just give in to your feelings

The moment you realize boxman (villians night out) embarassed himself, and acted the way he did at the party. Just to piss everyone off, and basically give all the villians a “big fuck you”

He knows all the villians don’t like him, and he just wants to piss them the fuck off.

During the dinner with Boxman in (We’re captured) he acted extremely mature and respect to his client. But he isn’t trying to impress anybody in (villians night out) he actually wants to crash the party.

only opinion he cares about is Venomous’s opinion, he even during the show called venomous his “best friend”

which is in a way honestly  character development for boxman, to call somebody his best friend  (or boxman could of been in the party crashing mood and jokingly called venomous his best friend, but thats probably unlikely)

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I need your help guys! I need something to fuck me up, like it can be smut or bloody stuff or angst I dont care, I just need something that will wreck me and my soul. I want to reed something and then feel myself empty or dead inside. Vkook or Jikook or Yoonmin Please. (I just want to see the world burn)

wow ok lol


Calla Lilies by merelypretty [E, 40k]

Promises to Keep (and Miles to Go Before We Sleep) by TrappingLightningBugs  [E, 32k]

little do you know by aeterisks [E, 19k]

(thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo [T, 35k]

Empty Spaces (Don’t Talk About It) by officialmaknae [E, 32k]

This Is Heaven, Give It To Me by seikou [E, 53k]

trust your heart if the seas catch fire by maxx [M, 131k]

Butterfly {vkook} by mypinkdimension [T, 40k]

Shifting On My Feet by MarionetteFtHJM [E, 131k]

House of Cards by sugamins (orphan_account) [E, 394k]

Hiraeth by haruguk [M, 100k]

(+) I have to add this:

Take Me Home (Take It Slow) by buttstrife (orphan_account) [E, 76k]


Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile for Me by Ragi [M, 144k]

Like Fire, Like Stone by PinkBTS [M, 108k]

Prey on Me by PinkBTS [M, 12k]


what it takes to make him sleep by abucketofchicken [M, 104k]

함께 라면 웃을 수 있다 by giuliawords, nenecle [M, 104k]

Brotherhood by sugamins [M, 274k]

GAME OVER by mintsoda [M, 210k]

looking for redemption by Iyrs [E, 167k]

Blood Work by nunastro, SaltyAuntSuga [E, 103k]

Burning Memories by Novasweet (orphan_account) [T, 196k]

Passengers by unclassified_senpai [M, 151k]

You’re All I See by SugaTheTurtle [M, 72k]

Ghostly by Fiathe [M, 42k]

- N

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Soulmate au where you can only kiss your soulmate with Hanzo pls ❤

Originally posted by sanshodelaine

- You’d always known you could only ever kiss your soulmate, but that didn’t make it less awkward when you couldn’t kiss someone you had a crush on or were on a date with

- You’d just feel this force pulling you away from them, like your soulmate was pulling you close to them, away from this other person

- You were 25 and still hadn’t kissed anyone and you were close to giving up and living by yourself with a million cats when you met Hanzo Shimada

- You met him in a dinner on Route 66. You were just trying to have a nice meal when a bunch of people entered the dinner. 

- You recognized one of them from the Overwatch posters; her name was Tracey? Tracer! 

- You guessed the others were also members of Overwatch based on the gear and weapons they carried.

- They ended up a few booths away from you and you decided to mind your own business; you were sure they got nosy people asking them annoying questions all the time. 

- Someone tapped you on the shoulder; when you looked up, it was the archer from the group. 

- “Would you mind if I sat here? My teammates are a bit rowdy for my taste.” he said in a gruff voice. 

- You just nodded; the two of you talked a bit and it was surprisingly enjoyable. His name was Hanzo Shimada and he was relatively interesting

- When you were going to leave, he gently grabbed your hand and hesitated for a moment. 

- “Forgive me if I’m wrong, but…I can’t help but try.” 

- He stood up, grabbed the back of your neck, and kissed you. 

- There was no push, no pull trying to drag you away from him, just chapped lips and a firm grasp on your hand. 

- After he pulled away, you two heard cheering from his team mates. 

- “Finally! Maybe now he’ll loosen up!” |Tracer said, grinning from ear to ear. 

- You just hid your face in Hanzo’s shoulder, not noticing his smile. 

- He’d finally found you. 


Hey Anon, it be done! Thanks for waiting, oof this took a while. I absolutely adore Hanzo tbh. This soulmate AU was a new one for me but daaaamn i love it!!

