just get married already and have perfect babies

Strip Tutoring // Jeff Atkins // requested

Request : please do a jeff atkins imagine but please dont let him die there iM BEGGIN U

This imagine doesn’t mention his death or the party or anything! Just a regular ‘dating Jeff Atkins’ imagine. Lol

Requests are closed. xx

Warnings : not really smut but… stripping ?…. cheeky!Jeff

Pairings : Jeff x Fem.Reader

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Walking into the library, my eyes scanned over everyone’s faces until I saw my boyfriend sitting with Clay. He looked irritated and pinched the bridge of his nose. Taking a seat at the table, Jeff’s eyes lit up.

“Hey babe.” He smiled. 

I grinned, “How’s he doing, Clay?”

“Depends. Did Abraham Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence?” Clay responded smartly. 

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The Perfect Gift - Sebastian Stan

Hello internet! Lately I’ve had lots of inspiration but couldn’t get the right words to write so this one shot is a little unsure. Still. enjoy!

                                SEBASTIAN STAN X READER

Summary: you just have the perfect gift for your husband.

Warnings: implied smut, shitty writing? idk


It has been exactly two years and eight months since me and Sebastian got married. Before that day we had already talked about our future as parents, we love each other so much and the idea of having a family together warms our hearts in a way impossible to explain with just a few words. In the last two months we forgot a little this baby thing, mostly because we both had a strict filming schedule and barely saw each other already but, at the same time, we never stopped trying when we had the chance to share an intimate moment after a long time apart. Therefore, two days ago Sebastian arrived to celebrate his birthday with me since I had just come home from work a week or two before him and I couldn’t be more excited to tell him that yes, I’m pregnant.

I never thought it would be so easy for the two of us after hearing stories from friends or doctors that had told us that if we ever started trying, we had to be really patient. Luckily, it wasn’t like they said and now I’m still a little incredulous about it. Being the freaking gift master since I was little, I immediately took the chance to give this amazing news as a present for Sebastian’s birthday. He’s clueless so it’s going to be a wonderful surprise. It has been a really difficult decision to decide which is the best and most creative way to tell him but after hours on internet watching pregnancy reaction videos, I have made up my mind.

This morning I have already woken him up with sweet kisses and his favourite brunch, mostly because I have left him sleep a little more. After eating in bed, I persuade him to follow me in the living room of our house to open his present. He has his child-like smile plastered on his face as soon as he hears the word -present- and I can’t be more excited to know that this time I’m sure I’ve scored. I tangle our fingers together as I get him out of the bed and pull him with me into the other room; Sebastian chuckles excitingly the moment he sees the little red box on the coffee table in front of the couch and I bite my lip to contain the happiness.

”Sit on the couch while I get my phone, I wanna remember this moment forever’’I say to him and he grins even more, his mind probably wondering to what the heck I got him that can be so dirty. I try not to laugh as he winks at me with a wiggle of his eyebrows when he sits on the couch and put the phone on the table to record the reaction.

“Admit it, it’s a pair of handcuffs’’ Sebastian laughs and I mirror him.

“I told you, after last time, you won’t see handcuffs ever again’’ I get the present in my hands and put it in his lap after pressing ‘record’ “Now, open your gift.”

Sebastian looks at me for a second smirking then proceeds to open the little box in his hands. It’s something I won’t ever forget what happens next: his brows furrow for a second as he sees the object, then he gets it in his hands carefully and reads the words written on it.

My Dad is a Hero

It takes a minute for his brain to load. His head snaps in my direction and we look in each other eyes. He knows but he’s not sure enough to say it.

“Wait.. are you- are we pregnant?”his voice is a whisper, almost trembling as his baby blue eyes are full of hope and joy. I nod mumbling a -yes- and he immediately wraps his arms around me “Oh my god, Oh my god. I’m gonna be a dad.. I’m gonna be a dad!”

His eyes are glassy and a few hot tears escape but I’m right there to wipe them away as I cradle his face in my hands to give him a short kiss on his cherry lips. He hugs me tightly to him again as he rocks the both of us happily, tears of joy streaming down our face.

“Happy birthday, love” I whisper in his ear and that’s the exact moment that I fully understand that I have hit jackpot.

Top 20 All Time Favourite Fics

Contains muliple ships and fandoms. 
Sterek, Destiel, FiKi, Bellarke, Olicity, McShep, Malec, Hictooth, Bagginshield. 
I should just mention I’ve read all these fic’s MULTIPLE times, like stupid amount multiple. 

1. The Best Years of Our Live, My Ass - ireallyhatecornnuts
Destiel. I read this fic all the time, it’s fanstastic. Love all the family elements, the plot is great, the relationship is cute and totally them. It’s just a perfect fic. 

2. Divided We Stand - KouriArashi
. Also another I’ve read mulitple times, it’s just so good. I could read this a thousand times and never get bored. This is one of the greatest fics (and series) I’ve ever read. 

3. Cornerstone - Vendelin
. Read mulitple times, always amazing, always makes me smile and cry and gives me all the feels. It’s sweet, accurately describes mental illness, it’s got steamy sex scenes and is a little heartbreaking. All you need in a fic. 

4. Angels Among Us - Vaerin
This is always such fun to read. I love all the Asgard chapters, love the chimera, all the squabbling between Angel parents. All The Wing Love! It’s full of fluff and a bit of heartbreak, but it’s amazing! 

5. Our Lives Are Changing Lanes - grimm
I adore this fic, it’s so sweet and I love me some Single Parent Derek Hale. His daughter is a mini version of him and I love Stiles trying to win her over. Also the dates are adorable, and Cop Stiles is amazing! 

6. Hitchups - AvannaK
. One of the best thing’s I have ever read! It starts in the middle of the HTTYD movie, from there it just takes off! Hiccup and Toothless travelling around, growing up, learning to fight and all the mystical creatures! This is just as good as the movies! 

7. Cas, You Had A Baby? - allthebeautifulthings9828
Cas stealing a fledgling and raising it with Dean is perfection. Then they make this little community of baby angels and get the safe, happy life they always deserved. It’s beautiful. 

8. As Luck Would Have It (I’m Already Smitten) - Whisper91
A Perfect Dom-Sub universe. It’s fluffy, perfect amounts of the BDSM universe, and some interesting plot. Love all the Hales and the pack feels. The Liam and Derek / Stiles scenes are too cute! Still a WIP but it’s amazing! 

9. How Dean and Cas Got Fake Married - allthebeautifulthings9828
Clearly this author know’s how to write amazing Destiel fics! While I do kinda wish there were some sexy times, the fic is still amazing without them. I love them living a normal-ish life while still kinda hunting. It’s just great, okay?

