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Why do all these people come seeking my love when I least want it? Number 3. Thank you in advance 💕

my songs know what you did in the dark

I’m in the de-details with the devil
So now the world can never get me on my level
I just got to get you out of the cage
I’m a young lover’s rage
Gonna need a spark to ignite

the brightness of your burn catches attention, but it also will turn them to ash. do not worry about them. 

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whenever i have a runny nose i think of you. we are ALL drippy bitches

bxtch im drippy in so many more ways than just my nose……….. get on my level


i actually could not stop thinking about this……..

Cards on the Table (Taron Egerton)

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Summary: They dealt the cards in their hands when it came to their relationship, but there was always one that they kept hidden in their sleeves.

Author’s Note: I don’t normally write imagines for real actors, but my thirst levels are off the chart and I couldn’t help myself when I got this idea. I wrote it mainly for myself so I just want to publish it here for fun. Enjoy!

Their relationship always seemed a bit simple once they laid their cards out on the table.

Being cast as one of the main bodyguards for the villain in the new Kingsman movie meant spending quite a bit of time with the main cast. Even more so when her role involved seducing Taron Egerton’s Eggsy Unwin in the script. They got along quickly, and it didn’t take her long to know that she was attracted to him.

Who wouldn’t be? He was very cute and sweet and made her laugh. She had almost let it develop into a crush. Almost.

After a long day of shooting on the set, Taron, herself, and a few of the cast went out to a nearby bar for drinks. A few rounds in, the conversation had turned in the direction of relationships and types. She had no type, she said. If she was attracted to a guy, she was attracted to him; it didn’t matter what his hair color, eye color, or race was. Simple.

Taron’s was simple as well. “I like older women,” he answered. That was his card, and that was when she knew she didn’t stand a chance; she was two years younger than him. One of their co-stars said that people always end up dating beyond their types. She (almost) wanted to believe that was true and keep that glimmer of hope, but her thoughts quickly shut it down. Why wouldn’t it work between Taron and an older, more mature woman?

She was most definitely not that.

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» Adventures in Eorzea [2/??]

I had three worst-case scenarios with the CS proposal:

1) Emma finds the ring and the surprise is totally ruined.

2) Killian proposes without telling Emma the truth about what he did first.

3) Emma initially says no when he asks.

Two of my worst-case scenarios happened.  I can’t even believe this.  


(Relatively) Free Minions! ☀ ☾

It’s been going around, but in case you missed it- Sun and Moon minions from the Magic Pot (read: Imp in a pot). Can find this NPC at (12, 36.7) in The Isle of Umbra. If you’re not sure how to get there, you just take the ferry from Aleport. All my lower level friends, there’s hostile level 40 mobs- but if I’m online and idling around (read: 98% of my online time) I can take you out here. ♥

Sunminion cost: Elixir x1
minion cost: Hi Elixir x1

Man I think my T levels are fuuuucked right now. Like everything, EVERYTHING keeps making me cry it’s so fucking weird. ESPECIALLY since I’ve had a hard time crying at ALL since started T.

But legit like, anything even remotely emotion-invoking (happy or sad) makes me tear up and/or flat out cry the last week or two. I haven’t been this unstable water-works-y since my first periods when I was 13 and would cry at commercials I liked lmao. Legit I can’t even watch cute cat videos right now without tearing up it’s so unreal

Seriously, I think something’s wrong with my T levels. I’m so SENSITIVE again. Like I take everything personally even tho I know it’s stupid and it makes me not want to talk to anyone because I’m convinced they hate me which is also stupid.

I feel like I’m 13 again wtf

After playing through early access like im pretty certain ME:A is well on its way to being my favorite mass effect game thus far

HQ Kareshi (Teacher): Hanamaki Takahiro

Hanamaki: You haven’t gone home yet. You need me for something? I’m a little busy right now though

Hanamaki: …Hm

*Pulls you in*

Hanamaki: I’m kidding, kidding

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Prompt: SeikoxIzayoi

A/N Rarepair aw, yeah! Get with my level! I just love rarepairs? And crying because there’s never content for them? Why do I make myself suffer? PS I love Seiko

The Friend of my Friend - SeikoxSonosuke

They don’t know what sort of relationship they have.

They weren’t strangers since they at least knew each other’s names. They even hang out quite frequently or rather they gave the illusion of it. It might be more accurate that they were tolerating each other’s presence rather than genuinely bonding. They hardly talked to each other and even when they do, it was almost always about Ruruka. They never went past being just that friend of their friend to each other. They weren’t friends, were they? They were friends with Ruruka and the only reason Seiko and Sonosuke would even be in the same room together was because Ruruka was there.

So then why were they still together right now even without their connecting party member?

Perhaps it was just out of routine. Now that they think about it, their lives seemingly revolved around Ruruka. Most of their schedule was dictated by her and they went along with it not daring to refuse. She would lead them and they would almost automatically follow. So now that Ruruka had decided to separate for a bit, the two were left with no direction.

And unexpectedly, they had gravitated towards each other.

It was awkward to say the least and it was uncomfortable at worst. More so for Seiko who was always nervous. It’s not that she was afraid of Sonosuke but rather she was just hesitant over the idea of interacting with him. He hardly talked in the first place but that just made her wary of what he could be silently thinking about. It was hard to concentrate on her chemicals when he was standing at one corner of the lab with his eyes close. She tried to ignore him at first.

