just frustrated with people

I really don’t think people who aren’t Autistic or who don’t struggle with sensory issues understand that when it comes to certain stimuli, those things provoke actual feelings of pain, nausea, disgust, discomfort, etc for people that are Autistic/have sensory processing disorder.

Take “picky eating.” I was labelled a “picky eater” even as a little toddler. I couldn’t eat sauce, tomatoes, or have my food touching other foods. People said stuff like “She’ll grow out of it” or “She’ll eat it if she’s actually hungry” or “Tastebuds change; she’ll like it when she’s older!" 

But the fact was, if it was a food I couldn’t eat, I literally couldn’t eat it. I’d try to eat lasagna and start crying, and gagging, and I’d have to spit it out. Guess what? I didn’t "eat when I was hungry” if it was one of those foods, I just didn’t eat. This was especially an issue when I started going to school and daycare (I eventually got a note from my doctors that detailed my Autism diagnosis and sensory problems, so that the local kids center would provide me with alternative meals. They treated it the same way they did with kids with allergies, basically.) 

Also, I didn’t “grow out of it.” I still cannot eat tomatos, sauces, and most mixed food dishes. Because I just can’t even make my mouth chew and swallow without gagging and spitting the food out. Just a couple months ago I went to grab some chicken wraps from the local taco place, and I asked specifically that they hold the sauce. But they didn’t, so when I took a bite I got a mouthful of pain and chucked it right into my napkin (gross, I know. I’m making a point here though.)

So when Autistic people, or anyone with a sensory processing related disorder, tells you that they cannot handle something-whether that means being touched, wearing certain clothes, being around noise, or eating certain foods-remember what I just said. That’s how it feels, when people willfully ignore our reminders and warnings about our stimuli and triggers. That’s what you’re doing when you touch someone when they tell you it hurts them, or make them wear that suit or outfit, or put sauce on their food when they politely ask you not to. Granted, overload is different and presents differently in everyone, but bottom line-you’re choosing to disrespect someone’s boundaries, and their medical issues, and you are hurting them when you force certain stimuli on them after they’ve asked you to stop. Just respect people, and don’t shame people for not being able to handle or do the same stuff other people can. 




Fake married trope where no one knows that Baze and Chirrut are married (they’re just Guys Being Dudes don'tcha know) and Mon Mothma has an assignment for Jyn and Cassian to go undercover as a married couple but then they can’t do it, so she reluctantly asks Baze and Chirrut if they’ll go, and she’s not surprised at all when Chirrut agrees but she is surprised when Baze does. She tells them they’ll get them different cover stories and Chirrut just tells her there’s no need, they’ll totally pretend to be married it’s nbd

Libra & Emotion ♎️🎭

(I’m not a professional but I’m a Libra Sun, Libra Moon, with Libra Dominance, and a 7th house stellium so I think this comes from a place of first hand experience)

Libra suns, like other air signs, do tend to detach from their emotions but not in the same way. Libra hates conflict. They hate tension and uneasiness. They need stability and reliability. Because emotions can be unpredictable, Libras feel the need to water their feelings down. Think of it as a filter. They try to rationalize and sort each emotion, find out the source, and put it into its proper place. So say if someone was rude to Libra, instead of reacting like their sister sign Aries would, Libra would accept the rudeness and then continue about their day thinking how and why that happened.

Libra also tends to put their feelings on a larger context. They ask themselves, I feel this way because this happened to me, but doesn’t everyone feel this exact way when this happens? So by concluding that everyone experiences a certain feeling, Libra decides they don’t need that feeling. If emotions don’t help a Libra, they get rid of them. And by get rid of them, I mean they either try to rationalize them so they don’t exist or they just try to ignore it.

Libra will ‘reject’ feelings if they do not believe they have the right to feel that way. For example, if a single Libra sees a cute couple they might have a pang of envy and feel resentment towards the couple in love. But then Libra will go “oh this is just my own bitterness, they haven’t done anything wrong, I’m just being unreasonable” and they’ll tell themselves to stop feeling like that.

Libra will also pick and choose what emotions to experience based on their environment. This sounds really weird I know. But if they’re in a group and everyone is wild and goofy and impulsive, Libra will match their behavior and try to match their emotions. For example, I won’t be excited about a something until someone else is and I feed off their energy.

