just frustrated with humanity

//I got bored and decided to compare my tallest muse (Corelas) with my shortest muse (Ophelia) and


weeps okay just imagine a dwarf inquisitor getting frustrated with human sized everything and how she can’t even reach half the things on her bookshelf

but whenever she expresses her frustrations people just hand her the things she needs which makes her even more annoyed because she doesn’t want to rely on other people for every little thing

and blackwall makes her a wooden stepstool/stepladder so she can get stuff from the bookshelf herself and she’s like HEART EYES I LOVE THIS MAN

no offense but dave is 100% definitely for sure confirmed a serial killer like no normal human being is this angry 24/7 no human is this frustrated and this on the edge just constantly. no normal human interrupts people to say “HEY HEYH YE HEY HEY IM TALKING HEY I HEAR YOU HEY IM TALKING HEY SHUT UP ZIP IT OKAY GO OVER THERE” every time they try and have a conversation. He is literally less patient and more of a brick wall than fucking TIffany Pollard aka Miss New York and THAT  is saying something.

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i'm not an easy crier when it comes to books, tv, movies, etc, but i've cried over two games in my lifetime. to the moon, and the fucking second pokemon mystery dungeon game. like i was playing it at a restaurant w/ my parents and i had to just put my head down on the table to hide the fact that i was soBBING

literally!! those games go hard core when it comes to emotions??

and like i’d get to dialga and keep getting killed (also rayquaza in the first one but ESPECIALLY dialga) and be frustrated but i’d JUST NOT WANT TO BE TURNED INTO A HUMAN

002: Anger & Trust

When Bruce expresses anger by way of a genuine stripping down, it is ironically enough a sign of his trust in you. It is an indication that Bruce considers you someone it is safe to be angry around, to feel normal around. 

When Bruce is around someone he willingly sasses or straight up cuts down to size, it is a sign that Bruce has come to recognize that the individual in question doesn’t see his anger as a threat - but rather just a normal human response to pain and frustration. They are someone who won’t wince or quake when he’s angry but will stand their ground, because its okay for Bruce to feel things around them and that’s why Bruce actually showing his anger with or around someone is a huge display of something deeper.

Bruce hates being winced from. He can’t stand it when people flinch from him - because that just further compounds in his mind that he’s become a monster. People quaked and winced from his father - not him. Never him. People were never supposed to be afraid of Bruce Banner. So now, when he gets angry, he hides it even more because he is literally afraid to get mad - not just because of the other guy, but because of the pain it causes him every time someone near him flinches because he actually said something cutting.

Even Wanda supports this. He was pissed, and SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE HE TRUSTED BEING ANGRY AROUND. But more than that it was proof. Proof that he was human. Proof that he was perfectly capable of being ANGRY and not going green. Perfectly capable of KICKING ASS without going green. So it was important then too. Wanda saw him as a monster - Bruce chose to prove that he wasn’t by utilizing the very thing that makes him one against her. Bruce showing his anger is always a sign of something bigger and deeper. It’s never just an outburst.

People love to find fault in others, as if they can’t handle someone who tries their hardest and succeeds. Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes you can’t look at people’s actions with a microscope. When you do that, anything anyone says can be potentially offensive or wrong.

A simple statement of “I like bread” can be analyzed as “all other food is inferior” “what if someone else doesn’t like bread, huh?” And “that’s offensive to dislikers of bread”

Idk man I’m just frustrated with humanity

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It's nice to know that you're going to take time for yourself. I'd like to say I'll miss seeing you as often, but knowing that you're taking a break for yourself and doing what's best for you it's hard to say I will :)

//Thank you, Sweetheart. I’ll not be gone long. A week at most. I just need a breather. Tumblr can be a lot of fun, but I’m seeing more and more problematic general attitudes and responses and I just need a break from it all. Tumblr can be a fun place, but it’s not a healthy one. (I plan on addressing some of this later) I just need a break from it, because I’m getting more frustrated with human beings then I should and I need to spend time re-finding the love I have for people. And the best way to do that is to immerse myself in the greatest love of all–God. So that’s what I’m going to spend my time doing. That, and just taking a break in general.

But thank you, Sweetheart. I’ll be fine, and I’ll be back soon!

Headcanon 002 | High School Verse

At home, Gabrielle and her family speak Enochian. When she comes back from a long break there are moments when she pauses when she’s talking and has to take a minute to mentally switch languages because speaking the divine language in front of humans tends to raise weird questions. Not that there’s any power behind any of the words, it just doesn’t sound like any spoken Human language.

Sometimes she just sits back in frustration and huffs if she can’t find the words she needs. Because for all that she’s fluent in Human languages, at least a few of them, most of them don’t have the fluidity and variation that Enochian does and it causes her to sound harsher than she intends sometimes.

why does my heart accelerate to the speed of sound whenever i have to make a call? i have trouble with breathing in and out and then there’s this giant fear that i wont even be able to speak and i get so frustrated and telling myself to “calm down” or “its just a human being on the other end” doesnt help one bit.

Reminder that dogs never attack completely out of the blue. There are always signs that a dog is getting frustrated or anxious or aggressive. Just because humans don’t notice doesn’t mean the dog isn’t telling you that it’s uncomfortable. Also a reminder that all dog breeds are capable of being extremely aggressive or obedient and sweet or anything in between. It all depends on how the owner trains the dog. If you think having an obedient dog only involves feeding and walking it and yelling at it when it does something bad, you’re wrong and you need to get help training your dog if you have one.

((I’m frustrated today and literally I know first hand what NOT training a dog can lead to. My dog [possibly a pit lab mix but we’re not sure] was never trained properly. We thought she was docile and sweet so we never properly trained her and then when she turned about 2 she started to get aggressive towards other dogs and people outside our home. Then my family decided to just lock her away when people are over and keep her on a very strong leash when outside and no more dog parks instead of training her. Now we have a dog who’s aggressive towards strangers and other dogs but is so sweet to us and there is nobody to blame but us. Literally our dog had no control over the situation. So when people say “oh she’s part pit though. She’s naturally aggressive” I’m just like really? You’re so deluded. This is totally our fault. Moral of the story: train your dog from the beginning. Put in hard work. The more work you put in, the happier your dog and you will be later on. And above all, take responsibility for your actions and your animal.))

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TardisBoy, whoever was telling you off is just taking his or her frustrations out on you. You're a wonderful human being. You're creative, friendly, thoughtful and open-minded. You have such a big heart, and I don't want to see it get hurt. So if there is anything I can do to help, just say the word.

There’s nothing, but thanks.

After all that had happened in Subic, ive come to realize who my true friends are and who arent. I learned that in the worst scenarios in life, you would have come to know the truest and realest pal you got in the group. Who really cares, and whos not. I didnt regret anything because i learned a lot from it. Dont worry guys cos you will never get to see that side of me again. Minsan kasi napapagod din akong maging mabaet. Why do people like that? They just accept you and love you in your good times. And then they become disappointed the moment theyve witnessed how frustrating your bad side was. Havent they known im just a human -  a flawed and imperfect human? Im not an angel. Im not a saint. And neither am i perfect. Bakit yung dating sakin parang nadisappoint ko sila, na nafail ko sila kasi im not as pure and innocent as they thought i was.

But thank you! You made me realize so many things i wouldnt have known if that hadn’t happened.