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November Rain (Part 1)

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Characters: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 3001

Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, Smut, Unprotected Sex, Angst, Violence Against the Reader, Swearing, Bigotry 

Summary:  After a hunt goes awry, Dean and the reader spend the night together, but was it all a mistake?

A/N:  This is my first A/B/O fic, written for @dr-dean‘s A/B/O Challenge (Happy Birthday!!).  I’ve always wanted to write one of these, so thank you so much for breaking me out of my shell.  And thank you @notnaturalanahi, for getting me out of my funk and inspired to write this, not to mention betaing it for me.  The prompt was November Rain by Guns n’Roses (one of my favorite songs, by my favorite band.)  Written using @kittenofdoomage‘s A/B/O Rules.  It got a little too long, so I’m splitting it up into two parts.  

***Please do not repost my work without my knowledge or consent.  Even if you are giving me credit, please do not repost my work.***

The day you met Dean Winchester you knew he belonged to you.

It wasn’t the earth shattering electricity you’d heard True Bonds conveyed when mates touched.  It was in a smile, in a glance, in the warm, comforting knowledge that he was yours.  Just for you.

Since then, loving him had been as easy as breathing, but being with him was considerably harder.  If Dean had felt the call, he never showed it.  He worked beside you, treated you like family, but never made an advance.  And that was the true challenge of your situation, and the true burden of being an unmated Omega.

“I’ll have you know, I’m great company to most people,” Dean said, shaking you out of your thoughts.

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Imagine Your OTP

cliche chaebol AU

A & B standing in a shopping centre

A (arrogant & rich) : *gives B credit card* *smirks* you can get anything you want, I’ll wait in the car

B : *stares at card, then stares at A, takes card and enters shopping centre* 

- 30 mins later -

B returns.

B : *returns card and receipts to A*

A : *reads receipts* are you serious, you used my platinum credit card to get a pair of H&M jeans and a beanie from TOPSHOP?!

anonymous asked:

I can see your reasoning for not liking your art reposted, but what if they give you credit? That's honestly how I found your blog, bc I had seen credit and liked what I had seen (it was when herc and laf took the ladder)

We have never once been asked for permission for our art to be reposted.

Please imagine working hours on something; you’ve had long hours of school or work in the week and creating content for this site is one of the few comforts you have. Now imagine someone taking that work you’ve poured time and energy to and showing it off while erasing the caption, erasing the context, and yes, erasing the credit. 

How is it fair that all we get is a measly “credit to ask-therevboys”? A line tacked on that gives absolutely 0 respect to those who originally created the work? 

Mod B and I create these comics purely for fun and because we like doing it. We appreciate you finding our blog, but we aren’t very concerned with the numbers off it. Even if the credit supposedly gives us more attention, we absolutely do not want our art reposted. 

We just ask that it does not continue. Thank you for understanding.

- Mod Pepper

PROJECT: Double B-Day

It’s time to start celebrating for BamBam’s birthday, Ahgases! GOT7SNET is hosting another project, this time dedicated to BamBam. Anyone can participate, including non-members and those who don’t make content! Let’s show lots of love and appreciation to him!

✰ start: April 2nd, 2017
✰ end: May 2nd, 2017  – (his birthday!)

✰ focuses:

↳ fav era

↳ fav photoshoot

↳ fav lyric

↳ fav moment

↳ fav hairstyle

↳ fav AU for him

↳ fav interaction

↳ fav dance

↳ his laugh

↳ his smile

↳ his eyes

↳ etc.

✰ to participate:

reblog this  (gotta spread the word!)

↳ use the hashtag “Double B-day” to have it seen/reblogged

↳ create anything (doesn’t just have to be visuals)

↳ credit anything that isn’t yours (compiled photos, gifs, fantakens, etc)

↳ have fun!

✰ other projects:

↳ “Welcome Back, Wang!” - giving a warm welcome to Jackson

This project has ended. Thank you so so much to those of you who participated!:

@theamazingsehun , @got7doubleb , @iget7 , @noirahgase@cchoiyoungjae ,and @otteryj  (if someone contributed and wasn’t mentioned here, please say so!)