Libra moons are a little more difficult to understand. They filter their feelings based on what’s “just and proper,” what benefits those around them, and what benefits themselves. Libra moon will choose to delete emotions they don’t know how to deal with. They also tend to never talk about their feelings. Or, and I’m guilty of doing this, will complain about small things so that their friends won’t ask what’s REALLY wrong on a deeper level (because if I never complained about anything, they would be concerned). Libra moons will avoid talking about their feelings. They like to help others though and by helping others, they learn about themselves. They can sometimes act as therapists, asking others how they feel about a certain situation and then those Libra moons will apply what they learned to their own lives.

After talking to other Libra moons on here, I’ve learned that I’m not alone in that Libra moons often feel hollow. Like there’s a cavern in our hearts. Most days it feels unfillable. Our emotions can overwhelm us and so we feel numb. Happiness is dulled, sadness is dulled until everything feels “meh.” There are many days when by all accounts we should be happy or excited but aren’t. It’s like eating bittersweet candy. You don’t really understand the flavor. It has both the sweetest and the sour mixed up together. Our emotions get all jumbled up together, we have trouble trying to separate them because we see how things can have both pros and cons.

Many Libra moons (and suns and 7th house stelliums) feel a continual longing. Specifically, longing for a relationship. There’s an incessant need for partnership, for a companion, to be understood. When that isn’t being fulfilled, it makes our lives imbalanced, throwing our emotions even farther off balance. At the end of the day, despite deflecting attention onto others, we secretly need love and a lot of it. The angsty phrase “I build walls just to see who cares enough to climb over” really applies here. Yes, we give other people a lot of attention. Part of that is to weed out who just likes us to listen and who actually wants to listen to us. We sort out the people who use us for validation from the people who actually care about us. When we find that there’s way more people who only use us, we can become depressed. There’s nothing quite as disheartening to a Libra moon than realizing that all your friends and family don’t ever stop to genuinely wonder how you’re doing. Despite Libra being called the fakest sign, we put that front up on purpose just to see who’s brave enough to look underneath. And unfortunately, very few people are willing to do so. Libra is a people pleaser and will seek companionship even if it is only superficial, but we will never be satisfied until we get that soulmate level connection we are looking for.

EDIT: thanks to @airmom I was reminded of a couple more key features When we do accept our emotions for what they are, it can be extremely hard to let go of them. It becomes like a grudge. Years can go by but when reminded of a situation, our feelings are just as strong as the day it originally happened. Libras tend not to hold grudges, but when they do, they hold them forever. Betrayal really hits home with this sign. If you betray a Libra’s trust, they may act like everything’s fine, they might still be friends with you, you might never even know your actions upset them, but Libras will never truly forgive you for it. This type of resentment just builds up over time. And Libras know logically that they should just get over it, but won’t. (Never tell a Libra “That was years ago, just get over it.” We can’t. We won’t. We’ll hate you for saying this because it implies we haven’t tried. We’ve tried moving on, and we already water down so many of our other emotions, just let us have this, ok?) Libras also will push to the side stuff they don’t want to deal with. They shove it into their closet so to speak. They won’t speak about it or acknowledge that it’s even there. But eventually the closet gets full and it all comes bursting out. Libras can be volcanoes. One little thing can set them off. If a Libra ever snaps seemingly out of nowhere, it’s because they’ve put off dealing with their emotions. Likely, they’re not mad at one little thing, but rather a whole month or year’s worth of frustrations. So if a Libra yells at you, it’s best just to shut up and listen. If they’re in this frame of mind and you start arguing back, they will never ever ever open up to you again. If a Libra actually trusts you enough to tell you what they’re feeling and you try to argue with them or put the blame on them, know that you’ll never earn their trust back. Ever. The next day they might act completely normal, but know this is a front and that they are mentally stabbing you. Again I just want to reiterate here that Libras do not often publicly express their anger (for fear of how others will react) so if they cry or scream in front of you, they’re at their most vulnerable and need your support. Most of the time, support in that situation is just shutting up and listening. Don’t give advice unless they ask. Just nod. Just care. And if they’re up for it, give them a hug. Not a wimpy one. A real hug. Squeeze them and tell them you love them. Libras just want to be understood.

