just found this on fb omg

I just found out this morning that I got accepted into the London University and my roommate starts off all mad at me for not telling her, but A) I told her months ago that I was applying and B)I JUST FOUND OUT FOR SURE TODAY. She’s all mad saying her sister found out on FB because I’m looking for someone to watch my cat but I posted that as a precaution and she’s like “you better not leave me without a roommate I’ll sue you!” like OMG, for fuck’s sake, I was planning on broaching the subject this evening and having a nice chill conversation about it and she just goes off without warning. I’m not going to ditch her, omg she’s lived with me for 2 years she should know that by now. 

Today, I fucked up by showing my friend a picture of her topless.

So I’ve taken to browsing 4chan, mostly just /b/ but occasionally I check out what’s on /s/ which is where fate so happened to decide to show me a pic of this woman with her breasts bared for me to see. I immediately thought of my friend and thought “wow! That looks just like her,” but I figured there was no way it was her. I even compared some of her FB pics with this girl on /s/ to prove to myself it wasn’t actually her. 

Well, after more or less forgetting about it, I eventually run into my friend and awkwardly mention I found a picture of someone that looks like her. So I show her the picture and she goes deadpan. “OMG, that’s me.” Turns out it was actually her. She was visibly upset, on the verge of tears. I apologized for showing her the picture and she asked me where I found it, how long ago, and a few other things. Before this we used to say hi to each other often and now I think she’s avoiding me and I feel like a creep for having seen such a private photo of her. I wish I had never found that picture, for her sake I wish it didn’t exist.

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OMG i found this on fb and ahahahah fuckin hell yes! I’m sorry but I’m so over fucking 5sos’s bullshit ive never liked them and now there just try hard wannabes ripping green day off and trying to be things they are not! i try my best not to hate on things but I’m sorry they have crossed the line for me!