just getting a double double you know

“peggy and maria are played by the same person, marliza is incest”

What each instrument says the most
  • Oboe: I bought shot-glasses and cigarette paper this weekend.... NO IT'S FOR MY OBOE I SWEAR
  • Flute: Yeah, she said she was going to do the Chaminade too. Looks like we'll have two people playing the concertino for the solo show this year, or there's always murder, you know
  • clarinet: It's my reed. Hold on I'll get another one out... also if another person asks me to play the mozart clarinet concerto i'll slap a bitch
  • Bassoon: could you scoot over a bit? I need more space to lean my bassoon... My posture is just fine, THANKS
  • Saxophone: shit. i still have my neck-strap on don't I?
  • Drums: Is the snare on? GOD, who turned the snare off again?! AND! Where the frickity frack are my sticks?
  • timpani: i gotta tune the timpani. hold on
  • trumpet: i hate partial jumping practice so much
  • trombone: Do you want to hear my gliss?
  • tuba: i literally play four notes the entire piece..,.
  • horn: look i don't know why we stick the hand in the bell. don't ask. it's just how it is
  • cello: yeah my cello cost 13,000 and my bow is custom made, so it's like 6,000 and my new case which is shock absorbent, fireproof and waterproof cost like 7,500
  • viola: I know we're trying to play louder it's the loudest i can get i know i know i'm so sick of pizzicato accompaniment give me a break please
  • violin: um I can't see the concertmaster's bowings from back here... yeah i know i can watch the person in front of me im not stupid it's just...
  • double bass: how the fuck am I supposed to carry this thing through the door? Hey, can you hold it open for me

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Oh man imagine if Mags walked in on Kara doing Lena, and the whole "how do I tell my girlfriend that her sister is fucking a Luthor" crisis that ensues

They’ve been having lunch every couple of weeks since Maggie arrested her.

Since Maggie had brought her an apology bag of donuts – having gleaned the intel from Kara that Lena secretly appreciates the fried sugary dough – and they’d accidentally discovered they’d had a lot to talk about.

At first, nerd stuff. Science stuff, tech stuff, police stuff.

Then, their Danvers girls.

And, Maggie suspected, Lena did, indeed, think of Kara as her Danvers girl.

She didn’t know if Kara knew it – hell, she didn’t even know if Lena herself knew it – so she said nothing about it.

She said nothing about it, that is, until Alana – something’s off about her, Maggie thinks to herself, and files it away for things to bring up with Lena at lunch – lets her into Lena’s office when she absolutely shouldn’t have.

Because Lena’s legs are open and her head is tilted back and a blonde woman with fantastic arms is standing between her legs, holding her up with ease against her desk, a reddish glow bathing the office as the blonde’s lips trace their way up Lena’s throat, and –


Oh shit.

Shit shit shit shit shit fuck damn dear god Kid Danvers isn’t such a kid after all.

Because the blonde currently fucking Lena senseless against her desk?

Is Kara Danvers.

Kara whispers something in Lena’s ear that makes Lena gasp and claw at her back, that makes Maggie infinitely grateful that she doesn’t have her girlfriend’s little sister’s superhearing.

Her girlfriend’s little sister.

Little Danvers.


She slips out of Lena’s office and she gives Alana a stiff nod, refusing to give her the satisfaction of seeing shock on her face, of seeing anything out of the ordinary on her face. Because she’d definitely known exactly what was going on in that office, and she’d her walk in anyway.

She texts Winn to pull up files on her.

And then she texts Lena.

Hey – I am so sorry, I’m all tied up at the precinct – could we reschedule for tonight? Six? At the bar?

And then she texts Kara.

Hey Little Danvers – meet me at six, at the bar?

She grins and shakes her head when, half hour later, they both respond with a certain overeagerness that Maggie recognizes all too well from her post-orgasm text checks.

She grins again when, that night, Kara’s eyes fly wide when she sees Maggie sitting with Lena in the bar.

“I – it – Lena! Hi! Maggie didn’t say you were going to be here, I – hi! How, um… how are you?”

She adjusts her glasses and she shifts her body like she’s not sure whether to go in for a hug, a kiss, or to run away. Or better, to fly away.

“Have a seat, Little Danvers,” Maggie nudges out a stool toward her.

“What’s this about, Detective?” Lena asks, back to formalities and back ramrod straight, terror growing in her eyes.

Maggie shakes her head and gives the softest smile she knows how.

“Relax, Luthor. This isn’t an ambush, it’s just… Kara, you gotta tell your sister. She might have preconceptions about Luthors, but she trusts you, Kara, and Lena, you’re… you’re not your mother. Or your brother. If anyone can get her head around that, it’s Alex. And Kara, you… you deserve to not go through this whole liking girls thing alone. Or… only with your girlfriend. Okay? Alex should know. And Lena, I can be your… person. If you want to talk about… things.”

Kara and Lena fumble for words, exchange a glance, Lena sitting back tensely and Kara furiously adjusting her glasses. Lena remembers verbal communication first.

“And how did you come to the conclusion that there are… things… that Kara and I should be discussing? With her sister and with you?”

Maggie blinks and Maggie sighs, knowing she’ll never – try as she might – get that image out of her mind.

“You know what, let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on, congratulations! You two look like you make each other really happy! And I don’t want you to have to hide it. And let’s be honest here, I don’t want to have to hide it from Alex. I want to go on double dates instead, and do all the cutesy double date things that queer women get up to, like… like bowling!”

“Bowling,” Lena deadpans, and Kara just laughs before sobering and asking,

“You’re not mad?”

“Why the hell would I be mad?”

“Because I… because we…”

“A Luthor and a Super? Kara, you gotta know me better than – ”

The rest of Maggie’s words are lost, choked off by the strength of Kara’s arms around her body, by Kara’s sobbing relieved tears into her shoulder.

“Kara, sweetie, there are no red sun lamps in here, surely you don’t want to come out to your sister by means of accidentally breaking her girlfriend’s ribs.”

Kara squeals out a series of apologies and Maggie exhales carefully, rubbing her ribs and wheezing her thanks at Lena.

“I’m happy for you, Little Danvers. And for you, Lena. Our Danvers girls, huh?”

Lena blushes as Kara slips her hand into hers, her heart slamming and her head spinning, because she’s not ashamed to be with me, she’s not ashamed to be seen with me, she’s not ashamed, she’s not ashamed, she’s not ashamed.

“Danvers girls, indeed.”

Monsta X when they send you to buy groceries but you come home with a puppy instead

Requested by annonie~~



At first, he would be to surprised to say anything, giving you a “WTFareyoudoing” expression. After that, he would probably burst out into laughter.