10. The Boy and The Beast - Dira Sudis
Derek stuck as a wolf is my favourite. The kind of season 1 retelling with Derek actually kind of earning Scott’s trust, and totally dating Stiles is amazing! 

11. Nightfall - Leletha
. Hiccup got taken as well as Valka. Feral Hiccup not knowing he’s human is amazing. All the dragon talk and how much Hiccup and Toothless adore each other is so cute. I just love this fic, okay? It’s amazing! 

12. Convenient Husbands - Annie D
I just love creature Cas. He’s so snarky and sassy and Dean is happy (which should be canon, he deserves some happy). I love how they interact with each other and the Roadhouse sounds awesome! 

13. Raven Feather, Lion Heart - KiliDurin
Feral Kili is amazing, Fili being all princely is great. The Durin family is awesome and I love all the dwarven culture. Also, friendly warg is everything! 

14. Max Two ‘Verse - heartsdesire456
omg, this series is so freaking cute. Alec adopting baby Max, then Magnus adopting Max and Alec. Max is adorable. I love seeing the Lightwood-Bane’s growing into their little family. It’s sweet and just everything good you could want! 

15. Opposites Attract - goldenlionprince, liddie
This is one of the sweetest fic’s I’ve ever read (and re-read). It’s so fluffy and so unbelievably adorable. Plus, Punk-ish Fili is amazing! 

16. Raising Madison Series - MrsHamill
This series is so great. I love dad!Rodney, and Sheppard is such a good step-dad. The series is all family feels, and amazing Atlantis life. 

17. I’m Not Asking Much Of You - emmylou
This is my favourite Bellark fic. It’s so sweet, and I love the fake-relationship, it’s also kinda sexy at points. Hello, Bellamy giving Clarke a lap dance, then vise versa. Also love the Clarke Raven friendship. 

18. What Happens In Vegas… - redtoes
I’m not super into Arrow anymore, but this fic has always been amazing. It’s refreshing to see a fake-relationship that isn’t incredibly angsty. It’s sweet and has a good plot, all around great. 

19. Convincing A Hobbit - seekerluna
I don’t read much Bagginshield but this is so freaking amazing! I love courting fics, and the drawven and hobbit courting rituals are amazing. Also Fili and Kili being adorably childish. 

20. Settle Down - wearing_tearing, whatthehale
I love mpreg fics, and Daddy!Derek is so cute. Love their building relationship and merging of the packs. Everything is sweet and adorable. 

So there you have it. My All Time Favourite FanFictions! 

like you know that post about like abusers just make it easier for lowest-bar men to get into relationships 

and like its so true

like i know so many men (and theyre like 99% of the men i know) that i’m pretty sure the only way they will get into relationships is 

1) with previously abused women who are glad at least this time they can get out of the house and aren’t being hit 

2) with women who are pressed by society to marry and have kids already (and who think a pretty wedding and a baby will make their lives perfect) 

my point is. men are terrible and we should just ban them.

Gendry’s regret!!! The look on his face here kills me. “I can be your family.” “You wouldn’t be my family, you’d be m'lady.” His expression says how much he regretted not saying that he actually wants her to be his family. He understood that Arya meant what she said and that she meant it as"I love you". He wanted to say that he loved her back. But instead of being a man and telling her, he used an excuse of him being too low-born for her. No matter how much I love Gendry, I have to say THE STUPID COWARD!!!! As soon as she walked out he regretted not saying what he really wanted to! Because we all know they love each other! Now wether you see it as romantic or platonic or as siblings, that’s up to you! But they do love each other!!! For me it’s romantic, and once again it kills me that he is such a COWARD in this scene! And he needs to understand that he is high-born and not low-born. Yes, still a bastard, but a high-born bastard! I really need some happy Gendrya fanfic right now to make up for his failings!!! Gendrya-shipper for life!!!

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How about a headcanon where MC is a little older (24-29) and got married really young but divorced a year or two later? How would RFA + V and Saeran react?

I hope this is what you requested.I tried really hard T_T

Any mistakes, report to me



  • He never liked that you’re older than him
  • Grumpy Yoosung
  • This only makes him want to be more masculine
  • This is annoying him now, he’s the baby in the group
  • Don’t even try to call him baby
  • Or you’ll see who is the baby.
  • He’ll beat you on LOLOL 
  • Hell yeah!
  • -_-
  • When you tell him about your past
  • He’s so surprised!
  • You’ve already gotten married?
  • This is insane MC!
  • “You don’t like him anymore, right?”
  • He’s a jealous baby
  • “Don’t call me baby!”
  • He don’t want to know about this marriage
  • Forget about it
  • Just remember who you’ll marry very soon
  • HIM
  • Your past don’t matter, your future WITH HIM matter
  • You being more older than him  bothers him
  • But your marriage, bother him even more


  • Your age is perfect to him
  • You’re a woman,but you’re still his princess
  • It doesn’t matter how much you say that you’re not a princess
  • To him, you’re, and he’s your knight in shining armor
  • Pretty romantic, right?
  • Please say yes
  • When you tell him about your marriage
  • He’ll be like 
  • “You was another man’s princess?”
  • Really Zen?
  • This is the issue?
  • He wants to know why you and the guy got divorced
  • He doesn’t want to make the same mistake
  • If the guy cheated on you or something
  • He would be so angry
  • How can someone do this to you?
  • You’re a princess
  • Enough with this princess thing
  • You’re his baby
  • After all your explanation and your history
  • He’s certain that he’ll make you more happy than any other guy
  • You two will be the most happy
  • and beautiful
  • Couple


  • When Jumin starts to talk about that your first wedding must be perfect
  • You’ve told him..
  • That’s not your first marriage
  • He’s surprised, and he’ll try to stay calm about this
  • He’ll give you a chance to explain yourself
  • And you’ve explained yourself to him
  • He hates it
  • You loved someone so much that you got marriage with him
  • Jumin’s hates the guy
  • That he doesn’t even know
  • He’ll keep question you about him
  • When you tell him that you’re not talking with your ex anymore
  • He’s more relieved
  • After that he’ll keep reminding you that you’re his
  • And that you must forgot about these..Mistakes,that you already had done
  • If you keeps contact with your ex
  • He’ll find the guy and have a little conversation with him
  • The funny part is, the guy would never talk to you again
  • You wonder why...


