just gawgeous

We recently hired a new teacher. She was wearing a protective style. I knew it, other’s didn’t *black woman nod of I See You BooBoo*

Today she came in and she had amazing dreadlocks. My goodness, they were so beautiful, natural red hair and she’d done a twistout on them– just LAID, girl! The shit was LAID.  

After complimenting her/freaking out at how pretty her hair was, we had a short conversation about how she’d had them for 10 years but she wore the wig during her job hunt because she already knew what time it was and she needed to go back to work after having her daughter. She said, seeing my hair (4C, sometimes lopsided afro) let her know that she could take the wig off without someone giving her problems about her hair.

I came out (because you never stop fucking coming out to people) and explained that she’s got nothing to worry about at our school because 1.) We’re owned and operated by Quakers and 2.) They don’t care about our personal lives or hair. They’re all about the students.  

She showed me a picture of her beautiful baby and said she felt so relieved. We both laughed/awkward sighed about how fucked up it is to have to hide your hair to get a damn job in this suckass fire-at-will state of Florida.