You can find their lovely contributions to this project here! Thank you again to participants and those who spread the word ♡

Roll Credits | A Season 3 Westallen Series

So, you hear me talk about Roll Credits sometimes on here. But unless you actually go to the Series tab on my AO3 account (or follow my side blog), you prob don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this post, I will sum up what RC is, give you links (AO3 only) to all the fics currently in the series and the ideas I have that just haven’t been written yet b/c I lost inspiration (which is not to say it won’t come back someday, just that for the time being those ideas are on hold).

Roll Credits is essentially a collection of missing westallen (mostly) scenes from season 3 episodes. I never write one for an episode before it airs, because I rly try to make these scenes fit canon as much as is humanly possible, and so I want to see what the episode gave us, so I can know how to realistically fit it in.

It should also be noted that while these are “deleted” scenes from the episodes, they do all relate to each other. So, there may be references to previous fics in the series included in later ones that you wouldn’t know just by watching the show. They’re believable in canon, but they aren’t mentioned in the episodes b/c I came up with them, so it’s more beneficial to read all the fics to fully understand and appreciate them. Still, for the most part they are minor things that can be ignored and the fics can still be understood. The only exception to this are fics that are more or less written in a mini-series and take place one right after the other. The 3x16 and 3x19 fics are specific examples of this.

Listed below in BOLD are the fics I have written (with their links). In italics (and w/ ‘TBD’ as the ‘title’) are the ideas I have not. All are listed chronologically by episode.

* - requested fic (before title)
- fic includes smut (after title)

TBD: 3x03 - Barry returning to his date with Iris at the end of the episode.

Pretty Eyes, Pretty Lips: Post 3x04 - Iris has a hard time leaving Barry to go home. 

The Flash and Related Topics: Post 3x05 - Barry takes Julian out for a drink.

Late Night Distraction: Post 3x05 - Barry stops by Iris’s place after going out with Julian.

*TBD: 3x06 - Wally tells Iris about his dreams about being Kid Flash before anyone else

A Breath and a Kiss: Post 3x07 - Barry needs a place to crash, at least for the night. Iris volunteers.

Lay Me to Sleep: Post 3x08 - Barry comes home to an emotional Iris, furious and heartbroken that he didn’t tell her he almost sacrificed himself to the Dominators.

TBD: 3x09 - Barry & Iris morning after fluff

*Tears Above His Heartbeat: Post 3x10 - Barry and Iris share a sad, tender moment after a long, sleepless night worrying about the future. 

Eskimo Kisses: 3x11 - Barry and Iris being cute: an extended version of their last scene in the episode.

*Her Flash, Her Barry***: 3x12 - Barry shows Iris just how much of him she has. In bed. (Request-ish for @wanderer765. I came up with the idea, but she wanted it verrrry badly. lol.)

TBD: 3x13 - Wally & Jesse talk about their argument earlier. Wally addresses all the reasons he likes her that have nothing to do with speed.

TBD: 3x13 - Barry & Iris post-ep angst; Barry didn’t know Iris knew he was still having nightmares.

TBD: 3x14 - Barry & Iris smut (implied in the ep) following the “breakfast” scene.

The Calm: 3x16 - Barry agrees to go home with Iris after being pulled out of the speed force. 

TBD: 3x16 - Jesse checks in on a sleeping Wally after her small victory over Savitar.

If the Sofa is Empty: 3x16 - Barry asks to crash with Cisco. Again.

One More Night***: Post 3x16 - Iris demands one more night with Barry.

TBD: Post 3x16 - Barry has another nightmare about Iris being killed by Savitar, but this time he’s at Cisco’s; Cisco overhears him and responds accordingly.

TBD: 3x17 - Barry asks Joe for permission to re-propose to Iris.

