just give me all the hqs plz

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Before this blog, I was kinda like "ughhhhh... Oiyama. Plz no." but now I'm like "fuck yeah! Oiyama! Give me more!" I need to thank you for this contribution in my life. Now have you ever considered Kuroyama or kageyama yamaguchi (whatever that ship is called). I swear. Yamaguchi is just shippable with EVERYONE and I love it.


I first got hooked on kuroyama and oiyama reading this oikuroyama smut on nsfw–hq. link here 

but i also love them as just two. 

This is where i get all my oiyama needs x i basically live on oiyama. it’s one of my altime favorite rare pairs. and probably the reason i started this blog. 

I need more Kuroyama! OOHHHh SEND IN SOME KUROYAMA PLEASE. Sometimes i forget the power of this blog. (The only popular kuroyama is an ot3 with tsukki.) i want more of just the two of them. NOt that i don’t love Tsukki but Yama is my bae and i literally ship him with everyone. 

KageTadashi. *clears throat* *starts crying* KageTadashi is such a beautiful pair you guys don’t even know. Please read this fic. This fic is all i ever need. It’s such a beautiful fic and jfc i love kages and yama they’re both my favorite and together they’re even more beautiful. not to mention all the znt aus we get cause of them