder. He spun you around so you were facing him and placed his face an inch away from yours. 

“Cowboy’s been keepin’ an eye on you,” he whispered. You didn’t know what was taking over you, but you began to lean into him. Before you could kiss him, he stopped you. “Save it for later, sweetheart.”

When you returned to your work, you noticed the old sheriff’s hat perched upon Carl’s head. You smiled at him, but he just frowned at you. 

“You don’t belong with him,” he said boldly, stepping closer to you. 

“Carl, cut it out. He’s gonna get mad if he sees you talking to me,” you warned. 

“Well, Cowboy. If she doesn’t belong with me, then who does she belong with? You?” Negan was back behind you, this time, his hands were placed on your shoulder and your hip. You stiffened under his grip, but he squeezed you lightly, reassuring you into easing up. 

“I’m sorry, Carl. We have to get going,” you muttered, turning away from him and climbing into the truck. On your way out, Negan grabbed Carl’s hat and tossed it on the ground behind him. 

“Oops,” he shrugged, and joined you in the car. 

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Taehyung and Don’t give me that puppy dog face. How am I supposed to say no to that? It sounds like it'd be cute~ :3

Pairing: kim taehyung x reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 427

The third day in a row Taehyung brings you cappuccino and pastries, you begin to question the true nature of his thoughtful gestures. He knows you have finals to study for, yet he continues to find reasons to make his way into your studio apartment and sneak in some distraction time. 

“Honestly Tae, more coffee?” you say teasingly as you take the drink for him and let him into your place. 

“You need the caffeine, beautiful,” he says with a grin before he plants a sloppy kiss on your cheek. You bat him away with a slap on his strong shoulder, but you smile warmly at the look on his face. 

He settles down beside you by the coffee table, promising to stay silent while he finishes his drink and watches you study. He behaves for about twenty minutes before he starts playing with your hair, causing tingles at the back of your skull, soothing goosebumps to run up your body. 

Tae,” you mumble in an unconvincing warning, but he only laughs—a breathy sound coming from the back of his throat—which causes you to flutter your eyes close, his fingers still scratching soothingly at your hair. 

“You should relax, doll,” he suggests as he scoots closer to you, spreading his legs on either side of you with his hands making their way to your waist.

Your eyes fly open and you turn to glare at him, “Taehyung, sweets, darling, if you don’t stop I will kick you out, baby.” 

He makes the face, and that’s when you know you’re done for. He pouts, his lips stretching out towards you, his thick eyebrows furrowing, and his head tilting in that pleading way he does. “Come on, just take one small break… just fifteen minutes, doll?”

“Don’t give me that puppy dog face. How am I supposed to say no to that?” you grunt in annoyance, but your body betrays you by leaning towards him. The side of your body presses onto his chest, his arms wrap tightly around you and he plants another sloppy kiss on your cheek, his lips lingering there for a while and leaving small pecks around your skin. “Only fifteen minutes,” you mumble, your tone defining truly how honest your words are. 

Taehyung gives you a throaty laugh, “Sure, baby.” 

You finish off the pastries, even drinking the rest of your boyfriend’s drink, and end up tangled together on the couch, a movie playing in the background as you close your eyes to the relaxing massage of Taehyung’s fingers in your hair.

A/N: These are reminding me of how I am the founder and leader of the Forever Alone Squad. Also, I am taking so long to write them because I may or may not be watching Jane the Virgin while writing these and shit is getting goooood

I Can’t Save Her: Part 15

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Nudity, FLUFFFFFFFFFF!

Word Count: 1663

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: Christmas <3. It’s so fluffy! I proofed/edited this without my glasses because I don’t want to get out of bed to find them (just in case I missed something weird, ha!) Tags are at the bottom!

I love your comments, messages, asks, likes, reblogs – all of it. <3

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“Buck?” I asked sleepily as I reached for his side of the bed. My hands came up empty and I slowly opened my eyes to find him. He was standing by the window with his back turned to me. His shoulders seemed tense – I could tell something was bothering him. I grabbed a blanket off the bed and held it to me as I crept up behind him. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him behind his ear. He seemed to visibly relax at the contact, and turned to face me. “Good Morning,” I said shyly as I smiled at him.

“Good Morning. I’m sorry – I couldn’t sleep so I went down and got us some breakfast and then I just sort of ended up here,” he shrugged with a sad smile.

“Is everything okay?” I was worried – whatever was bothering him had happened since I had fallen asleep last night.

“I’m fine doll – I promise. Guess what?” he asked with a grin. He was always good at deflecting conversations when he didn’t want to talk about himself.


“Merry Christmas.” He bent down to kiss me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Merry Christmas.” I smiled at him as he looked at me intently.

“Since one of my presents is already unwrapped I think I’d like it now,” he said with a laugh as he swept me off my feet and carried me back to the bed. He laid me gently on the bed and laid down beside me. He kissed me sweetly –  the fierceness that he had earlier was gone. He broke away from the kiss to look at me. “Have you changed your mind?” he asked quietly.

“About what?” I wasn’t following his behavior this morning. He seemed to be completely opposite of what he was like last night.

“Do you still love me?” his voice cracked as he asked.

I paused for a moment. I wasn’t sure why he would think I would say something and take it back in the span of a few hours. I sat up a little and looked down at him as I tried to decipher where his sudden change in mood had originated from. “Yes – of course I do. I wouldn’t say something like that if I didn’t mean it, Buck. It’s all I could think about while you were away,” I whispered.

I was hoping my reassurance would lift his mood, but he returned my answer with a soft sad smile. “Can I give you your Christmas present?” he asked quietly.

“But yours is back at the compound,” I protested.

He put his hand up to stop me from continuing. “This is something that I just want to do when we are alone, doll. You can give me my present later. I have been thinking about this for weeks – and I just want it to be between us,” he said seriously.

I chuckled nervously. “What did you do… steal a baby for me or?” I asked. This did merit a small chuckle and shake of his head. He got up off the bed and crossed the room. After rifling through one of his bags he returned with a small box in his hand. He sat on the bed and fumbled with it nervously. It seemed as if he was suddenly uncomfortable with the thought of handing me the box. He kept looking everywhere in the room except for at me. “Buck…”

“I never talk much about my family. It seems like that was another lifetime ago… I guess because it was. Being ripped away from them the way I was and then finally waking up one day with my memories coming back to me in bits and pieces…. It was like losing them twice. Have I ever told you about my younger sister?” he asked as he finally turned to me.

“You’ve mentioned her a few times…” I answered softly.

“When Steve helped me get away from HYDRA I found out she was still alive so I tracked her down. She was in a nursing home that catered to patients suffering from dementia,” he scoffed and paused. “There were a few moments where she would remember me. She’d look at me and I’d know that she knew who I was. A few months after I found her she passed. When I went to the facility where she had lived to take care of everything they said she had told them to give me this box.” He paused and looked at it sadly. “You see… the day before she passed she had a moment of perfect clarity and she knew who I was and remembered enough of our talks during my visits to write me a letter. When she was done she tucked it in this box and handed it to her nurse and told her to make sure I got it. She went to bed and died sometime during that night.” He smiled sadly as he opened the box. He fished out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. I unfolded it gently and began to read it.


