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Hiya so I had a potentially cute idea. What if UT, UF and SF Sans and Papyrus have started dating their S/O who has a two year old kid. Problem is the toddler doesn't want to share their daddy/mummy with nobody, nope! (get your own mummy/daddy mister!) How would the Skelebros deal with this and/or win the little tyke over? xxx



Classic finds it amusing and completely understands. Yep, his parent is pretty awesome, so he knows where the kid was coming from. That’s not going to stop him from dating you though, so he cracks jokes with the kid to get the kid to be more comfortable with him. Sometimes, he’ll even invite the little squirt on dates so they could be more included. 


Papaya is a little hurt, but then he does his best to get the kid to like him. He’ll spend more and more with them and becomes like a dad to them. The kid quickly warms up to Papaya and thinks that he’s the greatest thing ever and sometimes will ditch you to hang out with Paps. If you and Paps ever broke up, the kid will be devastated.



Yeeeeahhhh no. Unless Red really really likes you, he wouldn’t put up with kids. If he has to deal with it, then he’d just make sure that the kid as a babysitter and teleports you to the date spot. He doesn’t care that the kid was left crying (but he cares that you care) and continue the date. Red and the kid just don’t get along, but Red does try for your sake. He’s not good with kids, (unless it’s his own) so they end up hating him. 


Fell wants nothing more than to smother the little brat with a pillow, but he wouldn’t do that. Instead, he tries to win their affection by spoiling the shit out of them. Like if the kid just lets his parent goes on this one date with him, Fell will buy them ice cream or something. However, this only makes it worse because he’s essentially rewarding them for bad behavior and it does not bode well for the both of you. So, he tries spending time with them alone, and for whatever reason, after just one playdate, your kid never bothers you and Fell again. 



Black will fight the kid. Literally. He won’t physically harm them of course, but he’ll scream back louder and longer, and in the end, no one wins. If it were in a different situation, Black might get along well with the kid, but fighting for your affections instead of being mature and trying to get along with your child? There’s a high chance that this relationship will not last. 


Rus doesn’t fight the kid and always gives into their demands. He understands where the kid is coming from, so he invites the kid on the first couple of dates. He tries really hard to get your kid to like him, but even if he ends up failing, Rus still sticks around and knows that as the kid matures, their relationship will get better. Rus is a romantic and doesn’t give up that easily, so he makes the relationship work somehow. 

just cause destiel is canon doesn’t mean you should hate on other ships

thats not cool

especially going as far as saying “jared should go”

cause he’s amazing and that’s mean

c'mon guys

just cause someone isn’t your ship

guess what


(i’m sorry to other ships that think destiel fans are crazy and mean or whatever cause we aren’t all that way i promise)