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things to imagine with your otp:

  • one of them falls in love first before the other and has to try and be super chill and casual around them but oh fuck they just brushed hands
  • one of them by themselves but throughout the day they see little things that remind them of the other and they just randomly start smiling
  • trying to make a gift or do something special for the other but getting super embarrassed when giving it to them so they just leave it on a table and run away
  • getting into a heated shit talking session about a shit tv show whilst pulling an all nighter watching it together anyway
  • star-gazing, flower festivals and making out behind dingy diners on a road trip
  • trying fishing for the first time and one of them getting pulled into a lake by a fish and another getting attacked by a gaggle of wild geese

I realized the fandom didn’t have one of these yet, and decided to fix that very serious problem.

(Guys I know I go off on the themes of this show a lot but I just love them so much)

Also seriously if I tried to add anything about character interaction into this thing it would be wayyyyy too long woah but just trust me ok the characters are GREAT

Other posts relevant to these interests: NinthFeather’s, Envy-Loves-You’s

Feel free to add anything I might have missed, guys!

we will revive this fandom if it kills us all

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Dating Cas Would Include...

soo I am almost done with this series. Please send me requests!

Also big thanks to @i-dont-need-no-bottombitch for her Cas girl insight. Shes Misha trash and my bes fren you should follow her ass!!

*him being flustered by just your prescence

*him being really shy at first and then opening up to you

* once he gets to know you, hes super sweet and adorable

* Teaching him how to do usual human things

* cute nose kisses

* going on burger dates

* going on dates to animal shelters to see all the kittens

* him always doing sweet cheesy romantic things

* like a picnic date but hes nervous that you wont like it

* laying under the stars and talking about life together

* whenever someone is rude to you, Cas uses words to scare the shit out of them

* cuddles. Just him not wanting to leave the bed in the morning

* whenever you call him he doesn’t answer because he thinks phones are dumb

* praying to him sweet things whenever hes not around

* okay but imagine you being unaware that his wings are wrapped around you during hunts or just when he wants to be near you

* watching classic movies and teaching him references

* you saying “ I love you” and him responding “ I know” while Dean looks dumbstuck because did Cas just get a Star Wars reference??

* tying his tie for him ( fyi this is one of my many talents I will probably never use in life)

* Doing research together

* showing him the wonderful world of music

* going on walks like all the time

* and when he teleports he often time forgets you cant

* “uh sorry.” and a cute red blush on his cheeks when he teleports back to you

* slow dancing to old romantic songs ( when writing this I had Cant Help Falling in Love and then I realized my mistake)

* letting you wear his trench coat when its cold out

Request a part 2 if you want!

Sam // Dean

AN: Thank you to the anon that requested this, my first Bucky imagine HECK YES! XD *I do not own the cute af request, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors.

Paring: Bucky X Steve X Reader (Mostly as friends, a wee bit of cute crush stuff going on with Bucky X Reader bc he is a cinnamon roll which I desperately need in my life~ be ready for some major Bucky fluff)

Prompt: *whispers* watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show with Cap and Bucky. Omg

((*********Just as an FYI: I have never seen the Victoria’s secret fashion show before. Personally, I do not watch it because I know that I will begin to feel self conscious about my body once I see how they all look, and also I disagree with their lack of plus size models. (I do not mean to offend anyone who likes the show, that is my personal opinion). So, I won’t be talking about the actual show as much in the imagine purely due to the fact that I haven’t seen it. Thanks for your understanding!))



You sat on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in your lap as you tried to find the right channel on the TV.

“Did we miss it?” Steve asked as he came out into the room with Bucky trailing behind him silently.

You smiled, you hadn’t actually thought that either of them (especially not Bucky) were going to show up. Steve was open to new experences and learning more about the modern world, whereas Bucky was still a little closed off.

Ever since he had moved into the tower he didn’t talk much. However, you were able to get him to warm up to you a bit, and after some time you were able to convince him to join in when you were educating Steve on some pop culture. You would keep him up to date on the newest political issues, worldwide trends, and even celebrity gossip (he wasn’t as interested in that bit, but you could tell that he still appreciated being in the loop about those kinds of things).

You patted the cushion next to you and gestured for Bucky to sit next to you. “C'mere, you little duck.”

Behind his long hair you could see him trying to hide a smirk. He would never admit it, but he liked it when you used that nickname.

Steve took the popcorn from your lap and sat on the other side of you. You kneeled on the cushion and waited for Bucky to plop down, then you reached up and twisted his hair in a small ponytail, tying it off with a hair tie that you had on your wrist.

Once you sat your butt down again you noticed that Bucky was shaking his head back and forth with a small smile spread across his pale face, you were always babying him (but he loved it, or at least that was what you told yourself).

“So, what are we watching?” Steve asked as he tossed some popcorn into his mouth.

Gasping, you took it away from him. He could at least wait until the show started before he inhaled the entire bowl!

“Something very educational, so I expect you boys to be taking notes.” You said with a smile. “The Victoria’s Secret fashion show!”

Steve cringed. “Isn’t Victoria’s Secret the store that sells the…er…fancy undergarments?”

You chuckled at him and nodded. Finally, after flipping through almost all the channels, you came across the opening of the show.

At first, the boys didn’t know what to think. Both of their eyes were wide as they watched the models walk down the runway with their hips swaying to the beat in the background.

You heard something along the lines of a squeak come from Bucky, who’s blush was very much visible now that his hair was back.

“I thought fashion shows were about showing off clothes.” Steve said between heavy breaths. “Where…are the clothes?”

“If you squint hard enough you can see them.” You joked. “You just have to look really, really close…”

Sighing, you ate another piece of popcorn. “Man, I could never pull any of that stuff of.”

Bucky looked over at you with soft eyes, then twined his metal fingers in yours. “You don’t need to wear that stuff to get anyone’s attention, Y/N.”

