just frustrated with humanity

simpleliisa asked:

It must be really frustrating to argue with idiots and cancel out false information all day, but I really really appreciate the super long paragraphs you take time to write :3 Keep doin good~

Just the fact that there are people that stupid is frustrating. If they’re posting shit on here then that means they have internet access. If they have internet access, there’s no excuse for failing to fact check things before spreading them.

Just the internet in general is frustrating. Its arguably the greatest achievement in human history. It gave us the ability to save, access and transfer information basically anywhere on the planet. And with smart phones we have that ability on us at all times. The entirety of human knowledge and understanding is in our pockets at all times. And people use it to look at pictures of cats and shit. 

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


mad men challenge: [1/8] characters

"He’s kind inside. But outside—”


only boys this time… more newsies!! i tried making them all look younger.. i’ll ink and color these later… :)


OTP challenge with Kirjoa
[6/10] In battle, side by side (Darcy Lewis and Loki Laufeyson from the MCU)

Thor 2 AU where Loki decides againts faking his death (again?) and ends up on Earth with Thor and Jane to fight the dark elves alongside with the queen of tasers herself AND where Darcy actually gets to use her weapon of choise in combat and show the god of mischief what humans are really made of (which is apparently sarcasm and nicknames)

"I can fight, just take them off!"

"Till hell freezes over, Low-key. Look out!"

"You’re going to get us both killed, you ignorant little mort-"

"Watch the m-word, Frosty!"


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what are your dualing feelings, i want to talk to people about this episode without being smacked in the face about how danny is evil and twelve is precious and clara is some non-entity

This post serves as a good follow-up to the tsundere set I just posted, which comes with the subtext of “there was a lot of this in the episode, but there are some things to make jokes about and some things that deserve to be discussed”.

Man there is so much I need to talk about. But I think one of my main musings always comes back to this central idea: the relationships going on here are complicated. Relationships are complicated enough when you’re just a working professional. You really don’t need the mess that is having a Time Lord involved, but that’s the hand dealt here.

…Gosh where do I start. Okay.

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fitness tip: jumpstart your workout by first watching the new episode of free! eternal summer so your options are either to lay on the floor and die, or exercise hard enough that you can scream out your feelings over these stupid swimming idiots until nothing is left but a sense of detached apathy that will get you through until next week’s episode.

Can I just get some things off my chest? I’m putting it behind a read more tag so you can skip it easily. The weather here has been hard, but I know it’s been hard in so many place in the US and Canada. (I’m sure it’s hard in many places all over the world.) I know the west is struggling with terrible droughts. New England has been particularly hard hit this year and I’m starting to see a lot of comments and news reports I find upsetting. Just skip this unless you’re really interested for some reason, OK? Ok.

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A Study of Human Behavior

The act of rape is natural instinct for the Human Male.

The Human Female has adapted to wear clothes, not to keep warm or protect against sun damage, but in order to discourage the lazier males of the species from attempts at rape.

Alas, sometimes even a very unflattering sweatsuit with nary a word on the booty is not enough to stop a very determined Male from taking what he is not entitled to. In these situations the blame lies with the Female for not always being in the company of a virile Male who will fend off all unwanted advances for her.

The violated Human Female is then subjected to cruelty and ridicule from the others of her community, who empathize with the Male for only following his natural instincts. With no sense of safety or support from her social group, the Human Female will sometimes live out the rest of her days in terrified isolation. A sad fate, indeed, but an important lesson learned.

I don’t know what heartbreak tastes like. Or how dark the nights are when you’re longing for the touch of someone you’ve lost, but haven’t forgotten. I don’t know how hot it burns to realise that you have been forgotten by someone who lost you. I don’t know if it ever stops hurting, because I haven’t gotten that far. I know that sometimes existing feels more like dying, and it rattles your bones like turbulence. I know that no matter how many times you swallow, the heavy scent of “it’s over” on your tongue never leaves. I know that I love you more than anyone else could ever love you, and that I will pick at your pain like scabs of an ever-healing wound until I’ve peeled it all away. I will cradle you  in my arms until you fall asleep, and I will not wake you up before you feel whole again and ready to live, not just survive. I am always by your side, even when I cannot be there physically. I nest inside you like a small and comforting animal that’s taken up residence inside the dark and cold parts of your inner. I know that you will always be fine, because I will make sure of it, and I know that someday everything will seem a bit more endurable. I know all this, not out of wisdom or insight, but out of the knowledge that I am strong enough to shield you from the storm and carry you home when you’ve lost your way. I know that I love you unconditionally and infinitely and that’s all I can ever do. You are the best human being I ever knew and you deserve to only ever feel happy and warm, but we both know that a life completely void of sorrow and hurt would be a life half lived and that being scared and sad is worth just as much as being safe and joyful. So I will watch over you, while you have your heart broken several times, and I will not try to prevent you from getting frostbites on your heart. But I will be here when you crawl home, ready to be nurtured back to health and need someone to pet your hair without saying, “I told you so.”
I am always here, I will always be here. I am your lifebuoy floating nearby; always ready for you to rest upon while restoring the strength you’ll need to rescue yourself.

I kind of want to scream “fuck you” at like six or seven people and then just cry for a few hours

(I can’t process my frustration with humans and so I’m just sad about it instead)

tru lol i’m just frustrated w tompreston lately because, like many horrible writers/artists/humans in general, he’s figured out he can pander to tumblr and sjws and he’ll find an audience but literally everything is disgusting and corrupt. he’s like a figurehead of everything wrong

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