  • When you talked with her about this
  • She just don’t care
  • But she’s curious
  • “Please, tell me more”
  • And you did what she asked
  • Jaehee was surprised, but she thinks the past is in the past
  • She’ll get jealous if you keep contact with your ex
  • But she’s not a kid, she can understand it
  • Learn this Jumin
  • She just want you to know one thing
  • She’ll arrange everything,calculate everything, each step of her actions
  • When you get marry again
  • This time with her
  • Let’s just say that you’ll not have any motives to get divorced
  • “I will make everything perfect MC..For us”


  • Yeah, Seven is just a party pooper
  • He’ll make fun of the fact that you’re older than him
  • “I like mature fruits”
  • “Mommy, your baby is hungry for some milk!”
  • Seven, stop
  • For the love of god
  • He already knows about the marriage too 
  • Since that background check
  • You’ve made a mistake on your life.
  • He understands you in that subject
  • It’s okay to make mistakes
  • You don’t need to talk about the details if you don’t want too
  • He want you to be comfortable about it
  • He also knows how hard can be to talk about a mistake, you can have all the time in the world
  • When you finally tell everything to him, he will hug you, and assures you that he will make you happier
  • “Besides…Will be the first time that you’ll marry in a space station!”


  • Seven mentioned it
  • He just..Was okay with it
  • When you guys were in a relationship
  • He suddenly wants to know more about it
  • V likes to know everything about you, he loves to appreciate you in any way
  • When you’re ready to talk about your past, he listen to you, closely
  • While you tell, he keep looking at you with a sad smile on his face
  • He knows the pain that is to have your heart broken
  • He knows how much it hurts
  • When you’re finished, he will try his hard to don’t cry
  • He hugs you tightly
  • Maybe the pieces of your and his heart,will be glued together
  • You’ll make this man happier
  • He’ll make you happier
  • You both deserves to be happier
  • You both will be happier
  • Everything will work out
  • For both of you


  • He knows it
  • He hates it
  • He don’t want to hear about it
  • Another man on your life
  • Just to think about it, makes him feel really angry
  • If this man did something bad to you, Saeran will make him pay
  • If you are keeping contact with this man, Saeran will make him pay again
  • Your age?He don’t care about it
  • Why you got married so soon?
  • He’s the perfect person to you, not this idiot that you already called “husband”
  • He hates to think about it, sometimes he just punch the wall
  • He hates that this man marriaged you, but he hate him even more knowing that he doesn’t maked you happy
  • He’ll do this man job.
  • Properly.
  • But first, he will have to buy a ring.
  • He will love to see your surprised face.
  • He just can’t wait.
3rd Jack- Requested


“Hiiiii can I have an image?? Could it be about y/n finding out she is pregnant with Nates baby and they decided to put it up for adoption and have a really hard time with that? You can come up with the rest. Thanks 💗”


“Nate, I’m pregnant” The words still hung in the air. We were on our way to his 23rd birthday party and I was tired of keeping the secret in and it had been complete silence since I dropped the baby bomb 5 minutes ago. Nate pulls into a Starbuck’s parking lot and shuts off the engine.

“I love you, Mama. But, I need time to think about this and my parents are going to be at the party, so we can’t discuss it now. Let’s hold off making any decisions for a bit. You are beautiful and I will support whatever you decide, but I just need some time to process.” He says in a shockingly calm voice. 


I don’t remember much of that party and I don’t think Nate does either. The next couple of days, we talked about our baby a lot. How much it would cost, plans for the future, where we would live. We had decided that the answer was to raise it ourselves or give it up for adoption but couldn’t figure out the right decision. But today, the answer came. I got a letter in the mail from Oxford about a community service fellowship I applied for months ago. I hadn’t gotten approved then, but a spot opened up teaching English in Thailand for 6 months, something I had always talked about doing. I would have to leave everything behind in a year. Nate and I knew that me applying for this would mean long distance for us, but I could never leave a newborn for that long. I told Nate and he held my hand. We both agreed it was a pretty strong sign, and were leaning closer to adoption. 

That’s when the final push came. Nate’s loan for his recording company went through on the same day. He had acquired the building and the bank statement saying the company finances had been approved got delivered on our way to my Gynocologist appointment. We pull into the parking garage for the 3rd time this month and I look over at my amazing boyfriend. “This can’t be our child, Nate. We have too much going on. The baby needs parents who are going to be around for them, to raise them. I love you and this baby is going to be beautiful, but we can’t be their parents” I start crying softly and get out of the car.

He nods and comes over to pull me into his chest. “I know. I was thinking the same thing”. He rubs my back. “It’s just not our time. We will make it through the next 8 months or so together and I will support you every step of the way, but we aren’t at the parenthood stage yet. And, that’s okay” I sigh into him. He always knows exactly what to say. 


After deciding to give up the baby, the rest of the pregnancy ran smoothly. I started prepping for Thailand and Nate began working on the new studio spaces at his company. We were busy. Nate would come home late at night and rub my feet and my belly with cocoa butter. He was so sweet and was constantly checking on me, even early on when no one else knew I was pregnant. 

I was in charge of a lot of the adoption paperwork. I looked through so many files and filled out so many forms. When one day, Nate and I found a perfect 35-year-old couple, Eric and Liz, who couldn’t have their own kids and wanted to start a family. We met with them a few times and they couldn’t stop talking about the future our baby would have with them and how much they were going to love it. They both came from big, fun families and were deeply saddened that they couldn’t have one of their own. 

Having such an inspiring set of people to give birth for made the rough 3rd trimester easier. I was huge and Nate had to do a lot for me around the apartment. I couldn’t wait to have my old body back, the ability to shave my own legs, the freedom to wear normal clothes. Nate promised we would go drink, have sushi and caffeine the night after I gave birth. 


I was visiting Nate at the record company construction site on a hot day for fall when all of a sudden I was leaking. 

“Nate!” I called leaning on the window.

“Baby?” He said casually, coming up the stairs.

“Yes baby, here now!” I yelled, panicking slightly.

Nate was shocked, barely speaking and helped me to the car and over to the hospital. “Call Eric and Liz,” I say as I get whisked away. 

Nate held my hand the entire time. I made sure that he told the doctors not to put me on pain drugs. I wanted to do this the natural way. Nate and I made this baby beautiful and nothing was going to mess it up. I cried and screamed and Nate cried and then, at 4:20 am on September 15th, our baby boy was born. I looked into his eyes and saw Nate. He kissed me on the head and for a split second I forgot we weren’t going to be a family, that the sweet little angel sitting in my arms wasn’t going to come home with us. The nurses pulled him away and I started to cry. 

“I know Baby. I love him too” Nate rubs my arms as we watch the nurse hand him over to Eric and Liz, who fall in love with him as much as we had. I was so happy that I could do this for them, that something that started as a mistake could be something so pure and perfect and beautiful. Eric and Liz name the baby boy Jack and Nate and I smile at each other, the 3rd Jack in our lives. That was the last time we saw his big brown eyes and thick dark mop of hair. That was the last time we had a baby. 