Steve looked over at his friend in surprise, it wasn’t often that he complimented people (or even talked to them at all). Steve smiled to himself and ate some of the popcorn from the bowl.

Some of Bucky’s hair fell from the tiny ponytail from the back of his head and fell over his face. Laughing quietly (while also trying to fight back the blush that threated to grace your cheeks) , you reached up with your free hand and brushed it behind his ear. “You can be so cute, Bucky ducky.”

His lips twisted into a small smile. “Quack.”

((My first Bucky imagine XD! Tell me what you thought, I hope that I captured his character right but he is harder to write I have found.  *******Sorry about how short it was!))


Do Won Kyung / Shangri-La Ending Pose (Comeback week compilation)

“Just one thing, only you know
The place I’ve been looking for is you“
                  ~ VIXX’ Shangri-La translation ~

My last 5th anniversary present for VIXX. I couldn’t get enough of this pose, so I collected all of them in this series… Enjoy!

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pbnews  asked:

PB!News Correspondent Betty Matthews here, back at it again with the poster child for shit posts, sirdippinghotsauce! Year after year, you’ve been nominated for multiple awards yet you are never able to take home the W. Do you think this awards show will finally be your lucky year? Is there anything you want to say to all your supporters that are watching you right now? Last but not least, out of your competitors, who do you feel received the most overall votes?

Who is this?  I’m sorry, i don’t know who you are.

Do I think this year will be my lucky year?  No, i don’t believe it will be… Darlene was it?  What I’ve learned, from all my years in this business, is that people are afraid of real talent.  And i don’t think that has changed, and i don’t believe it ever will.  Like, we’ve seen with this set of nominees that @theparttimemisanthrope is in the running for funniest blogger, but can anyone name any of her albums?  No, nobody can.  This just shows that the youth of the Internet can’t recognize real humor if it was force fed to them by a silk worm.  And that is why, i believe, i will be robbed of my rightful award for yet another year in a row.

Anyway, moving on to your next question Bartholomew, I do have one thing i want to say to my minions watching me today.  There is a story i want to tell, which has inspired me to be the person i am today.  It begins with my great grandparents leaving Cuba with my infant grandfather as they immigrate to Panama.  They arrive, settle in, make a new home, and live their lives.  And you know what my grandfather said to his parents back then?  Goo goo, ga ga.  And those words have resonated with me ever since.  So minions, if you are watching this today, just remember.  When you are feeling down, always tell yourself, “goo goo ga ga”, and everything will get better.

Now for your last question Hank.  If the voters were voting for talent, i would say i got the most votes, but the truth of the matter is that they’re not.  So i think some of the tag irrelevants that nobody has ever heard of will be getting the most votes.  For example i believe this newcomer named @ikon-wong (never heard of her) may be getting the most votes this year.  Some close seconds are some blogs that are, to be quite frank, only getting the pity vote (but a lot of them) such as @bigbrothermusings and @juliechicken.

I’m a very busy person Belinda, and you’ve already taken up too much of my time already, I have to go.  Have a nice life, or not.

anonymous asked:

what shows/pairings do you rp?

ah i’m excited you asked! rn i’m (clearly) super into captive prince and i’ve done a couple of damen/laurent rps so far but i’d be interested in other pairings too!! 

i’ve also rp’ed haikyuu with like…literally every pairing lmao and TONS of aus i rly like playing around with those guys

also eruri!!!! i don’t even watch snk but…i love eruri so much and i know everything about them. and uh i would die to rp grelliam from black butler/kuroshitsuji or grell/anyone tbh i love grell

so to sum up lmao i’m rly into damen/laurent,  eruri, grelliam, and all the hq pairings!!

i rp primarily on skype bc i’m on that platform the most but i also have a discord!

MTVS Epic Rewatch #110

BTVS 4x20 The Yoko Factor

Stray thoughts

1) You know? Sometimes it’s good old fun to watch the characters you love crumble a little bit and air their dirty laundry, you know? It’s good for the soul, it’s all I’m saying.

2) “Quite frankly, I don’t think he was ever the soldier that you all hoped he was.  Boy thinks too much.” Okay, A) He never did a whole lot of thinking, at least not before Buffy showed up and started questioning literally every single aspect of his life; and B) This is clearly a jab at the military mentality that has caused so many problems in the past (at least in my country), the whole due obedience shtick by which people end up doing despicable things just because they were told to

3) Spike knows best.

4) Spike really likes bragging about killing two slayers, right? I like that Adam questions why he hasn’t been able to kill Buffy, and Spike clearly wonders the same thing. Of course, after the flashback in Fool for Love with Dru and the Chaos Demon we finally understand why - it’s not just that he basically lacks the ability to stick to a plan and follow through, although that’s part of it. Buffy has gotten under his skin, and as much as he claims he wants to see her dead, that’s more wishful thinking than actual want. He wants to want to see her dead/kill her. But he can’t bring himself to actually do it - or even to want to do it - because… well, it’s Buffy. 

ADAM:  Two Slayers.

Spike: That’s right.

ADAM:  And you killed them both?

Spike: Yeah.  I killed the hell out of them.

ADAM:  Yet you fear this one?

Spike: Hey, watch it, mate.  I don’t fear anything.  Just know my enemies.

ADAM:  Do you?  Then why haven’t you killed this Slayer yet?

Spike:  Because… stinking, rotten luck is why.  On top of that, now I got this buggering chip up my head.

5) And this is one of the things I like the best about Spike - even if in this case he’s choosing to use this skill for evil. He actually understands Buffy and the Scoobies, probably better than they understand themselves or each other. It is one of the perks of being an outsider, you know? But there’s more to it. It’s Spike’s nature. He’s a very keen observer of human nature. It might have something to do with the fact that even as a vampire he’s very in touch with his humanity - even if only with the darkest side of it. I think it also has to do with who and how he was before he was turned. He was a poet and he was shy and a bit of an introvert. So he had years of practice on being an outsider and just observing. And it kind of pays off. 