Until he crumpled unceremoniously to the floor.

“Nngh!” Sonosuke winced as he knelt.

“W-What’s wrong?” Seiko stuttered as she rushed towards his side. He looked pale and weak. She mentally berrated herself for not noticing it any sooner but he looked just about to collapse. “Tell me your symptoms quickly!” She ordered him as her mind rifled through the medicines she had in stock. She has never seen him this weak and it worried her.

Her concern was proven to be misplaced after a low grumble erupted from him.

“…Hungry.” He grunted as he held his empty stomach.

She thought she had heard wrong until his stomach growled again. “Oh, o-okay.”

Luckily for them, they happened to stumble upon an underclassman chef who happily prepared them appropriate meals. Seiko wasn’t even that hungry but she had to admit that the food was delicious enough for her to not ignore. She was already halfway through her serving when she noticed that Sonosuke hadn’t eaten his second spoonful yet.

“Is something wrong?” She asked in concern as she racked her head for a possible explanation for his behavior. The food was scrumptious and there was only one reason she could think of as to why anyone would hesitate to eat it. Aside from poison that is. “Are you… allergic to the food?” Then again, an allergy might as well be treated as poison.

He shook his head and frowned. “It’s not sweet…”

“Sweet?” Seiko returned her eyes at her plate. Of course it wasn’t sweet. Steaks were supposed to be savory not sweet. And then it hits her. “Do you miss Ruruka’s sweets?”

He nodded numbly, the action reminiscent of a shy boy. “I keep craving for her treats that everything else tastes bland in comparison.” He sighed longingly. “I haven’t actually eaten anything since she left.”

“But didn’t she leave you a stash of sweets? I remember those were more than enough to get you by until she returns.” She pointed out.

“…” He looked at anywhere else but at her.

“You ate them all already, didn’t you?” She asked accusingly even though his faint blush was incriminating evidence enough. She sighed. “That’s an unhealthy diet, you know. It’s bad enough that you eat so much sweets but not eating anything else is deadly.”

“Isn’t that why I take your supplements? So I could eat more candy?” He asked like a kid who was already caught but still making excuses.

Seiko frowns in distaste. She had been worried over his unbalanced diet since every time she saw him, he was always feeding on Ruruka’s treats. She could hardly do anything to correct his lifestyle choices so instead she gave him some maintenance drugs for better digestion. She wondered if she made the right choice since he clearly didn’t grasp their purpose.

“The supplements are there to help but not to be used as a solution.” But she knew better that he wouldn’t take that reprimand alone so she offered him a threat for side dish. “I’m going to stop supplying you with them if you don’t balance your diet. Remember, you won’t get to eat as much sweets in the long-term without these.”

“Less sweets?” He almost sounded heartbroken and Seiko would have pitied him if only he didn’t glare at his plate like it was an enemy. “I still would have liked it better if it were sweet.”

Sonosuke was apparently more childish than his looks led on. Seiko briefly wondered if this was how Ruruka saw him and it was just so plain to see that Seiko couldn’t understand why she never knew. Well, of course she knew why. She never did bother to talk to him for more than five seconds without dropping Ruruka’s name. He was alright to be around with, she supposed. Sonosuke was definitely harmless compared to Ruruka but Seiko would be killed if she said that out loud. In short, he was nice who just so happened to have a demanding sweet tooth.

The fact was that he was acting like a child and she was the type of person who couldn’t ignore children.

“Here. This is a chewable.” She handed him a tablet. “Try the steak again after you’ve eaten this.”

He did as he was told and grinded the tablet in between his teeth. His face instantly grimaced at the somewhat bitter taste but with Seiko glaring at him expectantly, he dutifully chewed it and swallowed. A weird aftertaste was left in his mouth and he could have sworn his tongue faintly tingled. He’s not quite sure what she was expecting from him but he did as he was told and proceeded to eat a slice of steak.

His eyes popped open at the flavor. “Dewicious!” He had already forgotten the bitter taste of the medicine since all he could taste was sweetness that blended with the tenderness of the steak. Sweetness melted in his mouth as he ate slice after slice as if it was a light snack and not a heavy meal.

“I guess it worked out for the best.” She let out a breath which she had been holding the whole time. “It’s a drug that selectively enhances the taste buds that detect sweetness. That’s still in its experimental stages so tell me if there are any side effects.” She had originally created this for when Ruruka will undoubtedly ask for one during exam season but she felt that Sonosuke’s reaction was far more satisfying than what Seiko would have gotten from her.

“It’s sweet! It’s dewicious!” He said in between mouthfuls of food and he even managed to grin widely.

His smile was infectious as she smiled lightly as well. “I’m glad that this was a success.”

And as they enjoyed the rest of their meal, they found out that it was possible for them to hang out even without their connecting third party member.

Because even without Ruruka’s presence, Seiko’s and Sonosuke’s connection still remained.

I was inspired to try and find the oldest piece of writing I hadn’t deleted and it’s from right after I turned 14. It… is the most pretentious thing… omfg. I was so proud of this shit. It was my featured deviation, back when the dA lit community was active and cool. I thought I was a fucking prodigy. At least I can confirm that my obsession with girls who have boy names and kiss girls has been ongoing for at least twelve years.