I had just flown back from Thailand. My time teaching was incredible and Nate had organized a welcome home party for me upon my return. I drove up to the park and our eyes meet. He runs over to the car and sweeps me into his arms. “Hey beautiful Mama” He kisses me and I melt. 

“Nate” I smile. We talked on the phone a lot and it took some time to get over the baby thing. Jack was such an important and stressful part of our lives for those months and then he was gone. I sigh as Nate and my niece chase after a few ducks as they eat up cake crumbs. He is so sweet. Sometimes when I see a little boy with dark eyes or see Nate playing with kids, I wonder if we made the right choice, if we should have taken parenthood on. I shake this thought fairly often, though, we made our decision and we move forward. 

Nate drives us home, back to the apartment I have missed so dearly, back to us. He opens the door and immediately, the sheer number of flowers amazes me.”Nate? What is this?” I look on the ceiling and there are thousands of pictures of us together hanging down on strings. He flicks a switch and little twinkle lights come on.

“Y/N I realized when we gave Jack up that I wanted so much more in this life than a recording studio with a view of downtown LA and a nice Jag for the weekend” He comes in and takes my hands. “I realized that for me to even have a shot at being happy from here on out, you have got to be around. You being away for 6 months just made me even more sure of how I feel about you. You’re it” I start crying and cover my face. “Our baby, though we gave it up, showed me that I wanted a family, but more importantly, it showed me that we already are a family. You are my home, my rock and I can’t ever be without you. I love you” He gets down on one knee and pulls out a tiny box. “Marry me, make us the family I know we already are”

“You perfect thing” I say, choking back embarrassing amounts of tears. I kiss him. “Of course, I’ll be your wife. I want nothing more than to have you as my family.” He slides the ring on my finger and I throw my arms around him. He runs to the window 

“Everyone! My fiance is home! That’s right LA! I’m engaged!” He calls out into the darkness. I laugh and shake my head. 

“Hey Fiance, come help me unpack” I smile as he turns around playfully and his eyes, Jack’s eyes, meet mine. What I loved most about that baby boy, I will now have for the rest of my life. 


Hope you liked it! Sorry if the tenses got all weird in the middle. 











when Lucy asks Natsu to stay back. He obeys, believing in her that she will be able to bring Virgo back to her senses even if it hurts him watching her get beaten up





Once again, she asks Natsu to stay back. EVEN THOUGH YOUR KILLING HIM IN SIDE LUCY!

is this tatarus arc with clothes?? 

Ok so i have like this headcannon where ever since Natsu had to watch Future Lucy die in front of his own eyes, he is forever traumatize with the fact he can’t save Lucy and she will die in front of his eyes for real. So every time Lucy seems like she is in danger or has the smallest chance of dying, he will have to make sure she is safe in his arm omg mashima please let there be a moment Natsu confesses this to Lucy 






ok ignore this one lol









AU: After Lucas chose Riley, they became high school sweethearts. When they graduate, Lucas finds a picture of him and Maya when they were younger. It gives him flashbacks from Texas and the Ski Lodge. He realizes how much he regrets his choice. He then breaks up with Riley and finally goes after Maya, the girl he should have picked all along.

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do u read fanfic?do u have any favorite yoonjin fanfic?

of course! i love yoonjin fanfics because there’s so many dedicated author i almost recognized all of their name like @resonae​, the queen of yoonjin shippers tbh, i fell in love with yoonjin thanks to her. and then there’s also @keemcandy@spookichan​ (old: kwondori) @yuanoe @sugavirus@iamnotaprodigy​ that are some yoonjin authors i know and i love their works.

here are my favs of all:

Unrequited by resonae (3,294 words) - oneshot, angst

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.

Seokjin starts coughing up crimson-red rose petals.

I can say this is the first yoonjin  I’ve ever read. this is so painfully beautiful.

Impromptu Fantasie by resonae (12,775 words) - chaptered, fluff

Seokjin is an incredibly decorated classical pianist and Yoongi’s a hitmaker specializing in hiphop.

Their story is cliche and the stuff of cheap romance novels, and Yoongi doesn’t even care.

just like what she said in the description, this ff is cliche but it’s a good read! and there’s jungkook with his cute brother complex personality hahha

Roo by kangaroo (4,025 words) - two shots, fluff, m-preg

Some little bundle of joys take time to get used to.

thanks to this fic I almost planned to name my future daughter with Roo. this fic is so cute but if you’re not into m-preg, just leave it. but i must tell you that there’s only some early stages of pregnancy so there’s nothing too worry about tho.

runnin through the class with my woes by jonghyun - oneshot, fluff, hs teacher au

Four times Yoongi is the worst co-worker to have, and one time Seokjin repays the favor.

as usual, yoonjin being in denial and still cute!

infinity plus one by vppa - oneshot, angst

One’s a romantic and the other’s a skeptic and together they shouldn’t work, but –

“You’re in love with the idea of love, Yoongi.”

A Week with Kim Taehyung by iamnotaprodigy (wip) - chaptered, fluff, kid!taehyung

Namjoon is out of town for a business trip, and he leaves his son to his brother. Taehyung loves his Uncle Jin a lot, and he doesn’t like that weird man who is his “boyfriend.” Yoongi is 100% sure that Taehyung is a goblin changeling instead of Namjoon’s actual child. Seokjin thinks it’s really cute that Yoongi and Taehyung are alike. He’s also really oblivious. It’s a week with Kim Taehyung, and it’s going to be crazy.

there’s nothing better than yoonjin being domestic and evilturnsangel tae!

Unplanned by sugavirus (wip) - chaptered, fluff

Min Yoongi had everything planned out. His music was being recognized by the biggest names in the industry, his life was finally coming together…but of course the universe couldn’t let him off that easily. When he finds a baby by the name of Park Jimin stranded on his doorstep with nothing but a note pinned to him, Yoongi’s life takes a rather unexpected turn. It takes one giggly baby with a smile full of sunshine, and one fatally attractive Kim Seokjin with a baby of his own to make Yoongi realize that maybe…unplanned things are life’s sweetest surprises.

this is still wip tho and I’m here patiently waiting for another update. it’s just so cute, yoonjin with their own sons getting to an unplanned feelings towards each other. ah I think I’m going to re-read this later :”>

To Kiss A Sleeping Stranger by sugavirus (21,999 words) - oneshot, fluff and angst, sleeping beauty au

In the story of Sleeping Beauty it all ends with the kiss. There’s fireworks and an implied happy ending, but nobody tells you what happens after the kiss…Kim Seokjin comes to find out it’s far more complicated than ‘Happily Ever After’ when one kisses a sleeping stranger. 

aaaaah this fic i love!!! i love the twist, the slow build of jin’s character, i love the way the author portray their relationship like it’s not really bold but still gives you a tingling feeling inside, and there’s also some special guests from vixx featured in the story!

