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Everyone always gets so defensive about Jack’s relationship with Kent, and everyone needs to chill. Because you know what? They were teenagers when the draft happened and they had their fall out. And, you know who’s not emotionally nor psychologically mature? Teenage boys, especially teenage boys that are in a highly competitive atmosphere and who have their own emotional/mental stresses and problems. Kent may not have been justified in showing up at that Haus party, just as Jack was not justified in outing Kent to Bitty without his permission. They both have their own problems. But, these things don’t make either of them terrible people. The tragic reality is, they were both too young to be dealing with the stress of the situation they were in, and thankfully Jack survived and Kent was at least partially able to  move on from it. So, please remember that this “major fall out” and “toxic relationship” some people focus on, was between two teenage boys who were trying to do their best with the limited resources and support they had in an extremely stressful environment.

Chapter 74 is not very good in the draft. It’s one of the most prominent places where my inability to keep up with the character development during NaNo is noticeable; the mood and the way things play out just don’t make any sense given what just happened in the past few chapters, and I knew that when I was writing it but I didn’t have time to get properly into it. I think I’ll have to rewrite basically all of it from scratch.

There has also been a significant change in the setup since the draft, and I very lazily skipped over a long stretch of time that I actually want to cover in a way that builds things up better and has a bit more rising tension.

There are two scenes of nostalgic character development in the draft, which I sort of like in principle, but I’m definitely going to combine them into one, and thanks to the aforementioned character/mood issues, it’ll need a general overhaul.

And then… oh man, the last scene. I kept kind of forgetting the last scene is even in chapter 74, until now when I’m actually working on this chapter holy crap. It contains the oldest late-fic scene that’s still in the story in a mostly recognizable form and then ends on a monstrous cliffhanger. It’s all really clumsy and kludgy in the draft but I will fix it. I can’t believe this damn scene is in the next chapter I’m posting, how can that possibly be a thing, it’s been in my head for like fourteen years?? WHAT. And it begins to tease reveals, how can that be happening yet, I am going to die ohhhh my god FfFFFF

(Maybe I should just post 74 a week before 75/76; it’d probably just be cruel to leave everyone hanging on that for months.)


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Nickname: usually people just call me by my actual name (Laura) but @hippu-nya has several nicknames for me like Nuu, Pöpi etc. that have nothing to do with my actual name XD

Height: 170cm

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Why did you choose your url: It’s a line from Aiba Masaki’s solo Hello Goodbye. It’s one of my fave Masaki solos♡

Do you have any other blogs: Nope.

What did your past relationships teach you: That I won’t put unnecessary effort into relationships I don’t feel comfortable in

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Favorite colour: pastel colors

Average hours of sleep: 8(?) but it depens a lot whether I have work or a day off the following day :)

Lucky number: I’ve never really had one :o

Favorite characters: Aaaaaa well… I love lots of Nino’s characters in his dramas and movies because he is a great actor. For example Tamo Aoshi (Yowakutemo katemasu) and Ariake Koichi (Ryusei no Kizuna). I have lot of favorite characters tbh so here’s just examples :D

How many blankets do you sleep with: one

Dream job: wish I knew lol

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Vacation over…. went to work early on a Monday ✨ 

My desk at work is so clean but my desk at home is so messy lol I can’t even find the doge comic draft from my pile of thumbnails ;; I’ll just organize them when I get home

My snickers bars froze over while I was gone and they’re like rocks I can’t eat them hhhrgrhrgh it’s so cold

Skull-Kids! Comic Concept

Hello, here I am with a finished comic concept of how I want to present Skull-Kids! I started out with animated episodes, but since I wanted to update frequently, that would take way too long. However, I didn’t just want to make a comic, so I decided to figure out ways to use animation and panels together. This is what I ended up with.

Please, I would appreciate it if you left feedback of what you think of this comic format. Suggestions and comments are most welcomed.

