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Petname Babygirl II pt.2

yoongi x reader

genre: smut, punishments, dom!yoongi, sugardaddy!yoongi, boss!yoongi

warning: dirty talk, choking, hitting

word count: 7.8k

You discussed the rules of your agreement before turning overtime into sexual favours in behalf of the man who pays you for your body.

You tried to rush to the exit without Yoongi noticing you were gone. His acquaintances said their goodbyes – so did you – before you made your way home.

The conversation inside the storeroom was present the last two hours you had to spent at your company dinner. Maybe the sex with Yoongi clouded your rightful judgement but you definitely said ‘yes’ as he asked you to become the man who pays you for sexual favours.

You held your hair, thinking about it while running away from the hotel. On the street you waved a cab to you, climbing on the back seat and telling the driver your address. Only then exhaustion creped into your bones, thoughts of your recent dialogue filling your head.

“Hear me out, baby girl.”

You did not move, waiting for him to say what he wanted to say. His eyes never left your face as the words left his pink lips.

“As I just said, I want to offer you something. Just listen till the end before you start speaking”, he said, stepping closer to you. “I’m a busy man, the chairman of our company. You can guess that I don’t have time for an actual love life. Even the sex is cut short since a few months. After sleeping with you I thought about giving you a chance for a different kind of relationship but you were gone as I came back that morning.”

You watched him in concentration, your gaze following every word that left his lips.

“Since you are here now, I want to ask you if you want to do what just happened more frequently. On my calling. Me saying when and where, how often, with my rules. Of course I would give you everything you want, except for romantic feelings.”

Confused you tilted your head. Was he implying what you thought he would?

“Do you mean something like prostitution? Sorry, but I’m not into it”, you said wide eyed, separating your bodies as far as the small room allowed. Yoongi just sighed.

“Listen, the sex is fucking satisfying with you. And even if you deny it now, it is obvious that you feel the same. You devour me with your eyes even now! And you could end the agreement any moment.”

He was right, you found him undoubtedly hot, exciting. Yes, even now you felt your juices dripping down your inner legs. But was sex worth selling your body? Selling your pride? Or were you just afraid of getting hurt? Doesn’t this reciprocity meant just sex? And if it was that with Yoongi you were sure that the intercourse would be amazing every time.

“And I guarantee you, it won’t affect your job. You do excellent work, so it would be just a personal matter between the two of us. You just have to stay ready for me, baby girl.”

Why was he so charming as his brown, almond eyes pierced your own. Sure, it was more than tempting to sleep with Yoongi, but for free.

“I give you time to think about my offer, just don’t wait too long”, he made his way towards you, gripping the key that closed the door to turn it around. Before he could do so you reached for his arm. Your cheeks were bright red as you tried to hold his gaze, his brows pulled up.

“We have to decide the rules together. I’m down for nearly everything but I want to be sure.”

He backed away from the closed door, crossing his arms in front of his chest. A victoriously gummy smile pulling his lips up. You inhaled loudly, realising what you just said.

“So, you’re down to do it?”, you heard his voice suppressing a feeling of relief.

You hesitated but nodded at him. “I’m down.”

“It will be for the best if we discuss the conditions monday morning in my office. I hope you don’t change your mind in your free time tomorrow”, Yoongi’s eyes sparkled, reaching for the key a second time. “Wait for me after dinner, I will drive you home.”

With that he adjusted his tie back at its place before opening the door and walking towards the workers exit.

“You are unbelievable, y/n!”, you groaned after sorting out the conversation about him being your sugar daddy. The driver watched your action through the driving mirror but did not say a word. In no time you arrived at the front door of your new small apartment. You dragged yourself up the stairs, opening your door while tossing your shoes aside. You decided to take a hot shower to relax your tired bones but even that did not help to distract you from the nagging thoughts of Yoongi’s words. Only the shelter of your sleep let you finally slack off until your boss appeared in your dreams.

To distract you further you decided to spent the sunday at you parents’ house, baking cake with your mom while your dad worked his way through their garden. It was a lazy day, talking with your parents and spending time with them without thinking about him and your future as his sex slave.

The next morning was the complete opposite. You woke up earlier than necessary, taking a long shower and spending some time in your kitchen sipping on your hot tea.

  Ana: Hey, do you mind working overtime the next days? I need you help, pleeease

  you: Sure, you owe me one ;)

That meant you had to work longer and think less, you thought grinning to yourself.

The office was far more hectic than the last week as you entered the 18th floor to get the files you would work on from Mrs. Rita. On your way to her bureau you could see that something was up wondering what was the case this early.

“Mrs. Rita, good morning. Did something happen? It’s like hell in here”, you asked as you saw the older lady running around giving instructions to the other employees.

She looked at you with a drained expression. “Mr. Min is back. We expected him to come back tomorrow and right now nothing is ready. Neither the work is done nor did we clean up this weekend.”

“Oh okay, but do you mind giving me the rest of the files from last week?”, you asked nicely not to overstretch her nerves.

Kind of confused she looked at you: “Mr. Kim already collected them a few minutes ago, Miss y/l/n. He said that Mr. Min wanted to go through them with Miss Jung and you.”

Your heart stopped for a moment. That was definitely not the morning of your dreams.

“Thank you”, was all you said while walking slowly to the elevator. You were just so nervous meeting him again. There was no reason to avoid him as you already told him yes, but the uneasy feeling did not leave you.

A ‘ding’ signalled you to step out of the metal booth, heading straight for your desk. To your surprise Ana was earlier than you, Mr. Kim right next to her a chunk of files in his large hands.

“Good morning, Miss y/l/n. Your task will be to work on today’s cases with Miss Jung and Mr. Min, so please do me the favour and follow me”, the tall guy told you giving you your share of work.

You did not say anything while entering the elevator you just exited to go up two floors above to your boss’ office.

“I’m so nervous around Mr. Min, y/n. He gives me goosebumps, I don’t get it”, your co-worker whispered in your ear so the assistant would not overhear her phrases.

If she knew how nervous he made you, you thought. “Just relax, at the dinner he was..very friendly towards us.”

Mr. Kim knocked on the alabaster glass door of Mr. Min’s office before entering it. The man with the grey hair sat on the chair behind his big wooden desk, black framed spectacles on his nose. One of the clients cases you worked on last week in his hands he looked up. As if nothing happened between the two of you he stood up to gesture Ana and you to sit down on the chairs in front of his desk.

“Good morning, Miss Jung, Miss y/l/n. Mr. Kim might already told you but today I want to point out the mistakes as well as the good points in your latest works. Normally I don’t have time for this but it makes my work a lot easier if the preparatory work is done precisely”, Yoongi said, giving both of you your edited files back. With a red marker several lines were underlined, a handwriting that was not yours filling the edges of the papers. While Mr. Kim always complimented your work, and even Yoongi did, you were disappointed with yourself. He was the boss, so it was normal that he found more mistakes in your works but so many? And some were obvious even for you.

“Don’t worry Mr. Kim’s preparatory work looks the same”, Mr. Min tried to sooth  Ana and you while holding up a pen and leaning forward to show Ana her gravest faults. They discussed some issues he found most important and you could see how heat shot up the cheeks of the pretty woman next to you. Attentive you listened how he explained what she had to pay attention to, to decrease his work afterwards.

“No, it’s more important if you look for flaws in the reports, don’t concentrate on the good points. Nobody wants to hear them anyway”, he said, tipping his pen on a red line on the papers.

Sighing Ana nodded, seeing how wrong she did her recent work.

“Everything’s fine. This is why you are here today, so don’t worry and take a new map. Prepare it while I explain the next steps to Miss y/l/n”, your boss shot her an encouraging smile, the same he gave you as you gagged on his dick on saturday. A shiver ran down your spine as you remembered this scene.

While he handed Ana a report you watched his expressions. But they never changed as his eyes wandered to your face. Unlike you. The rose hue of your cheeks deepened while you looked down on your own work, waiting for him to start speaking.

“Miss y/l/n, for your first week your prepared documents are nicely done”, he began, giving you a slight smile. “You should pay more attention to solutions though. Write them on an extra paper, I will consider advices from my employees and I’m keen to see how you would evaluate some cases.”

Your head shot up, looking at him with a confused expression. “That’s it?”

Yoongi pulled his eyebrows up, tilting his head to the side while glancing your way. “I’m content with your work, so yes, that is all. Or do you have any questions?”

With fast movements of your eyes you read the remarks on the edges. You had several questions and formulated them as to why he answered them carefully.

“But I really don’t understand why you underlined it, Mr. Min. Could it be counted a hidden solution? Whereof should I recognize it?”, you tried to get how you could be of help to him. You did not even understand what he just told you and the red pen that filled your work was more confusing than helpful to you.

Your boss sighed and stood up from his chair to come around to you. Ana shot you a glance, her wide eyes traced with shock that you spoke against your boss. You on the other side just wanted to detect the things he did, learning how to do a better job.

Yoongi leaned forward, his chest close to your back. You could feel his fresh, hot breath against the skin of you neck while his hand grabbed the pen that lay next to your hand on his desk.

“I wrote notes here..here and on here”, his voice was so close to your ear that you could not even follow his hand as he circled the notes he talked about. Yoongi was too near for you to concentrate. Your gaze was not on the papers in front of you but on the pink lips of your boss while his low voice filled the office. He looked so kissable right next to you. And his scent! It filled your nose while he leaned further into you, never looking you in your face that was just a few centimetres away.

Suddenly you felt his free hand, that was hidden from the sight of your co-worker, caressing your side. He stroked further down until his hand got to the fabric of your jeans where his fingers traced up and down. “I want to bend you over my desk and fuck that little pussy of yours, baby girl”, an unnoticeable, low whisper reached you as he pressed his lips shortly on your ear.

Your body stiffened, afraid of Ana listening in on him. But as you glanced at her you could see how she scrabbled over her work, brows furrowed in concentration.

“That wouldn’t be so nice, Mr. Min”, you said aloud tapping your one hand on the file while the other petted his on your knee. A low chuckle, only you noticed, fell from his lips.

“You know what isn’t nice? The fucking jeans you’re wearing”, another lewd comment as he slapped your thigh lightly. With one last touch of his fingers on your stomach, as he slowly pulled his hands away, Ana’s voice filled the room.

“Mr. Min, I think I’m done.”

He smiled at her, holding out his hand to grasped the file before sitting back down across from you two.

It was a common feeling that spread through your lower stomach. He made you crazy, the fact that he did it in front of Ana was just fuelling the heat in your core. Therefore you pressed your thighs together, the tingling feeling amplifying as you saw how Mr. Min’s hand disappeared under his desk, hidden away from you and Ana.

“I will look it over, Miss Jung. You are free to take a break. I will ask Mr. Kim to give it back to you tomorrow”, Yoongi said, motioning to the door.

Clearly relieved your co-worker made her way back to her own desk two floors underneath. But before she closed the door behind her, she shot you an encouraging smile, signalling you to relax.

“We need to discuss another matter, y/n”, the man in front of you reported, leaning his chin on his folded hands. “First of all, why the hell did you run away? I told you to wait.” His stare was calm but his voice showed how impatient he was with your actions.

“Ah, yeah.. that..”, you stuttered not knowing what to tell him. How nervous you were about all this? How it might affect your own feelings towards him?

“Wanna back out, y/n? That would not amuse me but if that’s your wish”, he sighed annoyed, leaning back against his chair. The tone of his voice suddenly much colder than before.

“No! No, I’m just not used to such situation. It would be my first time to deal with paid sex”, you mumbled, fidgeting with your hands in your lap.

It was not what he expected but a little grin appeared on his lips while he watched your stiff features in front of his eyes. “It will be my first, too.”

Wide eyes flew to his face, searching for the truth in his words. If that was true it made it easier for you to accept him as the man you had to give your body to.

“If it helps, you can declare your conditions first”, he said after a while of tension as you just looked at each other, unsure of beginning the theme. He gave you a blank piece of paper and his red pen so you could write down your own rules for the agreement. You felt sweaty as you rolled the pen in your hands, thinking what you would be able to give him and what were your limits. His dark, almond shaped eyes inspected your expression while you put your thoughts to paper, marking the white slip in dark red. The pen left several sentences before you tilted your head to the side, reading your precepts a second time. Content with propositions you put the pen back next to you, holding sheet of paper up to read it aloud.

“First of all, I’m not into having sex with you with some random people. Either the two of us, or nothing happens. You are refrained from having sex with other women without a condom. If I say stop, you have to stop, I don’t care how close you are at that moment. I also don’t want you make any allusions in front of my co-workers..”, you had not many conditions but one thing you absolutely despised. “Not the ass, Mr. Min. Choke me, hit me, bite me or call me degrading names, but the ass is forbidden territory!”

Yoongi’s dark brows were pulled up, listening to your demands. Luckily it contained only things he would say himself, except for ass play, but he would be able to speak you into it, he was sure.

“Cute rules, y/n. Now let’s listen to mine”, he laughed, crossing his legs. “Before we have sex without protection I want you to get tested, after work.”