Spike: The Slayer’s got pals. You want her evening the odds in a fight you don’t want the Slayerettes mucking about.

ADAM:  Take them away from her.

Spike:  Now there’s a plan.  (…) Yeah.  Leave `em to me.

ADAM:  You can’t hurt them.  What can you do to make sure they’re out of the picture?

Spike:  Not a blessed thing.  They’re gonna do it for me.

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Clexa Fanvid Recs

Well I’ve done the clexa fic recs before here. Now it’s time to tackle some of the amazing fanvids out there.

I was gonna bold the ones with extra feels but then i realized they’re all feels af so BOLD is for trigger warnings such as showing Lexa/Lincoln being shot not necessarily them talking while Lexa was bleeding out, and a time beside it means you can skip that part to skip the trigger but I’d still watch with caution. Some of these are unlisted meaning you need this exact link to see them just fyi. Feel free to let me know any you think should be added to this list! Thanks, like big thanks to @lowiiie for showing me like a LOT of these


clarke & lexa || demons

Clarke & Lexa | knocking on heavens door

Clarke and Lexa | Soulmate reunion | Knocking on heavens door 3x16 

(0:00-0:20) (2:05-2:08)

► clarke + lexa | “may we meet again” (+2x15)

Clarke & Lexa // May we meet again (Jamie Brown Song)

Clexa’s story: “And what about us?” | The 100 - Clarke and Lexa

Clexa|| Hello, it’s me.

clarke + lexa | princess commander

Clarke & Lexa // Bleeding Love

Clexa - Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Clarke + Lexa || It’s all coming back to me now ||

clarke + lexa | fix you [+3x07] the whole vid basically is centered on 307

Clarke and Lexa | Already Gone (1:14-1:31)


Young God - {Clarke/Lexa} II Rival Gang AU 

Clarke & Lexa | Another Earth (AU) (1:00-1:14)

Clarke & Lexa || I Remember You || Trailer Canon/AU

Clarke & Lexa || Pieces || +3x16 (0:25-0:35) (2:56-2:59)

CLEXA/ELYCIA: ROADTRIP - Alycia Debnam-Carey & Eliza Taylor/Lexa & Clarke

Clarke + Lexa // TITANIC AU // *insp. by ‘untouchable’ on AO3*

Clexa (Clarke and Lexa) AU - Whenever you’re ready

Alicia Clark & Elyza Lex | Angel With a Shotgun | Clexa AU

Clexa | Clarke and Lexa | AU | Army

FLASHLIGHT || Eliza Taylor & Alycia Debnam-Carey (Elycia) (Clexa)


LEXA DESERVED BETTER (Thank you fandom!)

The 100 | Flares  just really angsty

T H E 1 0 0 ☣ Centuries also just really angsty

► The 100 || Warriors

Leksa kom Trikru || The 100 (3:34-3:43)

The 100 3x07 Clexa Video Reaction Compilation

The 100 - Bloopers

The 100 BTS/PERISCOPE playlist

Alycia Debnam Carey and Eliza Taylor Dancing | The 100 BTS

The 100 cast talking about Bellarke and Clexa

Space Walkers Con

The 100 cast talking about season 3 Lindsey, Marie, Alycia, Adina

The 100 Comic Con Panel 2015 - Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Ricky Whittle

Episode 15 - Eliza Taylor Extended Interview

Alycia Debnam-Carey interview about Lexa & The 100 (4:22-4:27)

Eliza Taylor Oz Comic Con Australia Melbourne

The 100’s Marie Avgeropoulos on the Time She Was Killed By a Toilet on Supernatual (Eliza, Alycia and Adina are also in this just fyi)

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #10 (Ft. Eliza Taylor) (REACT)

The Laundromat - Short Film - Starring Eliza Taylor

Best Vines by the Cast of “The 100”

Cast of The 100 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The 100 star Ricky Whittle shares his Dubsmash skills

The 100 Sunday Panel Dragon Con 2015

'The 100’ Lindsey Morgan Interview, Season 3 at Wonder Con

The 100 (CW) Season 3: Lindsey Morgan Interview

The 100 - Eliza Taylor & Lindsey Morgan

The 100! Eliza Taylor and Marie Avgeropoulos confess all!

“The 100” Cast Interview at Comic-Con 2015

  • friend: I'm obsessed with Dan and Phil, I've watched all of their videos!
  • me: what about the super amazing project?
  • friend: well, I...
  • me: radio shows? live shows?
  • friend: sometimes, I mean...
  • me: danisnotonfirevyou1? and can you sing the 2009 phan song please?
  • friend: I--

The only people who ship Simon and Raphael are those who watched the show first or exclusively. Honestly its so stupid because in the book it truly isn’t reflected at all especially not in the first three books. yall are delusional and its hilarious. I am all for pansexual Simon but him and Raphael couldn’t be further away from CANON simon’s characterization or his plot. Just FYI ;)

So, I’ve been working my way through Community again (one of the funniest shows of all time FYI), and I just watched the family day episode and I was hit by inspiration and I HAD to write it. Oh, and I’m not Russian, so I totes had to look up pet names, and when I saw the mishka one, it just seemed destined to be! And the grandmother is original character. So…enjoy!


“Wait here, babulya.” Cas helped his grandmother settle into one of the hard plastic chairs. “I’ll go get us some lunch.” He began to walk away, but paused when she grabbed onto his hand, her smile tender as she patted the top of it.

“Such a good boy, my myshka.“ She murmured, and he smiled softly. He bent down to kiss the top of her head before pulling away.