TBD: Post 3x17 - Barry & Iris fluff immediately following the proposal

The Echo of Heartbreak: 3x18 - Barry can’t stop thinking about his broken engagement with Iris, even with his ring back on her finger.

Someone to Come Home to: 3x19 - Barry reunites with Iris

Touch Me, Trust Me, Wrap Your Arms Around Me***: Post 3x19 - Barry tries to reassure Iris about the future.

A Flicker of Light: Post 3x19 - Barry wants to see Iris smile. (morning after angst cuddling)

TBD: 3x20 - Wally visiting Jesse on Earth 3.

Interlude***: 3x21 - Barry prioritizes alone time with Iris. (a.k.a. they pick up where they left off when HR interrupted them…)

Like It’s the Last Time***: 3x22 - Iris requests one more thing of Barry.

One Night of Weakness: Post 3x23 - Iris insists on staying alone at the loft her first night without Barry.

Me @ everyone buying art for bios on fr: I have a code for you!

[b][color=#45C3B8]Art By:[/color][/b] [url=http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=ARTISTS USER ID]ARTISTS USER/PREFERRED NAME[/url]

The color is a light blue but you can easily change it to any color you want


It’s so much easier to JUST give credit like this
Even if the artist is like ‘oh that’s not required but thank you’
It shows the artist respect, it gives them more opportunity to be noticed and you don’t LOSE the artist who did the piece for you!

Please use this! It’s a simple code that anyone can do! It will make your life and the artists life easier.

Just another idea I had

“I trust you, A, I really do” B said with their last dying breath as A choked back tears and held B in their arms. Hoping. Praying. That they’d come back. That they would just open their eyes one last time.

The words “I trust you” rang through their head for the rest of their life. Those words meant more to A than anything else in the world.

(Please give credit if used, I say as if someone will use this 😂 😊💙)

You know what I’ve never understood? When people write college AUs, and one of the characters in a ship is an art major (I can’t speak for other majors sorry, but I’m sure this would apply to many), they never mention the back aches that come with constantly being bent over work. Think of the possibilities. Person A complains about their back/shoulders/neck/arms/whatever other body part you can think of hurting all the time so Person B starts giving them massages that start out as platonic but it gives them an opportunity to chat more and they start growing feelings for each other. Or maybe they’re already romantically involved and it just builds their bond more, or Person B teaches Person A yoga stretches to stop aching so much, I don’t know. Point is, it’s literally right there.

Feel free to use this if you want, just send me a link cuz I wanna read. Credit would be nice too if you use it I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Random Asks

Posting a bunch of asks like this because I’m so bad at replying and they just keep piling up. Most of these are anon, some are not. Sorry for not replying straight to you but a lot of them are kinda old so you probably forgot you wrote me anyway.

-   Do you do commissions?’

-   Love love love your style! Do you ever do commissions?

Nope, sorry, I’m too busy for commissions! I might do some in the future but I don’t really plan on it. we’ll see what happens.

-   How do you skan your sketchbook drawings? Ps I LOVE YOUR STYLE OD DRAWING ITS SO AMAZING 💕

ok, I don’t understand this question. I put my sketchbook in a scanner and it scans? usually at 300 or 600 dpi. and then I use “levels” in photoshop to adjust the white/black ratio, is this… what you wanted to know?

-   can we use your art as icons if we give credit? its very cute i love your art so much!

yeah sure! I feel a bit weird if ppl use my self-portraits (like my ootd drawings) for icons though. just because, that’s me. but if you credit it’s all good I guess, ha.

-   Hi sorry to bother you but I was wondering how do you go about drawing? Do you use any kind of guidelines? I would really appreciate if you could give an example but you don’t have to if it’s too much. I love your style by the way<3

-   You’re art is so nice and awesome! Please, will you teach me how to art?