“(Y/N), that’s a strange kind of vegetable you have there. Should we name it tomato?”

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Would be more excited than you. As soon as he saw the dog, he would fall in love with it, totally ignoring the fact that there wasn’t any food. Minhyuk would be going out buying stuff for the puppy later anyways, so he could buy the groceries then.

“Ah, your ba- WOAH who are you, little doggy? Come here~~”

(The baby is the dog)

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All he wanted to do was sleep and after that prepare dinner with you. So why in the world was there a little dog jumping around on him?

At first he would be a little jealous of the dog, since you totally gave the puppy more Attention than him. He would get used to it tho and start to really like the little fluff ball. Just keep it away from him when he wants to sleep!

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The last thing he expected when opening the door was a puppy sprinting into the house. He would be quite confused, his eyes wandering to the dog, to you, to the dog, back to you… But in the end he would be fine with it as long as you took care of it, since he already has 6 puppies to watch over.

“Alright, so… you got a puppy. Fine. I guess I’ll just order some food. Jagi, are you even listening?”

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Nice. He was waiting for you with a special surprise which was a puppy, and you came home with…a puppy? He would totally love it, no question, he would probably try to impress it with his aegyo. However, know the two of you had to deal with double cuteness and double trouble.

“Supri- What?! You got a puppy too? *speechless*

(again just imagine the puppy is the baby)

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Badass, fire spitting rapper? Nope, at least not know. He would totally turn into a happy little fluff ball when seeing the puppy. Actually, he would be the one coming home with the puppy when you sended him to get you some groceries.

"Eum Changkyun, I said potatoes not puppies!”

“Oh come on (Y/N), she basically asked me to take her with me. Don’t you think she’s cute?”

“Yeah, she’s adorable!”

“See? That’s what I thought.”

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At first, he would be speechless. He knew you loved cute pets, but wasn’t that a little bit much? After all he was looking forward to some ramen. As long as you were happy, he would be too, but he would get jealous quite fast.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry that I don’t have fur and chase after frisbees, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want cuddles and food…”

After one month or so, the puppy would have melted his heart and you would be the one jealous

At first:

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Thanks to the anonnie who requested this, I hope you guys liked my first ever Monsta X reaction~~

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Can we have a fix it fic with both Sanvers and SuperCorp in which they go on a double date that Lena had told Kara they would do and it's just extremely fluffy and cute. (Maybe some smut involved at the end for the both of them) :)

It’s not the double date she expected, but god, is it more than she could have dreamed of.

It’s months after Jack and it’s months after Kara gave her ex boyfriend the final rejection she should have given him from the start.

It’s months after, and the double date isn’t with Lena and her partner and Kara with hers.

The double date is Lena and Kara.

With Maggie and Alex.

Lena shakes a little beforehand, and she doesn’t bother trying to hide it. Kara can hear her heartbeat, but even if she couldn’t, she knows her. Really knows her. In a way no one else ever has.

“Lena, it’s going to be fine. You already know them, and they’re going to love you even more after getting to know you better.”

“Your sister’s DEO, and Maggie’s a cop. She’s arrested me, for crying out loud, Kara. I’m… just a Luthor, to them.”

“You’re not,” Kara says, and her voice is firm, less like Kara and more like Supergirl, and Kara’s power, her strength, sends a heady rush through Lena’s body, calming her. Soothing her. Reminding her.

Kara chose her. Kara will protect her. Always.

She doesn’t know that across town, Maggie is having a similar meltdown.

“I’ve arrested her, Alex. For something she didn’t even do!”

“And you’ve apologized, babe, and she said she understood, and she – ”

“I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Maggie, how… how would you ever disappoint me?”

Maggie shrugs, her eyes averted. “I don’t want to mess the date up.”

“You won’t. You’re going to make the date perfect. Okay?”

Maggie can’t help but smile at the calm confidence, the steady faith, in Alex’s eyes.

“Yeah. Okay.”

A sudden breeze blows through both of their hair, but they don’t bother jumping.

“You just love the fact that you can carry her around like that, don’t you?” Alex asks without even turning around, and Lena laughs lightly as Kara sets her down from her bridal-style position in her arms.

“You’re telling me you don’t carry your woman around like that, Agent Danvers?” Lena teases, and Maggie smirks as Kara shoves her fingers in her ears and starts humming loudly.

“Oh, Kara, your sister’s allowed to have a sex life,” Lena laughs.

“Yeah, but not in front of me, she’s not!”

“Don’t worry, Little Danvers, we’ll keep things PG for you.”

Kara gives her a fake glare, and Alex pulls her into a laughing hug.

“So – we said bowling?” she asks Lena, and Lena nods gamely.

“Lex taught me – it’s one of the ways I learned physics, largely,” she offers almost shyly, and Alex’s eyes light up.

“I learned physics from surfing! I would study it obsessively before I even…”

Maggie and Kara hung back as Alex and Lena strolled out of the apartment.

“We both just lost our dates to science, didn’t we, Sunshine?”

Kara grins. “Maybe we can team up and beat them at bowling!”

They both smile, relishing the idea, but once they have a chance to think about it, they frown at exactly the same moment.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do that,” they course correct at the same time, and they laugh the entire way there.

Lena and Alex keep rolling perfect strikes.

Of course they do.

Maggie isn’t bad – she’s slightly better at this than she is at pool – and Kara is, by painful necessity, excellent at Earth physics, but for the sake of fun, she’s trained her body to not always be the best at every single sport.

So Lena is really holding their team up.

And Alex is holding up hers and Maggie’s.

They grab pizza and fries and root beers and club sodas in between rounds, and Lena’s eyes sparkle at how enthusiastically her girlfriend eats.

“Get you a girl that looks at you the way Lena Luthor looks at Kara Danvers,” Maggie writes on her snapchat to James, and Alex glances over at it and laughs.

“What about a girl who looks at you the way I do?” Alex wants to know.

“What other girls? I only see you, Danvers.”

Kara and Lena have to toss french fries at them to get them to stop making out and carry on with the game. Maggie just wears a shit-eating grin as she thanks them for the fries, collecting them off of her and Alex’s laps and popping them into her mouth.

Lena rolls her eyes, but it’s out of happiness, out of laughter, out of… friendship.

It’s midnight before any of them are ready to leave, before both couples have won enough games to safely call it a draw.

It’s midnight before Alex takes Maggie home and shoves her up against the door of her apartment the moment they get inside.

“This okay?” she asks, and Maggie giggles.

“What brought this on, Danvers?”

“Have you seen those jeans you’ve been wearing all night?”

Maggie looks down at her own body and shrugs. “You certainly have.”

“I want them off. If you do, I mean.”