He walked toward the serving line, navigating around other students with their families who were visiting campus for Family Day. He waved to a couple people he knew from class, like Kevin and Charlie, but didn’t stop to talk. He tried to ignore the tinge of envy he felt at the sight of his friends surrounded by relatives.

He shouldn’t be envious. Even if he had been on speaking terms with his parents, he wouldn’t have brought them to this. They’d always made it more than clear that they didn’t approve of his attending this blasphemous place. They probably blamed the university for his decision to finally come out.

Cas shoved the thoughts from his mind. At least he still had his grandmother…well, adopted grandmother. Alexandra, an older Russian woman who lived on the same street as Cas’s family, had looked after Cas since he was a baby. All growing up, she’d been the gentle hand that guided him through, providing love and support at every turn. In all honesty, she’d been more of a parent to him than either Naomi or Bartholomew.

Even after his family disowned him, she’d stubbornly maintained her spot in his life. She’d been the one to call Cas and inform him that she was coming with him to Family Day. He still didn’t know how she’d even found out about it. He’d tried to dissuade her, of course, worried that the activities might be too tiring for her.

Her reply had been firm. “Myshka, it is family day, and I am your family, so I will be there. When you pick me up?”

So they’d spent the day together, visiting Cas’s classes, touring the campus, and now eating in the university food court. And even though Cas had been hesitant to bring her, he was so glad he had her there now. She might not be his blood relative, but she was his family. She was his only family.

Cas bought their lunch and headed back toward the table with their food. As he drew closer, he saw that two guys had stopped to talk to Alexandra. He stopped short, his heart picking up a beat. Even from behind, he recognized him—those broad shoulders and bow legs could only belong to one man on campus. Not to mention that ass…

Cas’s attention was pulled back to Alexandra when she threw her head back and laughed heartily at something Dean had said. Of course Dean had hit it off with babulya; he got along with everybody. His easy going demeanor was so opposite from everything Cas was, fire and vibrancy to ice and dullness. And even though Cas knew that fire and ice never mixed well, he had always been drawn to the other man.

Cas felt a knot of anxiety form in his stomach. What the hell were they talking about? Just then, Alexandra caught sight of Cas standing there and motioned him closer.

Cas plastered a smile onto his face as he stepped forward. He tried to avoid looking at the taller man right away, not wanting to seem too eager.

“I have been meeting your friend Dean.” Alexandra explained when he was close enough. Right, friend. Because that’s what they were. Just friends.

“Yes, Dean and I met in class last year.” Cas confirmed as he set the tray down in front of her. He finally looked at Dean.

“Hello, Dean.” He greeted, somewhat stiffly.

“Heya, Cas!” Dean replied, easy as ever. Cas envied him his ability to make the best of any situation. He looked completely comfortable in his own skin, no matter whom he was with. Of course, he wasn’t harboring a massive crush like Cas was, so he had that going for him.

Dean motioned to the guy next to him. “This is my brother, Sam. Sam, this is Cas.”

Cas nodded to the younger man. “Hello, Sam.” Sam offered a small wave. Cas placed a tender hand on Alexandra’s shoulder. “You’ve both met my grandmother, Alexandra.”

Dean grinned down at the older woman. “Yep! We were just talking about how you totally saved my ass in philosophy last year.”

Cas rolled his eyes. “I think that might be a bit of an exaggeration.”

“Absolutely not. I totally would’ve failed without our study sessions!” Dean insisted. He looked back to Alexandra. “I mean, this guy had to put up with me every Tuesday night for an entire semester.”

Dean was acting like it had been the sacrifice of the century, when really, that hour and a half on Tuesday had been the highlight of Cas’s week. Those rare moments with Dean had been a shelter for Cas from the problems with his family. He’d been right in the middle of it when they’d had their first study session.

He’d never told Dean about any of it, of course. Telling Dean about his problems with his family would’ve brought up the question of why, and Cas had worried about how Dean might react if he found out Cas was gay. He could handle just being friends; he couldn’t handle being shunned and rejected, not on top of everything else that had been going on.

“It’s not a big deal,” Cas said, but Dean shook his head, his eyes warm as they met Cas’s.

“It was to me.” He admitted softly.

Cas blushed and glanced down to hide the small smile the words provoked. It would’ve worked, too, except that glancing down had him looking right at his babulya, whose face was set in a knowing grin.

“Cas is a smart boy.” She agreed. She switched to Russian so that the others wouldn’t understand. “So this is the boy who always has you grinning like an idiot.” Cas’s blush deepened.

Babulya, please!” He murmured back in Russian. “He doesn’t know how I feel. He doesn’t even know that I like boys.”

Even if he doesn’t know, he hopes. Look at his eyes.” Alexandra urged.

Cas couldn’t seem to stop himself. He looked up at Dean, right into his eyes like babulya had said. But he didn’t see anything. Yes, he saw kindness there, and maybe a little bit of fondness, but that could have been gratitude for Cas’s help with philosophy. He probably looked at everybody that way; Cas was nothing special.

Alexandra saw the moment Cas’s face closed off, and she heaved a deep sigh. “Myshka…” She trailed off. Cas opened his mouth to tell her that someone like Dean could never want someone like him, but Dean spoke up before he could say anything.

Myshka?” Dean arched an eyebrow. Cas froze, his lips set in a thin line. He was sure his face was red as a stoplight.

“It’s just a pet name,” he mumbled. Dean grinned.

“What does it mean?” He asked. Cas shook his head.

“Nothing important.” He hurried to assure the other man. Dean’s grin widened.

“Cas…” His tone was persuasive, his eyes sparkling as he moved forward the tiniest bit.

“Dean.” Cas replied steadfastly, refusing to give in to Dean’s gaze.

“I will make Sam use the puppy dog eyes on you.” Dean warned, and Cas’s eyes flicked over toward the other brother. Sam looked more than a little amused by Cas’s plight.