Libras (especially moons) are daydreamers. This is a way out of dealing with reality. Libras escape in their fantasies. They write novels, direct movies, become superheroes, act out music, etc all in their heads. They’ll imagine real life situations over and over. This is why when things don’t go according to plan, they’ll become frustrated. Sometimes they just wish people could read their thoughts because it’s just hard to communicate them. The on,y time you’ll ever find a Libra unfiltered is in their fantasies. It’s the one place they let themselves be free and selfish. The world demands so much of them, their daydreams are their only escape. Libra has a strong martyr complex too. If they can’t find their inner peace, they’ll help you find yours. If they can’t be happy, they’ll try to cheer you up. If they haven’t laughed in ages, they’ll tell jokes until your eyes water and stomach hurts from giggling. They know what hollowness is like, what chaos and imbalance and self hatred is like. They help you be strong so they can tell themselves they will be strong one day too.

Because Saturn exalts in Libra, many Libras feel extreme self-hatred, unworthiness, guilt for no reason, and fear they will be dependent forever. This complex relationship between Saturn and Venus (which is Libra’s main ruler) creates tension. There’s a pull between wanting the beautiful things out of life like clothes, romance, confidence with feeling like they are undeserving of it. — Please be gentle with Libras.

Here’s to the performers who have to reuse the same silks every season due to budget cuts. Here’s to the performers who wear either show blacks or cheap homemade costumes every season. Here’s to the performers who have to kill themselves dragging around an old floor that is devastatingly heavy because it’s been painted over so many times due to budget cuts. Here’s to the performers who either don’t have staff or only have staff for half a season before they give up.

Know your guard privilege.

Can I be real for a second?

The only people allowed to make jokes like “demi people are only attracted to Demi Lovato” or “pan people are attracted to pots and pans” are people within that community. Like, if you aren’t the sexuality you’re trying to make a joke about, don’t. Because it gets real old, real fast

“So what are you?”

The question which plagued my childhood in suburban Kansas; the ponderance of which led me towards years of agonizing identity searching; the answer to which I still hesitate to deliver.

“So what are you?”

It is an innocent question; one I know I am not alone in hearing the echoes of. But what do I say? “I’m mixed” is the short answer, but it always leads to the question of “With what” so do I say “My mom is white and my dad is brown” but brown isn’t usually specific enough so do I say “my mom is white and my dad’s Pakistani” but that doesn’t flow right because white is a race and Pakistani is a nationality so do I say “my mom’s American and my dad’s Pakistani” but that isn’t true because my dad was born in Canada and he’s lived here his whole life and American sure as hell doesn’t mean white I mean my dad IS American so do I say “My mom’s a white American and my Dad’s Pakistani American” but that just sounds like I’m trying too hard so that’s out of the question and so do I just drop it and leave it at “none of your business” but that’s rude and it’s really such a simple question so what in the hell do I freaking say?

“So what are you?”

It’s a good question, really… why don’t you tell me? I am the alienation that I feel when my mom’s family talks about how dangerous those Muslim immigrants are over dinner and I am the strange sinking feeling in my stomach which occurs when my cousins tell me that whatever I’ve just done is haraam. I am the frustration which clouds me when people around me doubt that I am what the hell I say I am. I am the product of the millisecond long stares of confusion people give me when I tell them the pale as china blonde lady I’m with is my mother and the looks of disgust I get when I, the young, doll eyed light skinned girl, go out to dinner late at night with a big burly middle aged brown man, aka my father. I am the three and a half years it took me to decide what to call the pigmentation of my skin.

I am the sadness which clouds me when one of my Aunties asserts how lucky I am to be so fair skinned. I am the anger I feel each and every time I think about the people who called my full and plump Desi lips fat as a kid and now use copious amounts of lip liner to accentuate their tiny mouths on Snapchat. I am the hours of hoping and praying during and after shootings that it wasn’t a Muslim. I am the incredible lengths I go to, the precise and complex knowledge I feel I must have of my roots in order to truly claim my heritage. I am neither and I am both and I hate it.

“So what are you?”

I can’t stand here and tell you that it is all bad. That would be I lie, for I am also the cool, smooth feeling of the bronze crucifix which sits on one side of my bedroom wall and the sentiment of the words “Allah most merciful” written in beautiful Arabic script on the other. I am my large French hazel eyes and my thick and wavy South Asian hair, my favorite of my features.

I am the pride I feel as I trace my thumb over the intricate embroidery on one of my anarkalis and the anticipation I feel for Christmas as I help line my grandmother’s fireplace with garland. I am the rhythmic clanking of my bangles as I dance to bhangra music at a cousin’s wedding and the clicking of tongues by a sizzling grill as my grandpa flips our burgers during a Sunday night barbeque. I am the flavorful and savory taste of pulao my father makes and the creamy texture of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. I am the Maybelline mascara I coat my eyelashes with and the kajal I used to line the edges of my eyes. I am the flavorant meeting of two cultures melting in an incredible country in which such a thing is even possible.