“So take them off, Danvers.”

And she does.

Across town, Kara and Lena are having a similar… conversation, though Kara’s is about Lena’s bra, about how she’s conflicted because it’s so lacey, so pretty, but so is what’s underneath it, and Kara just can’t figure out what the best course of action is.

“Why don’t we do an experiment?” Lena proposes in her richest voice, and Kara’s insides melt in the best of ways.

“I’m listening,” she husks, an almost feral grin on her face.

“You can fuck me with my bra on, and then you can give it another go with my bra off. And we can… evaluate the results.”

“I like the way you think, Lena.”

“And I like the way you make love to me, Kara.”

“So I will then.”

“That, my darling? Is the best news I’ve heard all night.”

Listen up

I’m not calling anyone out here, I’m not saying other opinions are wrong, but something is bothering me and I just want to get it off my chest.

I’ve read post where they say Matt and Harry have zero chemistry, are not friends and might even dislike one other. 

And I am literally like ???? How? I’m trying to understand those people’s opinions, but I’m having trouble too and I am gonna explain here why:

1. I don’t believe Matt and Harry have zero chemistry together. I saw some of the posts use the gif where Alec gives Magnus kind of a timid smile before he kissed Magnus hello. Let me point out something, there are people dead the demon who killed them, is wondering free. Of course that is going to be on the back of Alec’s mind when he enters Magnus’, you can see something’s bothering him. Not that Matthew is awkward to kiss Harry. (That’s what I think at least). But he still smiles because he sees his boyfriend and his boyfriend makes him happy. Alec cuts straight to business because again people are dead and Azazel is casually wondering free. As for the ‘’Zero chemistry’’ Matt and Harry appear to have some people, to me they do have amazing chemistry. When they portray Alec and Magnus and their romance, it comes alive. It feels real and it’s beautifully portrayed by them.

2. Apparently Harry and Matt don’t even like one other and spend zero time together off screen? Just because we don’t see as much pictures of them together behind the scenes doesn’t mean they don’t get along or don’t spend time together. Hell, they go on double dates with Esther and Shelby almost ALL the time! They spend New Year’s together in London, Chinese new year they spend together with Shelby and Esther and even Valentine’s day. I know that because Matt dedicated the photo credits to Harry on Instagram. Do you really think they’d go on double dates all the time just for Esther and Shelby? I don’t think so.

3. Their interviews together! They connect really well, make each other laugh and I don’t feel any awkwardness between them at all. They are just playful with one other on a different level. 

4. “Matt loves Harry, Matt loves Isaiah, Matt loves Dom, Matt loves everyone.’’ - Matthew Daddario on Isaiah’s 2A Takeover

5. Remember what Cassandra said when she was on a event with Matthew? He kept talking about all the amazing things Harry has done and wanted people to appreciate him for it more. Or that radio interview Harry did and said how Matt was such a cool guy and he loved working with him. Or the interview that he did with Isaiah and he knew about Matt’s bacon story and Isaiah didn’t. COME ON!

6. Sherdario and Shumdario’s friendship can’t be compared. The way I see it is that Dom and Matt pull out the kid in each other and that’s why they are playful around one other. I think Matt and Harry have a more mature friendship where they can just sit down together, talk for hours and have healthy discussions about certain topics. I’m not saying that Matt and Harry can’t be playful with one other or that Dom and Matt can’t have serious conversations, it’s just an observation I have.

My conclusion is that Matt and Harry are friends. Good friends. They do click and they do have chemistry. Of course people can think differently about certain things but saying that they aren’t friends or even dislike each other goes a bit far in my opinion.

Have a great day all!

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Snape was mean because he was a double agent. He loved Harry, but couldn't get close or sympathize with dumbledore's army and that stuff because Voldemort would suspect him. Don't you understand? Snape was PUTTING ON A SHOW. That's NOT his actual personality. Read the books.



I read the books

in two languages getting ready for the third one, sit down. 

I don’t understand making fun of a girl’s teeth enough for her to change her appearance. 

I don’t understand threatening a small kid with killing his pet because he is bad at his subject.

I don’t understand the way he treated Harry all those years. Oh thank god he ws good right before he died. Just for her eyes.

I read the books. Which means I know Snape was a double agent. HE WAS A DOUBLE AGENT FOR VOLDEMORT, TOO. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? 

I doubt it so I’ll explain it in detail.

It means that dear old Voldy thought Snape was on his side while he wasn’t.

It means that he was trying to fool VOLDEMORT.

To fool Voldemort he had to behave like he was trying to fool Dumbledore.

IF he was trying to fool Dumbledore he would have to behave properly and unlike you think, non-abusive.

Being a double agent doesn’t meant you get to abuse kids half your size anon. You should think about that and stay the fuck away from my inbox.

prince of cats

chapter four: my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand

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hey how is everyone? if you follow me on tumblr, you’ll know i wrote like 8k for this fic in one day, and hopefully i’ll be doing a lot more writing for it this week, so it looks like posting will be constant all the way through which is pretty nice!

thanks for reading! enjoy~

Marinette pulls her hair up into a messy bun as she makes herself a hot chocolate. It’s almost noon, and she slept far too late, but yesterday was a day. She had sat in Adrien’s kitchen for longer than she had ever imagined, familiarizing herself with the swoop of his hair and the way the corners of his eyes crinkle when he smiles.

And then she had gone over Alya and Nino’s and had screamed about it for almost an hour over dinner.

Marinette glances over to the window by the sink, where the window is cracked open. For some reason, she half expects Plagg to appear, purring and demanding something to eat. If she thought she had it bad before, after spending a few hours with Adrien, it’s infinitely worse.

She is totally and completely screwed.

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Itachi texting habits?

Itachi Uchiha

•Quite frankly, Itachi is an awful texter. He will ignore the shit out of you without  meaning to. He either forgets to press send or reads and forgets to reply

•Sometimes that’s more likely with a person he doesn’t really want to talk to. If he wants to talk to you, you’re guaranteed a reply, though it might delayed. For example, he’s the type who will continue a conversation from two nights before and act like it was nothing. He’ll give a little ‘Sorry, I was busy’ to compensate but still, come on Itachi. Two days? 48 hours? The conversation is already dead my dude 

•No emojis. He probably doesn’t even know how to use them. He can go for a (: every once in a while but it’s just kind of weird. He texts like an old man

•Also be aware that Itachi has his read receipts on. So it’s all the worse if you send something and he doesn’t reply, because you can clearly see he’s read the damn thing

•Has a tendency to mute groupchats because the notifications drive him crazy

”Lol” Ok” “K” type of dude. I hate him 

•He also tends to reply at odd hours. Like 2 am or earllllly in the morning. You get a response from him at like 6 am and you’re like??? Who wakes up this early Itachi??