Cas stared Dean down for a few seconds more, but soon realized that Dean was not going to give this up. He sighed heavily in defeat. He ran a hand over his face as he quickly mumbled out the answer, too quiet to actually be understood.

“What was that?” Dean asked, stepping in even closer. His green eyes were suddenly right there, boring into Cas’s blue ones, and Cas found that he could look nowhere else. Cas felt his breath hitch as he murmured, “Little Mouse.”

Dean lips pursed as he seemed to contemplate the words. Cas held his breath, suddenly afraid that the other boy might mock the name that Alexandra had called him since he’d been a baby. Dean didn’t seem like the type to make fun of someone else, but Cas had been wrong before.

Cas realized that he was worrying for nothing when Dean’s smile turned tender. “I like it… Myshka.” He murmured softly. Cas felt his stomach flip. Dean leaned in even closer to ask another question, but Cas couldn’t concentrate past the hammering of his heart. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say that Dean was going to kiss him…

“Uhhh…” He stuttered out. Right then, a giant crash sounded from a nearby table, yanking Dean’s attention away. As soon as the connection broke, Cas found that he could breathe a million times easier, and he slowly drew in a deep breath through his nose. He glanced down at Alexandra, but she only smiled affectionately.

When Dean looked back at him, Cas had pulled himself together some. He smiled kindly.

“I should really let you get back to your family,” He murmured. Dean’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Uh, well. Actually, it’s just me and Sammy.” Dean explained, and Cas’s mouth rounded in a silent oh. He could tell from Dean’s tone that it wasn’t a good situation.

“I’m sorry.” Cas murmured, his eyes apologetic.

Sam was the one to answer. “That’s okay. It, uh, it could be a lot worse.”

“What about your family?” Dean asked hesitantly.

“It’s only me and babulya.” Cas explained as he smiled down at his adopted grandmother.

Alexandra smiled back up at him, her eyes asking the silent question. Cas nodded, and she looked to the tall man with the bright green eyes who’d obviously stolen her myshka’s heart. “Sit down, boys. We will be family for today.”

Dean and Sam shared a silent look, and then Sam was shrugging and moving toward one of the empty chairs.

“No, Sam, you will sit next to me.” Alexandra said, her tone leaving no room for argument. Sam took the empty seat next to her, leaving Cas and Dean the chairs next to each other.

Sam immediately began to ask her questions about growing up in Russia while Cas and Dean listened. Cas was acutely aware of the tall man sitting next to him, and for the first time ever, he realized that Dean was tense. Cas almost asked about it, but stopped himself. Maybe Dean wouldn’t want to talk about it…

Cas suddenly startled when he felt something brush against his leg. He glanced down to find that Dean had reached to take Cas’s hand under the table, his fingers feather-soft as they brushed along his skin, tangling their fingers together. Cas couldn’t help his blush. He smiled down at their joined hands before chancing a glance back up at Dean. Dean’s eyes bore into his, and Cas felt his breath hitch.

Dean leaned forward and brought his lips right to Cas’s ear. “I really want to kiss you right now.” He whispered. Cas pulled back the slightest bit, just enough so he could see Dean’s face. He searched for any sign of mischief or deceit, but those green eyes held nothing but sincerity and hope. Cas swallowed nervously, his smile tremulous as he nodded his agreement.

Dean leaned in closer, his free hand reaching up to cup Cas’s jaw. Cas’s eyes slid shut as the taller man gently brought their mouths together, a soft, barely-there pressure.

Even though they were in the middle of a loud, crowded cafeteria, even though Cas knew that Babulya and Sam were staring, even though it didn’t even last that long, it still left him breathless and immediately longing for more. Dean pulled back, his mouth barely centimeters from Cas’s as he smiled and whispered, “Myshka.”

Three years later, when they exchanged vows in a little chapel outside of Lawrence, it was the word engraved on the inside of Cas’s wedding band.

Fic: The One Where Chloe and Stacie Hook Up [1/?]

Pairing: Chloe Beale/Stacie Conrad

Rating: Eventual M-ish.

Disclaimer: Characters don’t belong to me.

Words: 1,584

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The first time it happens, it’s Thirsty Tuesday at the Treble house – or Triple Treble night, as Bumper insists on calling it – and Stacie decides that spin the bottle is something that has to be played. Immediately. Aubrey pitches a fit because “fraternizing with the enemy!” but Chloe takes her by the hand and flashes her biggest, brightest bambi eyes. And Aubrey is just as susceptible to them as everyone else, but because she’s imbibed more than one glass of cheap chardonnay, Chloe’s manipulations are extra affective and she actually giggles when Chloe tugs her over to where the motley crew of a cappella starlets are forming a circle on the floor. Everyone has a drink in their hand and they’re all wearing various expressions that range from dubious – Beca – to excited – Stacie.

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A comparative study: Most Popular Tv Shows on Fanfiction.net

12) Gilmore Girls: 7 seasons - Complete - Been around: 12 years.

11) Stargate Atlantis: 5 seasons - Complete - Been around: 8 years.

10) Bones: Lasted: 7 seasons - On Going - Been around: 7 years.

9) Criminal Minds: 7 seasons - On Going - Been around: 7 years.

8) House, M.D.: 8 seasons - Complete - Been around: 8 years.

7) Stargate SG-1: 10 seasons - Complete - Been around: 15 years.

6) CSI: 12 seasons - On Going - Been around: 12 years.

5) NCIS: 9 seasons - On Going - Been around: 9 years.

4) Doctor Who: 7 seasons(*26) - On Going - Been around: 7 years (*49 years).

3) Buffy, The Vampire Slayer: 7 seasons - Complete - Been around: 15 years.

2) Supernatural: 7 seasons - On Going - Been around: 7 years.