“So do you”, you said confidently, interrupting his speech.

“No hard feelings, no cuddling afterwards. You will get my private phone number, so be ready every moment. Answer within ten minutes maximum and from tomorrow onwards you should wear easy removable clothes. Skirts, dresses whatever suits you, just don’t wear pants in the bureau”, his voice sounded kind of disgusted as he spoke from you wearing pants. “I like if woman do what I say, be submissive; y/n. Therefore I want you to obey my commands otherwise you will get punishments. We will test your limits if the time comes. I also don’t want to share what’s mine. That means that you are forbidden to fuck other guys, not even with condoms or whatever. On the contrary can you request everything you want from me. And what is possible to buy with money”, he made a short break in which his words slowly sunk into you. Up until now everything seemed just as you imagined. It was easier than you thought, listening to his rules and deciding if you were content with them.

“The last thing is, that coming to my apartment means absolute discretion. Nobody needs to know about my offer to you, understood? The details will crystallize themselves by time.”

After his announcement the office was filled with just your low breathing, thoughts running wild about what the other talked about. Then you moved by leaning forward giving him the sheet you wrote your own conditions on.

“I guess the fronts are clear now”, you said aloud, waking him up from his trance.

His grey hair bobbed up as he nodded, biting his pink bottom lip. “I like doing business with you, Miss y/l/n. You should hurry back to work if you don’t want to anger your boss.” His laugh reached his eyes and even if he was a shameless man if it came to his sexual desires, did he seem like a cute boy as he laughed, showing his gummy smile.

“Pleasure is mine, Mr. Min.”

You stood up to turn around but before you walked out his office, you shot him a suggestive smile. This was when your adventure began.

“God, Ana, what the hell have you done?”, your voice was laced in utter frustration as you overlooked Ana’s reports this thursday afternoon. “Didn’t we agree on you focusing on the needed points? You marked everything again.”

An apologizing smile played around the woman’s full lips, trying to sooth your overworked state. The last three days were a constant routine of late night sessions at work, short nights of sleep and the pestering feeling that Yoongi would call at an incongruous moment. To your surprise did he not contact you the last days. He had your number but did not even try to animate you for a quick fuck. Considering the fact that you had overtime every day thanks to Ana’s mistakes were you quite happy about that.

“It’s already five, how should we give the report to Mr. Min? We will never be able to finish it on time”, Ana said, her voice trembling. It would be her second file in two weeks that she would not be able to finish punctually.

“Don’t worry, if we work it out together we can do it”, you smiled tiredly at her, taking the file to your own desk and flying over her scribbled notes. It would be a long, long night, you thought as you saw all the wrong rudiments.

The watch ticked on the white wall above you. The last employees were already leaving, even Mr. Kim said his goodbyes minutes ago. You knew that Ana and you were the only people in the company at his point. Except for Min Yoongi.

“Y/n, let’s stop here. My eyes are burning and I developed a headache. Seriously it might take two more hours before we finish it”, Ana said hands in her blond hair. She looked exhausted. You were not the only one who had long nights. As it was mostly her fault she had to stay, too, sometimes even longer than you helped her. Therefore you felt sorry for her, even if you were just as tired, you made a suggestion.

“Go home, I can do it alone. If you promise me to sleep tight and come back fresh tomorrow”, your voice was loud as you stood up, stretching yourself.

“But, y/n..”, she just said, standing up as well before hugging you shortly. “Thank you. If you need anything you have to tell me!” Her response came quick, you thought, at least try to act as if you don’t want to leave.

Nodding you pushed her towards the elevator. “Now hurry up, I have to work.”

“I owe you one, again”, Ana smiled apologizing, waving you while being able to go home.

You fell back into your chair, surveying the last remaining pages of her miserably prepared file. Oh, it will take you several hours, you thought looking at the watch. Ten already? Goodbye sleep.

“You’re still at work, busy as a bee, huh?”, a low, familiar voice resonated through your empty floor.

“I’m not down for joking around. It’s past midnight and I want to go home”, you said annoyed, scribbling another phrase on the edge of the paper.

Instead of going away Yoongi walked to you, leaning over your shoulder to see what you were doing at this time of day. Fast you hid Ana’s name with some pages you already prepared. He noticed your stiffening shoulders at his presence, grabbing them before he slowly pressed his thumbs into your aching neck. A loud moan fell from your lips at his touch.

“Don’t distract me, please. I need to finish this”, you said squirming yourself out of his soft hands. His grip only got stronger, massaging your delicate skin that was hidden behind the fabric of your white blouse.

“I had the plan to call you tonight, baby girl. You know you aren’t allowed to refuse my requests”, his low voice got closer to your ear until his soft, warm lips kissed the sensitive spot on your neck. His strong hands stroked your hair to the side to get better access to your skin.

“I don’t have time for that, Mr. Min”, you tried to repress the feeling of falling into is touches. Instead of answering you, he turned the chair around, glaring into your eyes.

“You know how I tried to be nice to you? I even kissed your neck to stimulate you. But your refusal annoys me, baby girl”, his calm voice changed into a lustful, demanding one. “And the last time you even had the nerve to run away from me.” An unamused laugh filled the floor. “Now be a good little girl and suck me off.”

Perplexed you gulped. If you had known how fast he switched from a quite delicate man – he never really was like that – to the demon he resembled, you would have never tried to refuse his attempts. Therefore you stood up, straightening your tight grey skirt before you got on your knees in front of him.

“I take the lead today, so don’t even think about doing something I don’t demand from you”, he growled, unbuttoning his suit pants, pulling them down and grabbing your hair into his solid fist. “Unfortunately I won’t be gentle today, baby girl.”

Just then you looked up to see his hot dick above you. Your mouth watered at this sight, hoping he would make the sex session pleasurable for you as well. With warm fingers you traced over the vein of his cock to his red tip. Then you leaned forward giving his delicate skin wet kisses, beginning at the shadow of his trimmed hair, nibbling with your teeth, to his shaft where you made a mix of wet kisses and licks that reached his top in slow motion. At the contact Yoongi began to hum. As you did not want to have trouble you started to press your hot tongue onto his glans, making eye contact with the man who hovered over you. His view locked into yours as a cold expression was drawn on his attractive features. You never lost connection to his dark, lustful oculars while opening your mouth as far as you could, taking his dick in. Slowly you deepened your motion until his cock was coated in your saliva fully.

“I like it if you’re submissive”, Yoongi said, patting your cheek a little too strong, “Put your hands between your thighs and suck on my dick, baby girl.”

You obeyed immediately, putting your sweaty hands between your clothed thighs. Whereas you bobbed your head, taking him in further with every move of your head. The fist in your hair increased its strong hold as he separated his legs a little wider, making sure his position was solid. From then on he started to move on his own, hips tardy pressing into your face at first before Yoongi sped up his pace, his dick hitting the back of your throat. Several gags escaped you while tears initiated to fall from your eyes, your nose touching his stomach over and over again. Just then you began to accustom to his length.

“I give you the advice to breathe through your nose”, you got the feeling that his advice was laced with scorn and hidden action because he shoved his pulsating dick violently into your open mouth, holding you in place through the grip in your hair. Merriment was shown on his face, bottom lip sucked between his teeth trying not to show his heavy breathing. “Do you like holding your breath, baby girl?”

Confused you tried not to pull your hands from the position between your thighs to signal him to stop joking around. But before you could do anything, he enclosed his big hand around your head, thrusting his full length into your mouth. Luckily he gave you the tip to inhale and exhale only through your nose. He repeated his actions a few times, grunting louder with every move of his hips.

“You do a good job, letting me fuck the pretty little mouth you have, baby girl. But don’t you think it’s time for a punishment? You didn’t behave like you should by running away on saturday and by trying to refuse sex with me.”

Your eyes remained on his lips even as he finished his little speech, panic and arousal flooding you. On one hand you were not sure what he meant but on the other side did the unexpected turn you on, blood beginning to boil at what was going to happen.

A superior smirk creeped on Yoongi’s lips, his darkening eyes burning their way into your soul. Then he began to repeat his previous movements, this time changing the angle to have even more access to your wet mouth. Whereas you tried to latch your tongue around his moving dick, making him feel even better. A feral sound filled the place, making your core tighten, leaving your pussy soaked without getting touched.

“God, you turn me so fucking on”, Yoongi growled, hitting your cheek again more violently this time. His hand left your face burning, leaving red marks on your skin. At his actions you moaned, wetness dropping on your panties. You hoped Yoongi would not notice that your hands found their way towards your aching pussy, wanting to being touched as well. Your eyes stayed on his face that was traced with pleasure until he noticed what you did. In one go he pulled out of your mouth.

“You really think I’m blind? Stop touching yourself. Hands behind your fucking back!”, his voice was so low, leaving you shuddering beneath him. But you did as he said, whimpering as your hands left the spot on your core, that oh so gave you the needed friction by pressing your fingers on your tingling clit.

Suddenly Yoongi grabbed your chin, pulling your face up before he pinched your cheeks, positioning himself before you again. This time he just shoved himself right into you, making you gag again. But unfortunately his next move was unpredictable. He fucked your throat a few times before his one hand enclosed around your hair again, holding you pressed against his stomach, his dick buried in your mouth, only letting a tiny gap for you to breath through your nose. Low grunts leaving his mouth he leaned forward pressing your nostrils close, making you choke on his dick that he pushed forward closing the remaining gap he left for you to breath. Tears rolled down your marked cheeks while you looked straight at Yoongi’s face.

His eyebrows were furrowed, lips agape and eyes shut in pleasure. You could hear him whimper as your throat began to contract itself around Yoongi’s erect cock.

“Baby girl..”, was all he said before you tapped at his thighs, a signal to let you go.

Without delay he pulled himself out your wet cave, grunting at the loss of your warmth. You had to inhale deeply, catching up on the missed oxygen. Light coughs fell from your lips while you held your hands around your neck. Through the concentration you did not notice how wet your panties were by now. All the actions Yoongi did on you, made your core tingle with excitement, leaving your folds in heated anticipation for his dick. While you tried to find your composure, your boss pulled you on your feet, ripping at your white blouse until the buttons sprung off. Incredulous you watched his actions, feeling how anger made its way in your bones, a mean remark laying on your tongue. But before you could say anything he gripped your waist, pushing you to the edge of your own desk. The back of your legs felt the hard, cold material of the table as he lifted you up on it before Yoongi’s hands roamed around your torso, feeling the soft fabric of your bra tracing down to the hem of your skirt, sliding it up till it lay loose on your waist revealing the wet spot on your grey underwear. You were so damn wet that it even painted the fabric of your dark tights.

Yoongi licked his pink lips, while pulling up his dark eyebrows. “Why are you always so ready for me? I did not even touch you and you are soaked, baby girl”, he shook his head in pretended disappointment. “Did my actions turn you on that much?”

A small whimper left your dank lips, nodding hastily at his words. “Yes, Mr. Min. I’m so ready to be fucked by you.”

He hummed in agreement, the habitual degrading smirk on his lips as he saw how needy you were. You saw how he looked at your desk, a mess behind your back.

“Fuck, baby girl, stand up”, you heard him saying as he turned around to walk to the next free desk. You followed and hopped on it, sitting in the same position as before. Your hands found their way to Yoongi’s chest, trying to pull him into a kiss, but he fended and pushed your torso down in a swift movement. The desk you lay on felt cold through the thin fabric of your top.

“Spread your legs”, a demand followed from the man who stood in front of you.

You could not see him as he stripped the tights and panties you wore down, exposing your heated folds to the chilly air in the office. “I’m so lucky having such a slutty pussy to myself.”

His words made you shiver in agitation, quietly cursing him for leaving you wet and needy.

“Please, Mr. Min, I need you to fuck me. I beg you”, you whined, hands running down to your wet core. You laid your fingers on your heated folds, stroking heavily to feel the needed touch of at least something.

“So eager?”, your boss’ voice was lustful but you thought you heard disgust in it. “I never allowed you to touch yourself, did I?”

“N-No”, your voice was weak, leaking with anticipation to finally feel his touches on your skin.

“Exactly, baby girl”, Yoongi said slapping your hands away before he smacked your aching pussy. Heat rushed through you while you bent your back at the striking tickling his slap left. A second hit followed that made you squirm, your lap throbbing for him. Yoongi did not sooth the spots – he did it last time neither – ere he smacked your clit for a last time, more forcefully, letting you cry out in slight pain that evolved into arousal. You wanted him. No, you just really needed to already feel his dick filling your insides.

A short silence filled the floor as you saw Yoongi fishing for something in his wallet he pulled out his suit jacket. You saw the small foil and recognized it to be a condom. Your eyes traced the outline of his veins that were shown on his hands as he opened the package and had to admit that his big hands were one of the most sexy things you had ever seen on a man -well, except for his dick. With experienced fingers he covered his swollen dick with the protection medium before he spread your legs further apart. Two of his bony fingers pressed against the opening of your entrance. Small moans leaving your lips before you felt how he eased them into you. Several sounds filled the room while you wiggled underneath your boss’ body.

