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“’Health’ is our new ‘beauty myth.’”

“It’s fascinating how we’ve been fooled into feeling like we’re reclaiming power by saying DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR SIZE, ONLY YOUR HEALTH! But really, what we’re doing is taking the exact same process of body oppression and giving it a new name. Our “diet industry” has become a “lifestyle change industry.”

“Defining worthiness by health and fitness level is not just about size discrimination. It’s also about classism. Racism. Ableism. And much more.”

“It’s not the individual actions, but rather a pattern of obsession and the inability to function that becomes concerning. And understandably, these extreme behaviors are easy to adopt when you fully believe that your value, worth, and right to exist relies on how ‘healthy’ you are.”

“They know that our beauty ideal evolves with every standard we shatter. They realize that a new one arrives just as we find self-love in a new way. They get that the obsession with proving and glorifying health and fitness is just another way to regulate people and hinder self-esteem.”

- Jes Baker, Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

These quotes from chapter three were really thought provoking!  The focusing of our social narrative on health seems like a step in the right direction, but when society or culture puts values on certain bodies over others, we have to look deeper. 

A healthy body is good, yes, but not every body is healthy, and not every body can be healthy, and some bodies face institutional,/economic/political barriers to health. 

So suggesting that people strive for health the way we were/are supposed to strive for beauty (an unrealistic, often unreal standard) what are we really asking of people? And why

Discussion Question: Have you noticed our cultural shift to “healthy lifestyles”? What was your first impression, and how do you feel about it now? Do you recognize any similar  narrative techniques in how “health” and “beauty” are marketed?

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Prompt: how did the boy squad react to different parts of even's birthday video

They’re at a party, smoking, Mahdi, Mags and Jonas on one couch, Evak on another opposite them :) They are sitting there, letting the smoke fill their lungs and making their chests feel heavy Jonas found a litte pink book laying under the glass coffee table. Turns out, its one of those cheesy friend-books where your friends can write stuff about them down and naturally they decided to give it a go. (I really wanted to post this before my friend got here so if its not perfect or you want more/different stuff with it just come to my inbox again <3) 

“Favourite movie?” Mahdi read and Magnus went through his hair with both his hands, blowing his cheeks up and letting the air go. 

“Gutten som ikke klarte å holde pusten under vann.” He finally answerend and Mahdi and Jonas chuckled beside him. 

“What? Magnus? That can’t be your favourite movie.” with an eyeroll Isak let himself slumb back on the couch. Magnus frowned and shrugged. 

“Eeeh, why not? I’ve watched it about fifty times.” 

Jonas nodded and said “Yeah, me too.” and Mahdi added “Yes, somewhere around that number.” 

Isak scrunched up his face and looked at his friends disbelievingly because wtf? But before he could really be dramatic about it he felt Even beside him sit up. 

“You have?” The way he asked this made Isak’s instincts to wrap himself around his boyfriend to shield him from the world rise up. Even’s voice sounded shy and surprised and hopefull and now he had the audacity to blush slightly - cute! 

Even normally wasn’t flustered easily and when he was Isak just felt the stronge urge to be nearer and so he scooched closer - they were already sitting close, but now he sat up and pressed his leg against Even’s and put his arm over Even’s back, hand on his hip. 

“Yes! It’s so amazing, man!” Mags exclaimed and the other two agreed with eager nods while they passed the joint around. 

Even’s grin was nearly blinding. “What was your favourite part?” The way he fidgeted with his hands told Isak that he wasn’t just fishing for compliments but was really interested and curious what the guys would say. He put his free hand over Even’s restless ones.  

“Mine was when you throw each other kisses.” Mahdi voiced, face somber and Jonas made a “hmmm” sound and nodded.

“Mine was when he was his usual dramatic self in the car. And I-“ Jonas was interrupted by Magus, “right at the start?”

“Yeah, the first scene. And he is so annoying with his nerves and his dramatics and I would have just got annoyed but Even, you just look at him as if he hung the moon. Touched me.”

Mahdi and Magnus nodded again. Isak looked at his friends a little slack jawed and speechless. Because … uhhh this whole situation was weird.