I’m not a tutorial kind of artist, sorry! and I think my technique is pretty regular too. I sketch my drawings out in coloured pencils and then I ink on top of that. I don’t have any examples on how I sketch but I try to capture the whole thing before getting into details…?  @veesdumpingrounds has some good art tutorials. as does Norman Lemay @grizandnorm

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anonymous asked:

You probably get asked this a lot but can I use some of your drawings for icons? I will of course give you credit! I just really love your drawings, they're so cute and amazing! OvO)b

Sure 🌸

BLOCK B REACTION: When He finds you're a famous gameplayer

Annyeong~~ I take a long time to finished that, I’m so sorry 

Zico: After days working with his band, Jiho goes to his girlfriend’s house to make an surprise visit but end up seeing her lying on the couch, her eyes fixed on the tv with her  hands moving fast. She don’t even notice his presence since she is in the middle of a championship.

“Woah, what is this?” He says sitting on the sofa, scaring her.

“Oppa you scared me!” She would answer pausing the game while throwing the remote far away.

“I was in a important game… I would’ve go to the world wide chmpionship if I will this!”

“Wordwide?” He would be surprised to know your level was so high and would ask you a lot of questions.

Taeil: On the begging he’d think that you were just playing for fun, but after seeing you playing for 24 hours direct, he would get worried if you’re not getting tired.

“I will win… And then, I’ll become the best in all Korea!”

“All Korea?” He’d think you were exaggerating, but as soon as you show him your skills, it made him realise it was real.

B-Bomb: With a two days break, b-bomb would automatically call you to ask you out. He wouldn’t expect a rejection; Sad he asks for an explanation. You send him a adress and ask him to meet you there at the same day.

B-bomb reaches the place and find a videogame championship, in which has a big poster with your name on it, and it has something more with it, it said that you were one of the finalists and one of Korea’s best players.

“Jagi… is this real?” It would be the only thing he could think of to say, besides looking around like a impressed fool.

Jaehyo: discreetly Jaehyo would try to get closer, do umpteen questions about what you were playing and even ask to try, all for have some of your attention. “Oppa … Did you know that you’re learning from the best player in the country? ” You would question excited to tell him that.

“Hey, where’d you learn how to brag like that?”.At first he would think it was a joke and when he bring home would be crazy.

U-Kwon: He doesn’t question directly to you to see you on the computer playing for hours, but he’d be jealous about to hack into your computer while you were doingsomething else.

“YAH! OPPA WHAT YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING ON MY COMPUTER? ” You scream to catch him in the Act.  "I’M JUST LOOKING AT WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE.“ He would shout back, with the cheekbones red of getting caught.

You’d have a long discussion until finally the fact you be a famous player was revealed.

Kyung: He couldn’t believe when listening to yourself it was a famous player, he would ask for evidence and would take some time to convince himself. When convinced could use the games during some fights or as an argument to see you.

P.O.: After seeing for you hours and more hours in front of the computer, without giving attention P.O. would have an attack of jealousy, would try to turn off the computer, but you’d stop him screaming about to be there so long.

"Woooah, my girlfriend is the best in the world!” He’d talk when both were calmer andeverything explained.

It’s just for today

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

mckkachins  asked:

assumption: u deadass thought someone used ur credit card bc of a purchase u didnt recognize but it turned out to be just u ordering yoi merch that u forgot about

fuck that wasn’t anonymous but i don’t rlly regret it

asfjhaflh ray i can’t believe you’re calling me out like this

… confirmed. and not just once. oops?

anonymously make an assumption about me and i’ll confirm/deny it


Deaf!Hawkeye blog header. I made his because I got bored and learned how to animate gifs. If you don’t know ASL, the signs say B-L-O-G. I took a year of sign language and still remember the alphabet so the letters should be right. If it isn’t right, please message me so I can fix it. If you use this, and I don’t think anyone will, please credit me.

EDIT: Some lovely people pointed out that the fingers in the B needed to be closer together and that the thumb in the G needed to be parallel with the index finger. The original gif is the top gif and the corrected gif is at the bottom. I posted the original gif a while ago, so my drawing ability has changed. Anyway, enough rambling. Enjoy! And if there are any more mistakes, just give me a heads-up.