Without really moving his fingers he pulled them out, licking his digits clean. You just watched him in awe, the coin in your lower stomach pulsating, only waiting to be snapped.

“Please”, was all you got out before he got hold of your legs, pulling your body onto the edge of the desk. Your head lay on its surface so you were only able to feel what he did and not to see how he finally stepped closer, letting his cock slide through your folds to get the condom coated in your juices. Whimpers escaped you as he abruptly hit his covered dick onto your bundle of nerves, leaving you panting beneath him. It was the same spot he just hit with his long fingers that made you feel lust detonate in the spit of your stomach.

“I hope you’re as tight as you were month ago”, his voice was laced in anticipation.

Trembling your body ached for him while you felt how he pushed his tip into you. As you were not used to have sex for a while this light motion made you groan. Step by step he shoved forward before he filled you entirely.

“I can barely fucking move”, he pressed through his teeth holding onto your legs while starting to move his hips slowly.

“Oh god, Mr. Min, please be rough with me”, you cried, wanting to feel more of him. He just fit so perfectly into you that your folds contradicted around him on their own. As time passed he sped up his pace into a merciless one so you had to find support by grabbing the edges of the desk. Your breasts bounced with his thrusts but you did not care as you propped yourself on your elbows to see how he was doing.

Sweat was flowing down in tiny drops from his forehead, his face traced with concentration. But his eyes lay on you, dark oculars that stared right into your face, trying to imprint this picture into his head. You had problems to stay in position while reading the expressions on his face. Therefore he started to hold your waist, speeding up until you heard how high and heavy his grunts got. You yourself felt the coin slightly turning, but not enough for you to come.

“I coming, baby girl. You did your job too well at the beginning”, his breathy voice announced as his movements became sloppier, wet sounds echoing from the spot your bodies met. You were totally content with his release whereas you moaned his last name in a kind of mantra to yourself. This alone and the sight that played in front of him, made him spurt out white drops of cum into the condom he wore.

You on the other side were exhausted from your position while watching as Yoongi closed his eyes, moving his hips tardy in and out of you as he rode out his orgasm. Your hands ached as you straightened your back, positioning yourself into a sitting form while he slid his dick out of you. You followed him with your eyes as he pulled of the used condom from his dick and throwing it into one of the employee’s bins. As you were still tuned on, your bare pussy rubbing on the glass surface of the desk, you whined as he pulled up his suit pants. You were sure he wanted a second round as you did not come by now, but unfortunately it was not the case.

“Make me come, Mr. Min”, your weak voice whined, squirming on your spot. “I’m still so hot.”

Yoongi looked up, adjusting his belt. “Next time, maybe, if you behave like you should, baby girl.”

You shook your head a no. “Come on, I’m a good girl.”

Your begging did not help as he just pulled one brow up, shaking his grey thatch. “You have work that should be done to tomorrow morning. I give you twenty minutes to finish them or I drive home without you.”

With that he just fucking left you high and dry, the second time in one week. He could not do this, you thought. You let him fuck you however he wanted but did not even make you come!

Despite this fact you were kind of satisfied with what you did. Eventually you were the one that had to make sure that he was pleased and not you.

Sighing you stood up, sliding your panties and tights back up before you pulled down your skirt. Just your torso was a disaster. He ruined your new blouse. Therefore you tried to cover at least your breasts with the ripped top of yours ere you made your way to the remaining work you had to finish.

The distraction was not the best as you could not concentrate any more. You were freaking exhausted and tired by now. And to be honest, you wanted to go home.

At last you decided to scribble some notes on the edges of all remaining pages, a little soiled but better than nothing. The watch told you that Yoongi left twenty-five minutes ago and so did the chance to get home with him in a luxurious car. You packed your bag and dressed into your black coat before you turned down the lights and made your way out of the office.

If you would’ve been faster, you could be on your way home, safe and warm, you cursed yourself but as you exited the entrance of your company a black, expensive car parked in front of it. The window of the passenger’s seat was down so you saw the familiar grey hair sitting of the driver’s seat. A small smile played around your lips while you walked to the car.

“Mind if I get in?”, you said showing him your teeth as you smiled at him brightly. Never had you thought that Min Yoongi would wait for someone else.

“You are five minutes late”, was all he said but instead of driving away he motioned for you to hop on. You barely closed your belt as he drove away from the company.

“Ah, my address”, you began but his beautiful hand waved you to be silent.

“I know where you live, I’ve read your resume”, he just said, never looking at you while he drove you past a quiet city. Only street lights letting you see the expressions the man next to you felt. But you could not read anything out of them. He was not the type to be emotional, you thought while observing him.

Your thoughts were laced with the memories you two made a few minutes ago. Even though you were so close to him right now you felt as if your distance was further than it ever was, but exactly this is what you had agreed on. Just sex, no hard feelings.

“Is there anything you want to have, y/n?”, he broke the silence, eyes kept on the streets.

You thought about his words for a moment before you decided that he definitely had to compensate you for something. “You destroyed my new blouse. I went shopping two days ago and now it’s ruined”, you said, nodding to yourself.

Yoongi’s head shot towards you. “That’s all?” He seemed to be quite surprised about the fact that you wanted nothing more than a cheap new top from him. “I expected to hear something..more costly.”

“Why? Just get me my blouse”, you said, relaxing in the seat you sat on.

A quiet laugh was heard from your boss as he shook his grey thatch. “So easy to please.”

“Have a problem with that? Then buy me some jewellery or something”, you snorted turning your face to the window, watching as the houses got past you.

A few minutes later he stopped in front of your new apartment, letting you get off right before your door.

“My employees should sleep well and do their work precisely”, Yoongi said pulling his brows up while you got off his expensive car. “Tell it, Miss Jung.”

With that he was gone.

Ups, he had definitely seen her name on the tag of the file. First thing in the morning you had to tell-

No you better not told her that he saw her name on the report as he tried to seduce you.

This night you stayed awake, thinking about the sex with Min Yoongi while touching yourself. The memories making you come pretty fast but you felt dirty for thinking about him and the fact that he had you wrapped around his finger even though it was just sex.

The next week was traced with your first meetings, seeing how Yoongi was busier than ever as he had to made sure the contract with your new partners was done fair and square. Many times after your late night session he requested you for sucking him off while he had to work on some files for his trip abroad. It was thrilling to hide beneath his wooden desk, not being allowed to tease, just making him relax in the form of pleasurable blow jobs. Nothing more and nothing less.

“Good job, baby girl”, he said without looking up while you crawled back up from your hideout underneath his desk.

“Always a pleasure, Mr. Min”, you told him wiping away the remaining cum on your lips. You adjusted your clothes while walking around his workplace looking at the trophies on one of the many shelves to see that they were from his youth as a basketball captain.

“Can you look at the package that lies behind you on the chair?”, Yoongi motioned for you to turn around just so you could see a nicely wrapped present on one of the chairs in front of his desk. Curiously you opened it to find a white piece of soft fabric in it. A new blouse. The material was from a better quality and even the brand was one of the most famous ones. A cheap top would have been sufficient, you thought but was happy to be able to own something as costly as this.

“Thank you!”, your voice was cheerful as you inspected your new top.

“Sure. You better take it with you next week”, he just said, head bend over his work.

“Next week?”, you asked, confused about his statement. Was something going to happen next week that you had not noticed?

Yoongi leaned against the backrest of his chair, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “Are you dense, y/n? We are going on a business trip to complete the task around our new contract.”

Realisation hit you. How could you forget the trip abroad with your boss, you thought, the company was all over it. Embarrassed you walked to the alabaster glass door to go back to work stopped dead in your tracks at your boss’ next words.

“Don’t forget to bring your best dessous, baby girl”, Yoongi smirked licking his pink lips before he continued his work.

The next week should show you how real business was done with Min Yoongi.


I saw some people talking about the “Stiles comes back from college hot” trope, and it reminded me that I needed to make a seperate post for this fic!

Inspired by this post. (On AO3)

He’d been hoping for a reaction.

If he was being honest, he’d actually been anticipating a reaction.

While he’d been away at school, he’d started meeting people and making new friends. Some of those friends had turned out to be fitness guys, who loved running and working out. Stiles had ended up accompanying them on numerous gym trips, until eventually he liked it enough to just go, with or without them. He’d liked the feeling of being stronger, being able to trust his body to do what he wanted.

He’d become more confident with his looks, and started accepting invitations to parties. He’d started buying better-fitting clothes to show off his physique, and felt incredibly flattered when he was flirted with often. He’d kissed a lot of people, talked to a lot more, learned as much as he could, and even hooked up a few times.

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Imagine Loki coming to you years after you thought he was dead.

Originally posted by cotedepablosass

You glanced down at your phone for the millionth time that day and sure as you expected the missed calls had increased just as the messages. You knew it wasn’t because he was worried but because you had been actually ignoring him, and Tony Stark was not one to take that easily. You had explained you wanted time to yourself but as much as he tried to understand that he still couldn’t really.

You turned off your phone again and stuffed it in your pocket, fishing the keys to unlock the door to your apartment. You let out a tired sigh as you placed your files on the desk, making your way to living room almost in the darkness as there was practically no lighting.

“FRIDAY lights please?” you asked as you walked down the hallway and a short reply came after they were turned on.

“Yes mis, (Y/n). Mis, I must inform you that there is someone waiting in-”

“The living room.” you breathed out, completing the sentence as you practically stopped dead in your tracks at what stood in front of you “Uh thanks FRIDAY.” you blinked clearing your throat as you took hesitant steps towards the two men, both of them surprising for a different reason each.

“What the hell?” you narrowed your eyes at them “I thought you were- And you were- that you would- and you wouldn’t-you shouldn’t, should you? I saw you- and you- we murned- and you- and Odin- who was I talk-” you stuttered, unable to form a proper sentence as you looked back and forth between the two men, your heart hammering in your chest. You rubbed your temple, finding it impossible to understand what was happening.

“Always on point, you haven’t changed one bit love.” he said in the same smooth voice that would make shivers run down your spine with that kind of smile on his face that at times like this you wanted to whipe off so bad… maybe not in the most appropriate way.

“Shut up.” you growled but his smile only got bigger.

“Lady (Y/n)-” the blond man said with a smile and you blinked as you looked at him you shot him a glare, too mad about everything else to be happy to see him in front of you “It is great to see you.”

“Alive? Yeah I guess considering the shit that went down while you were MIA! I mean what the hell Thor?” you huffed.

“Really, what the hell?” you motioned to the man standing right next to him “What the hell?!” you breathed out looking at him and back at Thor “What the hair?” you whispered for a moment, seeing that his hair was shorter than the last time you saw him “What the hell?” you shook your head.

“Someone’s too excited to see us here then?” Loki asked with a smirk and you shot him a look that could have just as well killed him, for real maybe this time.

“I told you to shut up.” you growled “I thougt you were dead!” you exclaimed, giving him a harsh look “We all thought you were dead!” you huffed and he only smiled at you.

“Someone missed me much?” he chuckled and you literally fumed.

“We mourned you- I mourned you!” you huffed “For months!” you almost choked on a sob and you saw his eyes soften for a minute.

“Well, can’t take the trick out of a trickster.” he said with a smirk that wasn’t as mocking as before.

“You were never dead, right.” you nodded to yourself, realization downing on you even harder “And you didn’t even bother saying a thing not once right? Let me- us believe that you were dead.” you corrected yourself giving him a hard look.

“(Y/n)” Thor’s soft voice made you look at him “We need your help, things are- they are going downhill. And soon I am afraid the entire universe might be at risk.” he said sincerely and you sighed heavily. Even if he wasn’t here when you needed him during the fight that broke up between Tony and Steve you couldn’t deny him a thing when he asked you like this.

“You’re lucky I need a distraction.” you sighed “Just- just give me some time to wrap my mind around everything.” you mumbled turning to leave before you stopped on your tracks.

“Yeah I almost forgot.” you said in a low voice, turning and punching the black-haired man straight in the face. You actually made him stumble and hold his jaw, his eyes going wide as he huffed.

“That’s for lying to me and pretending you were dead.” you growled at him, pointing a finger before huffing and turning to leave them for a little while.

“Oh she missed me.” Loki breathed out, grinning to himself as he glanced for a moment at Thor.

“That’s what worries me the most.” Thor sighed, shaking his head as Loki raised an eyebrow.


“So… trouble in paradise?” you heard a voice ask and you rolled your eyes.

“Loki if you have not realized it I am working to find a way out of the situation you’re in, why don’t you go bother your brother?” you mumbled annoyed.

“Ooh so there is trouble in paradise.” he said and before you could realize it he waved your phone in front of your face and your eyes widened.

“That’s not yours to have.” you snatched it from his hand, glaring at you put it back in the chair you’d left it.

“But somehow your heart is?” he asked with a sly smirk and you scoffed at him, walk past him to go get a drink.

“Who told you that would ever happen?” you mumbled, not even giving him a glance.