Colors by kwondori (2,433 words) - oneshot, ANGST

It was just one mistake. But it was already too much. Now everything Yoongi’s left with is despair.


Fireflies by keemcandy - oneshot, (ANOTHER) ANGST

“I’m sorry, because for the umpteenth time, I manage to prove that beautiful things don’t last — I want to prove it otherwise, but I couldn’t because I won’t be around for too long. Or maybe, I just don’t have enough time with me.”


The Bulletproof Family by yuanoe (1,677 words) - one shot, ot7, angst

Seokjin kept a scrapbook to remember the happy memories.

if you’re not tearing up after reading this, then something’s wrong with your heart :”>

He Loves Me Not by keemcandy (6,080 words) - one shot, mental illness

Seokjin thinks that his patients aren’t ill, only a little broken. But maybe he has been so naive about it.

a twist in the end you will be surprised. I’m shivering just thinking of it now. I remember making up my own ending version together with @sugaberrie after reading this and gaby said my guess is true! hahaha

Veneralia by keemcandy - chaptered, adventures, god & goddesses au

The God of War was known to be bloody, merciless, fearful, and to possess no moral attributes. Min Yoongi doesn’t know fear, until the most precious thing is taken away from him.

I think this is the only action yoonjin fic we have? but it’s so good. it contains action but there’s also yoonjin’s sweet moments and because yoongi as a god? why not!

meet me in the pale moonlight by seokgenie (6,164 words) - one shot, red riding hood au

Rule number one: Don’t leave the path.


We can be something good by eatjin - one shot, angst, asgafjkashfksdf

Seokjin is always the one who Yoongi goes back to.

angst, angst, angst, asshole yoongi, angst, aszadsakjakdjhasklfhsaf, just read :”>

One Day Soon by izzylawliet (wip) - chaptered, smut, angst, polyamory, namjoon (it’s a warning)

They moved to Los Angeles for the life that they couldn’t get in Seoul, but they just didn’t realize that it would be so hard to get it, regardless of where they moved.

this fic is really interesting. they’re married. jin wants to have a baby. and i’m getting anxious for what will comes next because.. namjoon…. /cries in the distance/

challenge the call by onyu (wip) - chaptered, fluff and angst, tennis au

yoongi didn’t miss the second serve; he made sure to aim it down the line. seokjin, that fucker, just got in the way.

goddamn this fic.. it’s not even finished yet but up to 2nd chapter it has already a 60k words like whAT DID I DO IN MY PREVIOUS LIFE TO DESERVE THIS??? anyway this fic is soooo perfect. i don’t understand shits about tennis whatsoever but the author is really detailed on her writing anything related to it so you will understand. i love the how the author brought us along the dynamic of yoonjin’s relationship. it’s so agonizingly slow but its’s uugghh idek anymore. it’s so subtle and makes you scroll back up and went wait what just happening there DID I MISS SOMETHING. i love this!!!

Just Once by Snailieshell - chaptered, smut

An AU Bangtan Boys fic. Seokjin’s first steps into the BDSM world with Dom Suga. Emphasis on the first steps.

hhhmmm yes smut. fluffy smut. vanilla smut. i love how yoongi is soooo gentle with jin here.

I think that’s all for now? umm also.. let me just shamelessly drop my own very first yoonjin fanfic I wrote long time ago :”>

Don’t Mind A Little Distraction (1,589 words) - oneshot, fluff

Yoongi has to get his work done as quick as possible. But what can he do if Seokjin came to his studio with a bundle of pink blanket on his hand?


Happy Birthday to Me

TITLE: Happy Birthday to Me


AUTHOR: i-wish-i-was-the-moon


GENRE: smut / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Beth is drowning her misery in wine when young Tom walks in the bar. Sweet and charming, he sweeps her off her feet and she decides to give herself a birthday present to remember.

RATING: Mature (explicit sexual content)

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Well, why did no-one tell me that BabyHiddles is a very Horny Hiddles. This is sweet and submissive Tom inspired by last week’s Sunday Smut Spotlight. For all you grown-ass slores.


“Why so sad?”

A soft voice invades my thoughts. I raise my eyes from my drink and meet a pair of bright blue eyes. They belong to a boy; no, he has to be a man, we are in a bar of a high end hotel and they would never allow minors in this late in the evening. He has a head full of wild blond curls and a curious look on his face, when he sits down next to me on the sofa.

“Why would you want to know?” I ask him, not very kindly. He interrupted a perfectly good moment of self-pity and I’m not in the mood of being polite.

“One has to wonder, why such a beautiful woman sits all alone looking so sad”, he says, not bothered by my rudeness at all. He flashes me a brilliant smile and I see the corner of his eyes crinkle. Quite charmingly, I have to admit. His words are such a cliché though that I can’t help but laugh.

“Shouldn’t you go try your lines on someone your age?” I laugh.

“Why wouldn’t I want to talk to the loveliest lady in this establishment?” He raises his eyebrows and makes a mock courtly bow.

“Please, I’m not desperate enough to start robbing cradles”, I huff at him.

He looks offended for a moment, but then decides to brush my words off. “I’m not that young you know. I’m twenty-two. And I was honest, you’re really beautiful” he looks intently to me, a surprisingly seductive smile flashing over his face, “and you did not tell me why you look so sad.”

I frown at him, but in the end decide to give up. If nothing else, having a baby stare at me admiringly is better than drowning my self-pity in wine.

“Well, Mr ‘I’m Twenty-Two’, I’ve just spent an excruciatingly long dinner with my family, celebrating my birthday, where the topic was that how it is possible that at 35 I don’t have a husband or children when my perfect baby brother is getting married with her college sweetheart, who is already pregnant with twins.”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound fun”, he says.

“Is it your birthday then? You’re turning 35?”

I nod, waiting for him to bolt when he hears he is trying to hit on a woman over ten years older than he is. But no, he is just smiling more brightly.

“Waiter”, he yells, “can we have a bottle of champagne?”

“What?” My eyes widen.

“It’s your birthday. We have to drink champagne to celebrate.”