I know you worry about me, but you shouldn’t. I’ve lived a long life and a happy one. So when I’m gone – don’t dwell on what you wish had happened for me. I want you to let go of the past. You can’t change it and you shouldn’t punish yourself for it. Don’t waste your life chasing ghosts. You deserve to be happy. Please be happy.

Find someone that loves you and don’t let go. When you find them know that you deserve every minute of it. I wanted to give you mom’s ring. I’ve worn it every day since I can remember. My hope is you will find someone special to wear it.

Be present. Be loved. Remember who you are.

Your Loving Sister,



I looked up from the letter to see Bucky holding the ring. I couldn’t formulate a sentence let alone a thought. “I’m not asking you to marry me…. I’m not saying this is one of those ridiculous promise rings that Steve will not stop talking about…. I just knew last night… after you said you loved me…. that you’re the person I want to have this. I want you to wear it… I mean if that’s okay with you… When Rebecca gave me this I never thought… but somehow she knew before I did that you would show up one day…” he trailed off and looked at me hopelessly.

I had tears spilling over my lashes. “Of course I want to wear it!” I sputtered as I threw my arms around his neck. He chuckled softly and slid it onto my ring finger on my right hand. It was a perfect fit. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

“Now you see why I didn’t want to do this in front of Stark and the others,” he chuckled sheepishly. “I want you to have it as a reminder of me when I’m not here…” he added softly. I pulled him closer to me on the bed and snuggled myself next to him.

“Hopefully you won’t be gone as often – so I can just wear it because I love you,” I added softly.

He sighed and replied, “Hopefully. We should sleep a little more – it’s really early and I’m sure Stark has a full night of events lined out for us.”

“Mhm…” I responded groggily as I began to drift off to sleep.

Maybe I dreamt it but I thought I heard him whisper, “Merry Christmas, doll. If I’m lucky maybe one day this ring will be more than just a reminder.”

I woke up to Bucky shaking me gently. “Doll – we should probably get back to the compound,” he said softly. I blinked at him sleepily as I tried to wake up. Suddenly I realized I had nothing to wear but the red dress that laid crumpled on the floor.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” I complained as I turned over to try to sleep more.

“I have a pair of sweats and you can wear one of my extra hoodies,” Bucky added as he rolled me back towards him to keep me from falling back asleep.

“Fine,” I sighed grumpily. He smiled at me triumphantly as I managed to slowly get up from the bed and put on the clothes he handed me.

It was a cold December morning and the sky threatened snow as we hopped into a taxi to head back to the compound. I nervously twisted Bucky’s ring on my finger as we sat in silence. The feeling of the ring felt like some type of promise – a promise that he would always come back to me. The feeling was amazing – my heart began to race and my palms started to sweat. “What are you thinking about?” he asked quietly – the sound of his voice caused me to jump. I looked at him sheepishly as he raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“I… um… I was thinking about you,” I responded shyly as I stared at my palms.

“What about me?” I could hear a hint of amusement in his voice – he always liked catching me off guard.

“This morning.”

“Oh…” he sounded a little unsure of himself suddenly.

“I was just thinking about how this has been the best Christmas I have ever had,” I added sweetly as I peeked up at him through my lashes. His face erupted into one of his rare smiles – the kind that crinkled the corners of his eyes.

“Can I tell you a secret, doll?” he asked.


“This has been the best Christmas I have ever had too,” he said as he put his arm around me and kissed the top of my head. “I love you,” he sighed before kissing me again.

“I love you too,” I whispered back and grabbed his hand and held it in mine.

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Open Water: Pt. 1

A Bucky x Reader / AU

Master List

A/N: Okay, I’m not gonna say much about this cuz I don’t want to blab off and spoil, but thank you so much @bovaria for helping me out with this. I hope you guys like it, and let me know if you want me to continue. xo

Summary (brief):  You and Bucky are marine biologists, utter rivals, forced to be stuck on a tiny fishing boat together.

Word Count: 1,115

- none, yet. 

Tags: (at the bottom)

*gif is not mine. 

It was a cloudy day, the overcast, silver clouds looming over the boat like a blanket of despair. The vessel rocked back and forth on the choppy waves, testing your otherwise strong stomach.

You vowed to yourself that you wouldn’t let the weather get to you from the get go, knowing that the pod of dolphins you’d been tracking for months were in the area, and one of the females was due to give birth any day now. That was until you’d found out Bucky would be joining you on your trip.

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New Pet | Part 4

Sorry it took a few days, I don’t write a lot during the weekend. Tell me what you like and don’t like please. I want the story to be good.

Warning: violence, language, smut

Word count: 1,902


“J!” I yell at him to snap him out of whatever trance he was in.

She shakes his head a little and looks back into my eyes, back into the moment. “What?” He asks in a sore, angry voice, like he didn’t even realize that he zoned out for a few minutes.

I hesitate to answer, worried that I’ve caused him enough stress for the day. He raises his eyebrows and slightly tilts his head like he was waiting for an answer, “You- you went weird for a moment..” I say in a quite voice, hoping that he can hear the fear in my voice.

He tried to get up and I run to his side helping him up. He pushes me off, trying to show that he can handle himself. I step back but still stay close enough for if he does fall over. He slowly walks into the kitchen, obviously in pain. Shortly after he leaves I follow him into the kitchen, peering around the corner, he is talking to a lady that I hadn’t seen before. ‘Does she stay here as well? I thought his guards only stayed here with him.’ He sits down at the counter as this woman gets down a glass and fills it with ice could water. She hands it to him with a couple of pills. She catches a glance of me and looks surprised.

“Hello.” She says briefly, flashing me a quick smile and then going back to making some food.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” I announce while coming out from behind the corner. “What are you making?” I ask because the kitchen smelled so amazing.

She turns to me and looks confused that I’m talking to her. She quickly glances at the Joker, she looks frozen. He nods at her, giving her permission to speak. She turns to me and I can see the relief in her eyes. A smile appears across her face and she lets out a deep breathe, “How are you dear, my name is Brooke. I’m making lasagna for the men because they have had a long night. Would you like some?”

“Of course I would, thank you so much. Would you like me to go get the other guys to come eat?” I ask, trying to help Brooke because she seems a little overwhelmed at the moment.

“That would be so nice of you dear.” She says with a big smile across her face now.

The Joker gives her a look that says, ‘No, that’s your job, not hers, you will go get them.’

“..But, I can go get them. You take a seat there and I’ll be back shortly to serve dinner.” I see her face start to turn to shame and her cheeks turn red as she exits the room.

I go and pull out the chair next to Joker at the counter. I take a seat and he doesn’t flinch or even move from where he was looking. We sit their in silence, all you can here in our breathing. I started to feel awkward when I finally blurted out, “I am sorry Mr. J.” I truly was, I didn’t want to hurt him, no matter how much he hurt me. I just wanted to leave, to go home, to sleep in my own bed, to have Jake back.