“Has it not already?” he grinned at you and before you could realize it he was standing right in front of you. If he wasn’t this annoying and if you weren’t this mad at him for lying to you all this time – yes that actually hurt you more than you would admit – you would have let yourself really admire at how good he looked in this black suit. Because damn him he did look handsome as hell, the fact that he was tall and slim enough made him even more attracting but- you were too angry to let yourself get carried away.

“What do you want Loki?” you sighed, finally looking him fully in the eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious? To talk.” he shrugged and you sighed, shaking your head.

“I’m not in the mood, Excuse me if I’m too mad at you for everything you did.”

“Come on, it wouldn’t be the first time. But you always came back nonetheless.” he said with a small grin and you rolled your eyes.

“Let’s get you back in a cell and then we’ll see.” you said with a tight smile and he smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ooh kinky much?” he smirked and you groaned, trying to push past him back but he caught your hand.

“I told you I am not in the mood Loki, why don’t you fucking understand it?”

“Because I know you.” his voice was low and his breath fanned over your neck, making your shiver “And I know what you need better than you do… better than he does.” it was almost seductive and you willed yourself so hard to not fall for it.

“You have no idea what I want Loki.” you wanted your voice to sound harsh but it was only a low almost plea as you pushed – or tried to – away “You think you know, but you don’t really. There is more to the woman that you think you know but with this- with what you did, what you do and what you will keep doing, you don’t have a chance in knowing me.”

His grasp loosened and you found a way out “I tried to understand you, I did my best to give you a reason Loki. Despite what everybody thought, despite what my own friends thought of me for doing that I tried to reason with you. To see the man that nobody else could because you hid him all too well but you- you keep proving me wrong every chance you get. I thought I knew you, maybe I was wrong after all. And maybe you shouldn’t even try knowing me either- I wouldn’t want to when you keep acting like this.”

“You’re mad.” he whispered and you shook your head.

“No Loki I’m disappointed. I thought you were better than this. I thought you-” you sighed “I was wrong.”

“Maybe it’s because you don’t know me either, then.” he said but his voice held no playfulness in it.

“Well, then let me know you Loki. You’re the one holding back.” you shrugged and he took a step closer to you just as you had managed to put some distance between you.

“Am I?” he asked and what he did next was not what you expected and not something you could even comprehend yourself especially as you did the same seconds later. He kissed you.

yu-gi-oh post-DSoD headcanons
  • after that scene where seto goes like “you have your bound with him, i have mine”, no one sees him for a while. he just vanishes, don’t go on any competitions anymore, only keeps himself locked in his office and working as a way to distract himself
  • mokuba starts to get really worried about his brother but when he asks him what’s going on, all he gets for an answer is “business must come first, don’t have time do worry about anything else”
  • and seto not being that sassy super extra bitch he always is????? there must be something wrong dEFINETLY there’s something wrong
  • i mean he is a total fashion icon and all he wears now are basic suits 
  • mokuba “yugi i don’t know what happened with my brother but you are always trapped into some magic shit so you must know what to do please come help”
  • yugi don’t know what to do since he hasn’t seen seto for a while and he doesn’t have atem (who used to have the strongest bond with seto) to help him anymore, so he does the first thing he can think about and it is send a box full of chocolates with a little note “i’m sorry about the pharaoh and i know i can’t fully understand, but mokuba’s worried and i think we should talk???? even if our bonds with him were different, you and i are possibly the only ones capable of understanding each other”
  • seto “i fucking hate feeling positive stuff” kaiba
  • seto finally being his extra bitch self but not what he used to, taking the chocolates to mokuba and saying “i told you i was fine, don’t ever do it again”
  • he keeps isolating himself for some other days until one night he wakes up from a nightmare where atem is falling and falling of a mountain of something and seto can’t do anything to help and he has to watch the man getting closer to his death every second that passes
  • seto calling yugi in the middle of the night “i think we should talk too”
  • yugi “it’s literally 2am couldn’t you wait till morning?”
  • “i had a nightmare please come over” and bc yugi is so sweet and caring he asks for a ride and goes inside the limousine to seto’s house and when he arrives there’s no one nowhere to be seen and then seto appears and is like “come upstairs”
  • “yugi i miss him so much i don’t know what to do how do YOU live with that”
  • for a moment yugi considers giving the friendship speech but he knows it won’t work it out for seto so he decides to be the friend seto needs without saying a thing, he just goes like “you need to do other stuff, only working is not making you any good” and they keep talking all night about the weird magic shit they used to have to deal with but yet they miss them
  • yugi waking up on seto’s bedroom floor and being “shit i’m late” and taking a ride on the limo to school and all the kids gossiping about “wow what is sweet little yugi mutou doing on kaiba’s limousine???”
  • yugi explaining to the gang about what happened and they being pissed because he’s helping an asshole like seto and yugi being all like “i’m sorry if you cannot understand but i’m still helping him whether u like it or not”
  • yugi going straight ahead to kaiba’s mansion after school to spend time with him and talking about the pharaoh and magic shit and dueling just for fun, no important shit on their shoulders, just oldschool duel monsters
  • the gang having to accept after some time that now seto is as important to yugi as they are and maybe he comes first on some matters. but they are ok with that because yugi wasn’t 100% ok after the pharaoh finally going to rest for eternity, but when he started to hang around with seto he went back being the same old yugi, happy and gentle and no more sad eyes
  • seto and yugi’s friendship becoming stronger everyday that passes and they keep talking about everything and helping each other being better and there was this one vacation yugi spent with the kaibas on an island somewhere in the atlantic
  • the two of them being friends for like one year or so and seto suddenly realising yugi doesn’t look like a child anymore and he looks more and more like atem - he’s taller, stronger, his features are getting the shape of an adult
  • seto “i’m trying to get over a guy and then i’m best friends with his fucking reincarnation” kaiba
  • but yugi is still yugi and he’s still so smol and a little sunshine that needs to be protected bc he’s so good and gentle and caring and ready to give up on everything for the people he loves
  • seto “shit i’m love” kaiba freaking our because how the fuck did it happen one day they are just rivals and suddenly they are bffs and now he has a ridiculous crush on the guy he used to hate?????
  • “seto are you ok you are a little weird this week”
  • haHAHA mE??????? i’m cOMpleTely fiNE it’s nOt lIKe i’m in lOVe WIth U or aNYtHIng
  • what
  • what
Perfect Family [Batsis]

@hoodminter requested: “Hello, I absolutely love your imagines. Could you do an imagine where you’re Bruce Wayne’s legitimate daughter and when you were younger you would always run up to him and give him a hug when he came back from patrol. as you got older, you grew tired of being his last priority so eventually you start cutting him out of your life and he doesn’t realise until he finds out from one of your brothers that you’re married and have a child”

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1690

TAGS: @kiogenic @i-understand-mon-cher @minchen0897 @mama-aqua @glitter–sparkle-shine @anothertypicalgirl00 @pinkwitch21 @coffee-randomness @angstytodd @aworldwideapart @lovingmytelevision @abbytheninja @ifthisislove-loveiseasy @spacewife @galaxy-jellyfish-queen @femdamian @theamazingrain @batbros-before-hoes @american-assassin-and-superhero @hyp-oh-critical @justpensandpaper @nervouswastelandvoid @kpkarlee


[D/N] = Daughter’s Name
[H/N] = Husband’s Name



A giggle left your lips when you were attacked by your child with a hug. “Woah there sweetie, wouldn’t want to hurt yourself now would you?” you teased, picking her up. “Now, how was my princess’s first day of school?”

“Awesome!” she exclaimed happily, waving to one of her newly-made friends along the way, “My teacher is really nice.”

“Really? He seems very nice.” you noted in agreement, “Did you get into trouble?” When your daughter shook her head, you were satisfied. You helped her into the car seat seat then drove off home.

“When is daddy coming home?” [D/N] asked curiously, clearly missing her father. You smiled at her through the rearview mirror.

“He’s coming home tonight honey.” Your smile widened when your daughter’s face lit up.

“Really?!” she gasped, moving excitedly in her seat.

“Really.” you confirmed with a nod, “That means we’ll have a big dinner to welcome him home.”

As soon as you reached your house, you allowed [D/N] to play while you worked on that dinner you told her your family would have. You made sure to make your husband’s favorite, knowing that he would be exhausted. The thought of seeing his face when he walked in the door made you grin to yourself.

The day flew by in a blink of an eye and you hadn’t notice until you heard the door open and close, followed by your daughter’s excited squeal and your husband’s voice which you missed so dearly.

“Mommy! Daddy’s home!” [D/N] shouted which was accompanied by a series of loud steps and you knew that your husband was going to get tackled by a very active child.

“Hey [D/N], I missed you.” [H/N] said, giving your daughter kisses all over her face. “How was my princess’s first day of school?”

“Fun! I made friends.” she informed, “You should’ve been there.”

“I know honey, I know,” he said sadly, “but daddy had to work. I’m sorry, I tried to get home as soon as possible.” You heard your daughter ‘hmph’ but her resolve was never strong when it came to her dad.

“I know I can’t possibly make up for missing your first day, but… guess what I got you from Japan?” your husband asked cheekily.

“What? Daddy, what?!” [D/N] demanded. You finished setting up the dinner table and decided to finally go see your husband. You got there just in time to see him giving [D/N] a Snorlax plushie which made her ecstatic. You leaned against the doorframe and took a moment to take in the sight of your family.

Your small, perfect family.

You caught sight of your husband’s eyes and it was like a switch. Love, specially reserved for you, filled them in a heartbeat. “Excuse me princess,” he told your daughter, “but I think mommy deserves some kisses too.” You laughed as he slipped behind his daughter and quickly ran to you, planting a loving kiss on your lips when he made it.

“I missed you.” you whispered. As a humanitarian, your husband often flew to other countries for work. You knew he loved his work and you loved him for it, but he always rushed home because what he loved more than work was his family, especially his little girl.

“I miss you too love.” he responded, kissing your nose.

“Ewww.” [D/N] complained, making you laugh some more.

“Okay prince charming, dinner’s going to get cold.” you warned, ushering them into the dining room. You had just sat down when the doorbell rang.

“Were we… expecting a guest?” [H/N] inquired with a frown.

“No… we weren’t.” you murmured, getting up to see who it was. You opened the door cautiously and your eyes widened at the sight that greeted you.


“[F/N]… it’s… been a while…” your father, the one and only Bruce Wayne, said with a slight smile.

“It has.” you agreed, but made no attempts to let him in. “It’s late, why are you here?”

Bruce glanced at his feet nervously before answering, “just wanted to see how my daughter was doing.”

“Love, who is it?” [H/N] called, walking into the hallway, but he froze when he saw you with your father. “Oh…” You turned around to glance at [H/N], flashing a gaze that plainly said ‘help me’ and you expected him to help you, but instead, your husband said, “we’re having dinner, why don’t you come in Mr Wayne?”

You sent your husband a look which he returned with that shit-eating smile that made you fall for him.

“Oh… will you be okay with that, [F/N]?” Bruce questioned, knowing fully well of your hostility. You kept staring at your husband, who was pleading for you to let your father in, when you sighed in defeat.

“Yeah,” you muttered reluctantly, “yeah I’m okay with it.”

You stepped aside and allowed your father into your home and your husband, being… your husband, greeted Bruce wholeheartedly.

“It’s an honor to meet you Mr Wayne, I’m [H/N]… [F/N]’s… uh… husband.” [H/N] extended his hand for a handshake which Bruce returned.

“Call me Bruce.” your father stated. [H/N] led Bruce into the dining room and you followed behind while also trying to muster up the courage to sit through a dinner with the father you hadn’t seen face-to-face in five years.

“Daddy, who’s that?” [D/N] asked, staring at Bruce. Your husband ruffled your daughter’s hair affectionately.

“That is your grandpa.” he answered.

“I thought I already had a grandpa.” she said, referring to your husband’s father.

“This is your other grandpa sweetie.” you said quietly. “Dad… this is [D/N], my daughter.”

And after you took a seat, the dinner began.

Your husband’s voice was faint from your position on the couch downstairs. As he was reading bedtime stories to your daughter, you sat in front of your father.

Bruce Wayne had changed over the years. You had always seen him in the media, in magazines and newspapers, but seeing him in person made you realize how much he had aged. He wasn’t young anymore yet he still had a certain strength to him.

“Your daughter looks just like you when you were her age.” he started, his eyes conveying his sadness and regret.

“I didn’t think you’d remember what I looked like.” you responded coldly. “You were always too busy.”

“I know,” Bruce admitted, “and I’m sorry.”

“You’re half a decade too late dad.” you said harshly. “When did you notice that I never visited, that I never called or even tried to communicate with you? When did you notice that I wasn’t there anymore? And when did you realize I had my own family?”

Bruce hesitated to answer which was already enough information for you. “I… Dick told me a month ago…”

You shook your head in disappointment. “And you didn’t even notice before that…”

“I’m sorry [F/N],” Bruce apologized, “I know I disappointed you.”