•Will not double text at all. So if you like… try to pull that ‘I’ll read and not reply to see if Itachi double texts me, that way I know he really wants to talk to me’ you’re not gonna get that double text lmao. Even if he really wants to talk to you. Even if you’re his s/o and he’s just asked you like… the most important question in the world. He’s just not gonna do it. It’s less of him being stubborn and more of him not wanting to bother you. If you can’t text him back, he assumes you’re busy. He’s patient and will wait so he’s not pestering you. What an oblivious angel

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I woke up this morning and my brain told me "Adam Burkholtz has a twin." I'm fascinated by this idea.

I’ve waited a little more than it can be polite to reply, but I only just now managed to carve some free time for writing and doing tumblr stuff. (The difference between actually opening it in my laptop and doing things on mobile is tear inducing.)

Picture this, everything as it is in canon, nothing changed and one day Holster enters the haus, well dressed and Ransom does a double take.

“Bro, did you go shopping without me!? Who did you take? Because I can’t believe you managed to pick an outfit that I didn’t immediately want to throw a drink at to get it off you.”

“Because you usually need a lot of excuses to get my clothes off” says Holster who has been sitting next to Ransom the entire time.

Ransom shriek brings down everybody else, who does a double take when they see Holster hugging a better dressed version of himself.

“Bitty, did you perhaps put something inside those brownies?” Lardo asks quietly. “I don’t mind, I just wanna know how high I am to be seeing double.”

“Everybody, this is Steve, my brother from the same mother, we are twins.”

“THIS is your little brother Steve?” yells Ransom outraged.

“Seriously?” asks Steve to Holster, “you are older by like an hour.”

“Respect your older” replies Holster back immediately.

“Adam and Steve” whispers Bitty trying to choke down a hysterical laugh.

“Our parents think they are very funny.”

callout for kingwander/jollywander/fuzzywander/heroicwander/wvander

hey all my friends have agreed i should do this so. Here We Go!!!

and also, i think this would be a good way for me to compile my thoughts and sort everything out since most of this still feels kind of like it happened in a blur.

i’ll keep this post updated with his current url so if you’re not sure what it is just come back here. current url: 00903902-0df98e9idko40t4945

please reblog this

tw: abuse, suicide mention, faking mental illnesses, nsfw, self harm, slurs

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I just want to make you all think about Nicky deciding he needs to drag Neil and Andrew out on a double date
Except neither of them know it’s a double date
And Nicky has actually just decided to follow the boys with Erik without telling Neil or Andrew and not telling Erik that they don’t know either
So they get there
And Andrew and Neil are just super confused
And Nicky is working his ass off to make sure none of them figure out what’s going on
And Andrew just kind of sits there and makes vague homicidal threats throughout the meal and Neil is like um ok I’ll go along with this. It’s weird, but I’ll go along with it
And Erik is spending the entire time giving Nicky sideways glances cos he knows Nicky far too well and he is internally rolling his eyes at his boy because he’s an idiot. But he’s Erik’s idiot so it’s all ok
and when Neil and Andrew leave Neil kind of has to force Andrew away from making true on his threats to Nicky and Erik sits Nicky in the passenger seat and drives them home
and Erik doesnt even have to say anything for Nicky to know that he knows that this was all a lie
So Nicky just gets out of the car when they get home and walks into the kitchen and makes apology hot chocolate
And Erik is like no go take that to Andrew
And Nicky is like um no I don’t really want to see him right now he’s gonna kill me
And neither Nicky nor Erik know about the cats. Not for any good reason, just that they haven’t come up in conversation
So Nicky drives to Neil and Andrew with a thermos of hot chocolate in his hand and knocks on the door
And it is Andrew who opens in
Andrew holding Sir possessively
And he just kind of glares down at Nicky (although he’s really glaring up he just has a way of making it seem like he’s glaring down)
And Nicky is a little lost of words sop he just shoves the thermos to Andrew and stutters ‘um uh wha?’
And Andrew ignores Nicky’s shock and smells the liquid. When he realises that it’s not chocolate his face goes slightly less murderous and he tells Nicky goodnight
Nicky goes home and to bed and when he wakes up the next morning he checks with Erik that the whole double date thing wasn’t a dream and when he has it confirmed he stares up at the ceiling as if life makes no sense anymore and just whispers to himself
‘Andrew has a cat.’


Okay, Coran’s grandfather helped build the Castle of Lions 10,600 years ago.

At first this doesn’t seem very important and just kind of runs with the randomness that Coran seems to stand for. But think about it.

10,600 years ago. Okay, both Coran and Allura were stuck in a cryopod for 10,000 years, so that immediately brings down that number to 600.

Now imagine, its before the war, Alteans are in the most prosperous and happy time in their entire history. 

And they are living longer. 

If Coran’s grandfather helped build the Castle 600 YEARS before, then how old is each altean living!! 

A grandfather is 3 generations back, meaning Coran would represent the 3rd generation. If you equally divide 600 by 3 then you get 200. Simple math right? This means that the average Altean life span would be 200 YEARS!! 200 years for Coran’s grandfather, 200 for his father, and 200 for him.

Now of course there are outside variables and other aspects to this (Coran’s grandfather was probably middle aged if he was working in a royal project and Coran is obviously old, but not near death)  but this gives us a rough estimate of how long an Altean can live. 

Now, all of you Shallura shippers who know that Allura is a teenager and Shiro is 25, don’t worry about dropping your OTP just yet. 

If the average Altean life span is roughly 200 years, then that means that when the Voltron Paladin handbook uses the phrase “teenage daughter of King Alfor” on page 34 (Allura’s page) Allura could be anywhere from 26-38.

How did I get those numbers?

lets say the average human life span is 100 for some easy math. The average Altean’s is DOUBLE that (200) so I simply doubled the ‘teenage years’ for Alteans. 13-19 are teenage years for us and 26-38 are teenage years for Alteans.

Now of course, Voltron may disprove this in later seasons or spoilers or panels, but for now I think this is a good way to base our age assumptions for Alteans.

EDIT** I was VERY WRONG Look here for the continuation of this post!! (there are more pictures and a timeline to further explain the ages.)

Top 5 Double b moments

To @shimco  ❤️❤️

Remember this is in NO particular order because i think it is quite impossible to decide…

 1) lets start with this amazing moment! 

