just frowns and hopes stiles figures it out

Bites and Worries

Requested - Hey could you do a little imagine where you’ve been bit by something ( you don’t know what) and you’ve been blanking out and avoiding everyone in the pack, afraid they’ll do something and they all figure it out when you accidentally do something to let it something??

A/N: Right, I got a little carried away with this one when I had some spare time and it’s kind of long - sorry about that. Anyway, yeah, hope you enjoy. Also, here’s the myth I was basing it on - now, I know they don’t pass it on by a bite but I thought it was quite interesting: In Northern English folklore, a boggart is a nasty piece of work, a rotten creature that causes milk to sour and dogs to run lame. Once attached to a family, the boggart will pester them forever, chasing them wherever they may run and making their belongings disappear. And should you try to reason with it, maybe even offering it a name, it will turn violent and destroy all your stuff. Avoid. 

      ‘Come on,’ I mumbled, tapping my phone against my leg as I glanced down the road.
      Despite everything the Pack and I were going to the cinema, trying to take our minds off of everything that was going on. With the Alpha pack finally gone – or at least no longer a threat – it was nice to have an evening to breathe, and try to be normal teenagers.
     So now, I was standing outside work waiting for Stiles to come and pick me up. I clicked my phone again, checking that I hadn’t somehow missed a text or something, and sighed. Still nothing.
     ‘You so owe me popcorn after this, Stilinski,’ I said, quickly typing out a text to him, letting him know that I’d walk there. 

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