“Yeah, you did.” you agreed, but when you saw how genuinely miserable your father looked, you calmed down, but that didn’t mean you were through. You were far from through. “You know, I loved you, dad. I loved you so much. I used to… wait for you to come home every night and hug you and I refused to sleep until I get to do so.” A smile ghosted your father’s face as he recalled the memories. “I loved you with all my heart, but you never loved me with all of yours.”

Bruce nodded, accepting your statements as they were true. He didn’t love you enough and he regretted that. All he wished was to be able to turn back time so you were given the love that you deserved.

“I know that I missed your life.” he whispered, “your first concert, your high school graduation, your college graduation and… even your wedding and your child, which I didn’t even know about… I missed so much.” He reached out to hold your hands. “And I know that I can’t do anything to change that. It may seem like a lie coming from me, but I do want to be part of your life, and I understand if it’s a little late but I’d rather start late than not start at all.”

You stayed silent through his entire speech. “What I’m asking you, really, is… give your old man another chance [F/N].” Bruce continued, “I may be the world’s worst father but I still want to be a father.”

You let out a small laugh but the tears in your eyes betrayed the expression you were trying to give off. “You know… you had your entire life to prove yourself and you didn’t. I forgave you time and time and time again and for what?” A few tears fell. “Empty seats at every important moment in my life. Being brushed off when I greet you every time you come back. Being cast aside for my other more talented siblings. I hated that feeling, that feeling of being completely nothing to my own dad. I hated it! So no, I don’t want to give you another chance!”

Bruce nodded sadly. “I understand–”

“But no matter how much I don’t want to give you that chance…” you continued, “a bigger part of me still wants you in my life…” you wiped your eyes as tears began to cascade down your cheeks, “because in the end, I’m still a girl who loves her dad with all her heart, and I can’t bear to lose my dad.”

Your father brought you into his arms and allowed you to cry on his shoulder but the very action only caused you to cry harder because you couldn’t recall a time where he embraced you like this. You felt him kiss your head and stroke your hair like he should’ve done years ago.

And you never wanted to ever let go. You loved that feeling, for it was a feeling that for the first time, your father loved you with all his heart and he wasn’t letting go.

Hi, Momma (Part 3)

(Series Masterlist)

Summary: You and Chuck organize a family reunion. You have a talk with Castiel about a certain Winchester.. 
Pairing: Chuck x Reader, Hit of Destiel
Other Characters: Sam Winchester, Gabriel, Raphael, Lucifer, Michael, Gadreel, Samandriel.
Word counting: 1.7k
Warnings: Personal headcanon that the archangels were kids once and could sleep if they wanted to. I also brought some angels back, ‘cause I can.  Castiel is asexual, but not aromantic. Family fluff.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Look.” You leaned down to your three sons, so they could see the small archangel in your arms. “This is your brother.”

Michael and Lucifer tilted their heads and Raphael stood on his toes to look at him properly.

“His wings are yellow.” He pointed, frowning.

“Golden.” You corrected him. “Gabriel has golden wings.”

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The five times James gave Lily flowers and the two times he didn’t; or, How Lily Evans fell in love with James Potter.

read on AO3


On her first Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts, Lily received lilies from five different people. She loved them because she knew her friends and that one boy from Hufflepuff had good intentions. She knew they thought it’d be cute to give Lily the flower she was named after. Everyone always thought it would be.

After going through it for so many years, Lily should have seen it coming and warned them. Perhaps she could have worn a sign around her neck starting a week prior that read: I do not like lilies.

But despite how unoriginal the flowers were, she carried them around proudly all day. They were beautiful after all. And she may have woken up too late to shower that morning so their sweet perfume was welcome.

That night she sprawled on her back on the floor by the fire with Mary and Marlene. They giggled about all the couples they had seen that day and the boy who had given Mary chocolates. Suddenly, James Potter’s face was looming above Lily’s.

“What on earth are you doing, Potter?” she exclaimed, bolting upright and nearly smacking her forehead against his. He muttered something incoherent before dropping a flower into her lap and bolting toward the boy’s dormitories.

“What was that about?” Marlene asked. Still lying down, she and Mary couldn’t see what James had given Lily.

“Nothing,” Lily said as she slipped the perfect pink peony into the billowy sleeve of her robes. How he knew her favorite flower was a mystery to her. But even more mysterious was the heat spreading across her face and the pounding of her heart. Stupid James had given her some sort of prank flower that made her feel sick. That had to be it. There was no other explanation.

Still. She kept the flower between the pages of one of her transfiguration books.

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Headcanon: Tony isn’t used to a lot of physical affection. At MIT he meets Rhodey who’s determined to make up for it.

[Basically I always imagine Howard as a cold or at least very distanced father, who’s so focused on what Tony could be that he forgets to love Tony the way he is. Maria might express more genuine affection towards her son, but it would almost always be through words, not actual touch. And Jarvis loves Tony, of course he does, but he’s still a proper butler and I don’t see him as providing a lot of physical comfort either.]

So based on that picture the two of them living together and Rhodey using every chance he gets to touch Tony affectionately, which leads to:

  • resting his hand on Tony’s shoulder all the time, whether it’s to accompany a genuine compliment or just to remind Tony that he’s not alone
  • reaching out to pull Tony into a hug when he gets that look in his eyes again, the sad, distant one that makes Rhodey want to punch someone’s (usually Howard’s) face through a wall
  • ensuring that they only ever have a single blanket during the countless nights they spend in front of the TV and mock each other’s movie choices, because that means they’ll have to sit pressed against each other to fit under it, and that means Rhodey’ll have to put his arm around Tony’s shoulder and Tony will have to rest his cheek against Rhodey’s chest and they’ll have a silent war over who’s feet were laying on the couch table first
  • letting Tony put his feet into Rhodey’s lap when he stumbles into their apartment at way with that glazed expression that means he hasn’t slept in over 28 hours and singed hair-ends, and occasionally gently rubbing Tony’s toes to keep them warm
  • carding a hand through Tony’s hair and pulling a blanket around his shoulder when he’s fallen asleep on the desk again, or the kitchen table, or the lab, dark shadows under his eyes and ink blotches on his cheek
  • laying a hand on the back of Tony’s neck when they’re draped around each other, tired and content in the aftermath of whatever hell the profs or the paparazzi or some racist asshole just put them through, not holding down, just a gentle pressure to keep Tony’s too loud mind anchored in the calmness of the moment
  • allowing Tony to slip into bed with him late at night, not flinching away from the cold feet pressed against his shins, pulling Tony underneath the covers without any hesitation and holding him close, falling asleep to the steady breaths the other one takes
  • not minding in the least when, in those rare moments where it simply gets too much, where Tony gets overwhelmed by everything, Tony seeks him out, clings to him and presses his face against Rhodey’s sweatshirt as though it can hide him from the world, and Rhodey lets him, encourages him even, always pulling Tony a little closer, always shifting to make a little more room for him
  • and, you know, sometimes people ask Rhodey about Tony, ask him how he can stand living with Stark, and sometimes, when Tony’s experiment exploded in the kitchen sink, when Rhodey misses his morning classes because someone used parts of his alarm clock to improve their sound system, when another secret agent comes knocking at their door, Rhodey almost gets where they’re coming from, but. But then he remembers them, moments like this, where all he has to do is pull Tony into a hug or press a laughing kiss against his cheek or knock their shoulders together, moments where Tony just melts into him, all quiet and soft and still, and Rhodey wouldn’t give this up, wouldn’t give Tony up, not for any price in the world.
  • Tony does not have tears in his eyes the first time Rhodey yells those exact words into the phone during one of Howard’s worse calls. He does not.

Apparently I have more feelings about this than I realised. As in A LOT more.

sometimes i think about the family peter quill left behind when yondu took him and get so sad. on the same night mr and mrs quill watched their daughter die, their grandson went missing. they know (to a certain extent) what happened to meredith, but they have no idea what happened to peter. he just… dissappeared into the night.

did they feel guilty? as if his disappearance were somehow their fault? their daughter trusted them to take care of her son after she was gone, and the moment she flatlined, peter slipped from their grasp.

did they try to postpone meredith’s funeral until they found him? did they end up just not having one, or did they give in and buried their daughter without peter?

how long did they search for him? was peter’s face on a milk carton? did they ever give up? do they still hold out hope, almost 20 years later?

anonymous asked:

prompt for adam's bday: the first time ronan tells adam he loves him and adam getting very emotional

The thing is, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

It isn’t as though Adam doesn’t know how Ronan feels. He’d known from the start, long before he knew if he felt the same (but really, how was he meant to know? How do you define something you’ve never experienced?).

When Ronan had kissed him the first time – soft brush of lips against his, once, twice, stopping time, making him feel full of blinding white light, short-circuiting the fine-tuned machine that was Adam Parrish – Adam had known.

When Adam had finally returned the kiss, his heart hammering in his throat as he pushed Ronan up against the porch railing, drinking him in so deep he thought he’d never need to breathe again, he’d known. 

And of course he had, because there was no other option. Ronan Lynch was not, would never be, something to experiment with. Adam knew he could not try him on for size and claim ignorance later. The mere thought was anathema.

No, Adam had walked into love with Ronan with his eyes wide open, as deliberate as when he’d bargained himself to Cabeswater, but this time, fully aware of what he was signing up for. He knew it was not a game; he was not playing. He knew that there were no half-measures with Ronan Lynch, with the intricate paradox and miracle that he was. He knew that Ronan gave his heart away completely or not at all, and that when he did it, it was for good. Adam wasn’t always sure if he was worthy of it, but he was always sure he wanted to be. Ronan was a challenge Adam had never backed away from.

So, yeah. Adam knows. They just haven’t talked about it, because neither of them are very good at the talking thing, and because while Adam doesn’t doubt that he reciprocates the feeling – if he had, he would never have kissed Ronan back, despite what Gansey might think – it’s a different thing altogether to say it out loud. Of the two of them, Ronan is the poet, as profane as his verses tend to be. Adam doesn’t know how to put words to something as beautiful as what he feels – it is enough to feel it. He doesn’t want to make things ugly, so he keeps quiet, and Ronan keeps quiet, almost as if by unspoken agreement. Until now, that is.

“Happy birthday.”

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can you write something about dean&seamus?

All through the war, Dean drew.

It was something he had done since he was small– smiley-face suns and stick figures– but he had kept going. He had learned cross-hatching and shadowing; depth, perspective, and color; patience.

Until age ten, until the letter, Dean had drawn himself a suit of shining armor, a dragon to slay. He had drawn aliens and ray guns and wings. They were adventures that he wanted but that he could not have.

When he first arrived at Hogwarts, he drew Nearly Headless Nick’s stiff collar in his notebook margins. He tried to capture the flick of sparks off Flitwick’s wand, Seamus’s singed eyebrows at supper, the owls swooping overhead.

He had never been away from home before for more than an overnight. He drew the gentle curl of his mother’s hair, gilded in sunlight. He had learned how to draw the shine and to pick out colors and bright glare on matte paper by drawing imagined plate armor. But he drew the light on his father’s (stepfather’s) (father’s) crooked glasses, his sister’s sparkly nail polish when they held hands crossing the roads. There were things he missed that he could not have.

Dean hid the sketches under his bed and showed Seamus his little comics about Snape’s greasy hair instead.

In the war, Dean holed up in hollows and friendly attics and Muggle pubs. He drew Umbridge the Toad, noseless Voldy confused by the last dozen plus years of wizardly pop culture, the Ministry of Magic with its fingers stuffed in its stuffy ears.

He drew Snape as Headmaster, his sneer easy after seven years of notebook margin practice. Dean drew the Dark Mark over London’s skyline and he left his work nailed up around Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Godric’s Hollow. He signed his name. He had things he wanted to say.

There were long days when he didn’t talk to anyone– walking old fields and long roads, sleeping in haystacks. There were long weeks when he only talked to strangers– passersby, shop owners, sympathizers, snatchers who he traded curses with.

He drew the Gryffindor Common Room, hearths all ablaze. He listened to Lee Jordan’s radio show on the crackling airwaves. He drew his little sisters, who had gone to France with his mother and father. He drew faces from the darkened boys’ dormitory– Harry’s long bangs hiding his scar, Neville practicing his dance moves for the Yule Ball, Ron asleep with his head on his thick Weasley sweater, Seamus grinning at him over a three a.m. game of cards.

Seamus had taught him Exploding Snap. Dean had taught him poker, gin rummy, go fish. Dean sketched in Seamus’s eyebrows as curling bits of smoke, laughed, and pulled his blanket tighter around his shoulders in the sympathizers’ basement where he was spending the night. There were things he wanted that he could not have.

When the snatchers caught him near Hogsmeade, they took his knapsack. They took his sneakers, his wand, his spare cloak. They burned his notebooks in the hearth of Malfoy Manor before they led him down cold stairs and left him in the dark.

It was a long few months where he saw no sunlight except for a few precious moments where the sun hit the high, angled windows just right. 

Ollivander and Griphook were already there in the dark. Luna came later. Blonde hair in a tattered cloud, one earring missing, she thanked the Death Eater for holding the prison door open at her and drifted inside. Dean, for all they would remain friends for the rest of their lives, was never quite sure how much of Luna was just Luna screwing with people. 