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Let me break it down as to why i like it! Firstly the reason this moment is so special in that hanbin actually made my heart skip a beat! It completely took me by suprise, which makes twice the better. Also the fact that hanbin didn’t care about the cameras and like the sweetness of him kissing his hand was so pure… I don’t what more to say than my heart fluttered too hard 

 2) Rather than moments i will kind choose like the aspect of double b i like the most becausee you know i can’t decide but i want to talk about how different hanbin is when bobby is not around compared to when he is.

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Ok so i know this was kind of supposed to be a yunbin moment, however when i break it down, all i keep focusing on was when yunhyeong said hanbin was all sad when bobby left. Also saying that because bobby wasn’t there he was snuggling up to yunhyeong like how he does to BOBBY!! This gives us a bts as to how hanbin acts around bobby and clearly shows how much of a impact bobby has on him.

Secondly: when bobby was filming with his dad and hanbin was all sad especially when junhoe was talking to bobby, since he didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

but then the contrast when bobby is there… GOD MY HEARRTT!!! LIKE look how hanbin is when he is around bobby like it is so precious.

 3) Now lets move onto my favourite thing which is all the double b flirting that they do on stage! Ok i know this isn’t just one moment but how can i just choose one moment where they were flirting on stage sooo i will bless you with couple of my favourite moments

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( double b focus clip of this. if you wanted to further fangirl over this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwemTnS4QGA )

4) The ghost of a vapp, that has left a brutal bruise on my heart for missing it.

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5) So my last moment has to be this moment

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this is one of my favourite moments because this moment is so precious. There were so many people around, even LOTS OF PRETTY girls like Jisoo however their focus was only on each other.  Even throughout the whole filming they just had eyes on each other…

Hope you enjoyed that 💕💕💕

Tokyo Ghoul Valentines Cards [PART 4 / ?]

[PART 1]  HERE  



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17 and 32 with kai pls

Kai Parker - “Don’t you dare look him in the eye.”

You rolled your eyes. You knew that the attempts of your friends to keep you away from Kai wouldn’t stop all of a sudden, but you had to admit that their attempts started to become more and more stupid by the second.

“He killed someone!” Caroline raised her voice. She had her hands up in the air and she shook her head in disbelief. “How can you love him?”

“You killed someone too, didn’t you?” You cocked your head and crossed your arms over you chest. “I know that Kai is a bad guy. Just like Klaus. Just like Damon.” You looked at Caroline and at Elena standing next to her. “Did I ever literally force any of you to stay away from them? Did I ever tell you that you couldn’t feel what you feel?”

Elena and Caroline exchanged a glance. “We’re only worried about you. We don’t want you to get hurt or worse.” Elena spoke softly, but you took a deep breath.

“I won’t.” You straightened your back and lifted your chin. “I don’t know why and I don’t know how and it doesn’t matter either, but Kai loves me. He would do everything to protect me and I know that sometimes his everything can be a little extreme, but he means well, at least when it comes to me.”

“I’ve heard someone is trying to talk my girlfriend out of loving me.” Kai rushed into the Mystic Grill. He lifted both his hands and Caroline and Elena ended with their backs against the wall, their feet up in the air. “I hope you do realize that that’s something I don’t like?” He twirled his hands around and both Elena and Caroline grabbed their throats, clearly struggling for air.

“Kai…” You placed a hand on his shoulder and you could feel how he had all his muscles tensed. “Don’t do this, please?” You spoke softly, but Kai didn’t even look at you.

“I know how they see me. I’m the killing sociopath. I’m the one destroying everyone in my path. I’m the one who can’t love and can’t be loved.” He paused for a moment. “And how do you think I became like this? How do you think I discovered that if I wanted something, I’d have to get it myself?” He hissed between his teeth. “Because everyone thought that I didn’t deserve good things in my life anymore.”

“Kai…” You swallowed. “I don’t think they mean it like that. They’re just worried about me and I already told them that I’ll be fine.”

Kai weakened his grip and then he turned to you.

Don’t you dare look him in the eye.” Caroline took a deep breath, her anger clearly visible on her face. “He’s trying to make us feel guilty for him becoming this crappy person.”

“Caroline…” You shook your head. “He’s not blaming you or Elena for anything, right?” Your eyes met his and his glance softened. “He knows that you’re just trying to be good friends.”

“No, I…”

You placed a finger on his lips and took a deep breath. “I know that friendship is a foreign and impossible to understand concept, but I care about those people. I know that they don’t always say things you want to hear and I know that it will take a long time before they’ll understand why I like you, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let you prove them right.” You paused for a moment. “They’re not right. I know there is a very loving person hiding underneath all those masks you’re wearing, someone who just wants to be loved.” You smiled. “And sometimes you may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot and I want the world to get to know the person I love and not just the sociopath he pretends to be.”

Kai dropped his arm and slowly Caroline and Elena slid down until they had their feet safely on the floor again. “Don’t make me go on double dates with them, please? I hate double dates and I hate watching them being all cozy and cute and disgusting.”

You curled your lips up into a smile. “We’ll see about that.”

if you wanna have a genuine good time in the rpc, the first thing you gotta do is chill and stop caring about your number of followers to the point it actually ruins your day in real life if you’re not getting attention from the internet. 

Markhyuck fluff/ladybug:

Title: ladybug/make a wish

Kind: best friends since kindergarten markhyuck, starts with baby markhyuck so be ready to adorableness. There are many time skips(ages written at the end of the fic).

Side ships: jaeno/renle(slightly)

Original aff link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1262510/ladybug-make-a-wish-markhyuck-marklee-markchan-haechan-leedonghyuck


“Donghyuck why did you carry mark to sleep beside you ?”

Little kid’s eyes were teary. He knew he shouldn’t have carry his friend to somewhere else than his own place to sleep. He knew what he did was wrong and he knew their teacher was gonna give him a punishment. He wasn’t scared of the punishment but he was scared if mark was hating him now cause he carried him in his sleep.

“I-i’m sorry mrs. Kim. I didn’t mean to c-chew the rules”

Mrs.kim was trying to hold her laughter but when donghyuck said “chew” instead of “disobey” she couldn’t stop herself from laughing. But she got serious again in such little time. She had to be a good serious teacher or else how could she manage to keep the kids calm ?

“I asked you why you did it donghyuck not if you are sorry or not”

Donghyuck stole a glance from his friend beside him then looked down at the floor again.

“C-cause minhyung is so soft and cute a-and i love cuddling with him a-and his sleeping place is a lot far from mine and i-i just wanted to cuddle him. I-i’m sorry”

Mrs. Kim smiled and petted donghyuck’s head “now look donghyuck. Yes it was wrong that you carried mark from his sleeping spot without him knowing it. But it isn’t against the rules of this kindergarten so i won’t give you any punishment”

Donghyuck’s deer like eyes got wide “Really ???”