- Mod Art

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Don't you think that Unstable "setting a new precedent" in tone and execution is a pretty big disappointment for those who rallied in support of it for years? I'm liking the set just fine, but I think it was a huge misstep to not give vanilla/black bordered cards trinket text at the least: This doesn't feel at all like an un-set to me--just a new way to play the game (contraptions).

Cards that have been revealed so far:

- Card you toss
- Card making you throw dice on the table
- Card that cares if it’s dark outside
- Card you sneak into play
- Cards that make you involve people not playing in your game
- Card that turns half the game into a Two-Headed Giant
- Card that lets you name keyword abilities from throughout history of Magic
- Card that moves a creature to another game
- Card that changes between two different cards in any zone
- Card that changes numbers on cards
- Card that destroys players
- Card with a subgame
- Card that staples creatures together
- Card that copies whole text boxes
- Cards that care about watermarks
- Card that stops state-based actions
- Card that cares about capital letters
- Card where you play Hangman
- Card that lets creatures in graveyards attack or block
- Card that lets you open a booster pack and bring cards from it into the game
- Card that attacks during another player’s combat
- Card that mechanically cares about flavor text
- Card that cares about what’s in the art

Not to mention a major mechanic that uses a separate deck and another one that overwrites text by covering it up.

How in the world is this not a wacky expansion?

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Fia: I simply cannot understand, if you have survived church abuse, why do you still follow the religion that allowed that church to thive? How can you read a book that describes an egotistical, misogynistic, xenophobic god and not throw up? How can you still refer to and praise your abuser? Paty PS. I'm not hiding on the Internet- it's just that I don't have a tumblr account.

Okay wow, I don’t even know where to begin with this.

I’ve spent all day feeling by turns queasy and infuriated about this. I don’t really feel up to giving a long theological answer, tbh, but more importantly I’m not obligated to do so.

Pro tip: no one owes you an explanation for their identity. I do not have to justify any part of my identity to you, a stranger on the internet. I do not have to explain any part of my abuse to you. I certainly don’t have to relive it just because you have questions.

And you don’t get to tell anyone else what their religion means. I don’t know if you’re also a survivor of religious abuse, or if you’re speaking from outside that experience, but either way, you do not have the right to tell a survivor how they should deal with their experience. And you do not get to demand that a survivor justify their coping methods to you.

My sister and I both escaped an abusive religion. I did so by finding hope and healing in a religious life that prioritizes justice. My sister did so by rejecting religion and finding hope and healing in a humanist belief in the ability of people to work together for justice.

Both of those decisions are perfectly valid. There are countless other paths to recovery that would also be valid. Every person responds to abuse in their own way, and recovers in their own way. You don’t get to decide what that way should be. And you don’t get to demand that survivors justify themselves to you.

God is not and never was my abuser. People were my abusers. People who told me that I was worthless, inherently sinful, and meant only to obey. People who demanded that I justify my every thought and every action to them, and that I fit within their rigid standards at all times.

If your response to an abuse survivor is to demand they justify themselves and their abuse and fit within a rigid image of what a survivor should be and how they should behave…perhaps you ought to think about that.

In this AU, Cup and Mug live in the city of New York, with some lil imagination from yours truly. They live in a small apartment with Elder Kettle and really don’t have much funds. Elder Kettle owns a dish store that’s connected to their apartment and the boys help out when needed. They have real names, but due to bullies calling them “Cuphead” and “Mugman” a lot, it just kinda sticks around the city. So everyone calls them by this.

The boys make little sonas of themselves which happen to be LilCup and LilMug.

I wanted to really give the feeling of a cozy little apartment room, showing their personality through decor and such. This was a challenge for myself since I don’t consider myself savvy with backgrounds, but this au is making me push my limits and try something new! They also have a little Kitty named Sasha :’3

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 ‘Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up But you gotta search within you And gotta find that inner strength And just pull that shit out of you And get that motivation to not give up And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face, and collapse’ - Eminem 


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Love spell? Kinda trying to push mine and a guys relationship along...

💘 Basic Love Spell 💘

DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way implying that it’s okay to force someone to love you. This spell can be used generally or give a needed push in the right direction with a specific person, but this isn’t going to force someone to love you against their will.

Supplies Needed: 

  • pink or red candle
  • cinnamon
  • rose petals
  • vanilla essential oil
  • rose quartz (put near candle)
  • rosemary

by all means, use whichever ingredients you feel are necessary. i just listed the easiest ones to find that are love-related.