It was a long few months– Dean got them to give him some paper and pens eventually. Luna made papier-mâché earrings. Ollivander napped six hours a day and they all piled him high with their extra coats and blankets and socks. Dean sat for quiet hours with Griphook, drawing his wife as Griphook grumbled “what an ugly face– so full and smooth. My wife’s a beauty, you better draw her as such.” Dean sketched in a jagged cheekbone, a crooked chin and Griphook almost smiled. 

When Dobby got them out, Dean had pages and pages stuffed in his pockets, clenched in his hands. He carried them out with him, into sea air.

Ollivander made them replacement wands with old hands and tools transfigured from driftwood and beach glass. Dean walked out to the water while he worked and watched the waves mumble along the stones. 

His sisters were somewhere on safer shores, his mother’s hair all gilded with sun, his father’s spectacles shining. Dean had told them he couldn’t go with them, he couldn’t run. 

“They called you Gryffindor,” his sister Ella had said. “Not stupid.” Little Jenny had been crying and so had his father. His mother had packed him a bag full of clean socks. The snatchers had tossed it in a ditch somewhere outside Hogsmeade. 

Dean and Luna left Ollivander and Griphook at Shell Cottage and then they went to Hogwarts. 

In the years that followed, Dean would draw the war. There were things he didn’t want to forget. There were things he wanted to dredge up from the sludge and splatter down on paper, hoping maybe to keep them from circling his head at night, wanting attention. 

He drew the protective dome that rose up over Hogwarts, the candles in the Great Hall, Cho Chang’s face lit up from an Expelliarmus– tried to capture light, tie it down to the page. Dean had killed three people in the war– snatchers, Death Eaters on Hogwarts grounds– and he drew their faces over and over when he couldn’t sleep. He drew Neville’s face (tired, kind), Ginny’s glare, Luna’s gentle, distracted smile. 

Dean didn’t draw the first glimpse he’d had of Seamus after the capture, the escape, the night he and Luna set foot on Hogwarts ground. It wasn’t something he could draw. Dean didn’t remember the light on his hair, his cloak sweeping over stone, new muscles, new scars, new inches of height– 

Dean remembered standing in the Room of Requirement with old classmates and new students moving around him, both his fists curled tight into the back of Seamus’s robes, both of Seamus’s tight on his arms. He remembered the heartbeat thudding up the column of Seamus’s throat, where Dean’s forehead was pressed close. He remembered not wanting to let go. He remembered letting go. 

Dean remembered coming back into the Great Hall after the battle and looking at the dead– at Fred Weasley, whose crackling voice he had heard on so many late cold nights; Nymphadora Tonks, who he just barely remembered from first year; Remus Lupin, who had made him feel smart in class; Lavender Brown, who Dean had danced with at the Yule Ball– but not Seamus. He didn’t see Seamus there. He was sick and guilty with gladness. 

Dean didn’t draw the dead, after. Dennis Creevey made a book of his brother Colin’s photos. Dean sat down with a blank page, a good pen, and tried to draw Fred’s grin. There were things here he didn’t want to forget. He scribbled through half-done smirks and tangles of unruly hair he just couldn’t get right. He tossed the botched pages in the fire and, after a long moment staring at his fireplace and seeing the hearth of Malfoy Manor, Dean put his pen away.

After the war, Dean went on camping trips with Luna, watched her look for creatures that might or might not exist. They skewered meatballs and chopped vegetables and roasted them over fires. 

After the war, Dean went over to have tea and jam at Griphook’s. He recognized his wife when Griselda Griphook opened the door and grinned up at him. His tattered old sketch was framed and hung in the front hallway. There are some things that survive the dark, that escape into the sea air, that come home. 

When Dean went with the Gryffindor gang to go cheer for Ginny Weasley’s Quidditch games, Lee Jordan commentated in the stands, sending George over into fits of laughter, red hair shaking into his eyes. There were days when no one expected an echo of that laugh, when no one flinched at the absence– less and less rare as the years went on. Ginny flew, twisting into tricks that she’d taught herself on her brothers’ stolen brooms. They cheered.

Ollivander’s hands were old. All of him was old. Dean showed up for an unplanned visit one day and found him in the back, gathering up the phoenix feathers his shaking hands had knocked to the floor. Dean helped him gather them up, sat him down, then brushed the plumes out gently and laid them out on the work table. By the time he was done, Dean had a job. 

Seamus was trying to learn how to cook and it was going about as well as spellwork ever had for him. “Dean could just draw your eyebrows on,” Ella told him sweetly when he and Seamus visited Dean’s family for dinner. 

When Dean came home from Ollivander’s, the whole flat smelled like smoke. The windows were thrown open to let the sunlight and cold air in, so Dean didn’t unwind his scarf. 

Seamus sat on the floor by the coffee table, eating Chinese food out of a take-out container with a fork. He looked up, his fingers greasy, his winter coat bundled tight, his shaggy hair gilded with sun. 

“Hey,” said Dean. “Stay there,” said Dean and went to find a notebook, digging in his pocket for a pen. 

You know what gets me everytime?

when Allura is giving away the bayards..

and everyone get their own special weapon

and look so cool

and excited

and happy

and then comes Shiro’s turn…

And you knoooooooo he was watching them all get all the weapons and getting all excited himself like “oooh I wonder what my bayard is gonna turn into! the black one must be a very special one! cuz i dun see it here.. Allura is probably saving the best for last!”

and hes standing there like “I’m so ready! give it to me! sooo ready! gimme!

and Allura’s just

Shiro, I’m afraid your bayard was lost with its paladin.

and his face just goes:

and then he like smiles and all “I guess i’ll just have to make do..


sterek au: landlord!derek and tenant!stiles

based loosely on this gif set and tags, prompt by fin. written for sterekfest! wish i could have written something longer, but i hope you enjoy anyway <3


Stiles has a mission. He has a mission and a list – a long list that details with bulleted subpoints all the things wrong with his apartment. Sure, he’s thankful for having a roof over his head (if said roof didn’t leak) and at a fair price (which was really the selling point, let’s be honest). But still, Stiles drops most of his measly paycheck on rent every month, and he’d like a place that wasn’t falling apart. That was only fair.

The building meeting is on the fifth floor. When he arrives, there’s only one other guy there, sitting on a blue couch. Stiles immediately heads over to the large window and starts pacing. “I feel kinda bad for the landlord,” Stiles begins, nervous energy buzzing through his limbs.

“Oh?” the man replies.

“Yeah, I’d hate to be in his shoes, being bombarded with complaints all night. But dude, my water pressure’s terrible, three panes in the window are broken and one has a hole in it, my garbage disposal smells like something died inside of it, and that’s just the top of the list.” Stiles spins around and finally looks at the guy on the couch. He’s never seen him around before, and Stiles guesses he could be considered attractive if you find bearded gym rats hot. Stiles refrains from rolling his eyes because the guy is obviously a douche. Just look at those eyebrows.

“What about you? Please don’t tell me your apartment is perfect, but knowing my luck and probably yours, everything works perfectly for you like it always has and I got the shit apartment.” The guy just stares at him and says nothing. Stiles rolls his eyes as he turns back towards the window, mumbling under his breath, “Typical.”

“What’s typical?”

Stiles spins around again, mouth open in exaggerated shock. “Oh, you mean you’re actually going to talk to me? Words finally making sense to you now?”

The man’s mouth pulls down into a scowl. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Look, I know it pains guys like you to talk to guys like me because it lowers your cool quotient or you only waste your breath on people as hot as you or something, but we do live in the same building. We’re neighbors. I was trying to be neighborly.”

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Hello, Bird

@always-keep-on-fighting said:

I wanted to ask if I can have a one shot of Clint Barton please.  Some kind of romance and fluff a bit like kissing at least only. If you can make it long I’d appreciate it.

Summary: No one imagines the Avengers getting home from missions and going straight to things like feeding a baby and changing diapers, but that’s Clint’s life, and that’s exactly what makes him happy. 
Pairing: Deaf!Clint x Mute!Reader
Other Characters: Nathaniel Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Fluff, Clint is Deaf (like in the comics) and Reader is mute.  Daddy Clint, Mommy Reader. 
A/N: I’m still not over the fact that they didn’t make MCU!Clint deaf. Also, a big hug to my princess @andreaatlyss, who both helped me with the signs and explanations, but is also teaching me ASL (or at least trying haha). Love ya, sweetie.

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

“Hey, you’re staying?” Tony looked at Clint. “We’re thinking of having pizza.”

They were just back from a mission, and everyone looked tired and a bit bruised. Clint, himself, had an impressive black eye and some superficial cuts in his skin that looked worse than they actually were, and a bad ankle that needed at least a week to heal fully. He was tired, and could only think of going home to his bed and his girl.

“Nah, I’m heading home.” He put on his jacket.

Tony frowned.

“Really? You’re gonna refuse pizza?”

Clint chuckled. Yeah, he really did like pizza. But he couldn’t stay, not in the situation you two were right now, even if that meant no pizza for him.

“I kind of…” He cleared his throat. “I kind of have someone one waiting for me.”

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You know, I actually wanted to discuss this since the last chapter. What will Touka do if Yoriko is still alive? We don’t get definitive clarification regarding her status but since Mutsuki talked about “arrest” and suggested they have a talk in private I’ll assume she’s still alive. So Will Touka go rescue her? I think she will. Facing the possibility that her best friend is still alive but suffering a lot and all because of her, because she’s a ghoul and they’re friends - Touka can’t possibly just let her suffer and die if there’s a chance of saving her.

Soooo, the inner conflict will be that Touka doesn’t want to endanger the group. There’s a lot at risk if she goes to search and rescue her. Even if the whole gang goes, it’s still an unnecessary risks since they won’t gain any benefits from it. But then again, same goes for the lab operation to save Akira. It was a personal issue for Kaneki, but speaking from the perspective of the OEK and the group as a whole it was selfish as he could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if he stayed with the others instead if scattering the forces. And it’s different this time, since the goats are already in a tight spot rn and there might be traps everywhere as Mutsuki and co. are already awaiting them.
So i was wondering if she’d even consult the others about Yoriko. If she does, she can bet her ass that the others will support her to rescue Yoriko and she wouldn’t want to cause trouble for everyone bc of her own issues.

Now in this chapter we see Kaneki wondering if she’s ok/hurt and we know she isn’t. She’s in distress. She good at hiding it. Her facial expression looks completely neutral when she talks to Kaneki, just like when she told Mutsuki that she doesn’t know Kosoka. That leads me to assume that she doesn’t want to let anyone else know about it at all.
She probably gonna go save Yoriko herself and I’m super worried.
[The other, although less likely, possibilities here are that she won’t go save Yoriko bc if she gets captured or anything, you can bet hell will break lose on Kaneki and co’s side and that’s a lot of trouble for the group too.
Or, she figured it was just a bluff bc it didn’t smell like Yoriko? But she gets triggered and sad anyways :(

I can’t begin to fathom how worried and stressed she must feel now, especially having to act like nothing happened and shouldering it alone.
So she asks Kaneki about Hide. What does he feel, how would he act? She’s indirectly asking for advice. And Kaneki apologizes bc he’s not much of a help there. When he felt like seeing him he never did it or anything else to help fill that need (he’s probably referring to how he always kept his distance to not endanger Hide and well, you know, afterwards he could not go see him at all…) So he always just ends up missing him even more. *rips heart out*

And then she pins him down.
Might have to do with her missing and actually being thirsty for him for a long time, but what I think really was the trigger here is that she’s looking for relief from the pain both of them share. It just simple as that but then again it’s deep. It gives me feels bc they’re both hurting and she’s looking for a way to make it go away for even just a short moment. She might be a little desperate bc it hurts so much… So many emotions are overwhelming her.

Kaneki is right. They both need some rest…

anonymous asked:

I personally HC Yuuri not knowing how expensive all his outfits is since he used to buy cheap ones from like, street vendor and Phichit & Celestino was like 'Yuuri no you're a celebrity for god's sake please don't' then proceeded to make him advertised a fashion brand they picked with 'simple yet elegant' 'clean, sharp cut with subtle sensual undertone' that Yuuri picking one of Victor shirt thinking it's the most plain and cheap while it's the exact opposite (embroidery, lace, frill) he...[1/2]

[2/2]… missed while hastily surfing through Victor’s closet. Poor Vitya’s like ‘of couse he chose the most classy one he has extravagant fashion taste’ thus further confirm his belief of Yuuri Casanova-ness that leads to angsty moments of ‘he could never be satisfied with just me I’m just one of his various conquer targets’ ‘did he leave his shirt at each partner places he slept with then take their as makeshift trophy then throw it away when he lost interest in them’ etc.