Mrs. Kim nodded “really. And if both you and mark wants it we can make your sleeping spots next to each other”

“Really really ??”

Mrs. Kim laughed at donghyuck’s cuteness and petted his head again “really”

Donghyuck finally looked at mark again after many minutes and asked with a huge blush on his face “m-minhyung…wanna be my cuddle buddy ?”

The said boy first looked at donghyuck blankly then turned to mrs. kim and asked her something in english and mrs. Kim also answered in english but of course donghyuck didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Mark finally looked back at donghyuck,smiling sweetly and talked in broken korean with his cute accent “yes donghyuck i would love that”

Donghyuck pulled the boy into a hug and heard him laughing at his sudden action.

“Thank you thank you thank you minhyung! I will be the best cuddle buddy ever dont worry! I will even let you use my sand shaper when we play in the garden. Let’s be best friends minhyung”

Even though mark didn’t understand anything that donghyuck said he still answered with an “okay” and hugged donghyuck back. He was so happy that he found a friend so fast at the second day of him in the kindergarten. And he so believed that he and donghyuck were gonna be best friends forever.


“Minhyung minhyung minhyung”

Mark stopped the game he was playing and looked up at his best friend.

“Yes hyuckkie ?”

“Look what i found in the garden!!”

Donghyuck showed the ladybug in his palm and seeing how excited and happy donghyuck got just by having a ladybug in his hand made mark’s heart melt. They had been friends for 3 yeaes but the adorableness of donghyuck never faded away in mark’s eyes.

“It’s a ladybug isn’t it ?”

Donghyuck nodded and smiled wider “the words you learn gets more and more everyday minhyung. I’m so proud of you.”

“I’m learning from a genius hyuckkie”

Donghyuck pecked his cheeks sweetly “thank you minhyunggie”

Then donghyuck suddenly gasped like he remembered something suddenly “minhyung! We gotta wish something!!”

“Why why ??”

“Don’t you remember what mrs. Kim said when we were in kindergarten ?? If you have a ladybug in your hand you gotta make a wish and there is a huge chance that wish will come true!”

“But it’s only in your hand hyuckkie. I can’t wish anything”

“No no hyunggie don’t pout like that! Here.” Donghyuck said and took mark’s hand and put it on his own, being careful of not crushing the little ladybug between their palms. “Now we can wish together”

“I wish us being together forever minhyunggie” donghyuck said, smiling happyly

“I wish the same hyuckkie.”

Donghyuck’s smile got wider “then promise me that we will be cuddle buddies forever.”

Mark put his free hand on air and made a promise sign.


Donghyuck locked his pinky with mark “promise”


“Really minhyung ? Lee jeno ? The eye smile boy ?”

“So what ?!” Mark said with a cute red face “better than na jaemin! At least my crush isn’t a sassy egoist prince who is all about himself!”

“Oh hell no you didn’t just call nana an egoist prince!”

“Yes i did! Fite me lee donghyuck!” Mark said and pushed his hands in front of him towards donghyuck like he was ready to fight but with the pose he was doing he just looked like a cute little bean

“Lee minhyung i swear to god!”

“If you two don’t shut up right now i swear to god.” Renjun said and got between two best friends. “Why the heck you are fighting over your crushes anyway ? Shouldn’t you two gotta help each other with them ?”

“Shouldn’t you find a crush for yourself ??” Donghyuck said and mark joined him “yeah renjun why you haven’t had a crush yet ??”

“Cause i’m the pure and innocent child of god who only loves puppies. Amen.”

“Or maybe cause your crush is already dating with someone else”


“Hey renjun” chenle said while walking to the table of his friends.

“H-hey chenle”

Chenle just gave him a smile and kept walking.

“Yeah right and i’m park jisung”

“Why are we talking about me now ??” Said jisung, appearing out of nowhere.

“Holy ice cream jisung oh my god don’t do this!” Renjun said and held his chest “i can’t die that early. I’m too young.”

“Was he fanboying over chenle again ?“jisung asked to donghyuck "or was mark dying over jeno’s eye smile ? Or did jaemin looked at your way to make you feel all blushy and all ?”


“Why ? he is cute.”


“Dude i am not having a crush on your crush. What am i ? A betrayer ?”

They all stared at jisung.

“Look if it’s about that time that i told you guys we will meet at the ice cream shop then bought 5 different ice cream and made you guys pay for it and ran back to home. It was an experiment.”

“And what kind of experiment was that ??” Mark asked and jisung thought a bit

“To see how my dear friends will react to me being a little brat”

“Well we didn’t kill you yet right ? So was that a good result ?” Renjun said and jisung rised his eyebrow

“Yet ??”

“The keyword is "yet” jisunggie” donghyuck said in a sweet threating tone

“Y-you can’t kill me i am too young to die. I havent even got my first crush yet.”

“Keep being a lil brat and you’ll see” both mark and donghyuck said at the same time then high fived.

“Hey donghyuck wanna hang out after school ?”

Donghyuck held mark’s arm so hard that it definetaly was gonna leave a bruise on the tender skin.

“Y-yeah of course jaeminnie”

Jaemin smiled “good. Is it okay if jeno comes with me ?”

Donghyuck’s smile widened “Of course. Can minhyung come with me too ?”

“Actually i was gonna say the same thing. You and mark come together”

“Oh okay.”

“See you later after school then”

“Okay see you”

Donghyuck held mark’s arm tighter when jaemin left.

“Holy shit minhyung oh my god”

“Man i know right”

“We will date with our crushes!”

“Maybe it will be a double date ??”

And they actually were right. It was a double date indeed. But their partners in that double that was a lot different than how they thought.

“Oh my god hyuck,mark thank you so much for coming with us. I never had enough confidence to ask jeno out to a date but asking help from him to get you to together worked great. That was a great double date!”

Mark could only gave a forced af smile while donghyuck just said “you’re welcome jaeminnie. I hope you two will be so happy together”

“Thank you. You two too. Oh shoot i gotta go now. Jeno is calling me”

When jaemin left donghyuck turned to mark and wrapped his hands on his back, crying overdramatically

“Shh shh it’s okay hyuckkie. It’s his lost”

“Aren’t you sad too ? My crush is dating with your crush”

Mark shrugged his shoulders “i mean yeah i’m sad too but what can i do ? I wouldn’t cry just cause my crush rejected me”

“I’m not crying cause he rejected me! I’m crying cause he rejected me for that little eye smiling idiot!”


“What ? He is out of your league already”

“But he still is a nice friend”

Donghyuck rolled his eyes “yeah right “friend”“

Mark hit on his arm "oh shut up hyuck. Wanna get ice cream to eat while walking back to home ?”