I stare at him, my mouth agape. Who is this weird cheery creature? I take a closer look at him. At first glance he looked like a 15-year old, and there is certainly some delicacy in his features. Still, he has a strong bone structure with sharp cheek bones and I could imagine that in ten years, when the boyishness is gone, he’ll be breathtakingly handsome. Now he is more beautiful than handsome. Even sitting next to me he is clearly a lot taller than I am. There is lankiness to his body, but the way his snug trousers tighten over his thighs hints that there is more muscle than bone beneath. He is sitting legs wide, taking up almost all the room on the sofa, and the bulge he is sporting is almost impossible not to notice.

“Do I pass?” He asks laughter in his voice.

When I raise my eyes from his crotch I’m met by a twinkling pair of eyes and a somewhat smug smile. I blush a bit, but decide, that if he can be so unabashedly frank with me, so can I.

“Yes, upon second look, you do seem to possess some interesting qualities” I wiggle my eyebrows at him.

This earns me a full belly laugh. I can’t help but smile back at him, his laughter is contagious. The waiter arrives with the champagne and he pours me a glass.

Offering it to me, he smiles widely.

“I’m Tom by the way.”

“I’m Beth”, I introduce myself.

“Well, happy birthday, lovely Beth. I hope your evening will improve from the way it started.”

“Thank you Tom. It seems to be improving a lot.”

We sat there easily chatting while emptying the champagne bottle. Tom is charming and intelligent company and by the time the bottle is empty I’ve forgotten that I thought him a baby in the first place. During our talk he has slowly shifted closer and he is now sitting close enough for my nose to brush his shoulder when I turn my head. His leg is pressed against mine and his hand thrown over the back of the sofa. This close he smells really good and I can’t help but feel the heat pooling in me. One of the downsides of being a single career woman is that I’m often way too busy to take the time to seek any casual sex, let alone a steady relationship. And it has been a while, a long while. Slowly, I raise my head to watch his face. His cheeks are slightly flushed, whether from champagne or something else, I don’t know. I hesitate for one short moment, thoughts of how young he is flashing through my mind, but immediately dismiss them. He came to me after all.

I raise my hand to cup his cheek and kiss him. His lips are soft and responsive. He responds slowly, waiting for me to decide how deep the kiss is going to be. I let the kiss linger, there’s no rush, and I enjoy the feel of his lips against mine, the slight scratch of his stubble. I feel a delicious clench in my pussy, when I slip my tongue into his mouth. His tongue meets mine and for a while they engage in a sweet battle, clashing against each other, sliding from one mouth to another. He is a good kisser, very attentive and allowing me to take the lead, but still quick in finding out how I like to be kissed. The kisses get deeper and more intense and when I suck his tongue into my mouth, he lets out a soft moan and his hips buck. My hand follows the movement and I find that he is already rock hard. He is huge under my hand and I can’t stifle my own moan when I stroke him through his trousers. His cock is straining against the fabric and I could swear on my life that he isn’t wearing any underwear. He is now panting, hips bucking under my hand, as I stroke him, feeling the lines of his erection through the fabric. I know I should be responsible, I know I should stop this; he is so much younger than I am. But I can’t, his soft moans are going straight to my pussy, and I’m already soaking wet. When he lets out a small whimper, I’m done with my self-doubt, what the hell; at least this could be a birthday to remember.

My hand still on his crotch, I whisper to him: “So are 22-year olds still like teenage boys, able to come countless times?”

Tom’s eyes snap open.

“Mmhm, I think so”, he gasps.

“Good”, I nod and return to kissing him.

My hand continues to stroke him through his trousers. His cock is long and surprisingly thick. Thanks to him going commando, it isn’t very difficult to jerk him through the fabric. In a few minutes, his hips are thrusting against my hand and his kisses are turning desperate. I distantly think to thank myself for finding the darkest corner in the bar; by now any passer-by could easily see what we’re up to, if not for that. Tom has completely forgotten his surroundings; he keeps moaning softly against my lips and writhing under my hand. I keep jerking him with long strong strokes feeling his cock twitch under my hand. He is gasping, and pulls away from our kiss.

“Please, if you continue, I’m going to come.” His pupils are dilated and lips swollen.

“I know”, I respond, my own voice surprisingly steady, “That’s kind of the idea.”

“What…”, he starts, “ oh fuck…”

My hand grabs him tight through the trousers, it takes only a small twist of my wrist and I feel him pulsing under my hand, when he comes. He manages to muffle his cry by pressing his face against my neck, his hips convulsing.

“Oh shit, what was that?” He groans against my skin.

“Well,” I chuckle, “you shouldn’t hit on older women if you’re not ready to suffer the consequences”.

He flashes a grin, “Oh, I’ll gladly suffer, if they’re like this.”

His eyes are bright and with his curls bobbing, while he nods his consent, he looks like a puppy. I sigh silently but banish any second thoughts from my head.

“I’ve a room here, would you care to move there for more privacy?”

“Do you even need to ask me?” his eyes darken from lust. He throws a few notes on the table and practically pulls me off the sofa. He takes my hand and starts walking to the elevators.

“What’s your room number?”

I give him the number and he chooses the floor. When the elevator starts moving I’m pressed against the wall. Tom starts kissing my neck, soft sweet kisses, teasing my skin. He soon finds the spot just below my left ear and I can’t help but moan softly. He hums delightedly at my reaction and attacks the sensitive skin with his lips and tongue, nibbling and licking. His hands are on my hips pulling me closer, and I arch against him. He is hard again. I can’t conceal my smile; this is going to be interesting. As soon as the elevator doors open, we walk to my room.

Once inside, Tom stops, suddenly looking uncertain. He blushes, shifting on his feet.

“You know, I probably should tell you, that I’m not that experienced.”

Suddenly alarmed, I ask: “Please don’t say that you’re a virgin?”

“Oh, no no. I didn’t mean that. Only that I’ve really only had one girlfriend. We were together for quite a few years, and split up about 8 months ago. And after that I’ve been mostly focusing on studying.”

He looks at me and all the bravado from the bar is gone. “You know, I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.”

Oh, he is sweet. I step closer to him and wrap my arms around his waist. Looking up at his beautiful face I reassure him: “You have nothing to worry about, you could never disappoint me. In fact, you should be proud of yourself, getting an old and wrinkly woman like me all hot and bothered.”

He relaxes from my words and touch. “Don’t you dare call yourself old and wrinkly. You are stunning, all those soft curves and that lovely arse.”

He emphasizes his words by taking my ass into his hands, caressing me through the skirt.  The pleasure washes over me.

“See, I told you so, nothing to worry about”, I gasp, and pull him down for a kiss. His nervousness is soon forgotten and I can feel his cock prodding against my stomach.

“Please, can I undress you, I want to see you” he asks.