“Oooh! You know what mine was though?” when Magnus exclaimed that he clapped his hands together once and bounced a bit up and down.

“My fave was when he lifted you up? Like, what?! I had no idea he could do that.”

“Almost burst his jeans, though.” Mahdi put in which had them all snort their laughter. Even grinned so much his eyes almost vanished and he practically glowed.

 Isak shook his head. When he first saw the video he was so amazed by it that he didn’t even think of the boys or all those other people he knew (and those he didn’t know) being able to see it. He expected to be dragged by his friends or gushed over by the girls but this …. This was so nice. And once again Isak was a bit blown away by his friends accepting him and Even just like they were and by how genuine they all cared for him being happy.

“My favourite part was the end.” Isak said and leaned over to place a kiss on Even’s shoulder. Voice lower and softer he murmured “Elsker deg.”

It’s here! To @akai-echo​ who surprised me with this beautiful banner, thank you for giving us some scrumptious visuals! I mean, just look at it!

To @loving-mellark​ for providing artwork as well, which you can view HERE if you feel like watching your screen combust. ;-)

To @peetabreadgirl​ for all of her beta reading, idea bouncing, and encouragement (read: nagging). Love you, ladies!

To @alliswell21​ who provided the final word prompt as well as to those of you who took the time to send lovely comments or the word prompts that drove this story: @imonthetumbler​, @alys07​, @louezem​, @theotheroneoverthere​, @xerxia31​, @mellarkablegirl​, and Anonymous Whoever You Might Be! Hugs to you all and as always, Enjoy!

Part 1: Grapholagnia

Part 2: Neighbors/We meet again

Part 3: Callipygian

Part 4: Apodyopis

Part 5: Gymnophoria

Part 6: Mamihlapinatapei

Part 7: Basorexia

Part 8: Coitus

Part 9: Hypersexuality

Part 10: Malapert

Part 11: Quidnunc

Part 12: Hiraeth

Part 13: Viraha

And now for Part 14…

Concupiscence: ardent sensual longing/ strong lustful desire

When I climbed into my bed next to my drunk sister, I expected to fall right asleep. After the week I’ve had, I’m so drained that I could barely move my limbs to help clean up at least some of the mess in my apartment. The windows remained wide open for several hours while we talked and watched another movie. Annie chose one with zero romance in it whatsoever, and I am grateful for that, although the more Prim drank, the more likely she was to spout out questions or comments about Peeta and my relationship with him until all I wanted to do was sleep and not think about boys. Especially not him.

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Exo Reaction : To you confessing first


Your confession would make him flustered and surprised, but he would soon reach out for you hand , giving it a reasurring squeeze confirming that he also felt the same feelings for you

“ Let’s not waste time then”

Originally posted by kingbbh


He was trying to figure out if you liked him back for weeks now. Everytime he tried to confess to you he was either interrupted or he just got too shy to do it. So when you confessed to him he was very happy that one of you finally got the courage to admit your feelings for each other.

“ I have been trying to confess to you for weeks now, you don’t know how happy I am to find out that you feel the same feelings towards me”

Originally posted by exo-daydreams


He was too shy to confess to you with words so he decided to show his feelings  through small actions such as being extra nice and attentive towards you. It didn’t take long for you to notice his behaviour so you decided to ask him about it , which for some reason led to you also confessing your feelings towards him.

“ Was I being too obvious that I am really into you? I think that now is the time where I should kiss you and ask you out on a date”

Originally posted by luedeer


He literally planned on how he was going to ask you out. The only thing that stopped him from actually confessing to you is the thought of you rejecting him. So he was very surprised and glad when you pulled him to one of the spare practise rooms and confessed to him.

“ You have no idea how glad I am that you also feel the same feelings towards me. Lets cook a meal together so we can make this official” COUNT ME IN

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I feel like Jongdae would be very straightfoward if he had a crush on someone, he would plan everything so that his crush will feel special. So he was definatelly shocked when you confessed to him first

“ Y/N I can’t believe you just beat me, I wanted to confess first, but just so you know I like you too , a lot actually”

Originally posted by chanchen4ever


Being the sweetheart and gentleman that yixing is I feel like he would definately want to confess first. So when you suddenly confessed to him, he would be kinda disappointed that he wasn’t able to do it first, but he would still make you feel like the most special person in the world.