“So what are you?”

God, but what am I thinking? I’m Jackie. I am the impending messiness that is my bedroom. I am my inability to fall the hell asleep before eleven o’clock at night. I am my love for all things fashion and glamour. I am my obnoxiously large collection of makeup. I am my hideous shedding of tears each and every time Spock dies in the Wrath of Khan.

I am my intense love for horror movies and my struggle to move in the dark for two days after watching them. I am my passion for music and Michael J. Fox and Kanye West and my unrequited love for Zayn Malik. I am my collection of records and of 32 scarves which I never wear, my brown riding boots, my belting of Christmas carols in the middle of July, my irrational hatred of algebra, my inability to sleep without my phone being on its charger, the Toll House cookie dough I eat straight from the bag and the four Beatles posters I have hanging in my room.

I am the scent of Aussie conditioner and my clumsy, spacy nature; my obsession with the Kennedys, my adamant love for Diet Dr Pepper, losing myself in my daydreams, my extreme extroversion and procrastination of literally everything, my weakness for Reese’s peanut butter cups, my A to Z knowledge about Mick Jagger, my ever changing mind. I am my dreams and I am my fears and and I am my tenacity and I am my mistakes and my courage and my insecurities and my abilities and my hope … I am so much and yet I am so little. I am me. I am unapologetically and beautifully me.

“So what are you?”

I am Jacqueline Renee and I am what I am and no answer that I give you to this question will make what I am any different.

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everyone is jumping on the YD is supreme evil boat again but it honestly reminds me of room for ruby when navy said the rubies were mean to her yet they've been shown to be rly close. i can't believe for a second that YD's emotions in what's the use of feeling blue were fake

right, that would be strange. nothing about her feelings come off as fake. her behavior in the trial reads as someone who wants rose gone already, who doesn’t want to spend another minute in her grief. she’s absolutely miserable with the current situation, scornful of the earth and what it did. yes, she’s angry at the zircon’s insolence, but not for a second does she look guilty or nervous. she looks like she doesn’t even want to consider anyone but rose being pink’s murderer, so she lashes out. “this is pointless!” felt very genuine, because right now she’s just frustrated

i’ve seen people worry that we’ll get ~too many twists, but that’s… not really how it works. what matters is using foreshadowing, motive, emotion and buildup right. getting the audience to ask questions, while avoiding cliches or making the actual truth random. i would say you’re supposed to feel like you’re on to something, but don’t have all the information yet. it’s no coincidence that both rose and zircon’s scenario are presented as tell-don’t-show, while certain elements hang in the air, troubling but not yet addressed: why does pearl react like that? how did rose appear out of nowhere? why does she have a sword specifically designed to cut through a gem’s physical form, but never the gem? during zircon’s entire speech, i was wondering where pink pearl was… 

zircon’s own trail of thoughts leads her to suspect one of the diamonds, but that’s because her assumption is that it must have been a coverup. my main takeaway isn’t that rose wasn’t involved, it was that her sword very much played a part, but the how and outcome are far different than we’ve been led to believe. rose had many secrets, and i don’t believe for a second that she had nothing to do with this. 

ultimately, you wanna know what knowing more than your peers look like? don’t look to yellow diamond - look to pearl. whatever happened, it’s not as simple as yellow did it Cause Evil, because pearl would have no problem divulging that.

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Listen, I wasn’t going to say anything but this has been sitting on my chest for a while and with the whole dibs situation going on I need to say my peace.

Y'all do know that not everything is about race, right? Sometimes there’s a situation going on with a particular character that sparks an influx of head canons for them. Or sometimes someone just feels a personal connection to one of the characters which is why a lot of their content is geared towards them.

Personally, I don’t wake up each day thinking “What new content can I come up with today?” I read the comic and then things pop into my brain. Or I’ll come across something in my own life and think “This is something this character would do or say.” It’s all by chance. Some days there’s a lot of Nursey and/or Dex. Some days there’s a lot of Ransom and/or Holster. Some days there’s a lot of Chowder or Kent or Lardo or Shitty. Some days there’s absolutely nothing. That’s how it goes.

If someone is creating content for a character that is racist, obviously that’s an issue that needs to be addressed. But claiming that an influx of content for one character who’s white means that the people creating it are racist is a stretch. You can not force anyone to make content for any particular character. Unless you are paying them, that is not a right that you have. If you’re unhappy with the content that is available for one character, create it yourself. Or pay someone to create it for you.