He slowly looks up at me saying, “Oh trust me, you will be sorry,” letting out his maniac laugh as I tighten up in my seat.

Our chairs are close and he wraps his hand on my thigh, causing me to get a weird sensation. ‘How does a guy that just killed my fiancé have this kind of power over me?’ I stand up and walk over to the cupboard where Brooke got the glass from. I get myself some water as he watches my every move. I stand across from him, leaning on the counter, we are just looking at each other.

“You need to stop giving me that look doll face.” He says as he bites his slip slowly. I didn’t know what look I was giving him, but I just brushed off what he said and went and sat down at the far end of the table. He turns around in his chair and smiles as he stands up and sits across from me at the head of the table.

Brooke walks back into the kitchen with most of the men and they sit down around the table that J and I are already seated at. She brings over the food and dishes up my plate first then dishing up all of the men’s. We all sit their in silence, I think nobody wanted to talk because they felt the tension of having me there. I felt awkward so I stood up, grabbing my plate, and walked back into the front room to eat.

Im sitting on the couch that J had been laying across, after a few moments he walks in and sits by me. “Why did you come in here?” He asks me setting his plate down on the table in front of us. I can hear all of the men talking in the other room now. ‘It really was the tension that kept them from speaking.’

“I didn’t want to stay in there.” I reply while putting another bite into my mouth.

He tilts my head towards his, “You don’t have to feel awkward about staying here. This is your house now also. He can do whatever you want here, you just can’t leave without asking me first. You are safe within this house.” For some reason I didn’t believe him. I didn’t feel safe here. He scared me but I was intrigued by him at the same time. I mean for a maniac he wasn’t to bad looking.

“Okay Mr. J. I’m sorry.” I decided to just go along with what he had said, I mean it could be fun to just make the time worth it while I still could.

“Don’t be, just don’t go trying to do anything dumb or I’ll have to punish you Y/N.” He let’s go of my face and goes back to eating.

“Mr. J, how do you know my name?” I was confused for I have never said my name in front of him.

“The same way I knew that you were Jake’s fiancé. I have to know all of my clients weaknesses, that’s how I get my business done.” He didn’t look at me once to tell me that. It did bother me a bit but at the same time I can understand where he is coming from. I went back to finishing my food and we sat there in silence.

J had been done for a while by the time I had finished. The second I took my last bite he called for Brooke to come grab our plates. I looked at him trying to decide if he was a kind maniac or just a confusing one, I went with confusing. I can’t understand why he would take me and then treat me like a princess.

I didn’t realize I was still staring at him until he said, “I can’t take that look anymore.” Before I had time to even process what he had just said our lips were locked, his tongue now exploring my mouth. As he picks me up I can feel his mouth tighten up, it was probably from the pain in his shoulder. He takes me up stairs, throwing me down onto the bed and sliding my pants off of me. I lift the top half of my body up by resting on my elbows.

“Do you want daddy?” He asks while sliding his fingers into me. I let out a small grunt while my head falls back.

“Yes daddy.” I say, having a tremble in my voice. His fingers start to move back and forth faster as he leans down and kisses me again. I unbutton his shirt and he quickly takes it off of him self, sliding his fingers back into me. I can feel my self start to climax and I tighten, he pulls out and flips me over so that I’m on my hands and knees now. I feel his bare chest lean onto my back as he whispers into my ear, “Tell daddy what you want baby girl.”

I tilt my head towards his, biting his ear, slowly pulling down while my mouth stayed wrapped around his lobe. “Fuck me daddy.”I whisper. I feel him stand back up straight, grabbing a hold of my hair as he slides himself into me. With every stroke he would pull my hair a bit harder, while his other hand wrapped around my hip pressing his thumb into my back. I can feel myself start to climax again, he could feel it to.

“Wait baby.” Telling me to hold my orgasm in. The harder I tried to hold it in the quicker it happened. “Now.” Just him saying that threw both of us over the edge. The feeling was sensational. We both fall onto the bed, breathing heavily. I pull the sheets up over myself, getting up close to him while resting my hand on his chest. I look up at him and he is looking down at me, I smile as he kisses me on the forehead.

“How?” I ask while looking up into his eyes.

“How what?” He looks down at me confused by what I’m asking.

“How can I be attracted to the man that killed my fiancé?” He looks at me shocked and quickly gets out of bed, standing over me in just his boxers. I sit up and lean against the head board as I can see his anger build up in him.

“Don’t ask me anything about him ever again, do I make myself clear?” He scolds down at me, seeing that I was afraid.

“I just asked a simple question, why do you get so mad so easily?” I didn’t want to coward down to him. He slaps me across the face again, this time with his right hand. It was harder this time and his ring cut my cheek. I can tell that it hurt him too, so I just rolled over and lay facing the window. I hear him storm out of the room and slam the door shut. ‘Where does he always go when he just storms out?’ I started to get mad and was going to figure it out for myself. I quickly stand up and wrap the sheets around myself. I walk over to the door, yanking it open and he is standing there.

He walks towards me as I start to back up getting seated on the edge of the bed. He pulls his hand up and rests a wet wash cloth on my cut, cleaning it off. My anger dies and I get even more confused. ‘Why does he do this? Why does he flip and then get kind for a brief moment?’ Once he pulls the cloth away from my face he sticks a band aid across the open wound. He goes and lays down, patting the bed for me to come up and join him. I wiggle my way up, wrapping myself back around him.

He looks down at me saying, “Just don’t talk about it, it’s a trigger.”

Request: Doppelganger - Part 2

Request: Can you please write the second part to the Doppelganger

I thought this would be easy to write, but no, I didn’t know how to start 😟 I’m terrible with names, but I had to name the prospect.


Originally posted by sunshinebby-5508

Tig’s POV

The car he had been fixing was ready and he was on a break. Tig walked in the clubhouse and saw Y/N working, checking if everything was ready for the party that night. She smiled and walked towards the bar, knowing he was looking for a cup of coffee.

“I just made coffee Tiggy”, she poured him a cup as Tig watched her closely.

“Thanks doll”, he winked and Y/N rolled her eyes, but couldn’t hide her smile. Tig drank his coffee slowly, smoking and looking at her. Everything was fine, but then, Conor, Kozik’s prospect, had to walk in.

“Hi beautiful”, the boy tapped his fingers on the counter to get Y/N’s attention and winked when she looked up.

“Hi”, she smiled and Tig frowned, looking from her to the prospect, who disappeared, going to the back of the clubhouse.

“What was that?”, he snapped, making Y/N look at him, an eyebrow raised, “He was flirting with you!”

“Not exactly”, she sighed, “He has been doing that for awhile now. We get along”

“Get along?”, Tig leaned over the counter and tried to hold her hand, but Y/N gave him a warning look, “That boy doesn’t know his place yet doll, he might think you are a crow…”

“I’m keeping him in a short leash Tig, don’t worry”, she patted his cheek and then smirked, “Are you jealous?”

“Jealous?”, he scoffed, “No, I’m not jealous”. Y/N just raised her eyebrow again and ignored him, going back to her task.