“ Even though you confessed to me first , I want to be the first one to comfort you, kiss you and make you feel special all day, every day”

Originally posted by yixinzhg


Another member which I think will definatelly want confess to you first, but i feel like he would overthink his plan on how to confess to you which could actually take some time for him to approach you and confees it to you. So when you confessed to him, he would be a bit dissapointed but would soon feel like the happiest man in the world when he saw how beautiful you looked and how sincere you were at that moment.

“ You know I had a whole plan made on how to confess to you , but your sincere confession right now just made me forget all my plans, I feel like the happiest man on earth”

Originally posted by asstheticsuho


He kept giving you side glances. Every time you were around he couldnt take his eyes of you. He really wanted to confess but he wasn’t sure if you felt the same way. After you started to notice him looking at you everytime you were not looking at him you decide to try your luck and confess to him.

“ Wait so you like me back ? you have no idea how happy that makes me right now”

Originally posted by xiuboyfruits


He didn’t know why he got so shy everytime he was about to to confess to you, but he knew that it was getting obvious that he had a thing for you. When you approached him and nervously confessed to him he couldn’t help but smile and secretly be glad that you wanted to give him a chance.

“ Y/N thank you so much for accepting me into your heart , I’m sorry that  wasn’t able to confess first, but I hope that our love can grow everyday”

Originally posted by ninihoneykom


To be honest he was getting desperate to confess to you, everytime you were around him he was holding himself to not suddenly hug you or just cuddle with you. The only thing holding him back was the thought of ruining the friendship that you both shared. So when you confessed to him first, he felt so relieved that he couldn’t even care that you confessed him first

“ I’m so glad you feel the same way for me, honestly. Now please come and cuddle with me”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Wu Yifan

Every time he was with you, his feelings for you just kept growing. At first he thought it was just an innocent crush but after a while the feelings would not go away and instead they just kept growing so he thought about trying his luck and asking you out the next time he saw you. However, he taken by surprise when you decided to meet up with him the next day and right away confess to him.

“ How could I not notice that me and you had feelings for each other?  Like I’m really shocked right now so do you like want to go out to eat ?

Originally posted by vvu-yi-fan


He knew that you were special to him, since the first time he saw you actually. His feelings towards you were proven to be true after he started to want to be with you all the time, like he just really wanted you to be his. However, he couldn’t put his feeling into words  so he was very happy that you were the one who decided to take the iniciative.

“ I really do wish that I had enough courage and confessed to you earlier but I’m happy that now I can call you mine”

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Hello everyone ! this was my first reaction ever, so I hope it was okay!

I’m sorry that some are longer than others, I just didn’t want it to sound too repetitive. Also I apologise for any spelling mistakes! :D

My reactions requests are open so feel free to request !

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BTS Reacts to You Calling Yourself Ugly

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven’t uploaded the past few days! I’ve been having a little difficulty deciding what to write because I’m out of requests and I don’t have any new ones coming in at the moment. So, if you have any requests, please be sure to send them in!! We now do kpop texts as well as reactions and scenarios!! Let’s get into this, shall we?

Reaction: You call yourself ugly in front of your BTS significant other.

1. Jin

     Jin would be beyond upset when heard you call yourself ugly. The problem is, his anger would be split in three different directions: you, himself, and whoever made you feel that way. If it was just the two of you, then he would confront you immediately, but if you were around others, then he would probably give you a look and then confront you at home. 

     “Jagiya, you are not ugly. No matter what anyone else thinks, you are beautiful and that’s coming from someone who knows how to appreciate true beauty so I know what I’m talking about,” Jin gives you a sharp look, cupping your jaw and forcing you to look at him.

2. Suga

     Suga wouldn’t necessarily be angry at you, just annoyed that you think of yourself that way, although it’s hard to tell the difference. He might not necessarily confront you then and there, especially if you were around other people. He would want to think out his response to you very carefully, wanting to make sure that he informed you that he wasn’t angry at you, just that he was mad at how you saw yourself. 

