just get married already jesus

Whipped - Auston Matthews

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Notes: Hola friends! This is literally one of my fav imagines that I’ve written so I hope you enjoy it cuties! Also look how beautiful he is in that gif!! I’m so in love.

Mentions: Like a few of the Leafs that I’m too lazy to write out

Warnings: Mentions of sex, nothing explicit or even steamy

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Teaser: “If you adopt us when you get married, we’ll make ourselves act five for you.”

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Like, Victor literally knelt down to tie his laces, and afterwards kissed his boot like he’s a fanboy with no self-respect (tbh he probably actually has none when it comes to Yuuri lol) and Yuuri just…sits there?? And takes it???? And isn’t embarrassed?????

Can you imagine Yuuri from a year ago in the same position? I can’t. He’d probably have booked the first flight back to Japan immediately out of sheer embarrassment.

And Victor’s been called selfish and self-centred and self-serving but I guess that’s fine since he appears to have assimilated Yuuri into his sense of self so it’s 100% normal to him to make Yuuri the centre of his everything and serve Yuuri like the goddamn embarrassing too-proud partner that he is Jesus these two should just get married already.

I just. Aslfjakfkajsh