After he finally gives it back (although Viktor tells him to keep it because he has A Thing for Yuuri wearing his clothes) Viktor is like 'I still can’t believe you stole my most expensive shirt’ and Yuuri is like ’???what? It was just a plain white shirt what do you mean it was expensive.’ 'It was made of silk Yuuri how did you not notice that’ 'Well how was I supposed to know?!’ *Viktor looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

Signs Figuring Out They Love Someone If They Were Book Characters

Aries: S/he was laying in my arms. Forehead sweaty, body limp. I realized that at that moment, I’d miss her/him. I couldn’t live without them. I brushed my finger across his/ her lips and felt his/ her steady breathe

Taurus: S/he stuffed a double double in n out burger in his/her mouth, and kept it down with a swig of chocolate shake. Wow. S/he was beautiful

Gemini: S/he just wouldn’t give up on me. I was infuriating person, why didn’t they run like the rest of them did? I traced my fingers along his/ her hand

Cancer: I look up and s/he is sitting there in front me doing nothing significant. S/he looks back and I get lost in those warm, but excitatory eyes wondering how I got so lucky to have him/her in my life

Leo: S/he came out of the dressing room and struck a pose. Whoah. S/he was hot. Hotter than anyone I’ve ever seen, maybe even hotter than me. Definitely hotter than me. I wanted to stare at them for eternity, but also rip those clothes off

Virgo: Close your eyes s/he said. I closed my eyes. Breathe s/he said. I breathed. S/he held me as I calmed down. S/he always made sure I was alright

Libra: S/he was so talkative. But I didn’t mind; i wasn’t much of a talker anyways and I loved the way s/he got excited about every little thing. His/ her eyes would glow and his/ her mouth would turn up in a wonderful smile

Scorpio: We danced together, without Jesus between us. It wasn’t scandalous, it was a slow dance. My eyes were closed and I breathed in his/ her scent. My muscles relaxed and I pressed into him/ her, always wanting to be closer

Sagittarius: I screamed at the top of my lungs, then became ultra aware of him/ her next to me and fell silent. But, s/he screamed in return into the empty land in front of us. His/ her voice cracked suddenly, and s/he turned to me, blushing fiercely and all I wanted to do was gather him/ her in my arms

Capricorn: We sat together, our shoulders barely touching as we read different books in comfortable silence. The fire was warm and the blanket held us together as if we were holding hands

Aquarius: S/he told me to shut the hell up for the millionth time, like everyone else did. i got pissed at him/ her like I did to everyone else. But, when s/he broke into a smile I did as well until we were on the ground, holding each other and laughing

Pisces: There were a million different lights glowing: The lights from the rides at the fair, the glow from the stars in the sky, but the best glow was the sparkle that radiated from his/ her eyes whenever we were together

Prompt: None

Rating: M - brief sexual scenes and domestic violence 

Pairing: Kakashi x Reader

The first time it happened, he told you it was a mistake. That despite his close proximity to you where you felt his warm ranging breath on your skin, he had told you that it was a flinch of his hand.

A flinch of his hand that had landed you on your back against the floor, your cheek burning as you looked up at him. Fire raged within you and you contemplated attacking him. But you knew it wouldn’t be enough. You weren’t as strong as him, nor could you ever be. He was by far one of the strongest shinobi in the current village, and here he stood, towering over you like a hunter and it’s prey.

The second time it happened, you knew it was getting worse. When he would come home after a long mission, he would sneak you into bed, dropping a pill into your drink to relinquish you if all your chakra. You’d wake up the next morning feeling sore and achy. Only when he was satisfied with you did the hardships of his mission came out to hurt you. He would become hostile at every question proposed to him, throwing things until finally, you were on the other end of a blow.

And it kept happening.

By the time the fifth time had happened, it was at its worst. There were no more “accidents”, there were no more apologies afterwards, and there was certainly no more coddling of injuries in the days to come. No, this time he had meant it.

It wasn’t really your fault, but then again, you should have known better than to ask him if he would be staying for dinner that night after you had already cooked and he readied himself for leaving. You felt the rage within you, and you began throwing a fit, smashing glasses in the kitchen as you threw away the meal you had cooked.

Before you even noticed him behind you, you felt the hard wood of a nunchaku on your back. You cried out in pain, turning around to defend yourself but he backed you into a corner.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, eh?” He yelled, hitting your arm with the hard wood.

“Stop!” You slid your back down the wall of your tiny apartment, the spots where he had hit radiating pain to your head. You felt dizzy, unable to concentrate as he yelled at you.

“You marry me, and this is how you think you can act? Throwing things like a child? You damn whore.”

“Please!” You tried to get up, reaching for a kunai in your back pocket that wasn’t actually there. You didn’t wear your shinobi attire in the house- it made him feel inferior.

“Why don’t you go sleep with your friend over there! The son of that disgrace Sakumo!”

“You don’t even know him!” You stood up completely, striking a nerve as you faced him. He raised his hand, weapon poised as he registered your words.

“Oh,” he smiled ironically, “I knew you had a soft spot for him. I knew it. So how many times have you slept with him, [y/n]?”

The side of the wooden nunchaku came against your hip.


Again, it hit your arm. Tears streamed down your face.


You felt his foot in your stomach, pushing you up against the wall.

“I haven’t slept with him,” you tried to tell him.

“What was that?”

“I said, I haven’t slept with him!”

His lips curled into a disgusted grimace, “you’re a liar. I don’t know why I even married such a weak and pathetic woman. You can’t even defend yourself. Look at you, weeping in the corner like a child. You call yourself a shinobi of the Leaf?”

You couldn’t muster up the strength to fight him anymore. You felt your body ache from the painful blows, the feeling of weapons against your skin.

Finally, he gave you one last kick in the leg and left, dropping the nunchaku’s on the kitchen floor. You sat in the corner, weeping until you couldn’t feel anymore.

* * * * * * * 

You couldn’t tell anyone.

They would kill him. If you even mentioned it to Kakashi, a blade with be through your husbands chest before you could do anything about it.

You’re relationship with the copy-nin was awkward. The sexual tension could be cut with a knife, but the connection was much deeper than that. It has blossomed during one mission where you found yourself in his arms, bloodied and tired against his chest. He had talked you out of a panicked episode, and after that, you both felt something that wasn’t there before.

You hadn’t lied to your husband about sleeping with Kakashi. Yes, you had kissed him. Once. Or perhaps twice. Or maybe you were having an affair with him, if an affair didn’t include sleeping together. Not yet anyway.

It wasn’t as though you didn’t want to sleep with him, on the contrary, it was really all you thought about. It’s just that you weren’t ready to make yourself accept that your marriage wasn’t what it used to be. You weren’t ready to throw that all away, as you felt that your old husband was still under there, somewhere. But alas, now was not one of those times.

You had told Kakashi about the beatings once. His face burned with rage the moment you spoke the words, and you lied and told him that it was an accident and you would tell him if he ever did it again.

But you didn’t.

* * * * * * * 

It was three days after the last incident. Your body was beginning to heal itself, repairing the tissues that were damaged. This time, there was no apology for what he had done. And you wept everyday afterwards. You ached for Kakashi’s closeness. The relationship you had with him.

So you walked over to his house.

And sat on his couch with him, making sure to cover all your bruises and marks. Luckily, they weren’t on your face this time.

“I missed you,” you whispered to him.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, your knees touching as he tilted his head to see you.

“Yes,” you lied. “Just wanted to see you.”

A smile tugged at his lips from behind his mask. He leaned over, brushing them against yours for a brief moment. You lifted your hand, touching his face as if giving him permission to stay there. He looked down at you, the breath from his mouth tickling your skin. You exhaled as his eyes flickered back to your mouth.

Not a moment later, his lips were on yours, first gently and then more hungry. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your mind blank from the sudden heat. You pulled him closer, arching your back against his chest as he gripped your hips. He pulled away and a second later, you felt the refreshing feeling of his real lips on yours. You reached up, feeling his mask pooled around his neck as his arms snaked up your shirt.

“Is this okay?” He pulled away, breathless. You nodded your head, not even thinking as you crashed your lips back to his. Everything felt surreal. In just a moment, you had been sitting in his couch ready to confess to your beatings and now you were locked in his arms, completely forgetting it all. It didn’t even cross your fogged mind as you fished under his shirt, feeling his chiseled back under your finger tips. You felt your stomach twitch as his hand unhook your bra, his calloused touch trailing across your side until he reached your breast. You felt like the wind was knocked out of you and you moved your mouth away from his, his lips quickly pushing hot kisses to your neck.

You felt him pick you up, placing you on his hips before replacing you on your back. You whimpered as he pushed his hips against yours, rocking them against you and lighting a fire in your belly.

“Kashi-” you barely could breath as he held your breast in his hand, pushing you against his hips.

“Shh-” he managed before sitting you up and yanking your shirt off.

And then it stopped. Suddenly he pulled away.

His chest that was heaving with excitement suddenly deflated and his eyebrows came together. He looked at your arm. He looked at your side.

Embarrassed for being so careless, you quickly reached for your shirt.

“This was a mistake,” you told him. He stopped you, his eyes stern as he held your wrist.

“What is this?” He asked quietly.

“Nothing, just from a mission.”

Kakashi’s face began to redden with anger.

“Don’t lie to me, [y/n].”

You felt your chin quiver involuntarily as you avoided his eyes.

“Did he do this?” His voice was seething, “he hurt you again?”

“I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to -”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

You felt a cry bubbling up in your chest. Your vision became blurry with tears.

“How many times has he done this to you?” Kakashi persisted, trying to meet your gaze.

“I don’t know,” you managed.

He took your arm gently in his hand, inspecting the deep bruise with a brush of his thumb.

“I’m sorry- I know what this looks like.”


“I am a weak woman- I could have defended myself. It’s not -”

“Don’t start with that bullshit,” he told you sternly, a finger pointed at you as he held your shoulder. “You are not a weak woman.”

You tried to catch you breath, feeling panic beginning to envelope you.

“Where else did he hit you?” He asked, trying to remain calm.

You shook your head, tears streaming from your lids.

“Tell me, please,[y/n]. I want to help you.”

“My back,” you whispered, looking away.

Carefully, he stood up, adjusting himself as he turned you around. The bruise on your back was the worst of them all, a solid purple mark directly in the middle with tiny veins surrounding it.

His teeth sunk into his knuckles, “bastard.”

“Kakashi, please-” you tried as quickly left the room. “What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna kill him,” he seethed.

“Kakashi!” You pleaded. “You can’t kill another Leaf shinobi! They’ll throw you in Hōzuki Castle!”

“You think it’s okay for him to get away with this?” Kakashi spat, pulling his mask back up.

“I don’t -”

“How many times has he done this to you?”

You looked away, “five.”

Kakashi closed his eyes, disgusted.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He frowned, sitting back down. You began to weep, uncontrollable tears falling from your face. He wrapped his arms around you, aching himself.

“I’m sorry,” you tried.

“Don’t be sorry,” he whispered, trying to calm himself down as well. “I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.”

* * * * * * *

A week later, you signed divorce papers.

Despite it not being his job, Kakashi volunteered to hand deliver them to your soon to be ex-husband who was now recovering from being severely beaten by not just the silver haired copy-nin, but by quite a few other shinobi who had caught wind of the situation.

It was one thing to fight with a comrade, but it was another thing entirely to fight with a spouse and lay a hand on them

That was not tolerated. * * * * *

A/N: idk guys, i had this idea and it didn’t come out as good as I had hoped, but here it is. Im sorry I’m trash. I’m sorry if it’s corny. I guess I’m not entirely good at writing my own prompts.

I just like angst.

Yoongi Scenario: Lay By Your Side.

Request: A scenario with Yoongi when he miss you so much that he even admits all the boys and you surpise him while he spleeing and you spoon him, like too much fluff !! PRETTY PLEASE!!!

Genre: Fluff.

It was the fourth time Taehyung caught him staring at your picture, and as each time Yoongi sighed before putting his phone away to glare at Taehyung for snooping.

The younger guy gave him an apologetic smile to which Yoongi sighed again, it was no secret that he had a girlfriend, at least not to his members and manager. They knew and were fairly supportive on him, more coming from his members than the company, although there was always the reminder of how cautious he should be, neither of them wanted a scandal and honestly Yoongi thought it was best to keep you secret for your own well being.

They were currently in China, doing a photoshoot to which it followed an interview for the magazine spread and then they’d go to a music show to perform their latest song. It was a hectic schedule, but everyone was happy to be able to promote abroad. After that they would be going to Japan for two days, going back to Korea for just two days before going back to Japan to continue promoting their japanese track.

It all resulted in him having near to no time to see you in person, Yoongi was aware that sometimes he wouldn’t be able to see you or even talk to you properly, you knew that as well and always gave each other support. Yoongi just hoped for an opportunity to go to you and spend some quality time together, just the thought had his whole body craving for it.
But as the days without seeing each other started to accumulate Yoongi felt the toll that it had on him; he had finished his solo shots for the photoshoot and he couldn’t help but stare at your profile photo, he wanted to kiss you all over, hold you close, being able to see into your eyes without having it to be through a device.

Taehyung had woken him up from his reverie, which pissed Yoongi, his friend was giving him a weird look, partially sorry for catching him, partially curious by Yoongi’s current state. Thinking about it, he must look scary with the death glare he was sure he had on.