     “It’s not true, Jagi,” Before you could question him, he plunged on,” You’re not ugly, Jagiya, and you should shouldn’t see yourself that way. It’s not correct,” His expression is completely serious as he meets you head on about the issue.

3. J-hope (I tried to make everyone have super aesthetic pictures but I adore this picture of J-hope so I sort of broke my own theme…… But he is beauty and grace so I regret nothing!!)

     This little sunshine would be very unhappy with you. He knows what it’s like to have people think that you are unattractive and the fact that you see yourself that way makes him feel like he’s failed you in some way. No matter where you are, he would probably have some overzealous reaction. My first thought is that he might most likely yell no because he’s shocked that you would ever say that about yourself. 

     “No! You are beautiful Jagiya, and you are not allowed to think otherwise!” J-hope’s outburst surprises you considering he doesn’t tend to get annoyed that easily,” My Jagiya is beautiful and no one can tell me me your not, especially you,” J-hope’s expression is passionate as he says this. 

4. Rapmon

     Rap Monster would confront you then and there. As we all know, he is a very big advocate for everyone loving themselves so he is definitely upset. He wouldn’t necessarily be angry with you, but with the idea that you feel like you have to match up to standards that are set by someone else and you feel like you’re not good enough.

     “Jagiya, I’ll say this as many times as you need to hear it,” He grips your chin and meets your eyes,” You are perfect and there is no reason for you to feel any other way.”

5. Jimin

     Jimin is not happy. He knows what it’s like to feel like you have to meet someone else’s standards and struggling to meet those standards. Specifically, what meeting those standards can do to you. Jimin doesn’t really consider himself attractive and he seems to boast about it a lot in an attempt to regain the confidence that was taken from him by specific fans that got upset at him for “weighing too much” and not having his abs anymore. It also affect himself to the point where he starved himself. He doesn’t want you to do the same thing. He would confront you when you were alone.

     “Jagiya, are you not satisfied with yourself as you are?” Jimin would ask quietly, his expression dead serious,” The girl I see is beautiful and perfect, so please don’t do anything that could hurt her, okay?”

6. V

     V would be heartbroken. He would definitely be one to blame himself for you feeling inadequate in any way. He would be one to immediately pull you into a side room if you were with other people and talk about it then and there. He would start off by apologizing to you, confusing you even more. When you asked him way, he would explain himself.

     “It’s my fault you feel this way,” Taehyung would say, despite your protests,” But I will do my best to make up for it everyday. I love you Jagiya and you are beautiful. I’ll make sure that you know that everyday, no matter where I am.”

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook has heard you refer to yourself this way multiple times, but he didn’t think anything of it at first. He thought maybe you were just joking around and not being serious. When it kept happening, he would realize that it’s something that he should probably talk to you about. He would sit you down one evening, after he’s thought about the best way to talk to you about it, and start the discussion.

     “Jagiya. you know I think you’re beautiful, right?” Jungkook wanted to ease into the conversation, not sure how else to start it besides coming right out and saying it. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please, feel free to send me any requests you might have! BTS related or any of the other groups that we do reactions, scenarios, and texts for!


one time lindsay said that gavin and ryan give off very little brother + older brother vibes and once i heard that their dynamic made so much more sense to me and it just clicked like they’d do something and i’d be like, oh, this is literally a conversation i’ve had with my younger sister. plus i feel like older brother ryan who slides from the “i will murder you if you look at me again with your goddamn face” side of the sibling scale to the “who hurt your feelings do they have an address i just wanna talk” side encapsulates his part of their dynamic more accurately than “frenemies” which is how i used to describe them

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Promptio - Gladio comforting Prom after a fight with his parents? Or just feeling abandoned by them?

Gladio gives the best hugs. Canon. Fact. And you know it.

Prompto hovered outside Gladio’s door, his whole body trembling.

“Who is it?” Gladio grumbled from somewhere inside.