I. First, you’re going to take the candle and inscribe your name on it. If you wish for it to attract a specific person, then you can inscribe their name on the opposite side of the candle.

II. Hold the candle in your hands and push loving and happy energy into it. Imagine yourself hugging them and kissing them. Pour your intention into the candle through your hands.

III. Anoint your candle with whatever ingredients above you felt were necessary to use.

IV. Light your candle and allow it to burn down all the way.

Hope this is helpful!~ Let me know if you guys try it & have any feedback.

~ Eris


Gif source:  ((Unknown))

Imagine John Winchester helping you with things, such as brushing your hair, after your arm gets broken on a hunt.

——— Request for anon ———

“Give it here,” John sighs as he walks past the motel bathroom only to see you struggling with your hairbrush with the bulky cast along your arm obstructing your movement. You give him the brush and he situates himself to stand behind you, his eyes easily going over your head to meet your own in the mirror when he chuckles, “Now, I had boys, so I may not do this right.”

That makes you chuckle, rolling your eyes, “Just be gentle, please.” He nods before looking down to the task at hand, a familiar concentration overcoming him as he runs the brush through your hair cautiously, working out knots when he came to them. The hairs on the back of your neck stood up at the feeling of John brushing your hair— something that was irregular at best for him to do, though upon the injury of your dominant arm, he had been much more helpful than usual. Quietly, you hum, “Thanks,” watching as his lips quirk upwards in the mirror, his eyes glancing quickly to meet yours, “doing this with a cast was harder than I thought it would be.”

“If you need help, you just have to ask.”

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i'm going on anon bc im too shy to go off lOL but i love ur blog sm and u seem like such a sweet & kind person, thank u for all the positive vibes u give out<3 lots of luv

@brindeltonbay : Hey I just found your blog and I’m in love <3 I hope you’re having a good day today and I love your edits <3

@paechysims : Hi, i just wanted to say that you were one of the simblr’s that inspired me to start one of my own <33 i hope youre having a good day !

!!!! oh my gosh im feeling so much love from all of yall askjdhf :+( !! this seriously made my day 100x better esp after staying up in finishing my 2 papers haha kms im legit smiling sm in my lecture rn so here’s a half ass gif i made yall askjdfh thank you so much i seriously i have the best followers :’+) i hope everyone has a great day / night

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"Do you…well I…I could give you a massage?" Javid.

Okay so this is canon-era but also it isn’t entirely historically accurate so just suspend your disbelief, pls and thank.

Davey watched as Jack tried to bend his arm in a strange way to rub at the back of his shoulders, clearly feeling the strain of carrying around a hundred newspapers every day. Selling was done, at least until the next morning, but the repercussions of being able to sell so many papers was the ache it left behind in Jack’s bones.

“Do you want me to give you a massage?” Davey asked without thinking.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth he was flooded with the overwhelming concept of having his hands on Jack’s body for a prolonged period of time, and he wasn’t sure that this was the time or the place. They’d been going together, still shy flirting and tentative kissing, for less than a month and Davey still felt lightheaded when his knuckles so much as grazed Jack’s arm.

“A what?” Jack asked, confused. He dropped his hand from his shoulder and turned to Davey, his face illuminated by the brightness of the moon.

“A massage,” Davey repeated, trying not to stammer. He didn’t know how to describe it in a way that wasn’t just you let me touch you and we both have to pretend that it’s for purely therapeutic purposes. “It’s… Your muscles are sore, yes?”

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EXO as Royals

i love this shit alright


Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

  • eldest son in his family
  • so he is the next heir to the throne
  • rather quiet prince
  • but his people love him anyways
  • he respects everyone
  • hopes to be a good king one day and works hard for it
  • bff with Prince Chen
  • they visit each other often


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

  • not the oldest son
  • still is already considered King by everyone
  • his older brother lets Suho go ahead bc he is not to fond of being king
  • his parents give him the possibilities to decide about small issues
  • some people especially request for him
  • when the princes meet up he is the unofficial leader
  • and he is expected to make the final decisions
  • which he usually does


Originally posted by daenso

  • is an only child
  • and dislikes this fact a lot
  • which is why he is always out of the castle to meet the people
  • and also his favorite prince-friends
  • knows most of the townsfolk by their names
  • “Hey George, hows your wife? Is she still feeling ill?”
  • George is just like “omg prince lay you are way to kind take my first born”
  • will be best king ™