Yes, he was jealous. Y/N had been a part of his life for almost two years and he knew, from the very first day, she would be his best friend. Y/N knew where she was getting into and never let any Son get too close. Tig also knew he was the only one that she had slept with, but they never had talked about it. Y/N continued to treat him as a great friend and never mentioned the one or two times they had sex. He liked her; Tig liked her a lot. Too bad he had realized that now…What if the prospect had a chance with her?

Tig would never get along with that boy and now he had been flirting with Y/N… If he crossed the limits, he would be a dead prospect.


Party has just begun. Tig left his bedroom, craving for a cold beer, but he froze when he saw Y/N at the bar. Conor was leaning over the counter, talking to her while she helped Chuck. She gave him a beer and he walked away, smirking. A crow eater tried to get Tig’s attention, but he ignored her. That night he would watch Y/N and not let that stupid boy get near her.


Tig was drinking his beer and talking to his brothers. Y/N was walking around, having fun. Lyla had an arm around her waist and they were laughing. He loved Y/N’s smile, when she was happy and enjoying a party. It was always something to see. He asked Chuck another beer and heard Chibs calling him.

“Brother…”, the Scotsman’s worried voice made Tig turn around quickly, looking for Y/N. Yes, the prospect, who was already drunk was hugging her, while Y/N tried to gently push him. She would be nice, but eventually her patience would run out and Tig knew that both, Y/N and Conor, would regret whatever happen.

Tig made his way through the crowd, straight to Y/N. “Leave her alone”, he grabbed the prospect’s arm and shoved him away. The boy was drunk and tripped, but tried to argue with him anyway.

“Tiggy!”, Y/N held his arm when he was about to punch the prospect. Kozik was around and pulled Conor away, while Y/N pushed Tig to the back of the clubhouse, “What were you doing?”

They were in his bedroom and she slammed the door closed behind her. Tig took a deep breath and pinched his nose before look at her again.

“I was protecting you! He was drunk and would do something stupid!”, he groaned, resting his hands on his waist.

“I said I could handle this”, Y/N hissed, “You didn’t have to be the knight in shining armor”

“You are welcome by the way!”, Tig threw his arms up, not believing she was pissed off because he had protected her. Y/N glared at him for a second, then huffed and turned around to leave. She was mad, damn it! He rushed to the door, blocking it, “I’m sorry doll. I’m sorry, please. I’m sorry”

Y/N closed her eyes and sighed, “It’s okay, now let me go and…”, she looked frustrated, “Just stop playing the jealous boyfriend if you are not interested”

“Who said I’m not interested?”, Tig blurted. They stared at each other, lips parted and pupils wide, both surprised.

“Tig…”, Y/N broke the silence, her voice low.

“Not exactly romantic, right?”, he sadly smiled. He didn’t have the intention to tell her that, when he knew SHE wasn’t interested, but he couldn’t let her go back to that boy…Or any man out there to be honest, “Well, now that you know… Yes, I like you doll, I like you a lot”

“Y-You never…You never said anything”, she was still stunned.

“You never took me seriously doll”, Tig cupped Y/N’s face, caressing her cheek, “We had sex but never talked about it. You left my bed before I wake up and ignored me the next day, both times. I thought you had decided it had been a mistake”

“Get drunk and hook up with someone is always a mistake”, Y/N bit her lip, “Even when you want it”

It took him a moment to fully understand her words, “Wait, you…You are saying…”

“I’m saying that I like you too Tig”, her smile was wide and Tig pulled Y/N closer, kissing her until both were breathless, “Tiggy, it’s not that simple…”

“I know, I know doll”, he pecked her lips, “Just give me a chance and I’ll prove to you. We will make this work”

“Okay”, Y/N smiled and he lifted her, making her giggle as Tig carried her to bed. He sat with her straddling him and started to kiss her neck. Y/N pulled back and held his chin, “No punching the prospect, okay?”

“Only if he touch, talk or look at you”, Tig smirked and she rolled her eyes, before make him lay down.

“Shut up Tiggy”

The End

A night for surprises

Summary: Cameron Monaghan and the reader are in a relationship and they also star in Gotham together. (Y/n) plays the unpredictable Harley Quinn and Cameron plays Jerome/The Joker. One night a very un likely guest comes to visit (y/n) during the night.

Cameron x reader x Jerome

(Y/n) POV:

I’ll be home late. They’re working out the whole white paint fiasco! It keeps chipping on my neck, but do not wait up baby. Get your rest. I love you (y/n).

I sigh and go on the balcony looking out over the beautiful view. This was supposed to be our vacation. Time where we could spend together; not time spent for the makeup crew to fix the clown prince of crimes chipping white skin.

I watch as the waves crash against the shore. The moonlight reflects on the water making it sparkle. I look down and see how high up we actually are. I laugh just thinking how easily the view would please Harley. Gosh she’s such a fun character. I get to skip around, laugh, and hug on my boyfriend all day while shooting. It’s sad I won’t get to play her for another season as a result of her sudden disappearance aka kidnapping by penguin for bargain.

I leave the balcony and go to the bedroom laying down and closing my eyes falling asleep in seconds.

3rd person

As (y/n) rests her pretty little head an unauthorized group of people walk up to the luxurious hotel from the beach. The walk up to the rows and rows of balconies. The leader of the group pulls out a piece of paper and smirks letting out a laugh and jumping up and down.

“Aaron. Would you kindly?” Jerome smiles at the largest group member as he shoots the grapple hook right onto the balcony of his lost love.

Jerome climbs the rope to the top and jumps on the balcony. The loud bang causing (y/n) to stir slightly in the bed. Outside Jerome opens the glass sliding door. With light feet be steps in walking to his destination. He shines his flashlight around the large hotel room then he comes to a complete stop. Jerome turns off his light and walks closer to the bed with the sleeping beauty on it. He smirks as he sits down; her back facing him. He gently strokes her hair, and lays down cuddling up next to her.

She immediately rolls closer to him feeling the familiar body of what she though was her boyfriend. “Aww baby look at you. You’ve missed your Mr. J haven’t you doll?” Seeing this as a joker her lips curl slightly and pull herself closer to the man. “Of course. How could I not? You’re my puddin.” “That’s right doll. I sure am.” They lay there for a while till Jerome gets a bit restless.

He stands up pulling her with him. “Baby what are you doing?” She asks in a sleepy voice. “I don’t mean to make this urgent, but we need to get back home.” Jerome pulls the clueless girl to the balcony.

“Home? Why? We just got here. This is our time away from everything. Just us baby. I don’t want to leave yet.” Jerome turns to grabbing her face gently looking into her eyes. “Oh doll what have they done to you? Don’t you remember who I am? Where we come from?” “Cam what the hell are you talking about?”

Jerome furrows he brows looking at his girl. “Cam? What the hell are you talking about Harley? You’re acting different.”

(Y/n) POV:

Whoa wait! What? Harley? I turn on the lights seeing my boyfriend dresses in an outfit from Jerome’s wardrobe. I saw the gun tucked in his belt, and my eyes widen. “Cameron what’s wrong with you?” “Why do you keep calling me that doll? Where’s my Halr? Why aren’t you excited to see your puddin? Tell me!” As he speaks his voice gets louder.

