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Okay first off I have no idea why the sizing is so derpy for the first image :|

Anywho, I was talking with kazeknight about all the new dolls and stuff coming out and then we got to talkin bout the birb queen and how few dolls she has. And needless to say my brain went LETS DRAW THE THING.

So for your viewing, a design for Through the Woods and Hat-tastic Party! All I could ask for is more Duchess. Is that too much to ask for?

Duchess Swan belongs to Mattel

Would you guys wanna see more like this? Like designing stuff for other characters as well because YES GIMME GIMME GIMME?

Stand Up And Fight.

Originally posted by the-wonderboys

Fandom: The Outsiders

Pairing: Kind of Two-Bit x Reader

Warning: Harassment etc. 

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Could you do a Two-Bit one shot where you broke up with him because he wasn’t taking you seriously enough but then a Soc was flirting with you pretty forcefully and he stood up for you? Thank you goddess you’re blog is wonderful!

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EverAfterHigh # Helga Crumb custom #

Just a preview of my recent doll custom Helga Crumb custom made from Maddie Sugar Coated. I ll b adding nicer photos tomorrow along with Gus Crumb and Maddie Hattastic Playset. I just wanted to say she her outfit was the hardest to make from the original doll outfit… she has so much details … it almost made me give up and just use the doll on a pretty dress … my friend Crystal Pomposo rerooted her for me … I was afraid to mess her up … she does have way more purple that I’d like and it does pop against the light pink and white … but once I started to paint the outfit I actually liked cause I think as a doll all the extra pink hair would look washed off against the pink of the outfit .. I did add the blue strands myself and I chose blue instead of the aqua … then last painted her eyes, eyebrows and lipstick. I’m happy how she turned out … next project will start tonight lol