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hux: the Resistance may try, but they’ll never get past Starkiller’s shield!  

officer: sir the Resistance is here


lately when girls flirt with me i get little flutters inside but i’m not willing to let myself explore these feelings because i live in the middle of the bible belt (((:


I see so many fan fictions or smuts about girls who are “perfect” which consist of the girl having .
-pale white skin
-plump pink lips
- skinny waist
- thigh gap
- long straight hair
- Blue or green eyes
- perfectly shaved
- perky breast
-short hieght
-straight perfect smile
-small thighs

When most people who read these things have none of those things. I never see stories about girls with dark or tan skin. Not straight hair. Thick thighs or just naturally thick in general. Like girls are not Perfect and girls don’t always shave. Girls don’t always have perky breast or a thigh gap or a skinny waist and stuff like that. Not all fans are Asian or pale white. You have all types of nationalities not just asian. And It honestly bothers me that it’s always about pale girls that are perfect. I’m white and I’m kinda pale but I don’t have small boobs or a thigh gap or a skinny waist and my hair isn’t straight and my eyes are brown. And TBH its a lot of work being a girl and people don’t show That in there stories.

Like girls don’t always have time to shave and wax just for the guys pleasure. And I am forever seeing stories where the guy is dominant and like makes the girl do all the work. Girls can be dominant too. There’s literally the same smuts or stories with different idols. They all have the same story someone gets jealous over stupid things like the girl saying hi to another man. THAT IS NOT SOMETHING TO GET JEALOUS OVER. And getting jealous over something like that and dragging the girl home to slam her against the wall and call her a slut while fucking her brains out is not Ok. If anything it teaches young readers that, that’s okay and that’s love when it’s really just a guy being a jealous dick. Like if a guy did that to me I would probably leave him or punch him in the face. Yeah some people are into that but still there’s limits to these things. Honestly don’t get me wrong people who write these stories are great writers but seriously.

STOP STEREOTYPING WOMEN!! If you don’t like my opinion then don’t read it. You don’t have to be a dick about it 🙃






Fun story, someone tried the anime hand wall thing on me once. It worked for precisely two seconds before I ducked under it and kept going. 


For a moment I thought he was sitting on a giant fortune cookie and I was incredibly excited. 


She’s not going to be able to do it, but more importantly, damn Yuuko what are you wearing that’s incredible.

One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it


D: “What the hell is your problem, man?”
B: “You’re trying to humiliate him? What, is that it?”
C: “I don’t care about him one way or the other. I just wanted you to see he’s not part of this world.”

DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 4.18 The Kids Stay in the Picture

a consistent church hc? unheard of 

Hogwarts University: Pt. 5

Greek Life AU

((OOC: Draco played by: @space-marauder, Ginny played by: @son-0f-a-snitch, Harry played by: @siriusly-not-over-remus

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four))

Pansy: *stands outside, glass of wine in hand, leaning against the wall, staring at her shoes*

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Some things I liked in the Balloon Animal Challenge:

-Mark and Tyler wearing the same trousers

-Mark being absolutely delighted with his butterfly

-Ethan’s whale noises

-Tyler’s man o’ war jelly fish 

-Tyler being 100% done with his popped flamingo

-diva flamingo


-”proboscis” (?)

-Ethan being a smol blue bean and putting his hand up to ask a question and asking so politely

-Mark’s shirt (I want one, it’s so pretty)

-The girls being super impartial (and just them in general tbh) 

On this international day of the women...

It’s time to shout out all my girls.

My girls who are powerful and strong and not afraid to take up space who get turned away for being too “intimidating”.

My girls who are small but mighty, even if they don’t believe that they themselves are mighty.

My girls who stand up for what they believe in both when it is the popular thing and when they’ve got to be standing all alone the same

My girls who love others and themselves with the passion of 1000 fiery burning suns

My girls who wrestle their demons every day and are fighters even when they just can’t win

My girls, just in general!

I love you all so so much and today we put the spotlight on honoring you! Much love to my ladies, you are all so important!

wjsn for newbies here we go

BACKSTORY so cosmic girls/wjsn is made up of four units (wonder, joy, sweet, and natural) and is the baby sister girl group to sistar and monsta x. they are WILDLY gay and chaotic (have been coined the Chaos Family by yours truly). their concept is that they are from space and thats it thats the concept so space is gay. theyve had two comebacks and had a member in ioi and a member who participated in girl spirit

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Best vs Worst

Katie McGrath is supposed to play a straight character but spends most of her time looking at her female co star like she is in love with her and wants to have her babies

Katherine Heigl is supposed to play a lesbian deeply in love with her girlfriend and yet she often looks like she is physically repulsed at the mere thought of touching her female co star and annoyed at having to share scenes with her

In conclusion:
Katie McGrath is the least believable straight girl
Katherine Heigl is the least believable lesbian


queer aesthetics: harley and ivy

So hey because I got a new blog now after having several issues with my old one, I need new people to follow. If your blog consists of any of the following stuff, give me a follow or like this blog and I’ll check your blog out! Nice one.

- pop punk
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- nerdy shit.
- carmilla in general I guess
- video games (particularly final fantasy 15, kingdom hearts, pokemon and loz. Always good shit.)
- Disney
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- cool aesthetic shit like that
- ummm yeah more gay shit.

Yeah cheers thanks a lot. ✌️