Also… I think it’s interesting how y'all want to complain about content for the white side characters like Dex and Holster and Kent but you don’t say a word about how much content there is for Jack and Bitty, a fully white couple. The overwhelming majority of the content created in this fandom is Zimbits but the only time I ever see any racism claims is when there’s something going on with a side character. Is your problem actually because of racism or is it just because your favorite character doesn’t get as much content as you want them to?

It’s just really sad that their teams think this is how promo should be done. Thanks to this news, nobody is talking about his new video and nobody is talking about the listening party now. Way to go team; way to go! Hey, maybe they could get The Today Show people to ask him about his ‘girlfriend’ just to make things even worse. 

The Three Pillars theory of Azula

Azula is one of the most fascinating and complex villains in children’s media, or indeed in any media.  She is both abuser and victim, both deeply cruel and deeply afraid.  Often, discussion of her breaks into two camps, either she was born the way she is, or that she was abused, and she was made into the character we see onscreen by that abuse.  Either she is a “psychopath” (an outdated term that has been widely misunderstood and keeps shifting in meaning), and she was born the way she is, and she either wasn’t abused, or abuse didn’t affect her, or she was abused, and how she was raised made her into who she is.  I don’t think either of those positions are correct.  There is no code that says that predators don’t abuse other predators, and there is nothing in the world that makes abuse magically not damaging.  I have spent a great deal of time figuring out what makes this character tick, and what made her stop ticking at the end.  So how did nurture and nature come together to make Azula?  Bear with me, it’s a bit of a story.

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i think that in being antifa, it’s useful to understand how people become nazis. Once ages ago I backread the blog of a nazi on here all the way to the beginning out of morbid curiosity, and I learned a lot from that reading. His parent are “liberal”, he used to be “liberal”, even an sjw according to him. I see a lot of other fascists, both current and former fash, whove said the same thing.

I can see paths in my life in which, had things gone differently, I was at risk of being indoctrinated. Fortunately it didn’t happen, but even though I always hated nazis since the holocaust/ww2 was and is personal to me, for much of my life it was in a more liberal way and I did not become truly antifa, that is nuanced, radical and understanding in my hatred of them, until like 2013.

this by the way i think is why liberals, politically ignorant people, etc, are at risk of being indoctrinate by fascists who just happen to use the right words to play to their insecurities and win people over. Thats also why i think its important that leftists try to win over their liberal friends if they can (whether or not its feasible to do so depends on the situation), and it will be necessary to have a little patience, speak to their concerns/experiences and find common ground with them in order to do that. (And frankly, you’re not going to find common ground with people by saying stalin is good and making gulag jokes, but i digress)

Like most polish youths, I was originally indoctrinated into the polish national victim complex, the narrative of history that frames the polish people only as victims, never as perpetrators, and as being noble for having suffered, like christ on the cross. I didn’t know anything about this until like maybe last year or something when I learned the term “christ of nations” for this complex and started thinking about it and how polish nationalist narratives happen to relate to my own family situation.

So i suspect that back when I was politically ignorant and didn’t know anything about any of this, a white nationalist could have indoctrinated me by not using nazi language, but by using polish nationalist language, pan-slavic nationalist language. I felt (and still feel) out of touch with my heritage (Diaspora Problems™) so pan-slavic nationalists could have easily played to that.

Fortunately I never met far right polish nationalists (or at least people i knew to be far right polish nationalists) until a lot later, just frustrating liberal/conservative people who grew up with the narratives normally. but if I had, im not sure what might have happened.

bleh tldr: it’s ok to understand the things you hate and in fact I believe it is practically beneficial to fighting hate.


Everyone always gets so defensive about Jack’s relationship with Kent, and everyone needs to chill. Because you know what? They were teenagers when the draft happened and they had their fall out. And, you know who’s not emotionally nor psychologically mature? Teenage boys, especially teenage boys that are in a highly competitive atmosphere and who have their own emotional/mental stresses and problems. Kent may not have been justified in showing up at that Haus party, just as Jack was not justified in outing Kent to Bitty without his permission. They both have their own problems. But, these things don’t make either of them terrible people. The tragic reality is, they were both too young to be dealing with the stress of the situation they were in, and thankfully Jack survived and Kent was at least partially able to  move on from it. So, please remember that this “major fall out” and “toxic relationship” some people focus on, was between two teenage boys who were trying to do their best with the limited resources and support they had in an extremely stressful environment.