“So i can literally cry into my ice cream ? Yeah why not minhyung”

The walking back home was full of “i knew it"s and "you deserve better anyway"s and donghyuck crying into his ice cream and mark is rubbing his back to comfort him.

"I’m just 14 years old minhyung i can’t be in that much stress. It’s bad for my pretty tan skin.”

“I know hyuckkie. That’s why i’m here. To comfort you”

“Awwwww babe”

“Yeah "awww” now eat your ice cream before it melts dumbass”


“Can you believe jeno proposed jaemin already ? Like come on bro we are just 17. Its too early”

Donghyuck said when he took a break of drinking his chocolate milk.

Mark answered but his eyes were still on the view in front of him.

“Well then it wasn’t too early for him. They are already like a married couple you know. I don’t think there would be any differences if they get married.”

Donghyuck laughed cause mark was right. After that “double date” jeno and jaemin became friends with mark and donghyuck and that meant these two poor boys had to see their crushes cute moments all the time in front of their eyes. At first it was hard for them but then they got used to it. And they were already over their “crushes”.

Donghyuck wanted to remind the funny memory of their double date but he saw the look on mark’s eyes while he was watching the sky.

“You’re thinking about him don’t you ?”

Mark didn’t look at donghyuck and just stayed silent.

“You gotta tell him minhyung. You can’t keep it in for so long”

“He is dating with doyoung hyung. I can’t do it to him.”

“Then don’t do it to me too!”

Mark finally looked at donghyuck and saw how sad his eyes were.

“Do you have any idea how i feel when i see you so sad like that ? We are best friend’s minhyung. We had been friends for 13 years. You are me more than me. You know you mean too much to me. I can’t just sit down and watch you being in pain. I just can’t.”


“Just go tell him that he stole your first kiss. He cheated on doyoung hyung this way didn’t he ? Don’t you think hyung should now that too ?”

“He was drunk tho”

“So what ? Is that an excuse ? You didn’t get any good sleep since then. You shouldn’t be the one feeling guilty towarss doyoung hyung. Taeyong should be! He was the one who kissed you. You didn’t even kiss back!”

“I know…but i don’t wanna ruin their relationship. I’m sure taeyong hyung did it just cause he was drunk. He loves doyoung hyung. And you know he loves him too.” Mark said and looked down at the light grey floor of the rooftop again.

And that was the moment donghyuck put his hands on mark’s hands finally.

“Then get over it already. It was just a kiss anyway”

Mark’s voice came out so tiny that it broke donghyuck’s heart into pieces.

“It was my first kiss”

Donghyuck couldn’t take seeing his best friend sad so he did the first thing came to his mind. He leaned forward and pressed his chapped lips on mark’s soft ones. It took mark a while but he brushed his lips against donghyuck’s lips back. It was soft, light and short. Almost like a peck.

“Count it as your first kiss then” was the first thing donghyuck said when they pulled away.

“H-hyuck it’s your-”

“First kiss yeah”

“You gave your first kiss to me ?”

Donghyuck held himself so hard to not pull mark into a hug. Cause he was so adorable with his eyes wide and questioning.

“Yep. And i’m so fucking proud of it. You are the only person i would not regret having my first kiss with minhyung. You are my most precious aren’t you ?”

Mark hugged him while crying into his chest.

“Why are you so good to me ?”

“Cause we are best friends” donghyuck said and held mark’s pinky with his own “forever”


“Wanna tell why we came here dear minhyung ?”

Mark laughed at donghyuck’s sassy tone. After all those years donghyuck never changed a bit. He was still a sassy gemini who hated walking to beach cause it is so far away from mark’s house to walk to.

“I just wanted to come here.”

“So you pulled me here too with you”

“Who else i could pull with me to here hyuckkie ? You are my most precious, arent you ?”

“Ah shut the fuck up” donghyuck said and hit on his shoulder but a smile was shining on his face.

They lied down on the sand slowly. It had became their habit a long time ago. Walking to beach, lying on the warm sand and talking about anything and everything. In those past 16 years they had always been together. They were there together when they got their first crushes, their first kisses, their first heartbreaks. They were there together when mark won a prize in school for being the smartest student in whole school. Donghyuck shouted “THATS MY BESTFRIEND!!!” So high that the whole school knew that lee minhyung was indeed lee donghyuck’s best friend. They were there together when donghyuck did funny, stand up shows in a little pub everynight to save money so he and mark can go to same univeristy together. Mark laughed so hard everytime donghyuck opened his mouth even though sometimes his jokes were really really bad.

And in those years mark realized some things that he should’ve realize maybe years ago. He realized that best friends would not feel that way towards each other. Best friends would not get butterflies in their hearts when the other one smiles. Best friends would not cuddle so tight all night and wake up each other with sweet pecks on cheeks. Best friends would not fall asleep in each other’s embrace after a long movie night they had together. Best friends would not get jealous when one of them flirts with someone else. Best friends would not check out each other when they change their clothes. Best friends would not say “i love you” to each other in “that” tone. Best friends would not steal kisses from each other when they think the other one is sleeping.

“Best friends wouldn’t kiss” mark breathed out loud, still looking at the sky

“I know minhyung” donghyuck said and turned his head right to look at mark “i know”

Mark gulped. It was stupid. He shouldn’t have be that nervous. He and donghyuck had been friends for years. They had seen each other with those ugly pimples on their faces. He had seen donghyuck wearing those braces that made him look like a complete dork. Donghyuck had seen mark crying so ugly after watching such a scary movies. Donghyuck had always been donghyuck. His best friend forever. Right ? Then why he was feeling like he wasn’t loving donghyuck as a best friend anymore ? Why his feelings towards donghyuck changed and had been haunting his heart and mind for a few years now ? Why his heart was beating that fast whenever donghyuck smiled at him ? Why he was feeling his heart flutters whenever donghyuck called him “minhyung” ? Why he just wanted to hold donghyuck in his arms and kiss him all night long till they both became breatheless ? And why donghyuck was just looking so damn good under the moonlight right now ?

“B-but you kiss me sometimes. When i sleep ”

Donghyuck smiled knowingly “you do the same”

Mark’s breathing got even faster. “Yeah” he almost choked on his word.

“Donghyuck i…i feel something…towards you…b-but i don’t know what to call it”

“Do you also feel like your heart stops beating for a second when you see me smile ? Do you also just wanna pull me close and kiss me till we both can’t breathe anymore ? Do you also wanna see my face all the time and never get tired of it ? Do you also wanna call me yours ?”

Mark nodded and donghyuck’s smile grew bigger.

“Then i know what it is minhyunggie”

“W-what ?”

Donghyuck got closer to mark’s face and cupped mark’s face softly.