BTS Reaction to You (GF) Being Cuddly in Bed (Done by possible new admin)

So this is a reaction request done by Possible Admin J. Please let me know what you think about it. Be as honest as you want, I will not be posting the comments. I will use them to help with my final decision:

(Some of the gifs I had to change to give credit and I could not find the same she used in the original post)

-Admin Kat <3

(note: gifs dont belong to me)



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How to Cope with School


- If you have a study hall or an open period use it to do homework. Make the most out of that time.

- Socializing comes last. During the school week if your friends ask you to go do something say no. It’l be hard, but your homework comes first. I had to do this recently.

- Start your homework as soon as you get home. Don’t tell yourself “Oh, I’ll do it later tonight” because you won’t and your work won’t be its best. Getting your homework done early in the evening will make your night less stressful. You won’t have to worry about it anymore. Trust me on this.

- Have a study/homework area. This area should have zero distractions. No phones, computers (unless needed for school) and anything else you know will keep you from working. Stay off social media as well! If music helps you focus then play some while you work. Try to listen to instrumental music. I find listening to classical type music helps me focus. On pandora I will turn on The Vitamin String Quartet Radio. It is my favorite.

- Have a study group. Get together with friends and do homework. You can help each other. Be sure to stay on topic though.

- Another little tip, on the nights you don’t have homework.. bring things home to study. If you’re not understanding your Chemistry class, bring your notes or book home and brush up on the stuff you’re not understanding. Also, just study. When finals come around you won’t be so overwhelmed with all the things you have to study.

- Do extra credit and/or corrections. If your teacher gives you the opportunity to do extra credit or make corrections on a test or quiz, TAKE IT. Math is not my best subject. I didn’t do the best on a test and it dropped my grade to a B. My teacher allows us to make corrections. I never did this in 9th or 10th grade but this year I did. After I make corrections my grade went back to an A. I’m always going to make corrections!

- Ask your teachers for help. They are there to help you! Go in before or after school if you need to. I go to my math teacher a lot because math is just so difficult for me. During my first 2 years of high school I never really asked for help because I was shy.

- Ask questions in class. Don’t be scared of looking stupid. I used to never ask questions in math class because I was scared. This year I ask questions almost all the time. You never know, you could be helping someone else out as well.

These tips will hopefully help you complete your homework and keep you GPA up. I do these things and I have all A’s.


- Have a bubble bath and a paper night. On the weekends have some time to yourself to just relax and unwind from the hard week.

- Read a book.

- Listen to music.

- Light candles when you get home from school. I do thins a lot because candles are comforting to me.

- Do things that make you happy. For example: I love coffee, watching movies, The Vampire Diaries, reading books, listening to music, and watching YouTube videos. I will do these things to make myself happy and less stressed.

- Exercise, it’s proven to release stress.


[I’m in high school so I am mostly going to talk about high school friend experiences]

- Finding true friends is really hard. People change and lie so much. You need to figure out where you are planning to go with your life. Are you going to do good things or bad things? Surround yourself with people that have similar goals as you. You’ll be able to help each other reach those goals.

- Find people that are honest with you. Having friends that lie to you even if it’s little things just won’t benefit you later in life.

- Have a friend(s) that doesn’t try to constantly one up you. A true friend wants you to shine and succeed. If your “friend” puts you down or gets mad at you when you’re doing better than them you need to kick them out of your life.

- Does your “friend” constantly make you feel bad about your insecurities? If so, kick them out of your life. They are not a friend.

- It’s only high school. When you started high school you probably had like 6 or more friends. By the time you graduate you’ll probably only have 2 or 3 close friends. Don’t think of it as a bad thing. Having 2 or 3 real friends is way better than surrounding yourself with fake ones.

I speak from personal experience with friends. I have 3 close friends that I can actually trust. It’s hard when people you thought were your friends turn out not to be, but you’ll realize that you’re way better off without them.