Psychology claims that if two past lovers can remain just friends, it’s either they are still in love or never were.
—  Ana Stumpf

I’m sick of boys who pretend they care.
Who lift you up to the clouds
only to let you fall to the ground a moment later.
Boys who kiss your forehead
and promise everything will be okay.
Boys who make you open up
and show every one of your flaws,
only to wish you hadn’t.

I’m sick of boys who use me.
Who grab at my waist
until it grabs my friend’s attention.
Boys who bite my neck
when the girl he used to love walks by.
Who fill my every crack with love and passion
but only until ‘she’ realises what she’s missing.

I’m sick of boys who confuse me.
Who tell me they’re in love
but flirts with every other girl.
Boys who hold my hand one day
and walk past me another.
Who bring light into my life
but also with darkness and pain.

I’m sick of boys who make me feel like my heart is breaking. Who’s name makes me shiver
but also makes me hurt.
Boys who make me wish I could be someone else,
just to make them happy.
Who destroy my whole world,
but don’t even seen to notice.

—  Late night confessions in my mind.
If we were ‘just friends’ why did you whisper those sweet nothings in my ear under the moonlit sky?
If we were 'just friends’ why did you look at me as if my eyes embodied the sun, the moon, and the stars?
If we were 'just friends’ why did your hand find its way into mine as we sat on the dock, overlooking the still lake?
If we were 'just friends’ why did you kiss me on the humid June night after you walked me home?
If we were 'just friends’ why did you let me fall in love with you?
—  questions my heart keeps asking