“Well of course, now that you ask so nicely.”

Tom proceeds to remove my clothes. I stand there feeling like a goddess, he is taking each piece of clothing away carefully, kissing the skin revealed, all the time whispering how beautiful I look, how each piece of flesh he reveals is perfect in his eyes. Finally, I have only my panties on and he is still fully clothed. I ask him to take off his own clothes, and he obeys quickly, discarding his clothes in a hurry. He had that delicate awkward beauty while clothed, but naked he is all man. He is lean, but in no way skinny. His body is toned, with long runner’s muscles. His legs are long and thighs to kill for, his ass a round tight globe begging for my hands. I wasn’t wrong about his cock either, it’s huge. Already fully erect it stands proud between his legs, and my pussy clenches with want, when I realize I can have that in me very soon. I feel my nipples harden, both at the thought and the sight.

He is smiling brightly when he sees my reaction. “Can I take of your panties, now, please?”

I nod and he kneels in front of me. Nose brushing against my stomach, he presses soft kisses on my skin. Slowly he peels the last piece of garment off me. There is a soft gasp, when he sees my pussy, all bare. I’m silently grateful that I just had my waxing done. My hand finds his thick curls and I yank them a bit, he lifts his gaze up. He looks gorgeous, kneeling in front of me, all eager and panting.

“I need you to lick me Tom, would you do that for me”, I tell him softly, gauging for his reaction for such a direct order.

“Yes, ma’am.”

His eyes bright he wastes no time, and his lips are on me. He is careful at first, kissing just my lower lips learning my reactions. Soon, I’m softly panting.

“Don’t forget your tongue.”

He obeys and slips his tongue between my folds. He is now licking and kissing me, his tongue swirling on my clit, sometimes sharp, sometimes flat, pushing it in me. My legs are trembling and he takes a tighter hold on my hips to support me. I’m now moaning, as he fucks me with his tongue.

“Fingers”, I gasp and I feel him replace his tongue with two of those glorious long fingers.

He starts sucking my clit, fingers deep in my pussy, fucking me with long strokes. I feel my climax approaching. My walls are throbbing and pulsing. I’m now fucking his fingers, moving my hips to chase the orgasm I feel building up. His fingers are thrusting with force now, and when he licks me deep, I come. The orgasm washes over me, and I press myself against his face, trying to keep my balance.

“Oh…fuck…Tom”, I almost sob and I crash on him.

He catches me, pulling me tightly against his body. He is panting almost as hard as I am.

“That was amazing, you were amazing”, he kisses me. His lips and chin are covered in my juices and I taste myself in our kiss. He holds me close and is slowly bucking against me, his cock hard between us.

I push him gently on his back. “It’s my turn now.”

“What?” Tom’s face lights up; eagerness and shyness alternating on his face.

“Have you ever had your cock properly sucked?” I ask.

“My girlfriend sometimes did it, but she never really finished. I don’t think she liked to do it.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place then, babe”, I say to him and climb on top of him. I slowly slide myself up and down his body, my boobs and pussy caressing his skin, “because I’m a master when it comes to giving blow-jobs”.

Tom literally whimpers at my words. “Oh, please, please…”

I slide downwards until my lips are hovering over his cock. “You do know that you have a lovely cock, don’t you.” My lips are moving over his cock, not touching, but I’m making sure, that he can feel my breath on him.  

“You have such a big cock, Tom. Do you think I can take you all in?”

At my words his hips buck. His cock is leaking so bad I wonder, whether he’ll come before I have even touched him. I take him into my mouth, carefully feeling and tasting him. A loud moan leaves him, when my lips surround his cock. His hands fly to my hair. My mouth travels his shaft, testing his length. He truly is rather impressive, and I wonder for a moment whether I’ll be able to take him all in. Working to relax my throat, I suck him, my tongue licking the shaft. My head bobs up and down, and I suck his tip. He is panting and gasping, not really able to say anything coherent anymore. Taking a deep breath I push down on his cock, taking him as deep as I can. I feel my throat muscles move, and for a second I fight the gag reflex, but the wail Tom lets out, when I deepthroat him, makes me forget any discomfort and I push him all the way down.

He is fighting his reflex to buck his hips and fuck me in the mouth. I let my throat muscles do the work, pressing around his tip, as I suck him. My right hand is gripping the base of his cock and the other one goes to cup his balls. I gently tuck them and he gasps in pleasure. His cock is growing in size in my mouth and I know he is soon coming. My fingers brush his perineum, gently adding pressure, while I keep sucking and licking him. I’m now moving my mouth over his whole length, alternating sucking and licking his tip and deepthroating him. His moans are now a constant stream of breathless pleases and yesses. I add more pressure to his perineum and ready myself for his orgasm. With one move, I take all of him in my mouth and slip my finger to stroke his anus. That makes him come. His cock pulses in my mouth as he spurts his come deep in my throat. My pussy is clenching painfully at the sound of his breathless scream, when he grabs my hair tightly and pushes his cock even deeper.  

I hold him in my mouth for a long time, letting him come down for his high. Finally he tucks my hair gently, when he’s starting to feel too sensitive. I release him and snuggle against him. He holds me tightly, showering my temple with kisses.

“Oh, fuck.”, he laughs, still breathless.

“Come on. Let’s get to bed, it’s more comfortable”, I get up and walk over to the bed.

Tom follows me, and I can’t hide my smug smile when I see that he is still slightly wobbly from his orgasm. He blushes, but looks immensely pleased. When he’s on the bed I push him on his back and straddle him. He is still all flushed from his orgasm, and looks at me with those amazing blue eyes. His eyes travel downwards stopping to admire my breasts. They are full and in this position in perfect distance for him reach them both with his hands and mouth. I wait to see what he is going to do. He doesn’t disappoint me. A quick learner, this boy, he asks for a permission to touch me. Soon his hands are cupping my breasts, softly tracing my nipples with his thumbs. My nipples harden instantly on his touch. My hips start undulating following the rhythm of his hands. Soon the touches are too light for me to bear anymore, and I sink a bit lower and ask him to use his mouth. He doesn’t need to be asked twice and his lips cover each nipple, gently suckling my nipples.

“Use your teeth”, I tell him.

His cock twitches from the command and I feel his teeth graze my sensitive skin. My hips are now bucking in constant rhythm; I’m sliding against his stomach and hardening cock. His mouth is wet on my skin and he knows instinctively how to use his teeth, sometimes biting a bit harder, but never too hard to diminish the pulsing of my pussy.

