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Drabbles (2) Masterlist

Afternoon Naps - emejig16

Summary: Fluffy drabble.

All That You Are is All That I’ll Ever Need - mybeautifuldarktwistedphantasy

Summary: Tiny drabbles about Dan and Phil’s holiday together.

And He Replied With Absence - flamboyant-lester

Summary: Angsty drabble.

Back In 2009 - bagle-and-bonnie

Summary: Just a fluffy drabble of Dan reminiscing on what happened in 2009.

Bus Stop - itskiaful

Summary: A drabble where Phil meets the overly flirtatious Dan at a bus stop.

Chinese Food and Moulin Rouge! - dhilandpan

Summary: An unedited fluffy nonsense-y drabble in honour of Phanniversary.

Electric Feel And F Sharp - littlelioncats

Summary: Two very small drabbles.

Graveyards - bloggerinthetardis

Summary: A drabble told from the point of view of a young child.

Hand-In-Hand - ayyfanfic

Summary: Imagine your OTP at the alter of the church, about to get married. Just as they’re about to kiss, Person A wakes up in bed sobbing and staring at the empty space beside them. Person B died years ago.

He Looks So Perfect - hug-the-pj

Summary: Dan wakes up after a one night stand and finds someone unexpected in his room.

Hey Phil? - arcticphan

Summary: Drabble about semi-drunk phan at playlist.

It Was Always You Falling For Me - existentialll

Summary: A short drabble about Dan and Phil’s love.

Just Imagine - dannihowell

Summary: A series of drabbles which feature plot twists and surprises.

Kitchen Hugs And Insecurities - littlelioncats

Summary: Why can’t we just laugh and joke around…? Remember cuddles in the kitchen yeah To get things off the ground.

Not Safe For Work - holysmokesphan

Summary: Imagine your OTP looking through this blog. Person A suddenly says, “There needs to be some more NSFW on here.” When B asks why, A says it’s because they need more ideas to use on B.

Outtakes (Day in the Life) - ramonaspeaks

Summary: A short drabble inspired by the Day in the Life video.

Rain - bloggerinthetardis

Summary: Based on ’ An Original song’ by Rain.

Raindrops Against Our Skin - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Phil and a grumpy Dan get caught in the rain.

Reading Phanfiction - didnotthinkitwouldcometothis

Summary: Dan ends up reading some phanfiction while Phil is grocery shopping.

The Earth Boy And The Space Man - so-much-cherry-everywhere

Summary: Dan was an earth boy, and Phil was a space man from the blue planet in the Dairy Milk galaxy.

jo-sh-if-er asked:

Jodi!! I was re-watching Mockingjay pt 1 at work (Nanny) and the second time we see Peeta and how he's changed because of the hijacking and Katniss is obvs worried because he looks so different and then she says "Even his voice has changed" and you know if that doesn't scream love then I don't know what does??? Like she literally doesn't know she's even in love with him yet but she knows him well enough to notice a different voice on him!!?!?!??

Well the thing is, I think she does indeed know she’s in love with him. She cares about him immensely. His well being is like the main thing she cares about while staying in D13. She has dreams about him. She’s constantly fidgeting with her pearl in times of distress. She fights back against the president to ensure his safety.

I think she loves him, but being Katniss and not really having any sort of experience with that type of affection, she doesn’t know how to react. Like, she’s so used to her and Gale’s type of relationship, that her relationship with Peeta kind of throws her off guard.

Katniss and Gale have a very close platonic relationship in my opinion. They grew up together, went hunting every day, knew each other’s families. Kept each other alive, you know?

But her relationship with Peeta runs far deeper. She starts having these feelings she didn’t believe to be possible; a hunger, specifically. She loses her mind when she believes him to be dead multiple times throughout the series. She needs him in her life. She cannot survive without him.

And I know; she kisses Gale a few times in Mockingjay. But like, in my opinion again, they seemed a little hasty, desperate. As if she missed the feeling, and was like, “Well Gale is right here and he loves me so okay I’ll settle.” She never really has that connection with him that she has with Peeta.

So yeah, I do believe she loves Peeta and is aware that something is there. But like Finnick said, it’s just in a way that she doesn’t really know herself. It’s something entirely new to her, something that she needs to kind of catch up on. 

I had so much fun at bee school! I learned way more than I even thought there was to learn about bees. Like the fact that the honeycomb on my bee necklace actually has European Foul Brood disease. YAY! Seriously though, it was a lot of fun. And I got three new books on beekeeping to boot.

I am now one step closer to a beekeeping retirement.

ferretrade asked:

soulmate first words tattoo au where ferre has "fuck soulmates, we should just like. get married" on his chest (to the amusement of everyone who's ever seen it) because when they meet courf is a) kind-of totally drunk b) too drunk to realize the cute, nerdy, and eloquent thing ferre just said to him that made him drunk-propose is the sentence tattooed around his wrist. when ferre eventually proposes to him for real, he quotes that back at courf.

THIS IS SO GOOD. I have nothing to add, bless you.

On being wifed up at 23:

I’ve often seen people share that quote, something like “getting married at 22 is kind of like leaving a party at 9:30.” This does not offend me. I agree. I left with the hottest and funnest person at the party and we picked up a pizza on the way home and are snuggled up watching Mad Men together, and everyone else is still at the party getting super wasted and barfing on themselves and making regrettable decisions.