What the hell is this? Some kind of new exercises for the show? He backs me up to a wall trapping me. “Tell me doll. Or I might have to do something rash.” He pulls out a knife and runs the blade lightly over my lips.

“Aw look at you baby. You’re so scared. Reminds me of when we first met. You remember that don’t you?” I nod my head afraid of what he might do if I disagree.

“do you remember what I did when I saw the scared look in your eyes? Hm?” I gulp and stare straight into his eyes. “Maybe you could remind me puddin.” He smirks and drops his knife. “Gladly doll.” He pushes me further into the wall connecting his lips on mine.

How long can he keep his act up? This is getting a bit out of hand. He starts to trail his lips down my neck just as the door slams shut. Who could it even be? It’s the middle of the night no way it’s housekeeping.

“(Y/n)? Baby? Where are you?” Cameron? But he’s right… I start pushing on this imposters to get him off me. “Cameron! Cam help me please!” My boyfriend runs into the room seeing the situation. He freezes and stares at the other man. “Who the hell are you? Get the fuck away from her!” Cameron storms over and pulls me away from the man.

“I should be asking you that. Now I suggest you give her back before I kill you. Nothing hard to do. Just give me my doll back.” Cameron steps closer to him. “Who. Are. You.” The man smiles and pulls his gun out pointing it at Cameron.

“Jerome. Jerome Valeska. Now hand over Harley.” That’s impossible! It’s a show! Only a show!

“You don’t listen to well do you? Oh well looks like we’re doing this the hard way.” Jerome rolls his eyes and shoots Cam in the leg. He screams and falls over gripping his leg.

“Cameron! No no no! You son of a bitch!” I cradle my boyfriend crying. “Oh doll you should know my mother was more then a bitch. Now come on. Home we go.” Jerome grips my arm pulling me away from Cameron.

“No! Please no! NO!” I scream as I get pulled to the balcony. “(Y/n)! No! Please! Please don’t take her! No!” Cameron screams as I’m pushes off the balcony. I more then 100 feet screaming all the way down till I don’t hit the hard concrete.

“Nice to see you again Harley.” I look up to the owner of the voice and see my costar who plays Aaron holding me in his arms. I can still hear Cameron’s screams from down here.

I close my eyes letting tears slip. I’m passed over into someone else’s arms. The familiar ones, but these are not the ones I want. I want my Cameron. “Shh doll it’s all gonna be over soon. They’ve brainwashed you and put you in this alternative universe. Don’t worry I’ll explain later. Just hold still.” Jerome’s voice say. I already feel paralyzed as I spill tears.

Suddenly a cloths is pressed over my nose and mouth, and not a second later I fade out of contiguousness.

The Devil You Know Part 19

The Devil You Know Part 19

Warning: Cussing

Chapter 30

“What?” Melinda said, opening up her eyes. “Can’t a girl get her beauty sleep?”

“I can’t fucken believe you actually fucken fell asleep during that shit.” Negan said, Melinda sat up. “If you weren’t fucken snoring, I would have thought you fucken killed over on me.”

“Will I was up for three days straight.” Melinda said, stretching out a bit before she laid back down. “So was I really snoring?”

“Just a fucken little bit, could barely fucken hear it. Then you know…” Negan said, winking “You started fucken moaning.” He lean over towards here. “Were you fucken dreaming about me doll?”

“I actually yes.” Melinda said, looking away smiling. “I was dreaming you walked into the showers when I was in there.” Then she looked back over at him, seeing him smirking. “You bend me over and you… “ She smiled at him. “put my hands behind my back. You just started going hard and fast, like there was no tomorrow.”

“O fucken really doll?” Negan said, putting his hand on her leg.

“No.” Melinda said with a straight face and shoving his hand away.

“O she did me fucken dirty again.” Negan said laughing as he lean back in his seat. 

“Told you that would be the only way I do you.” Melinda said smiling at him.

“And just the fucken way I like it to doll.” Negan said, winking at her. Melinda looked away as her face became serious again. “You fucken dreaming about him again, huh doll?”

“Yeah.” Melinda said, letting out a sigh. “No matter what I do, he’s always there.” She looked back over at Negan. “I can’t get him out.”

“It’s okay doll.” Negan said, leaning back over and taking her hand. “Jane will fucken help you. I”ll fucken help you the best I fucken can. You fucken know that, right doll?”

“Sometimes no matter how much you want to help,” Melinda said, looking away. “You can’t stop someone from dying.” She looked over at him. “I’m dying, I’m dying inside. Every passing day, every passing second, the girl I once was is dying. She’s dying Negan and I don’t know how to save her. I don’t know how to bring her back from what she’s become. I don’t know how to be that girl again. I don’t know how to save me, from me.”

“I know how to fucken save her.” Negan said, smiling at her. The door opened up and the both looked over. Fat Joe walked in with Zoe right behind her. “That’s the first fucken step save her.”

“Hey mommy.” Zoe said as her face lit up. “I’ve miss you.”

“I’ve miss you too baby.” Melinda said, holding back her tears. “Baby, what are you wearing?”

“Clothes, duh.” Zoe said, laughing a bit.

“I know that pain in the butt.” Melinda said, sitting up. “Why are you wearing a leather jacket and a red scarf.” Then Melinda looked down and saw Zoe was holding a plastic bat. “And why are you carrying a bat around?”

“Cause I want to be like daddy.” Zoe said, looking over at Negan.

Melinda looked over at Negan. “Really?” Melinda said, throwing a pillow at him. “I was gone three days and you got my daughter call you daddy. What the hell Negan?”

“You see what happened was..” Negan said, smiling as Zoe ran over to him and sat in his lap. “Okay, I’m just going to be fucken honest doll. Princess needs an actual dad. Yeah I know I’m not the fucken best, but hell, I’m better than fucken nothing. I always fucken wanted a little girl and now.” He looked at Zoe. “I got one.” He looked back over at Melinda. “I’ll fucken die for this little girl.”

“I don’t want her to get attach to you Negan.” Melinda said, moving closer to them. “I don’t want to broke her heart when we leave.”

“But I don’t want to leave mommy.” Zoe said, laying her head on Negan’s shoulder. “I want to stay here, with daddy.”

“Baby I told you before, we have to stay on the move.” Melinda said, letting out a sigh. “I know you don’t like being on the road, but its safe than being here. You know what your dad, your real dad, can do.”

“Yeah.” Zoe said, in a low voice.

“Once he knows we’re here baby, we won’t be safe, no one will be safe.” Melinda said.

“Princess.” Negan said, moving her around. “Won’t you go with Fat Joe and go play in your room. Me and mommy need to talk and then will have dinner together. Sound good to you princess?”

“Yes daddy.” Zoe said, kissing his check. He put her down and she went over to Melinda. “I love you mommy.” 

“I love you too baby.” Melinda said, leaning down kissing her cheek. “Now go, we’ll be there in awhile.”

“Okay.” Zoe said, going over to Fat Joe and taking off.

