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No matter how many times I have seen them kiss, I don’t think I would ever get tired of seeing it. 💜

"They save each other. They love each other. They absolutely love each other. And they'd die for each other."
  • DWM Interviewer: Can you give us a hint or two about how the relationship between the Doctor and Rose will develop in Series Two?
  • Julie Gardner: In Series Two, they're getting married.
  • Phil Collinson: [Laughs] Miss Julie, you've given it away.
  • Julie: I have. Whoops. Did you not get an invitation to the wedding?
  • Interviewer: No
  • Julie: It's in the post. Their relationship? Well, they're just the best friends in the world. It's a very human relationship. They complete each other
  • Phil: The best of friends
  • Julie: They save each other. They love each other. They absolutely love each other. And they'd die for each other.
  • (DWM 368)
Hi, don't mind me just.. blehhhh

I realize that the person I am on tumblr tends to be louder and more outgoing without having to know who I’m talking to or anything like that, cause people only see Echø as the one who says it. I wanna be Echø so badly but outside of tumblr I’m not much of a talker until I get to know someone, I’m emo music trash with a side of colored pencils topped with an overwatch snapback.. I dunno where I was going with this, just ranting I guess.

yuri!!! on ice - fanfic rec list ♥

i’ve devoted my life to this anime, and i love this fandom, rip me OTL

all fics are victor/yuuri unless noted otherwise! check out the list under the cut~ it’s organized by word count. please try to leave a comment if you have time! these guys are the freaking bomb. ♥♥♥

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I am absolutely in love with these stickers and the pin!! Its so much more cuter than I would have ever expected. Thank you so much shiroiroom❤️❤️❤️


Brona x Ethan at the theatre, Penny Dreadful s1 gifs (6/?)


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When Krystal inevitably meets another Leda clone, I hope that it will be Cosima. Not only because Cosima is the most welcoming and best person to ease someone into the idea that they’re clones, but because Krystal telling Cosima that Dr Cormier saved her life and Cosima replying with, she did so much more than save me, is everything that I could hope for