1) Glee: 3 seasons - On Going - Been around: 3 years.

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I really want to ship Ichabbie because I feel like most everyone does, but I'm also stuck on how much they feel like siblings and how their relationship is more a friendship than a potential romantic relationship so can you pleeeease do that incredible thing where you point out all those moments I probably missed where it shows that they have feelings for each other so I can jump on board this incredible ship?


/cracks knuckles

I love these kinds of questions, because I love my otps and I love helping people ship them and subsequently ruin their lives (yes, yes, I am very helpful)

FYI I will be super crappy at citing actual episode numbers, just because it’s been a while since I watched them, but here we go in (probably not at all) roughly chronological order:

  • Ichabod and Abbie have a connection from the moment they meet, they quickly discover they’re supposed to be the witnesses, and in like the pilot episode, Ichabod is spouting off lines about how their fates are entwined (he and Killian should get together and try out their various romantic lines on their ladies, see how it goes). We’re clearly supposed to see these two together from the get-go. It’s stated multiple times that their destinies are to be forged together and they only have each other for what’s going to come and I have a terrible/wonderful thing for otps who have to literally cling to each other as the world is ending around them (see this thing I wrote for more details). Later on, we discover that they’ve had a connection from the start (remarked on by both of them) with Abbie’s great-odd grandmother being the one to help deliver Jeremy. Like they’re waving giant OTP flags at us already.
  • That said, I knew for sure I was done for in episode 3 (at least I think it was 3) with the Sandman. Abbie goes into the house with the possessed guy and it looks like there might be trouble. Ichabod FREAKS OUT and starts running to her right away, like his only instinct is that she might be in danger and he needs to help her, and her looking at him is the only thing that makes him stop. Then upon hearing if she dies in the dreamworld, she dies for real, he just gives no fucks and chugs the green hallucination tea of doom and follows her in there. It’s an episode about facing your fears and confronting them and Ichabod and Abbie fight the Sandman together and then return to the waking world half-naked and sweaty and staring at each other. Like, if they did not want me to be thinking about sex there, they did a fail. (spoiler alert they totally did want me to be thinking about sex)
  • Then with Roanoke and the lost colonists and the plague, the instant Ichabod’s life is in danger, Abbie likewise freaks out. She’s trying to keep it together and do her job, but she goes to damn church and PLEADS FOR ICHABOD’S LIFE. And when he’s safe, that’s just all she cares about and I think it was that episode where Abbie tells him that his home is here (the “with me” being very very heavily implied) and they just smile at each other and I die a lot.
  • SIN EATER OMG SIN EAAAAATTTTEEER aka the episode where Ichabod finds out that he is connected to Headless and is ready to kill himself to break the connection, and Abbie comes in and literally begs him not to do it and he calls her Abbie for the first time and once more does that terrible thing when he spouts off an impossibly romantic line about them finding each other through all the centuries despite the impossibility, and likewise oh me oh my do I have a thing for otps dealing with time and immortality and death and everything hurts and why me. Anyway, after Ichabod’s sacrifice is averted, she comes running in and just hugs him for a really long time and is like “don’t ever do that to me again” and he promises he won’t in typical Ichabod highfalutin fashion, and she says, “I don’t know what that means, just say yes,” and he says, “Yes” and I’m over here dying (once more) because DID THEY JUST GET SYMBOLICALLY MARRIED I SAY THEY DID ALL RIGHT.
  • And I think it was after this when Abbie and Ichabod go on the date to the baseball game where she teaches him how to heckle the ump (oh god I love that) and basically that entire scene is there to show them having fun and being flirty together. He gives her that fancy bow and she tells him she’ll take him to a Mets game (can we have this please ICHABOD VS. THE SUBWAY AND THE BLEACHER CREATURES I WILL SELL MY SOUL) and there’s just so much cuteness and chemistry going on that I cannot.
  • Likewise, all the scenes where we see them just being together and being really comfortable with each other, like the scene after they defeat (or so they think) Jeremy’s golem and they’re just laughing and being tired and happy and it’s so damn couple-y and he does stupid things to annoy her like sucking the straw loudly on his cup and ugh.
  • Abbie goes shopping and buys him skinny jeans. SHE BUYS HIM SKINNY JEANS AND CHECKS HIM THE FUQ OUT AND THIS WILL NEVER NOT BE THE GREATEST THING EVER. Likewise, when she’s picking the lock on the house and Ichabod is impressed by her skills and says, “Imagine what sort of delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it,” boyfriend is absolutely, 100%, unashamedly checking out her ass. It is not subtle.
  • Furthermore, see Ichabod’s absolute masterpiece of stink-eye when he meets Luke (Abbie’s ex) and is just being even more passive-aggressively arrogant and overweening than usual and it’s clear that he DOES NOT LIKE THE MAN and that is just that.
  • Plus the moment where Abbie tells Jenny about how Ichabod came into her life right when she lost Corbin and how she’s basically admitting she already doesn’t know how to live without him. And they are always fighting together and always with each other and also HEIGHT DIFFERENCE. It is beautiful.
  • That deliberate shot of them joining hands in the finale and going down into purgatory together, and that long hug where Ichabod promises Abbie that he’ll come back to her and “remember our bond” and they purposely cut to a shot of Katrina looking kind of like um what’s going on here (stfu Katrina, you are the queen of not telling anyone anything, you do not get to say something here). And from what I’ve heard, he’s like down there right away to get Abbie. It took him 13 episodes to decide to get his wife out, but Abbie’s down there and BAMMO I MUST BURST FREE FROM MY TREE COFFIN AND SAVE MISS MILLS (also grovel a lot Ichabod, like a lot, I know it’s not your fault that your kid is both grownup and completely psychotic but still)
  • Ichabod and Abbie are both written as fully fledged characters. We see their lives, their strengths, their weaknesses, their struggles with their family, their other relationships, their hopes and fears and desires. On the other hand, Katrina exists to be weepy and provide scary information that she really should have come up with like a long time ago and to give Ichabod motivation. That’s it. She is a plot device on the order of Neal (and in the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Katrina ends up marrying Brom Bones, aka Headless, and that and these reports of them forming a Beauty-and-the-Beast style relationship make me go HMMM).
  • Also consider this: one half of the ship is an extremely sassy centuries-old man with a British accent and a large vocabulary who wears a long coat, and the other half of the ship is a bamf female sheriff with a troubled past including time in the foster system who has emotional walls and lost the sheriff who was her mentor fairly early in the story and just just WHO DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF
  • So in conclusion, it’s of course fine to ship Ichabbie as brotp, but they’re pretty clearly being set up to head in the OTP direction and I cannot wait, but I will be patient and serve my time and wait out all the drama with Katrina (Milah) and Abbie’s new dude (Walsh, and I also expect this guy to be secretly evil) because I will scream as loud as I did with CS when they finally kiss and stop being idiots and get together, because this is a thing which is happening. /insert “deal with it” gif
  • So yes
  • Go forth and ship
  • Welcome to your ruined life
  • Tip your waitress I am here all week