“I-It’s me…”

The door opened almost immediately. “Prom, I thought you were having dinner with your parents –?” he broke off when he saw Prompto’s huge blue eyes, red-tinged and glassy. He rushed forward and engulfed him in a massive embrace, one hand on the back of Prompto’s head.

“They… They went out…” Prompto gulped. “Never showed up.”

“Oh Prom,” he breathed.

He was warm, and gentle, and so tender.

“Come in,” Gladio said, closing the door behind them. He led Prompto to the sofa, pulling him close and letting him climb into his lap.

As Gladio stroked Prompto’s thick blond hair, the shaking gradually subsided and he offered him a watery smile. “Thanks, Gladdy. Really.”

“Shh.” Gladio leaned down, stroked his hair back, and kissed him with slow tenderness. “I love you.”

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers, I have been writing 150 word drabbles. Requests are technically closed (as of 23rd June), but you can still send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence. It just might take me a bit longer to respond now, as I’m working on other projects.

BTS Reaction-Falling for her!

hey @babybouille  here is your request if you hate it let us know and well give it another shot!  Sorry about the gif re use after so many reactions every once in a while there is a repeat in there.

I don’t own these gifs.

Jin:  Even thought he is considered the mom of the group, he would have no problem telling you how he feels.  He would give you a simple compliment letting you know how he feels before he grabs your waist and brings you to him awaiting your response.

Suga:  He’s not one to show much emotion so he would just do cute things to get your attention, but this would be the only time he would show that side to you for a while.  After you saw plently of his cute he would confess knowing you would say yes.

J-Hope:  This cutie would waste no time letting you know that he has fallen for you.  He would confess everything he feels about you in one setting making you blush about it.  Once you recipricated, he would spend the day being cute to you.

(I didn’t reuse this gif)

Rap Mon:  This cutie would way the factors in his head about weather or not he should confess to you about the way he feels.  Eventually he would pull you aside and have a conversation with you about how he feels and when you told him you feel the same he’d be happy.

(or this one)

Jimin:  After he realizes his feelings for you he would be shy to tell you how he feels.  He would attempt to tell you several times only to get shy about it.  Once you figured out he likes you, you’d approach him and tell him you feel the same way releasing his stress.

Tae:  Confident Tae wouldn’t need any motivation to tell you how he feels.  He would walk up to you and tell you directly how he feels.  He would tell you how being around you gives him wonderful feelings of love and you would tell him you feel the same.

Kookie:  He would be super shy about letting his noona know that he has feelings for her so he would spend the day getting advice from his hyungs on how to confess.  Eventually he’d get to shy and send flowers with a card telling you his feelings.  The adorable action would win your heart.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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I just want to put this out there since it’s been affecting me personally lately.

A lot of you lovelies have told me you suffer from depression or other mental conditions. If you see someone having a rough time and don’t know how they’re going to get through the next day, hour, minute…be there for them. If they need it and it’s ok, give them a hug. Hold their hand while they cry. Listen when they finally find the words to express how they’re feeling. Just be present if what they need is silence.

You may be all they have.

For those of you going through it right now: You’re not alone and I’m sending you all my love. Consider this your warm Pax hug.


Thank you, SKAM.
Thank you for giving an accurate representation of what most teenagers go through without being stereotypical and judgemental, thank you for valuing teenagers’ fears and emotions and their everyday’s struggles.
Thank you for facing difficult themes like racism, homophobia and mental illnesses in such a graceful but powerful way.
Thank you for including all kind of characters in your story and for giving them the depth and space they deserved.
Thank you for Eva who went from being insecure to being her own hero, who decided to start loving herself and listening to her own heart before letting anyone else in.
Thank you for Noora, strong and passionate and a bit hot-headed too but we like her just like this. She always stood up for her values and for her friends (and she killed us all when she sang “More Than Words”).
Thank you for Isak who made some of us feel less alone alone in this big and sometimes unfair world, who took pride in who he is and overcame his own fears.
Thank you for Sana who taught us so many important life lessons, who despite having a hard shell is the softest girl with the biggest heart.
Thank you for giving us Even and for showing the world that suffering from a mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. Yes, it’s tough, but the first step is opening up about it and sharing the weight of it with those we love.
Thank you for Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus who are not only freaking amazing but also loyal friends and great human beings.
Thank you for Vilde who’s extremely strong even with all that shit going on in her life and who showed us what making assumptions about someone else’s behaviour and lifestyle can lead to and that it takes a great lot of courage to apologise for our mistakes.
Thank you for Chris who’s an amazing, supporting friend and who made us giggle throughout the seasons.
Thank you for the Balloon Squad for being good sports, supporting and awesome.
Thank you for Elias and Yousef who not only supported each other but who also respected supported and loved Sana along the way.
Thank you for Eskild, we couldn’t hope for a better Guru™.
Thank you for Linn because she has always been herself, unapologetically.
And thank you for William who started off pretty badly but with Noora’s help he learned what love and respect mean.