“You shouldn’t let her call you dad, Negan.” Melinda said glaring at him. “It’s just going to make things worse.”

“Doll I know your fucken piss, but just fucken stop.” Negan said as Melinda rolled her eyes. “Look, she needs someone to be a fucken dad to her doll. She needs a dad in her life that teaches her from right and wrong. To fucken teach her to not let anyone fucken push her around. Teach her how to be fucken strong and her own fucken person.”

“And I can’t do that?” Melinda said, looking away.

“I fucken didn’t you say you couldn’t doll.” Negan said, letting out a sigh. “It’s just some things only a fucken dad can teach. Just like there some things only a fucken mom can teach. Like fucken cooking and cleaning.” Melinda looked at him and flipped him off. Negan just laugh and soon became serious again. “Just give me a fucken chance doll. That’s all I’m fucken asking. Give me a fucken chance, please.” 

Melinda looked down at her hands in her lap. She kept repeating what Negan said inside her head. She remember hearing those words before. Those words didn’t come from her husband, but her father…

Chapter 31

“You see this my little Valkyrie?” Her father said, crouching down and picking up something out of the water. “This is a baby starfish.”

“Awe he’s so tiny and cute.” A young Melinda said as she looked at the starfish in his hand. “Can we keep him daddy?”

“We can’t my little Valkyrie.” Her father said, placing it back in the water where more starfish were at. “We can’t keep him away from his family, it wouldn’t be right.”

“Like when those people try to take me away from you daddy?” A young Melinda said as he stood up.

“Yes my little Valkyrie.” Her father said picking her up. “A family should always be together. A mother is suppose to teach their child to be kind, gentle, sweet and carrying. A father is suppose to teach their child from right and wrong, how to be strong, to not let themselves be pushed around, and how to be their own person. You’ll find that out when you get older my little Valkyrie. But till then, stay little, my shield maiden.”

Negan place his hand on Melinda’s, snapping her out of her thoughts. She looked back at him as he give her a small smile. A small smile, but it let her know, everything was going to be okay as long as they stuck together.

“Okay.” Melinda said, standing up and going to the window. “I’ll give you a chance.”

“Thanks doll.” Negan said, going to the window and standing next to her. “Thanks.”

Though Negan was a stranger, he already proven he was willing to step up and be there for Zoe. Even though he didn’t tell her what he’s done for Zoe, she knew from Arat. When they bumped into each other outside of the showers, Arat told her everything Negan has done for Zoe.

How he made a play room and art room for her. How took out over twenty walkers and them some, just to get into a children’s clothing store so Zoe could have more clothes. How he would take time out of his day and teach her, from the books he found in a near by school. 

“Doll.” Negan said as they both turned towards each other. “I was serious about what I fucken said before.” He took her hands in his. “I’ll do my fucken best to help you out and get him out of your fucken head.”

“How exactly do you plan to do that?” Melinda said as Negan step closer to her. “Negan?”

“Be my fucken wife doll.” Negan said, making Melinda look away. “Hey, look at me doll.” He reach out with one hand and gently move her face back to him. “I’ll be a fucken better husband to you than he ever fucken was. I would never fucken force you to do anything you fucken didn’t want to. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the fucken rules. Please doll, take me up on my fucken offer.”

Melinda just looked at him as Negan started stroking her cheek with his thumb. He moved in closer to her, inches away. He expected her to move, but she didn’t budge. He moved in, not even a inch away now. Negan let his lips dance around her’s, all the while, not letting them touch.

He pulled back slightly and looked into her eyes. “Marry me?” Negan said as he looked into her eyes.

“No.” Melinda said softly and Negan let out a sigh. Melinda rest the side of her head against his cheek. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay doll.” Negan said, wrapping his arms around her. “It’s okay.” He kiss the side of her head. “Just fucken think about it doll. It could…” 

A knock came at the door. “Negan.” Simon said on the other side of the door. “We have an issue with couple of the water pumps.”

“Alright, I’ll be right fucken there.” Negan said as he looked down at Melinda. “It’s going to be a fucken bit doll. Won’t you go the mess hall, grab whatever you fucken want and start dinner. Then come get me when it’s fucken done.”

“I’m not even your wife and you want me to cook for you.” Melinda said, smirking at him.

“Someone has to fucken feed me.” Negan said, smirking at her. “See you in a bit doll.” He lean down again to kiss her and she turned to the side. “No kiss?”

“No.” Melinda said, unwrapping his arm around her. “You should get going.”

“Alright.” Negan said heading to the door. “Maybe next fucken time.”

“Yeah right.” Melinda said, as Negan turned to her. “Your lucky you don’t have a foot up your ass for your bullshit.”

“Your luck you don’t fucken have my… “Negan said, making a clicking sound, then rising his eyebrows up and down. “Up yours.” Melinda grabbed a book off a near by self and throw it at him. “Oh shit.”

Negan close the door before the book could hit him. He started laughing as he went down the hallway.

“Jerk off.” Melinda said, putting her hands on her hips and shaking her head.

“Asshole.” Negan said from the other side of the door.


The Devil You Know Part 20 

(gifs props to makers/some mine)

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Stand Up And Fight.

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Fandom: The Outsiders

Pairing: Kind of Two-Bit x Reader

Warning: Harassment etc. 

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Could you do a Two-Bit one shot where you broke up with him because he wasn’t taking you seriously enough but then a Soc was flirting with you pretty forcefully and he stood up for you? Thank you goddess you’re blog is wonderful!

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The Bet

part of the “Goddamn, I fucking love that girl.” series

Negan x Number 6 (reader - Y/N)

Y/N=your name

Ne - Number 6′s nickname for Negan

Negan language, sexy talk

A couple of notes - I know very very little about ping pong so I winged it on the rules. Also, I put a read more because this fic is just over 1000 words.

Want on or off my taglist? Just let me know!

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Summary: You’re captured and tortured by Hydra, Bucky comes to save you, and he cuddles you half to death when you’re recovered. 

Warnings: Sorta detailed torturing, arguments, no one sides with Nat :((

Word count: 1810

A/N: Maybe one day I’ll write a Bucky fic that isn’t angsty. I just don’t think that day’s coming any time soon.

Originally posted by starwinter

Bucky was furious. There was no telling what he was more angry at, the team you were with or Hydra itself, but a combination of the two had him fuming and anxious. How could your team, his team just leave you behind? He knew exactly what kinds of things Hydra did to their enemies, and he also knew the lengths they would go to get information from you. They still wanted Bucky, and they had a reawakened feud with Steve, so of course they were going to torture you. They would hurt you the way they hurt him in the beginning, the way he hurt other people when they told him to. He couldn’t handle that, his nightmares of you being kidnapped were too much for him and they weren’t even real.

“How could you just leave her?” He spit at Natasha, the commanding Avenger on this mission. “Doesn’t she mean anything to you? Don’t you know what they’ll do?” He was pacing back and forth, trying so damn hard to keep his metal arm at his side. You wouldn’t want him to explode, and since you were the only one who could hold him back when he went full-on Winter Soldier he knew he needed to get rid of his anger some other way. Stomping hard enough to shake the furniture didn’t seem to be helping.