Originally posted by byunparks

  • has an older brother
  • he is veryyyy happy about that fact
  • that way he has more free time
  • which he can spend singing and meeting his best friends
  • aka beagle line
  • keeps up a good image for his kingdom tho
  • represents his brother when he is incapacitated


Originally posted by overnightprincess

  • also has an older brother
  • but they work together most of the time
  • and they have fun while doing that
  • their parents are so proud to see them together
  • meets up with Xiumin as often as they can
  • sometimes Baek and Chanyeol come around just bc they feel like it
  • his smile is a national treasure and everyone wants to see it
  • EVERYONE!!!!!


Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

  • has an older sister
  • they are not sure who will be the heir to the throne yet
  • if he was to decide his sister would take that position
  • he’d rather be of advisory function
  • and spend time with his friends without all these obligations 
  • he would be willing to take the position of a king tho

D.O. / Kyungsoo

Originally posted by lovinthesoo

  • has an older brother
  • smol prince who is loved by everyone
  • represents his kingdom perfectly to other kingdoms
  • is already training to take up the kings position one day
  • his brother is so close to giving the title of the heir 
  • because everyone knows how good of a king he will be one day
  • he knows how they all think of him
  • and it makes him nervous but he will do his best


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

  • he has two sisters ahead of him in the line for the throne
  • so he is really just chilling
  • and hanging out with D.O. and Sehun
  • sometimes he has to fulfill the prince role
  • but only on special occasions like festive diners with other royals
  • he doesn’t need to behave according to the etiquette tho
  • everyone is just instantly charmed by his beautiful looks
  • and he knows it like he knows how to behave 


Originally posted by worship-exo

  • also has an older brother
  • and is glad about that
  • he’d rather not be King in the near future
  • is a rather laid back prince who goes into town a lot
  • his favorite thing to do is exploring new shops in town
  • and visiting old ones
  • and meeting Kai
  • he just likes to have fun which makes him likeable


yeah exo is just royals for me okay

don’t fight me on this 

[[feel free to request something]]

sketchymysteryparty  asked:

Just wanted to say that I'm concerned about the "player outside the game" cards. They give a pretty big advantage to people with friends playing at the same LGS, and I feel could lead people who are newer or quieter at a store and don't have friends there to both avoid drafting those cards and feel alienated when they're used against them.

Experience with these cards has shown me that the people most likely to mess with you are your friends.

Thank you so much for the messages everyone, like seriously. It makes me feel so incredibly happy I have such supportive and kind people that follow me and can offer advice. I’m sorry I can’t respond to everyone, but it’s just because it was such a huge influx of love and support and I could spend days responding and thanking you all for your help.

I’m frustrated simply because my mom refuses to give up on her idea that I’ll become a doctor or lawyer or CEO. In the end, it’s her personal insecurities and lost dreams she’s trying to push onto me. She’s been depressed and unhappy for years and all of her depression has fallen on to me when she decides to manipulate me and lash out and tries to kill my dreams. I’m not who she wanted as a daughter, and she regrets it. She’s been abusive to me all my life, emotionally and physically, and I’m now at the cusp of 25 knowing what I want to do with my life and she refuses to accept it because it’s not something she can brag to her friends about.

But I don’t care.

I can see the future I can have, where I get to live with people I care about and we all contribute to making a difference. Where we all love and support each other for who we are and what we love. I’m not letting ANYONE take that away from me.

I have so many plans for the future and I know they’ll work out because I’ve worked so hard to build them up. It’s basically after taxidermy school and acquiring my license that I’ll be certified to do what I already love.

After I graduate I’m going to be doing a lot of prep-work for building up my shop. I’m re-branding under a new name and will have almost 2 and a half years worth of stock to start filling it with. There will be more consistent giveaways, streams, guides, and really anything I can do to give back to the community. And I’ll finally be moving out of my apartment into a home where I can continue to do consistent processing and build up a true business.

I’ve had an awful and stressful year with the only silver lining being my future plans and my friends, and the last thing I plan to do is give up on my own happiness to make someone who doesn’t love me for who I am happy.

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Hi! I've been following TINF since that old version on DeviantArt lol and I just wanted to say it's so amazing how far you've come <333 I'm an artist as well and you've been a great inspiration through the years!! Keep it up!!!!