Thank you SKAM for bringing the whole world together, for getting people involved with themes that had never been rightfully represented on tv before, for making us fall in love with every character and their story, for making us feel empathy and respect and for making us see the world from different points of view.
I don’t have enough words to describe how grateful and blessed I feel, being a part of this experience changed me and it also made me fall in love with a new country and its language.

Thank you SKAM from the bottom of my heart.

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my family has financial problems and i'm not attending school at the moment. i've been self studying however to take my IGCSEs at a local center but it's hard. i'm trying but sometimes i'm just like 'is this even worth it?' 'am i even going to get the grades i want?' and it's a very slow process you know to finish even just a chapter. i've also been saving up money to pay for the exam fees just in case my parents can't afford that too. but it's hard. i feel like giving up :(

Hi! Your education is absolutely worth it! You will be able to achieve those grades and get where you want too. Are you able to do the necessary work and go ahead, if it is slow? It is amazing that you’re saving money towards exams. Definitely keep trying your best and pushing through the hard times. It will all be worth it when you finish your IGCEs and see how fantastic you did xx

lackiingclass  asked:

Is there any chance I could have a star? I know that I'm the reason for most of my problems, and I just feel so uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm in a toxic, abusive relationship with someone I love so much, and I don't know how to get out. Your stars seem to really give people hope.

I’d like to say that, no matter what, you deserve love and respect. You deserve to be in a loving, nurturing relationship where you help each other grow. You don’t deserve to be abused, and you are not to blame for it. If you are ever in danger, don’t hesitate to leave and/or get help - your health and safety come first.

I used to feel extremely uncomfortable with myself, especially when looking in the mirror (I still do, actually). One thing I’ve found that helps is repeating at least one kind thing to yourself every day. “I can do this”, “I like my hair/eyes/smile”, “I like my determination/will power”, etc. It feels like a lie at first, but keep telling yourself that one thing every day, and slowly it’ll feel true.

You are beautiful, you are important, you matter, and you are worthy of love and respect. It’s okay to ask for these things, and it’s okay to look out for yourself and your own well-being. I hope things get better soon, friend <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much. You really do help depressed people by showing them the most unexplainable parts of it. Because of you, the world is a much better place. You help people understand how they feel, and also show them that they're not fighting it alone. You connect people together. I'm so grateful that we have you in the world to give us strength and advice. Not everyone can ask for help. I really appreciate you and I love your comics. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for the incredibly kind words. I don’t know if this comic makes the world a better place but I do know that communication does, and if we can just keep talking about mental health in a constructive way I think we can truly improve our world and our understanding of these issues.

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So I've always played my violin and I love it but my dad said to me that it's "for girls" and feminine so I feel a bit weird playing it now. What should I do? This violin is one of the most important things to me right now.


I N S T R U M E N T S?

Boy you PLAY that heckin violin there’s nothing feminine about it. Instruments don’t have gender and your dad is RIDICULOUS. The fuckin thing is literally just wood and horsehair, there’s nothing about it to give it a gender.

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hi emma! do you have any ideas what i should add in my bullet journal? also do you think i need exclusive stationery (washi tapes, mildliners, a variety of brush markers etc) to start a bullet journal? thanks!