Support my Patreon if you like my artwork and get a ton of exclusive content,   Patreon: [https://www.patreon.com/lunaartgallery]
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andreil going on roadtrips is literally??? just the?? warmest thing ever????? they werent able to do it before, for spring break, because of all the bad stuff that happened…but just imagine like sometime in the summer. for 2 weeks or so they get to be together, alone, free of worry leaving it all behind ((including kevin much to his distaste bc he didnt want to have the court so far from him but hes able to stick with his dad so its ok. also andrew pulled out the knives))

  • having just the road beyond them!!! they travel for hours with no real destination in mind, only the feeling of being able to be with each other like this 
  • with their fingers loosely laced together in the middle of the console and the windows down with the wind blowing through their hair. sometimes neil will stick his head out to really breathe in and feel his blood rushing because freedom is right here in front of him in the palms of his hands and it feels so good
  • andrew glances at him before turning back to the road again and his heart is clenching and burning with this entirely new feeling because neil still feels like a fucking pipe dream even though he is right there with him. and he always will be.
  • after a while they’d stop at a rest area, or maybe just the shoulder of an empty road. andrew would step out and go to neil’s side and lean against the hood of the car while lighting 2 cigs
  • they both breathe in the smoke while they lean back to stare at the starry sky which is extremely clear without light pollution, except its only neil doing so, because andrew is staring at him from the corner of his eye instead
  • the awe on neil’s face makes the realization hit him that he’d burn down the world if that meant nothing would ever be able to take this away from him again ((am i speaking about neil’s happiness, or neil with andrew? ;)))
  • this muddles his thoughts and almost melts his fucking brain, so much that he has to ask “yes or no?” and pulling neil in by the collar of his shirt when he whispers out a “yes. always yes.” and biting his bottom lip for the last of it in retaliation which makes neil smile against his mouth
  • they spend nights in shitty motels with junk food and candy surrounding them on their bed, courtesy of andrew
  • theyre wrapped in blankets like a cocoon and sharing kisses and nuzzles to necks and soft touches like hands running through hair, warm hands on the back of necks and sometimes barely-there fingertips grazing up and down arms when andrew is comfortable with it
  • neil will send a pic of them on the balcony with the sunrise behind them to the foxes’ groupchat and everyone dies from it. andrew is glaring at neil and flicks the ash of his cig towards him and neil just smiles
  • neil would want to go on runs in the morning, to stick to routine, to sometimes push away nightmares he had the night before, but in the end he will always come back to andrew because he knows he no longer has to be actually on the run. and andrew will be waiting for him
  • and he is, with takeout breakast and a 2nd cig in between his fingers for him, and the steadying presence with the feeling of home
  • they dont exactly have plans for their days, just whatever comes to mind and whats easy, either lazing about watching boring movies with andrew’s legs thrown across neil’s lap or andrew slowly taking neil apart bit by bit with hot hands and harsh kisses. it all works for them
  • ((once neil asked if he’d wanna go running with him sometime and maybe check out whats around and what to do and andrew just stares blankly at him like ‘are you kidding me’ and neil has the audacity to laugh))
  • and even after many years that pass they’ll still take these roadtrips, a lot of them on a whim just to get away from everything and to wrap up into each other and feel how they still fit together like 2 pieces of a puzzle even after all this time
  • until the end of forever
fall out of line

a/n: well, that happened.
prompt: it was just supposed to be a bunch of dad jokes about normalcy and adjustment
rating: k/general audiences
cw: she/her pronouns for pidge in this one.

carefully we’re placed for our destiny

She could hear their overlapping laughter in her earrings, though there’s no doubt in her mind that comm links or no, she would still have heard Lance whooping loudly from inside his lion.

What she would give to have her father see them now - four young Earthlings piloting the lions of Voltron to wrestle, chase, and tag on the impromptu courtyard of the castle’s temporary base. Allura smiled as Coran ducked out of range of a falling paw, yelping when Hunk barely missed him a second time. He was bent forward, hands braced against his knees, and breathed a tired, “I’m getting too old for this,” into the comm link. She watched the green lion slink up behind him, tail flicking soundlessly as its large frame dropped low to the ground without shaking it. There was a short feed of Pidge chuckling before she moved the lion’s head forward, bumping its nose against Coran’s back and sending the older man stumble forward in a fright.

Coran spluttered into the comm link before gathering himself. “All right, paladins, we’ll see who’s laughing when the castle needs to be cleaned from foundation to tower.”

It had all started as thinly veiled training time in their lions and while there had been suspicions between her and Coran when they had all run past the control room, they couldn’t very well deny them the opportunity if it turned out to be genuine. And she was far from upset that it had dissolved into invigorated antics.

Their formations and focus had fallen away before she had fully turned to go back inside and even if they could stand the reminder that they needed to rest and that the lions weren’t really made to wildly roll around in, it was hard to fight it when her bones practically thrummed with the deep, pleased purrs of the lions. She liked seeing her team like this.

The door behind her whirred, nearly silent footsteps coming to her spot on the balcony. Shiro stepped to her side, folding his arms over his chest and shrugging. “They’re beyond reason, I’m afraid.”

“The universe could never hope to be prepared then.”

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