  • Me: Please don't use my name on my facebook/instagram/twitter. I understand you are trying not to deadname me but I'm not out to my family and you calling me Will could put me in an awkward and potentially dangerous situation.
  • Some cis: So?? Who cares if everyone know you're trans, it makes you unique, be proud of who you are!!!1!!!11
  • Me: Hi... I don't think you're understanding.
Just a Team Yenn rant nothing to see here

Alright so this has kind of been eating at me for some time now, and since my sleep is elusive and this is Tumblr i’m just gonna go ahead and go for it.

For all of you Triss lovers, all of you who say ‘why go for the manipulative bitch’, ‘she’s not even a kind person’, blablablablabla.

If you don’t think Triss is a manipulative snake in the grass, boy, have i got news for you.

You’re delusional 

First and foremost: when Triss’ BFF’s boyfriend (respectively Yenn and Geralt) loses his memory, Triss decided to ‘fuck it’ and to only give a fuck about her own interests. She goes out of her way to seduce clueless Geralt, even though she knew about yennxger past/present/future/whatever. Yes, their relationship has always been rocky as fuck, full of puddles and cracks in the road, but if going after your BFF’s ‘soulmate’ isn’t a fucking dishonorable thing to do, then forgive my fucking morals.

Clearly that hasn’t been a good enough argument for some of you muggles, so let me throw a cherry on top.

If you actually go for the trissxger relationship in TWIII, she flips a fucking 180 on you - she knew you no longer wanted to dabble in politics, you wanted to get as far away from that world as possible, but, your dear dear lovely Triss, suddenly admits to a doubt (which she doesn’t tell Geralt about of her own accord, no, Geralt has to find out by himself): she’s considering becoming King Tancred’s court advisor, which would essentially make her his right hand. 

What a… funny thing to keep secret for such a long time, especially from someone like Geralt, who has a fierce stance on the matter. Or… is it quite possibly so, that she has kept it secret on purpose? Hmm. I wonder.

Yes - Triss does have traits of a good person, I won’t question that. She’s given so much of herself to make sure all those mages escape the witch hunt in Novigrad, and she helped you get information about Ciri (and she’s willing to go far, very far).


That has nothing to do with her having Geralt’s best interest at heart. She doesn’t. In their relationship, she has her own interests at heart. She loves having Geralt wrapped around her finger, and if you can’t see that.. Well. You two deserve each other.

And then there’s Yenn

A bitch, yes, but she’s clean-cut and says exactly what she’s thinking. She doesn’t play nice, she doesn’t play games, but more importantly (for me) doesn’t lie.

Geralt is a little wrapped around her finger, also yes, but I guess I just think that between them, he’s whipped for the right reasons, instead of for the wrong ones with Triss.


Very last point: If you ‘chase’ Yenn, she’s actually not that much of a bitch to you. She can say.. pretty naughty things. It might’ve been your choices in the interactions. Just saying.

Okay, I rest my case now.

End of rant, come fight be bro

I kid I can have a discussion about this w/o hard feelings. This shit just had to leave my fingers.

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Ugh I'm actually rather disappointed Kagami did write in Mika attacking Guren his character is too stagnant now it's like he'll never have any growth 😒

I’m disappointed people like yourself are missing out on Mika’s character growth that could easily have been written differently into an out of character scene (not attacking Guren). I don’t mean to be rude or for you to take this personally. It’s just frustrating to see people automatically make Mika attacking Guren something completely negative.
I agree that if Mika had immediately seen Guren and attacked, it would have been rather annoyingly stagnant for his character. However, Mika listened. He stood there and thought after Guren arrived. Even leading up to the first swing, those text boxes you see? They’re Mika thinking about how Yuu will loathe him for killing Guren, but that killing Guren would essentially save Yuu from becoming the second one. He’s not just thinking of how much he hates Guren for what he’s done and wants to kill him.
Also, the fact he stopped when Yoichi and Kimizuki stepped in. If Mika really hadn’t grown, he would have pushed them aside and kept going. (Albeit while trying not to hurt them like when he was going to get Yuu back from the army in Nagoya) Can we blame Mika for having trust issues? Yet he still takes Yoichi and Kimizuki into consideration because he’s come to accept the Shinoa squad. Which is growth for Mika.
It’s the subtle things that make this a scene in character while still showing character growth on Mika’s part.