Hi! In mine, I just put the month/week, each day/date, my tasks, some outlining with a highlighter and, if I’ve got some, a couple of stickers to fill it out. You could add in quotes or pictures if you like! I’m not 100% committed to my bullet journal so I don’t feel the need to make it super fancy or spend an excessive amount of time on it. You definitely don’t need exclusive stationery. If I’m honest, my favourite bullet journals are just using a black pen. I love the minimalist look!! If you do like adding those additional features then purchase whatever products you fancy or that fit your price point, but please don’t give into the pressure of buying a specific product because other people use it! I hate this kind of underlying pressure that people experience when they come into studyblr about products/materials :-( In my opinion, all you need is the notebook and a pen - all the extra stuff is more of a creative outlet. Having a bit of washi tape or some calligraphy with a $25 pen isn’t going to improve your productivity magically! I keep my bullet journal super simple and quick to design and I find it works great for me. I’m really not a fan of tracking a million things in there and adding in a bunch of decorative stuff. Like I said, if you do want to use fancy bits and pieces I encourage that but if you don’t want to, there is no pressure! I do sometimes question whether I should be doing calligraphy/etc but in my heart I know I’m a terrible drawer and have no desire to learn it as a skill so, to be blunt, why bother wasting my money on a special pen to give it a go once :’-) Hope this is a little useful x

I am fat.

It’s a well know fact. Don’t give me that “Oh no your not your fine the way you are.” No. I’m fat. I am aware of this. I am aware it is unhealthy. Don’t try and pat it down to baby my insecurities.

It won’t hurt my feelings if you tell it to me straight. Be cause I KNOW.

I don’t know why I decided to make this post but I am. I got into a conversation with a coworker and it came up with me saying “nah, I’m just fat.”

She immediately chimes in “oh no your not!” Honey, I’m 290 pounds and 5'4". I’m fat. The best way to get over a problem is to admit you have one. So again.

I am fat. And I’m trying to be body positive as I make myself better

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Do you have any advice for someone who has both depression and anxiety?

Well, I don’t know how much help I can be, but

1) Just know “you are not alone”. There is always someone who cares, and someone who is willing to listen. Find yourself someone who will listen to you when you need to talk to someone about how youre feeling. This could be a friend, significant other, parents, internet friend. I guarantee you there will be someone who will want to do anything to help you, whether to give you a shoulder to cry on, to cheer you up, or to calm you down when youre anxious. You are not a burden, and you are NEVER alone

2) If you are someone like me whose sadness or anxiety shows in the form of a lot of physical tension, I would really recommend getting a little stress ball to carry around with you and you can crush or scratch at. I know it helps me.

3) Similarly, I reccomend carrying around a small little token that reminds you of someone you love and makes you feel safe or happy. Whenever you feel anxious or sad, take that out and just hold it or play with it. I have a worry stone my girlfriend gave me, and a necklace from her as well that I hold when I feel anxious or alone. 

4) Something my girlfriend does is carry around a bag of chocolate chips everyday. She takes this out whenever one of the two of us, or even someone else, is sad, because chocolate releases endorphins which makes you happier. I don’t know how much it helped, but we always kept an emergency stash of chocolate. 

5) Self harm is never a good option, but if you feel like you want to cut yourself or something of that nature, an better alternative is to scratch at your arm with your nails, or dig your nails into your arm. This wont have any lasting damage, and is definitely safer, but still may help? Still, wouldn’t really reccomend. Better still, draw lines on your skin where you want to cut with a pen or eyeliner pencil. 

6) Make two playlists- one with calming music for when you feel anxious, and another with feel-good music for when you feel depressed. Whenever you need to, and whenever you can, step away and put in earbuds and listen to the music. Focus on the words and the beat, and the music, nothing else. Stay like this until you feel a bit better

7) Look up one of those breathing excersises online, the ones where you watch the shapes fold and unfold and breathe in time with them. Breathing is important, especially during an anxiety attack.

8) If theres a traceable reason for feeling anxious or depressed in that moment, write it out. Sometimes it helps to sort out your thoughts. Id reccomend texting someone what you feel and asking them to help you analyze whats going on. 

