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Summoning Fighter #2: Prompto Argentum

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even though I don’t need an excuse to post gifs of Sebastian Stan, I think todays events just make me want to post so many it clogs up dashboards so we don’t see all the other crappy posts about this.

so here goes. 

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yes I could have tons more but this is enough for now. I think you get the point. I love Sebastian Stan so much and just want him to be happy and he makes me so freakin happy! 


Sister Julienne, Call The Midwife

Once upon a time I thought I knew what God had in mind for me, but I didn’t. I thought I knew what love was, but I didn’t. Certainty is fleeting. That is why we must have faith.

alliecatkitty-deactivated201502  asked:

I ask you to asnwer the following questions on.... Kuki/Wally. :D

:D Ah, the old school ship of my heart! ^_^


  • When I started shipping it:
    Oh wow…..*thinks really far back* Hm….I’m about 99.99999% sure it was after watching “Operation: BEACH.”

         4:  Those creeps don’t know who they’re messin’ with!  They’ve made this personal by takin’ Numbuh 3!
        2/5: *sings* Wally and Kuki sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
        4: O//o  S-shaddup!  It is NOT like that!  Numbuh 3 well…she uh…she…um…owes me a quarter?

         4: Hey you stupid knights in stupid, stupid armor!  Give me back Numbuh 3, or else!
        Knights:  Ooh, his heart burns with love for the young maiden!
       4: O//O No it doesn’t!  She uh…she…just owes me a quarter! >//<

    ….I don’t think he ever got that “quarter,” but I just love how he went all out of his way to save her and how he didn’t want her to marry King Sandy. 

  • My thoughts:  
    They’re true-blue examples of “Opposite Attract,” but the interesting this is like, their second layer of themselves kind of resemble each other.  I mean, when angry, Kuki is a terrifying force to be reckoned with.  And Wally may act tough, but he’s really a softie deep down! ^_~

 But what I love about them is that they have a great amount of respect and love for each other.  Wally knows Kuki can scare the pants off of even him and kick his butt.  And I think Kuki knows that Wally can be really sweet (she’s not an airhead, ya know. ;-) ).  So yeah.  Opposites attract, but really they’re not so opposite.

  • What makes me happy about them:  

  • What makes me sad about them:  
    Nothing now.  But back in the day it’d sometime make me sad when Wally would TRY so hard to confess, but just couldn’t get it out.  Like, it’s one of the many things that kept me tuned in and I was always rootin’ for the little guy.

  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me:
    Hmm…nothing I can think of at the moment.  I could say “when they don’t get together,” but that doesn’t really annoy me if I’ve been sucked into the story enough that the writers’ actions enhance the fic.  Like, if sometimes its not necessary for them to be together, I respect that. …….but if they are put together I’ll get a super big smile on my face and squeal a lot. lol

  • Things I look for in fanfic:  
    In specific Wally/Kuki pairing fics, I usually look for summaries where one comforts the other. :-)  Those make way for a lot of adorable, fluffy feels-usually because Wally has to let his guard down to comfort Kuki, or to receive comfort from her.  It can lead to good character development too. <3

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:  Hm…..I’d be comfortable if Wally ended up with Abby.  I think they have a good bond.  For Kuki, I don’t think I’ve ever really decided.  I don’t think Ace is a really good fit for her.  Also, even though she and Hoagie were “parents” to Bradley (adoptive parents really), I just don’t think there’s any chemistry.  But if I HAD to choose……probably Nigel?…..I don’t think there’s a lot of chemistry but I do think his “implied” crush on Kuki is cute.  And there are times where she seems to like being super bubbly around him to try to make him smile so…yeah.  Wally/Abby and Kuki/Nigel…I guess.

  • My happily ever after for them: They get married and have 2 kids. ^_^ A boy and a girl.  Kuki becomes an elementary-school teacher, but does a lot of art at home on the side as a hobby.  (Their kids REALLY enjoy this: arts and crafts with mommy, yay! lol).  Wally grows up to be a martial-artist.  His son loves training with his papa. :3

  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon:
    ….OMG xD Haha.  Okay so I guess when they’re kids Kuki’s OBVIOUSLY the big spoon because she can pick Wally up and cuddle him like a Rainbow Monkey. :3  Buuut…judging by Operation SATURN, I imagine when they’re older that Wally’s the big spoon and really doesn’t like to let Kuki go.

  • What is their favorite non-sexual activity:
    100% playing video games!  And Kuki never holds back.  Wally really has give his best game to try to beat her, but a lot of times she’ll still kick his butt!

Aww…looks like that’s all the questions!  (Sorry my answers were kind of long. ‘^^)  After all this time, they’re still the most Cutesy-wootsy-lootsiest-adorable ship, EVAH!  xD

Thanks alliecatkitty! :D

surprise I’m secretly the illustrator for the new ep

Seriously though, new. switchfoot. ep. in. less. than. a. week. I had to do something for the occasion. Hope you enjoy.

Listening to a Supernatural podcast (those exist?). The commentators are talking about John Winchester’s journal and they say:

“It’s the only book [Dean’s] ever read you guys.” “(Laughs) It probably is.”

I LITERALLY SCREAMED “WHAT!?” That is so painfully inaccurate.

Off the top of my head I can think of these books that according to canon I know Dean has read:

Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut

Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut

Dr. Sexy the book series (probably)

And Dean knows other authors too, throwing out the random reference to them here and there.


Then the guy goes on to describe a post he saw on Tumblr and I knew exactly which one he was referring to, even while he misquoted it saying that Jensen’s vision was “Sam going off somewhere and being happy and getting a normal life and [Dean] would give him the car.” … WHICH MADE ME CRINGE BECAUSE NO. Jensen’s dream was that Sam dies, and that’s why he doesn’t need the passenger seat and he gives away the impala and rides away on a motorcycle. I MEAN COME ON, IF YOU’RE GOING TO QUOTE JENSEN ACKLES AT LEAST GET IT RIGHT.

Here’s the video of the actual quote.  And here’s the post with the same. Like, good Chuck, it’s not even difficult to find.

This just kills me because there are over a thousand views on this video just on youtube and they are saying all of this stupid stuff and I know for a fact that we can talk more knowledgeably about this show than these guys.

What do you think guys? How about we make our own podcast?

EDIT: I ended up making my own! Listen here!

nothing makes me happier than hearing about the boys out and about at concerts or music related stuff because music is their lives and they were just like us, kids who went to too many concerts as an escape and the fact they still get to do that is freakin awesome and it juST MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY OKAY