“B-but w-we are best friends. Forever”

Mark knew he was painfuly in love with donghyuck for so long but they had been best friends for even longer. It was just feeling…different…but not wrong…

“Do you trust me minhyung ?” Donghyuck asked, caressing mark’s cheeks gently

“You know i do”

“Then let me love you, please” donghyuck said and leaned forward, brushing his lips on mark’s like he did on the rooftop 2 years ago but it was even better than the first time.

It was a lot lot better cause now mark was kissing him back as passionately as donghyuck was kissing him. Now he held donghyuck’s neck and pulled him closer without any hesitation. Now donghyuck got on top of him and kept kissing him while mark’s hands were in donghyuck’s hair, pulling onto it hard,flaming the kiss more. Now mark wasn’t afraid of tasting donghyuck’s tongue and biting his bottom lip till donghyuck moans softly into his mouth.

After their aggressively passionate make out which was filled with all the emotions they both had been keeping inside for real ended thanks to their need of air and both of their neck’s were shining with little red and pink marks they lied down on the sand again. But this time donghyuck was lying on mark’s chest and mark’s hands were wrapped around donghyuck’s waist, holding him tightly.


“Hmm ?”

Yeah it definetely felt different but it felt so, so good and mark was so fucking sure of his feelings.

“I love you”

He could feel donghyuck’s on his chest.

“I love you too minhyung. I had always did.”

Mark could feel a sweet smile came up to his lips too. He was happy. He was so damn happy when he was with donghyuck. And he wished got that would never change. That they will be together forever…


“Minhyung minhyung look!”

Donghyuck said but mark was already looking at him, smiling at him sweetly.

“A ladybug again ?”

Donghyuck nodded and mark’s heart warmed up so much. Oh god he loved donghyuck so much.

“We gotta make a wish”

Mark put his hand oh donghyuck’s and pecked a sweet kiss on his lips.

“I wish us to be together forever hyuckkie”

Donghyuck’s smile widened so much that it was ear to ear now.

“I wish the same minhyunggie”

They were about to kiss when the door opened so fast that it hit the wall beside it.


“Jaemin baby don’t you think you are being a little bit too extr-”


“But baby we couldn’t stop the rain and you know that too”

“I FUCKING HATE RAIN!” jaemin yelled then looked at mark and donghyuck again “NOW GET READY SO FAST AND COME TO THE SALOON QUICKLY! NOW!”

Jaemin slammed the door closed as fast as he opened it,leaving two giggly boys behind him.

“I guess we gotta be fast” donghyuck said and pulled mark up from the chair.

“Yeah but first” mark leaned forward and kissed donghyuck.

“I love you lee donghyuck” mark said and donghyuck giggled cutely “i love you too lee minhyung. But we gotta be fast or jaemin will kill us. And i don’t wanna die before we have a daughter.” Donghyuck said and mark let him pull him out of the room to the wedding saloon.

And the little ladybug that was on the table flied out of open window slowly…


Markhyuck’s ages in time skips in order:

Kindergarden: 4
Elemantry school: 7
Middle school: 14
High school: 17
University: 20
University: 21

(Huge huge spoilers for GotG 2)

Was listening to “Ain’t no mountain high enough” again (what can I say, it’s a beautiful song) and for the first time in a while, I actually paid attention to the lyrics here.

The whole song is about the fact that the singer – who can be whoever the listener wants it to be – would do everything and anything and overcome whatever standing in their way to get to their loved one, should they need them. Nothing will be able to stop them should they be needed.

And I always thought that this refers to the people we see in the end of the first movie – Peter, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, and Yondu. And it does, I think. During the sequence the song plays for the first time, we see all of those people, and the song creates this bond between them – they love each other, they trust each other, even if they are not always good at showing it, and they would do anything to keep each other safe. They already did, they saved the galaxy together, after all.

This song was basically Meredith’s message to Peter that there would always be someone like her, who would love him, protect him and be there for him. It’s a silent “It’s going to be okay Peter, you’re not alone” for her son.

But since I spent the last few days pondering especially Yondu’s relationship with Stakar’s team, I suddenly realized a sort of… twisted reflection to this.

Remember what Yondu and Stakar told each other?

“Are you gonna listen to what I gotta say?!”

“I don’t gotta listen to nothing, you betrayed the code. Ravagers don’t deal in kids!”

Stakar wouldn’t listen to Yondu. Yondu had fucked up in a real bad way, and for Stakar, that was it. His heart was broken and he was hurt, and he never listened to what Yondu had to say, be it in words or actions, ever again.

Yondu is yelling angrily here in this scene, but when you look at his face, he seems just broken. His words are angry and spiteful, but he’s also screaming silently for Stakar to just listen to him, to let him explain – perhaps he even wants to ask for help.

And Stakar doesn’t listen.

The last song we hear in Vol. 1 repeatedly says that “I’ll be there when you want me” and “there ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from getting to you”.

It also goes “If you’re ever in trouble I’ll be there on the double, just send for me. It says “If you ever need a helping hand I’ll be there on the double just as fast as I can”.

This whole song is about the fact that it’s okay, it’s okay because if you’re in trouble, there will always be someone who loves you, someone who will go the distance to help you out, nothing can stop them – if you need them, just say so and they will listen.

For Peter, that is true, even if he didn’t always notice or know. Even before he met the Guardians, even after having lost his Mum, he had Yondu. One call, Yondu would be there. Any trouble, Yondu would be there.

Yondu always went the distance, no matter how far, to get Peter out of trouble and keep him safe. And that after his whole crew pointed out that he was going soft on Peter and that he should do something about it. No matter how much Peter fucked up or betrayed him, he still did everything for Peter.

One yell from Peter “Come and get me!” and he goes and fishes the reckless idiot out of space and saves him from freezing.

One mention that Peter is with Ego, and Yondu does a prison break, massacres his mutinying crew and jumps more times than are healthy to get Peter out once again.

On the other hand, Stakar and Yondu?

Stakar had stopped listening.

No matter what Yondu would have said, he wouldn’t have someone to “surpass the mountains” there would be no “helping hand”.

Stakar’s and Yondu’s relationship may have been very, very similar to Yondu’s and Peter’s relationship, once, long ago, but it broke. It broke because Yondu fucked up and Stakar didn’t give him a chance again.

And Yondu… refused to do the same. Peter fucked up, Yondu cursed, threatened, hissed and spit big words, but he still forgave Peter again and again.

Yondu actually learned from both his own - and from Stakar’s faults.

Stakar stopped listening, and there was no one to answer Yondu’s calls.

Yondu never stopped listening and there would always be someone to answer Peter’s calls.