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So why do you want a new tmi cast for the show? the current cast is great xD

The Mortal Instruments fandom is blind

Yes I’m going to talk about the existing cast. Yes you should read my stupid rant. Yes there will be typos.

This is my honest opinion, most likely it’s different from your opinion but I’m going to post it anyway and probably get hate for it but meh. If you can’t handle my criticism then why are you on tumblr?

Recasting: I honestly do not understand whyyyy this fandom likes the cast we have so much, yeah the actors are nice and friendly as hell but um… they cannot [save for Robert and Jemima] for the life of them act as the characters. 

Hear me out. I highly recommend you watch polandbananasbooks’ review on the CoB movie on YouTube first if you haven’t - she covers the problematic acting in the movie (and other things). I’m not trying to be mean to the actors, I know they do their hardest at their job, but this is my favourite book series and uGH.

  • Jamie as Jace - asides from the fact he doesn’t look at all like Jace (he also looks nothing like “the greatest Shadowhutner of his age” he looked sickly and skeletal in that shirtless scene he had with Clary when she was telling him she found the mortal cup), he’s actually not sassy. He’s deadpan, Jace is a very emotional character - and I know, I know, I KNOW he hides behind his mask, but never, ever in the books is he deadpan - he’s a sarcastic lil shit who puts everything he has into everything he does. Jamie had no energy, and he speaks his supposedly “sarcastic” lines in a very monotone voice. And Jace is cheesy as hell in the movie - ew god no book Jace is smooth af.
  • Lily as Clary - I love Lily so much, and I don’t have a lot to say about her acting, but she always had her mouth gaping in the movie and, like, forced her lines out through gritted teeth. I know Clary has a short temper, but this didn’t feel like a short temper - it felt like she was whining throughout the movie.It just didn’t seem believable. 
  • Kevin as Alec - I’m sorry but he’s just too old; most of this cast is just too old. These characters are teenagers, not 30 year olds with children! I literally cannot imagine him being all flustered around Magnus tbh.
  • Jonanthan Rhys Meyers - I love JRM in the Tudors, great actor! In CoB….. not so much. He was too overly dramatic with his lines and tooooo villainous - which I’ll admit is partly part of the scripts problem because it made him crazy. Valentine is a very manipulative villain, he would go to a massacre in a velvet suit tbh, he’s about democracy and politics - he acted like Sebastian in the movie, all action and violence. No. (Also he didn’t look the part: gross black hair with rats tails and no shirt??? As if classy McGee here wouldn’t wear a shirt.)
  • Godfrey Gao as Magnus - monotone voice; Magnus says the most outrageous things and is so quirky and odd, Godfrey was just really glittered up and spoke his lines. He didn’t even have any quirky mannerisms ugh. Also: where are his pants and his witty remarks?

Yes I know the script stuffed up everything, but these are not the Mortal Instrument characters.

Also [most] of the CoB actors were movie actors and you can’t just expect them to be on a tv show like that.

AND A BIG TMI FANDOM PSA: STOP PESTERING THE TMI MOVIE CAST TO BE IN THE TV SHOW. I see it on their twitters, instagrams, facebooks, tumblrs or whatever social media they have - if they want to be in the tv show they might be, but spamming them endlessly like I see every. single. day. is not going to MAKE them be part of the show. You can trend #KeepOriginalTMIcast or whatever you want but you have to let these people live their lives - they’re not here to answer your pleas on a daily basis.

I don’t even want a tmi tv show - but I’m probably not going to boycott it, so if you’re planning on boycotting it if you don’t like the new cast. Suck it up. This is the closet thing we’ll get to seeing all six books in a visual media, don’t screw it up for the rest of the fandom.

(Why don’t I want a tmi tv show? I’m probably going to watch it though, just fyi. Well I do think this has a better chance at succeeding, but I’ve seen so many good shows based off even better books turn to absolute trash after the first few seasons and it’ll break my heart if that happens to tmi. Also, if tmi becomes too popular I’m so scared it’ll succumb to bad writing for fan service :/ sigh)

  • All in all, we need a brand new and good scriptwriter who actually sticks to the plot, and we need a new cast for Jace, Clary, Alec, Valentine and Magnus.