😱 ANON! THAT’S LITERALLY 10 YEARS!!! That’s…….. incredible TT____TT))) I feel like both my art and my story progress at a snails pace..  thank you so much for supporting me this long, you’re amazing!!!! I appreciate it 😭💕 best wishes with your art!!! Never give up 💪💪💪

THIS GIRL just finished 180 internship hours for her first nursing education practicum today!!!

i honestly can’t believe how this autumn semester has literally flown by. balancing work, class, internship hours, family and friends, training for my first half marathon and wedding planning has been a lesson in perseverance, and in life in general. if you want something, you chase it. if the work is hard, try your hardest. if you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, take a deep breath, make yourself a cup of coffee and remember just what it is you’re working towards. if you want to give up, remind yourself that you have been granted an opportunity that others have not. respect the process. appreciate your progress. and most importantly, believe in yourself.


Name: I know you better.
Pairing: Crowley x reader
Summary: the reader is feeling sad and lonely, and Crowley comes to her before she even knows she needs him.
Dedication: to the anon that asked for more Crowley. Is that good? Do you want something else, love?

You are sitting on your bed, trying to figure out what is off. You know something is, but you have no idea what - just the empty feeling in your chest, as if something huge was torn out.

“Now, aren’t we needy?” Crowley appears on the bed next to you, giving you a soft smile. “Seeing you so lost truly disturbs me,” you shrug your shoulders.

“I am not lost…”

“Really?” he raises an eyebrow, as if you said something stupid. “Is that why you are holding on to yourself so tightly?” you notice that you hold your own shoulders, as if you are about to run away from yourself.


“Sh,” he shakes his head and opens his arms. “Come here.”

“Really?” you repeat the eyebrow gesture, and he lets a short chuckle out.

“I do not just hug people, Y/N,” before he changes his mind, you leap forward, hiding your face on his shoulder. Crowley grins and hugs you, pulling you close, so you can feel the pressure constrain your every muscle, as if he is hiding you from all the pains in the world - safe and protected. For some reason, it relieves your soul - you take a deep breath, and the air smells like Crowley’s cologne - a little bitter, a little sweet. He breathes in and presses his lips against your temple. “That’s my girl,” you smile, as he raises one hand and slowly strokes your head, calming down every neuron, even nervousness and anxiety you have. It is like floating in the ocean, but knowing there are no sharks or monsters beneath. Not as long as you are held by those strong hands. “Better?”

“Yes,” you whisper and turn your head to press your forehead against his neck. He forgot to shave, but that calms you down even more - the short bristle tickles your skin, grounding your emotions further. “How did you know?”


“how did you know that is what I needed? Even I didn’t.”

“I know you better, love,” Crowley smiles and leans back. “I know what you need, and I will always give it to you.”

“What if I need a demon heart?”

“You will have it,” he answers seriously. “Don’t even question it.”

“You are amazing, you know that?” you wrap your hands around his shoulders and quickly press your lips against his jawline. Crowley does not answer, but you can hear his heartbeat - slow, balanced, the most stable thing in your life.

anonymous asked:

Hi hushy! Do you feel comfortable giving general coming out advice? Wanted to check before I suddenly asked you something lol

I’ll give you the same analogy i give to everyone who asks this question:

coming out is like jumping into cold water;
if you try to do it little by little you’ll suffer every step of the way, but if you just say “fuck it” and cannonball in, you’ll be shockingly uncomfortable for a moment or two before your body adjusts to the temperature and you’re swimming around comfortably.

basically, if you think it’s safe to come out in your circumstances, just do it. rip that band aid off. commit and follow through. you’ll thank yourself for doing so.

There are a lot of content creators feeling screwed over by the best first feature. I just want u all to know that this is not a reflection of your talent. You’re all still creating amazing content and I’m so proud of you and I’m so sorry Tumblr is making the process so difficult for you. To fellow creators, and their trusted fans, please express love for your favs in this difficult time. Likes, comments, reviews, reblogs- they’re more important now than ever before. I don’t want to see anyone give up because of a shitty Tumblr feature.

grumbledork  asked:

u got a kofi? Maybe your followers can chip in as a present from us to you!

i don’t, for some reason (i honestly don’t know why) i’m just not very comfortable with the idea of accepting donations. without being able to give anything in return (i’d like to be able to do commissions some day, but i have no idea if that’ll ever happen) it just wouldn’t feel right. plus there are so many people in worse situations who could use the money much more than i. i appreciate the sentiment though!