“She told me to! It was her or everyone else, so I picked everyone else.” Bucky couldn’t question that, it was a sacrifice you had told him you would make before, he just didn’t like that it was happening now, and with his worst nightmare being the one you sacrificed yourself to. He had to go back and get you, he’d crush every last survivor in that base with his own two hands if it meant you’d be safe again.

“She’s more important than all of those other people, damnit! I should have come, this wouldn’t have happened if I were there.” The knuckles on his right hand were turning white, his fist was tight enough to break his fingers. “I’m getting her back.” He decided harshly, ignoring the look of utter disbelief on Natasha’s face.

“It’s too dangerous, there’s no way we’re letting you go back, especially without backup!” Natasha followed him quickly down the hall, getting ready to call Steve to control his best friend.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving her there. I’m not letting them take her away from me.” He yanked all of his gear out of his room, stormed down to Stark’s garage, and hijacked the best motorcycle he could find.


“You just let him go?” Steve was the one yelling now, it really wasn’t Natasha’s day.

“Well what the hell was I supposed to do? Chain myself to his arm?”

“If that’s what it’d take to stop him, yeah.” He was gripping the side of the counter so hard Natasha feared it might snap in half. Tony and Clint weren’t being much help while they stood in the corner.

“I don’t see what the big deal is, he’s good enough to take the rest down himself, we didn’t leave many alive. Plus, it’s his girlfriend we’re talking about, how did you expect him to react?” Clint intruded, keeping his arms crossed sternly.

“We all want (Y/N) back home, don’t we? Why aren’t we out there helping him?” You were family, of course they all wanted you back in your own bed, safe and sound. But if the last team couldn’t clear it out, how were they supposed to?

“It’s dangerous! Aren’t any of you listening? She said to leave her behind, she told me to stop you guys from coming back. It’s suicide.” Natasha was getting seriously pissed now, she wanted you back more than anything, you were her best friend. But that didn’t condone the death of everyone else, whether they were innocents or Avengers it didn’t matter. A group of lives over a single one, that’s what she was trained for, what they were all trained for, yet she was the only one who seemed to remember.

“I’m not about to watch my best friend die again, I’m following him in.” Steve said adamantly and went to retrieve his stuff. Tony ran a hand over his face and shrugged.

“Captain’s right for once, I’m going in too.”

Clint wasn’t far behind, and Natasha wasn’t about to sit down and wait for them to get back, so she sighed heavily and went to change back into her catsuit.


“Last chance sweetheart, I’d hate to ruin that pretty face of yours.” The asshole of a torturer commented, dragging a dirty blade over your cheek slowly, making sure you felt the chill it would send through you when he actually broke skin.

“I don’t think you have it in you.” You spat back, earning a simmering glare. It was a complete lie, everything in you said he wouldn’t hesitate to kill you, and that he probably loved hearing his victims scream and cry and beg for death. There was a glint in his evil grin that told you his favourite thing in the world was watching someone break. You weren’t going to give him that satisfaction, you’d had plenty of training on withstanding torture. He had no chance of you leaking any Avenger secrets bigger than the one about Tony cuddling with stuffed animals when he got too drunk.

And that’s exactly what you did. When he sliced at your skin you revealed little tidbits about the Avengers, things like Steve can’t do laundry himself and Natasha’s a sucker for rom-coms because they distracted you from the warmth trickling onto the floor. He burned you, cut you, half drowned you until you didn’t have it in you to respond at all. It felt like years since you were first captured and the thought of just going to sleep sounded really nice.

You weren’t yelling or screaming, but you were whimpering now, and you could tell that was enough for your captor. It made you sick but you kept it in. Something told you your session was coming to an end - whether it was from him getting tired and leaving or giving up and killing you was the mystery.

Your eyes were closed, head slumped forward because it just took too much energy to stay upright anymore. You hardly noticed when he stopped, your mind was numb with overworked nerves and your senses were shot.

“(Y/N)? Come on (Y/N) wake up, I can’t be too late.” Faintly, like you were hearing it through a wall, the familiar voice pushed through your foggy thoughts. Bucky?

“Just open your eyes sweetheart, give me something to work with here doll,” His voice was level, but if you knew Bucky you knew he was just trying to hold it together for you. He was speaking too fast to be calm and his voice was too rigid.

You couldn’t force any words out of your mouth but you managed a small groan and lifted your head slightly, but it was enough for him.

“Oh thank god. Alright (Y/N), let’s get you out of here.” He quickly brushed a strand of hair out of your face and kissed your temple, sending waves of relief through your aching body. His gentle fingers skimmed down to the ropes holding you in place and he untied them in seconds. There was too much adrenaline in Bucky’s system for him to go slow and steady, but he calmed down considerably once he picked you up bridal style and repositioned your nearly limp head to rest against his collarbone. The other Avengers were standing in the doorway, looking just as anxious and relieved as Bucky felt. He brushed past them and took you to the helicarrier they had come in, refusing to let you out of his grasp even after taking off.

You were a little more awake after being transported back to Stark tower. Bucky kept you securely in his arms until you got to the hospital room, and even then he was reluctant to hand you over to the doctor. He wanted you healed, but he also wanted to squeeze you hard enough to shatter your ribs. He had been so scared that he was going to lose you and your body was the only reassurance he had that you were still there with him.

He stood right beside you while the doctor healed you. You felt a lot better physically, but you were still exhausted and sore, and the ropes around your wrists had left them raw and burning.

“Hey Buck,” Your voice was raspy and even though you were smiling there were tears in your eyes. Bucky couldn’t handle you crying, he loved you way too much to see you hurt.

“You’re okay now, I got you.” He whispered softly, pulling you into him again. Normally he wouldn’t know what to do in a situation like this, but he knew you and he knew what he had wanted to hear after he went through the same things. He only had to wrap his arms around you and nuzzle into the hair by your ear, rub your back with his hand and wait for you to stop crying into the crook of his neck. When you took a breath he would mutter something sweet into your ear and you would feel just a little bit better.

“I love you (Y/N), don’t you dare do that again.” He said sternly but softly at the same time when you were done bawling. You managed a small laugh when he picked you up again, wrapping your legs around his waist and carrying you like a kid to your bedroom.

“I love you too Bucky, thank you for coming back for me.” He stopped in his tracks - the middle of the hallway - and looked up at you with bloodshot blue eyes. He wanted you to know you shouldn’t ever thank him for getting you, he didn’t want your thanks for saving your life, he just wanted you. Safe and sound and home and his, because if there was anywhere you should be it was in his arms like you were now, and if you weren’t there Bucky would be looking for you. Always.

That’s what he put in his kiss when he pressed his lips to yours, still slowly and sweetly because he didn’t want you hurting. He poured all of his worry, all of his concern and his anxiety and his need into it because you had to know that. You had to know that he needed you like he needed air. Bucky made sure you did before he pulled away and continued to your room, adamant on making you sleep for a whole day before getting up and walking around again.