EDIT: Lol no I hate Cassanadra Clare and I’m not watching that god awful show, I’d rather choke. Stop supporting Cassandra Clare.
5SOS Preference - He Gets Jealous

A/N: Guys I will be starting my wedding series soon! And just as an fyi, there will be fewer preferences as I got back to my course at college soon:)

Calum: “This concert is going to be amazing!” You said jumping up and down at your brother’s show, your brother was Alex from All Time Low and had invited you and Calum to come and watch. Of course you said yes because well he’s in one of your favorite bands. You were stood with Calum backstage when he went to go and get you both a drink. “Well her sweet thing.” Jack said coming over to you and hugging you, you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Oh my gosh I’ve missed you so much!” You said giggling. You pulled away from the hug and he planted a small kiss on your cheek. “Hey Jack, you need to meet my boyfriend!” You said looking around for him, “He;ll be back soon.” Jack nodded and you started catching up, when Calum came back he instantly kissed you on the lips and wrapped his arms around you making sure Jack knew you were his. “Calum what was that?” You asked when Jack went off to sound check. “He was flirting with my girlfriend.” This caused you to burst into laughter, you had tears rolling down your cheeks. “Baby, he’s like a brother to me, he has always been there.” Calum blushed a deep red and then hugged you. “Sorry Y/N,” You just responded with giggles. 

Ashton: “MICHAEL I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR BUTT!” You yelled pushing random buttons on the xbox controller, he had challenged you to a few games one day and that lead on to more and more games. “Think again!” He knocked the controller out of your hand and you gasped, you got up and turned off the xbox before being picked up and thrown back onto the sofa, he then started tickling, you were begging for him to stop but it’s only when Ashton cleared his throat in the door way that he stopped, you sorted your hair out and then turned to face him. “Hey Ash, you wanna join? Michael could use a little help.” You said laughing, Ashton just rolled his eyes before walking out. You got up walking after him. “What’s up?” You asked, “You and Michael seem pretty cozy.” You tried to stop the giggles coming from your lips. “Oh so this is funny!” You started laughing and nodding. “Yes, Me and Michael aren’t together!” Ashton raised an eyebrow. “Ash, Michael is an awesome guy he’s also an awesome friend.” Ashton nodded and kissed your cheek. “Were you jealous?” You said poking him in the stomach. “No.” You smirked. “Yes you were.”

Luke: You were looking down at the menu for something to eat when the waiter came to the table. “Hi there, I’ll be your waiter for tonight may I take your order?” He said looking at you. “Luke baby you order first.” You said not looking up from the menu. Luke had ordered and the waiter just grumbled at him. You turned to face him and sent him a friendly smile. “Can I have the spaghetti bolognese please?” The waiter nodded sending you a smile. By the end of the night you were ready to leave, Luke paid and the waiter came over slipping you a napkin. You got outside and looked at the number. “Hey Luke can you believe that.” Luke just grumbled a response and called a taxi.  “Lukey, I got you a present.” You said kissing his neck, he just pushed you away, you frowned. “Luke did I do something wrong?” He shook his head. “That guy in there was totally flirting with you.” You raised your eyebrow. “You mean Mr I’m too good to be working here?” He nodded and you gave him the napkin. “I kept the number to prank call him, but baby rip it up.” You said kissing his cheek.

Michael: “Ashy I cant do it!” You yelled in frustration while sat near his drum kit. “It’s too hard.” He chuckled and sat behind you, he took your hands in his and started hitting the drums with it, Luke took a picture of the both of you and posted it on twitter. You continued learning and learning until you finally had it down and you could do it by yourself. You finally nailed it and then Michael walked in. “What’s this?” He asked showing you the picture of you and Ashton. “A Picture of me and Ashy.” You said giggling. “Oh so now you have cute nicknames for each other?!” You frowned and looked at the other boys. “I have cute nicknames for you all, I’m just not allowed to use yours in front of the boys.” He shrugged. “Why were his arms around you?” You smiled. “If you must know detective Clifford I was trying to learn a song for you.” He blushed and looked down at the floor. “Sorry I got mad.” You giggled. “It’s okay Mikey Poo.” He glared at you and you ran away. “I said not to call me that!” 

I find it interesting that people confuse my love for OLITZ as the reason for my dislike of Mellie; however, in my mind they are two different things.

 I don’t view Mellie as a true barrier to the OLITZ relationship. Fitz and Olivia have established their own barriers and I truly believe that if these two highly intelligent people wanted to, they could find the way to be together.

I don’t like Mellie because of the pretense she sets up of being a victim of a loveless marriage. I don’t like the fact that her ruthlessness is never met with remorse, apology or consequence. There are no consequences to Defiance for her; there are no consequences to almost endangering her child by inducing labor; there are no consequences to using Janine; there are no consequences to the Daniel Douglas situation. We do not see her conscience being pricked by these actions and we do not see her apologizing for her role in this as well as other questionable acts. And foremost of these, is the fact that she  uses Olivia’s love for Fitz to manipulate her into helping the Presidency when it is convenient for her while shaming their relationship and crying ‘woe is me, my husband doesn’t love me’ when it is not.

Most of these characters have done their dastardly deeds on this show and no one is all good. But the difference I see with Cyrus and Mellie is that we don’t see how their questionable choices affect them for bad. (Recently we have seen Cyrus cry over James but it is difficult to garnish any sympathy for him considering the fact that he orchestrated the entire circumstances of events.)

The sorrows over a tormented conscience appear to be reserved for Olivia and Fitz.

I think I would enjoy Mellie more as a character if she owned her evilness. I have enjoyed evil characters before and if she was just cutthroat and ruthless consistently, I think I would be entertained by her more. If she did all the above and then gave an evil laugh to everyone saying “deal with it” I think I would like her more. But when she does the above and then gives a pity speech “show up for me Fitz” then it creates confusion in my mind and makes me not like her.

I’m not sure if it’s the commentary from critics that create this confusion or the writing on the show. Maybe I would be ok with all of this if I just watched the show and never read recaps or reviews, I just don’t know. 

FYI: I would enjoy her even more if she gave Fitz the middle finger and got her own life. 

Just my opinion, though.