just fuhrer things

So am I the only one who thought Riza Hawkeye should step up and become head general of the military in FMA 03. I mean, Roy clearly doesn’t feel comfortable in a position of power anymore after all the crap he went through, and it is kind of implied he should be discharged on account of his coup d'etat, where he was kind of responsible for the death of both the fuhrer and his sole heir. But Riza in 03 has a pretty clean slate. She was never in Ishbal and didn’t commit any war atrocities as far as we know. She played a big role in the coup d'etat sure, but nothing more severe than taking out a seriously deranged maniac who was going around shooting up innocent military officials and civilians. I’d give her a metal for that. Further more she’s Roy’s right hand girl, and his next in command. Can’t you just see him dropping out and being like “You go for it, you be the one who runs the state. You’re a hell of a lot better than me.”

And then she rocks the socks of Amestris and rules with a benevolent Iron Fist, and then Roy can be like…whatever the male equivalent of the “first lady” is. 

Hawkeye for Preisdent 1917!