9) Look up pictures of kittens or other baby animals. Focus on how adorable they are, and dont think about what is wrong. Theres good in the world, like these little animals

10) Try to think things through logically. What is making anxious? Then determine what the most likely outcome of the scenario is; not the worst case scenario. Most times things don’t happen exactly how we imagine in our heads, so the worst case scenario you are imagining, will more than likely not happen

11) If you havent already, get help. Talk to an adult or a professional or someone who has dealt with this before. Don’t underestimate getting professional help, they are specialists for a reason

12) You are not alone. No matter what your depression or anxiety is telling you, you are beautiful and talented and smart and perfect and unique, and there will always, always be someone out there that loves you more than the world itself. 

I hope this helped even a little bit. Other people- Please add on with your own tips!!

I love you, I love you all, if you ever need anything, feel free to message me

Insecure - Alex

Request: Can you do an Alex x reader where the reader gets jealous and gives him the silent treatment but then she feels bad and they make up

I have a severe problem, I am completely unable to follow a request. I was going to write this super angsty but I swear every line in comedic relief. If you don’t like this just send in the request again and I’ll redo it.

Song rec: Issues by Julia Michaels

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 Insecure - Alex

You sat on the floor in the back of the library in the section with the most shelves. In truth, you knew running from your problems wouldn’t fix anything, but you also knew you wouldn’t have to face them if you hid. If you had the chance you would’ve ran but since Alex was your ride to school and he was the reason you were cowering in the library, you didn’t have much of a choice. But at least the rumors couldn’t reach you there. Everyone had heard the rumors that he hooked up with Jess at a party, and as much as you wanted to believe they weren’t true, you knew for a fact that he was at a party with her last weekend, and she was his first love. You never told him, but you were always afraid that he would realize he still loved her and go running back to her. You were always afraid he’d realize you weren’t enough for him.

When you heard your phone ring the all too familiar song you took a deep breath and declined it, something you never did. Every time the two of you had fought in the past you would talk it through calmly, but this time it was different. Not knowing the truth was almost easier than knowing if he cheated on you. You were hoping if you stayed in the library you’d just never have to face him. Hoping it would block out the repeated ringing of your phone you dropped your head into your hands. After ignoring at least five calls you sighed and answered it.

“What do you want?” You asked trying to remove all emotion from your voice but by the way your voice broke you knew it didn’t work.

“To talk to my girlfriend, if you’ll still let me call you that. Can you please tell me where you are?” He asked you in that stupid soft tone he always used when he was worried. You argued with yourself in your head, debating if it was worth it. On one hand, you could just ignore him forever, drop off the face of the earth and live in bliss. On the other hand, you could confront your problems like an actual human being.

“I’m in the library.” You admitted with a sigh.

“That’s the first place I checked.” He told you confused.

“I may or may not be sitting on the floor in the non-fiction section.” You admitted sheepishly feeling like a child who got caught.

“Even when you’re mad you’re adorable. I’ll be there in a second Y/N.” He said chuckling. Even though part of you was still afraid you smiled and said a soft goodbye before hanging up.

After a few minutes, you heard someone walking towards the shelves and you wondered if it was too late to hide again. You practically held your breath as he walked towards you with a soft smile and sat next to you on the ground.

“Can you just tell me whatever the truth is so I can just get this over with?” You blurted out looking straight ahead rather than at him.

“Y/N I would never cheat on you. I love you and you are the only person I want. People are going to talk but I want you to know that I would never do anything to hurt you.” He told you using that same soft voice making you turn towards him and pull him in for a hug, burying your head in his shoulder.

“I love you too Alex.”

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"Don't wanna fight" by Amber Run gives me crazy cas thoughts, and "Heaven" by the same artist gives me MAD destiel vibes

When the ticking of clocks is more like a drum
And you’re caught in a trap, can’t find your way home
But you’re not perfect, not perfect either
Letting blind anger hold you, grip like a fever

caaaaaas baby why

And I’ve been chasing angels all my life.
And now that heaven is on fire
And the world’s technicolor
Oh, I’ll be chasing angels all my life.

bro is this band literally just watching supernatural and writing songs bcus it sure feels that way