-What?- Yoongi muttered.

-Nothing… It’s just that…- Taehyung looked around to ensure no one was listening. -You have been staring at Y/N’s picture for a while-

Yoongi shrugged. -She’s my girlfriend- he whispered back in a tone that said the issue was over. He didn’t like talking about you in such places, and now he could see he was being a bit imprudent for looking at your picture like that, Taehyung must have been worried too.
Yoongi looked at the younger guy with softer eyes. -Sorry-

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William Nylander - Part 4


Four days pass. I don’t text Will. Rian hounds me about it every day. She says that I’m being a bitch. I don’t think I’m being too irrational, he mangled my damn face. The swelling as gone down completely and I’m able to cover the stitches with a bandage, even looking in the mirror now the black and purple has turned into yellow.

               I’m able to cover the remaining bruises with makeup and balance out my face somewhat decently. Nathan said that he would take my stitches out in a few days for me. He’s still been mother hen over me, checking every day that there are no signs of a concussion. I had to make Rian promise not to tell him or Jake about Nylander giving me his number. At first she had pouted, but she understood. What I wanted more than anything was to not hurt Nathan’s feelings.

               I let him take me out yesterday, mostly because I was tired of him asking. I was pleasantly surprised at what he had planned for us. No fancy dinner or movie, just a walk through downtown Toronto. Our coats pulled tight around us and our hoods up, but our fingers entwined through thick gloves. Ice cream may sound crazy for a Canada winter, but we couldn’t help ourselves and the parlor had been warmer than outside.

               We had finished the night at the front door of my apartment, he didn’t ask to come in and I didn’t offer. Instead he had kissed me for the first time. A feather light brush at first, then a little firmer. It had felt nice, a pleasant warmth had flowed through my veins and I kissed him back. Nathan had smiled at me when he pulled away, the faint tingle from his lips remaining on my own. We said goodnight to each other and he waited until I closed the door and peeked through the peep hole to walk back down the hall to the elevator.

               Now my phone buzzed on the countertop, interrupting my dancing and singing as I do my hair.

               I had fun last night. Hopefully you let me take you out again tomorrow?

               Against my better judgement, I smile down at the screen. I do care about Nathan, but now I’m even more confused about what I’m doing. We have a beautiful friendship, my only constant companion since I was six years old and I accidently broke his nose with a basketball. Do I want to ruin that? I hesitate before I reply back.

               I heard the theater is having a play

               You wanna go?


               Play it is

               I should smile, I get to go watch Shakespeare. Instead my stomach sinks, an uncomfortable feeling taking place instead. What am I doing?

               I take a deep breath and return my attention to my hair, straightening every tendril meticulously. I need a distraction. After a few minutes of pondering, I walk back into my office and see the stack of manuscripts has been depleted, and I’m still waiting on a few more to come in, so I have a free day.

               Grabbing my purse, I head out of my apartment and to my car waiting in the adjourning parking lot. Dusting the snow and ice off, I hop in and head towards the mall. Being a Sunday, the place is a madhouse. After hunting down a parking spot and I pull my hood up and trudge through the freshly plowed parking lot. Getting inside, I hit my usual targets. After a trip back to my car to dump off the heavy bags that had laden my hands, I go back inside for the place that takes me the longest.

               I step inside the shop and inhale, the smell of new books is intoxicating. I float down the long aisle, wondering where I should start first. Mystery? Sports? Drama? Young adult? I quickly skip over the romance. That’s not my forte.

               I decide on the sports section first, seeing what’s new and what I haven’t already got on my bookshelf at home. I dodge between people without seeing faces, my eyes only for the covers and words before me. Unfortunately, I don’t find any that I don’t already have or that interests me. Instead I make my way down to the young adult section, being twenty I still think I qualify.

               My hands flirt over each cover, grabbing at random and ignoring covers, reading the words inside the flap first. I take my time, picking up several and putting them back. The hairs on the back of my neck prickle and I stiffen, I glance around and don’t see another person for the first time I’ve walked into this store. But I can feel someone.

               I narrow my eyes and stalk slowly down the aisle, peeking around the corner and again see no one. Confused, I turn back to where I had been standing in time to see the tail of a coat disappear behind the next aisle. Rolling my eyes, I make my way back to where I had left off and continue my search. Out of the corner of my eye I see movement to my right, but I ignore it.

               Only when I round the corner to go into the next aisle of YA shelves do I catch a whiff of something familiar. I’m brought back to the ACC, into the small room where my face had gotten stitches and where Mr. Blue Eyes had held my hand. I chew on the inside of my cheek for a moment and plot an idea. I can still feel him in the general area, my senses hyper aware in the impossibly quiet store. But I guess books will do that to people, it feels like a library so why wouldn’t people speak in soft tones.

               I circle around a few aisles and pick a book up at random and lean against the end cap, flipping open the front cover and reading the synopsis. He appears before me, looking the opposite way, not seeing me until I speak.

               “You know, growing up with two younger brothers I learned how to play a lot of games,” I say nonchalantly, slapping the book closed and looking up at Will. “And I learned how to play them very well. You play hide and seek long enough, they always come to you.”

               He eyes me for a moment, not a trace of embarrassment crossing his face, only amusement.

               “Two younger brothers you say? Try having two little sisters,” he says after a beat, putting his hands in his pockets and smiling softly at me.

               “I have one. You reduced her to a puddle the other day at the pizza place,” I reply, moving back down the aisle to return the book to its rightful place.

               “That was your sister? I don’t see a resemblance,” he says, following after me and watching my hand flicker book to book.

               “You’re right, she could pass as your sister more so than mine,” I say not looking back at him.

               “How old are you brothers?” He asks to my surprise.

               “Twins, twelve year old crazy boys,” I say, a smile finding its way onto my face. “Lucky they have hockey to get their energy out, otherwise I think my parents would both have gray hair by now. Rian as well for that matter.”

               Will eyes me, a smile on his face. “So you’re the oldest?”


               “I could tell.”

               My eyes flash to his and I frown. “How?”

               “The way you talk about them,” is his reply, brushing past to me to stand on my other side and I turn my head to keep him in my sights.

               “How do I talk about them? I barely said anything,” I question and he laughs.

               “I could just tell. Something tells me you’ve never missed your brother’s games, or Rian’s for that matter if she indeed plays anything,” he picks a book at random and opens the front cover like he’s been watching me do.

               I pause for a moment before reaching out and taking the book from him. It’s the one I had been looking for. I tap the cover and show him it’s the third book of a series and he gives me a goofy smile that causes my cheeks to heat for some reason.

               “You can’t tell all that from just a few words,” I eye him before moving farther down the aisle, forcing him to back up a few steps. “By the way, the whole stalking thing?” I raise my eyebrows at him and he has the decency to blush.

               “First time I’ll admit, I went there to see you. Here was purely coincidence, I swear,” Will says and I laugh and immediately his face lights up.  

               “Don’t worry, I’m into it,” I tease and wink at him before walking behind him and make my way to the register.

               I think I catch him off guard, which was what I wanted. Though he catches up to me quickly, he’s a few inches taller than me and his legs are longer.

               “Glad it didn’t make you run away screaming,” he says, a grin on his face and I have to smile back.

               “Who says that’s not what I’m doing right now, just acting calm so I don’t tip you off and give you time to run away?” I ask, my tone serious but he just rolls his eyes at me.

               “You would have done that five minutes ago,” he replies and I roll my eyes.

               “Maybe I wanted you to admit that you were stalking me.”

               “I didn’t, I told you it was chance that I saw you here. I walk in through this store because it’s usually not as busy as the rest of the mall, easier to go unnoticed,” he says and I notice the hat on his head is pulled down and the way he’s been staring at the floor pretty much the entire time we’ve been walking.

               I nod slowly and get in line for the register, to my surprise Will stays with me. I eye him questionably and he knows what I’m asking.

               “You never texted me,” he says simply and I again nod.

               “I didn’t.”

               “Why not?”

               I shrug my shoulders and lower my gaze. “I didn’t think there was anything for you to make up for.”

               Will stands in silence until it’s my turn to pay. He hovers at my elbow, keeping his head down, focused on me.

               When we get to the exit that leads back out into the mall he catches my elbow in his hand. I stop walking and stare at him.

               “Get a coffee with me at least?” He asks, his blue eyes searching mine as he waits for my answer.

               “Why?” I ask.

               “Because I like talking to you and would like to do it some more,” he replies without hesitation and I again blink at how forward he is.

               “You know, it’s weird having someone give answers to everything you ask,” I say slowly and nudge him in the direction of the food court.

               “I don’t see a point in avoiding questions. It only creates more,” Will says and I nod thoughtfully. “Speaking of which, I had a question to ask you.”

               Immediately I get that apprehensive feeling in my stomach that I get whenever says those words.

               “Okay, what is it?” I ask, keeping my eyes down by my feet and relying on Will to steer me in the right direction.

               “That guy that was holding the towel to your face at the game, is he your uh…” Will asks slowly and for the first time I hear uncertainty in his tone.

               I have to laugh when I reply. “Boyfriend?”

               Will just nods and avoids my eyes. I think for a moment, pondering his question and thinking back to last night.

               Eventually I shake my head slowly. “No, Will. Nathan is not my boyfriend.”

               He viably relaxes next to me and I laugh again.

               “Why were you so tense?” I ask him, looking up to see him staring at me again.

               “Didn’t know if I was possibly stepping on someone’s toes,” he answers, another smile on his face.

               “Why? It’s only coffee,” I tilt my head at him and give him a grin.

               This time he rolls his eyes at me. “I probably should have mentioned that coffee to me means a date.” He teases back, or is he teasing?

               I press my lips together for a moment, thinking and he glances back down at me. Clearly pleased with himself because of the stupid grin still on his pretty boy face.

               “Wow so needy. Don’t text a boy back and he comes and finds me,” I say eventually, nudging him with my elbow.

               “What can I say? My dad always told me if you find something you want, do whatever it takes to get it. No matter how low you have to stoop,” he says and I give him a skeptical look. “I don’t kid about my dad, Y/N.” Will tries to say with a straight face but when I burst out giggling he can’t help but laugh too.

               We get in line for our coffee and I stand closer to him than I really need to but he doesn’t seem to mind. He nods me ahead of him when it’s our turn and produces his wallet before I can protest.

               “Thank you,” I say begrudgingly when we step to the side to wait for our order to come out.

               “Least I can do,” he replies. His eyes slowly moving across my face to my eye that I’m sure he can tell is still a different color than the rest of my face. I freeze when he raises his hand slowly runs his thumb across the band aide and then just under my eye. My lips part not because of any pain, but because of the sharp flash of heat and tingles that rampage through my body.

               His eyes flash down to my parted lips and slowly lowers his hand back down to his side, his own lips forming into a smile. Will brings his eyes up to mine and reaches to the side to retrieve both our coffees from the barista that I hadn’t even heard speak.

               He leads me over to secluded table and takes the seat facing away from the majority of people. I sit across him and pull my coffee to me, pressing both my hands around the cup and sigh at the warmth. Will watches me silently, leaning back in his seat comfortably and stretching one leg out so it’s nearly touching me.

               “Sure you don’t want a smaller table?” I ask sarcastically, referring to the table that’s less than two feet across.

               Will grins at that. “Intimate,” is all he says and my cheeks heat again, my eyes dropping back down to my coffee. I can feel his eyes on my and press my lips together.

               “Why don’t you take a picture,” I snap at him without looking up.

               He chuckles and brings his cup to his lips and I fight the urge to watch him.

               “You’re a funny girl, Y/N,’ he says, placing his cup back down on the table and pushing it back and forth between his hands.

               “What do you mean?” I ask him, glancing up, grateful that his eyes are still on his cup.

               “You seem like you don’t want to be here with me, yet here you are,” he says quietly.

               I bite my lip before answering. “I just wasn’t sure if I should be here or not,” I reply just as quietly and his eyes meet mine once again.


               I shrug. “I just kind of feel like you’re trying to make up something to me that I don’t need,” I say slowly, knowing my words probably don’t make sense but then again my brain scatters every time he looks at me.

               He nods slowly, raising his cup again to take a drink and I know it’s only so he can think before he speaks.

               “I’m not trying to make anything up to you, Y/N. Do I feel bad about your face? Yes. But you weren’t seriously hurt and it was an accident. Me giving you my number and saying that apparently wasn’t my best idea. I wanted to you to text or call me. And that was the only way I could think of doing it without you completely discarding it,” he explains, keeping his eyes on his hands the whole time.

               “You could have just given it to me, I probably would have done exactly what you wanted,” I say after a moment, a smile on my face. Will looks up at me in surprise.


               “I only didn’t text you because I thought you felt guilty,” I say and take a drink of my own coffee.

               He eyes me a moment, a slow smile crossing his face as I watch.

               “So, you do want to be here…” Will says slowly and I laugh.

               “I wouldn’t still be sitting here if I didn’t,” I bite my lip and tilt my head.

               His eyes flash to my mouth and back again.

               “Thank god,” he says and downs the last of his coffee.