Tom is again fully erect. I think in the back of my mind that I definitely need to consider young lovers in the future as well. There are clearly major benefits in having sex with someone who can get hard more than once this easy. His hands travel my body, caressing every curve. When he reaches my hips he pushes me closer against his hardness, grinding his cock against my slit. When his smooth shaft hits my clit, we both gasp. He continues stroking me with his cock, his mouth never leaving my breasts. I’m not really able to control the movement of my hips anymore, and I need to have his cock in me.

I remove his mouth from me and back down a bit, taking his cock in hand. Stroking his shaft a few times, I slowly sink his cock into me. When the tip disappears in, Tom gasps audibly. I stop, enjoying the teasing. Slowly moving up and down, I allow only the tip in. He is panting hard, fingers grasping my hips.

“Oh fuck…that feels good. You’re so wet.”

His hips buck, trying to push in. “No, baby. Don’t you move at all.”

With visible effort he stops moving, lying under me stock still. I continue moving, still only allowing the tip to enter me. I bend over him, and start kissing his neck.

“You can put your hands on my hips, but you are not allowed to push”, I tell him. His hands fly to my waist and down to my hips, fingers digging into my skin in an effort to not move or push. I continue kissing his neck, following the line of his throat and dip my tongue into the hollow on his throat. His skin tastes salty. I keep kissing his collarbones, my pussy working around his tip. When I reach the muscly part of his shoulder I sink my teeth into his skin. The bite is a good one, and will leave a mark. He lets out a pleased groan and can’t stop his hips arching. This time I allow it and sink myself on him, taking his cock deep in my pussy.

His fingers dig deep, when he drives himself into me. His eyes are dark with lust, and now he is begging.

“Please, can I fuck you, I don’t think I can take this, you feel too good”, his voice is strained.

I watch him; his skin is all flushed, muscles rippling when he is trying to contain himself. My pussy is clenching at the sight and I hum pleased against his skin when I capture his lips. He kisses me back, aggressive, teeth and lips bruising me.

“Yes, I want you to fuck me.”

There is an almost evil grin on his face, and his cock sinks deeper. Tightly grabbing my hips he starts moving, pulling his cock out. With one fluid movement he drives it back in, penetrating me deeply. My gasp is loud, and I feel my walls stretch.

“Oh…just like that”, I encourage him.

He is now pounding me hard. I push my hands against the headboard to give him room to move. My breasts are brushing against his face and he starts sucking my nipples. He is not asking for permission anymore, sucking the skin with force. We are both moaning and panting, as he is relentlessly pushing me towards my orgasm.

“Oh….god…you feel good…I feel your cunt clenching….I want to feel you come around me.”

He moves his hand and his thumb finds my clit. He starts stroking me, not releasing my nipples for a second. The stimulation is almost too much, and I’m whimpering against his curls. My pussy is pulsing hard and when his teeth sink onto my nipple I climax. My walls clench and clench and that pushes him over. His cry is broken, when my pussy milks his cock, and he spurts his come deep inside me. With a loud gasp he pulls me against him, his whole body shaking with the force of his orgasm.

We come out of our haze slowly. My skin slick with sweat I slide next to him, panting like I’d run a marathon. Tom snuggles up against me, kissing my shoulder. I run my fingers through his hair, ready to pass out.

“Well, young master Tom. That was a lovely birthday present.”

“I only aim to please, Madame”, he chuckles against my skin.

“Would you care to spend the night”, I invite him to stay. He flashes me a bright smile and pulls me closer. “I think you might need a crane to move me from this bed.” With a satisfied sigh I pull his head on my breasts and let myself drift into sleep.

Pregnant Preference! Part one:

(Requested by anon! part Two is names and looks!)

Dallas:  Normally when you see Dallas Winston you think hes a cold drunk that goes through girls like a baby goes through diapers, that’s the thing though. After a drunk-Fling with dally at Buck’s, He had gotten you pregnant.You were friends with Dallas for almost four years and that honestly was the only good thing about this, you knew his reaction exactly. First, he was confused, then angry then scared theen happy. Your about seven months and Dallas and you have started a relationship. Dallas is suuuper protective and he’s not afraid to show it. As you arrived at the the Curtis’s house, you went to hug the gang when dally stopped you claiming that you could squish the baby. “i gotta make sure my little princess is as perfect as my big princess.” he smiled., kissing your forehead.

Pony: You found out you were pregnant-with twins-Twin Girls.. You had been dating Ponyboy for just over three years and already knew you would get married this just..speeds up things. Darry finally agreed to let Pony to quit school and start online school, like i do also, getting pony a job at the DX. You both were extremely excited, on your half. You and pony could not stop blurting at names deciding to name your twin girls

Johnny: you couldn’t lie. you were more than terrified. You and johnny both came from broken homes, knowing about each others dull futures from Day one. Once you told dally, you burst into tears right away. crying was all you did but, one thing was for certain. You would never give up your child. Dallas immediately, seeing how scared you and johnny both were, Lent you an apartment at Buck’s. Buck agreed and moved you into the top,floor soundproof room which turned out perfect for your son.

Soda; You were a mess.  Your long term pregnancy brought on so many mood swings so you were either crying, yelling or crying. Mostly crying though. Soda just felt horrible. He took off as much work as he could just to be there for you. You Felt horrible being like this and Soda knew it but, He was super patient with you within the 9 and a half months.

Two: Two was super excited, as well as you. You both decided to live at Two’s house until you could afford better. Two’s Mother just adored you from the start and was more than excited. Hell, This baby owned more than you could, thanks to her and she wasn’t even born yet! Two’s sister was also super supportive, picking you up whenever you needed it. You were in such a good state with his family and you knew you would be okay.

Darry; Darry was more than crazy. He refused to ever leave your side, He constantly made sure that you were comfortable and okay. Darry couldn’t wait to see your baby girl. The only problem was though, You were super tiny. Possibly the tinniest girl your age in Tulsa. You were so small that the baby had little to almost no growing room causing her to constantly crack your ribs and bring you much pain. Due to having no room, You had to have your Baby Three months early.

Steve; You were super tough, You never whined or was upset, Throughout the insane amount of morning sickness you stayed with a smile on your face, knowing the result would be more than amazing. You loved Steve, You had been with him for over seven moths before you discovered you were having a baby. You and Steve had a nice- well,okay apartment and many supplies you needed thanks to The future Randal’s God-Father Soda. You honestly, felt horrible about yourself though. You were always tiny but, since your third month you felt huge but, once you finally cried it out about how you felt, Steve soon changed your mind.

( i hope you enjoyed!!)

There were so many Olicity moments in last nights the Arrow vs the flash episode I thought my heart was gonna explode 





And right when the episode was about to end Oliver just

And I just