Paralyzed (2/2)

Originally posted by birhicolsam

Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 1506

Warnings: Cursing

Pairings: Steve x Reader, Clint x Natasha 

Type: Angst

Notes: Y/N= Your Name, I will not make another part.

Shout-out to @k20wn for allowing me to use their idea of Natasha kicking Steve’s ass.

Part 1: x


Steve’s POV:

I loved her more than I thought I did. That’s why the night she left, I did nothing but stared at the wall. I was paralyzed, numb, and empty for the rest of my days.


She’s gone. She’s actually gone.

It’s been a week since she had left me and I didn’t realize how much I needed her. I continue staring at the wall, replaying what she said over and over.

“How could you say that?”

“Steve what day is it?”

“When was the last time you told me you loved me?”

“I- if you w-want a girlf-friend like that, then g-go find one. I’m done being yours.”

I slam my fist down at the coffee table again and cover my hands with my face. She was right, I haven’t spent much time with her or at least tried to find the time to spend with her. I should have put in more effort when I had her.

She’s gone

She’s gone

She’s gone

The voice in my head continues to chant, taunting me. I walk to our once shared bedroom and lie down in hopes of sleep. I haven’t slept in days, i was either trying to find her or thinking of all the things I could have done different. I roll to my side and hug a pillow.

Why didn’t I hug her like this when she was still here?

Tears escape my eyes and I let out choked sobs into the pillow.


I turn around and see Y/N.
I run to hug her tightly.

“I’m sorry, can you please come home? I’ll make it up-”

I look down and she’s gone.

“Steve,” she sings.

I turn to my right and there she is, laughing.

I smile lightly,

“Doll? Where are you going?”

She runs away again and I try to follow her. I call after her and she runs into the arms of another man.

This isn’t real… This isn’t real…

I need to wake up… She’s gone….

I wake up with a start.

I feel the empty side of my bed, just to feel her ghost. To remind myself she isn’t here. She’s gone. She left.And it’s all my fault.

I stare at the ceiling for a few moments before admitting that I’ll never get sleep at this rate.


After sitting on my ass for a few hours, I get a knock on the door. I run to it, fixing my hair slightly in hopes that it’s Y/N. Instead, I get a visit from the Russian assassin.

“Oh, hey Natah-”

She slaps me, then punches me in the stomach. I groan and my knees let out as she kicks me hard on the head.

“The bloody hell is wrong with you Rogers,” she growls.

My ears ring and I grunt some more.

“I know, I know,” I mutter. She stops her assault on me and sits down next to me. I move my knees to my chest and tears leak out of my eyes again.

“I fucked up, I need to make sure she knows how much she means to me. I can’t find her, please help me. I need to make this right,” I whisper.

I look at Natasha,

“You know where she is, don’t you?”

She nods.

“Please tell me where she is, Natasha. I need to see her. Please? I won’t do something that stupid again, I need to tell her that. I need her back. I can’t function without her, please.” I beg.

She looks at me without a sign of emotion.

She takes a deep breath,

“She doesn’t want to see you Steve,” she says slowly. I choke a little and my heart aches more. I shake my head and cover my face with my hands again.

“I fucked up, I know. But I need to see her Natasha, please let me make this right.”

She sighs.

“She’s at my place, don’t come unless you have a plan on getting her back. But, give her space, you did a bit of a number on her.”


“Y/N?” Natasha says knocking on my door.

I groan a response.

“Is there another one?” I ask, turning to my side to look at her. She’s holding another bouquet of roses. I haven’t seen Steve in nearly two weeks. Since last week, he must have figured out that I was living with Natasha and Clint and have sent in bouquet after bouquet of flowers. Each with a card saying the things he would do different.

  1. I swear I’ll buy more flowers for you

  2. I will be home on time for all the dinners I can from now on to spent the evening with you.

  3. I will always hold you close when we are sleeping.

  4. If you come back, I’ll take you out to Central Park whenever you want.

  5. I’ll go shoe-shopping with you anytime you want me to.

  6. I’ll tell you how much I love you everyday.

The latest one was:

7. I’ll teach you how to Swing Dance like you always wanted to know how.

I scoff. He’s working so hard in this relationship when it’s gone. So, he could put in the effort, he just didn’t want to do it when he had me.  

I mumble a string of insults towards the soldier and throw the flowers outside on the front porch. As he did with our love, I let the roses quietly die.Like he did with ours love, I do nothing to help them live.

Steve’s POV

It’s been nearly three weeks and I haven’t heard a single word from her. I can’t stand it anymore. I drove over to Clint’s house (farm place) with a bouquet of roses and a big teddy bear.

When I reach Clint and Natasha’s  house,  my heart drops. I see a pile of dying roses out on the front porch and my breath catches in my throat again. I shake my head and grab the huge teddy bear and roses and jog up the stairs of the porch and open the door. Letting myself in since Natasha left it open for me.

“The third room to the left, upstairs.”

Those were Natasha’s words, fairly easy instructions to follow, if my legs weren’t shaking so much. My heart pounds and ache as I knock gently on her door.

“Come in,” she says. Her soft voice makes my heart flutter and I prepare to tell her everything I’ve been trying to tell her for the past weeks. But my mind goes blank the second she looks at me. I forgot just how beautiful her eyes were.

Her eyes widen and she sits up in her bed suddenly.

“No,” she says, standing up to push me out of the room.

“Leave, Steve. Go away.”

“Y/N, please,” I whisper. She puts her hands on my chest and begins to push.

“Y/N, stop please,” I beg. She shakes her head and continues looking down.

“Leave, go away Steve. Go, just go, go,” she repeats, punching my chest now. I let out a groan as she hits me harder, she’s shaking and I realize she’s going to cry. I drop the flowers and teddy bear on the ground.

“NO!” She shouts. She’s hitting me harder and I hold the door frame, not daring to move. My breathing gets shakier and tears flow down my cheeks.

“Please, just let me make it up to you. Please,” I beg.

She repeats, “go, go away,” and I hug her, trapping her arms underneath mine so she’s unable to hit me anymore. I feel wetness on my shirt and I realize that she’s crying. I hug her closer as she cries on my torso. I cry as well, I hurt the girl I love so much.

“Please, I’m sorry. I swear I’ll make it up to you. I can’t live without you, you’re the only reason I smile. These past weeks I haven’t been able to be happy without you. I swear I’ll make it up, I’ll cook you dinner or we can go dancing to make up for the anniversary. I’m sorry doll, I really am. Please just give me another chance. I don’t know why I did what I did, but I swear I won’t do it again,” I beg as she continues to weep in my arms and my tears drop onto her hair. She’s sniffling but silent. She begins to shake her head.

No, no, no, no, please don’t say you’ll leave me.

“I love you,” I mutter as I kiss her forehead, my last plea.

And she wraps her arms around me.

I sigh in relief and we sit there thinking of how we couldn’t live happy without each other for the past weeks. Our breathing calms down and I hold her as close I could. My heart beating normal, surging with happiness that she’s with me again in my arms.

She’s mine again.

She’s here again.

I swear I’ll love her right this time.