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How i study languages

A couple of days ago @bonbonlanguage asked if i have a post about what i do in order to learn a new language so i thought i should try to make a post about that.

The beginning

As a beginner i always do the same stuff. I research a couple of apps or i just see if my favourite choices have a version for my target language. Usually i use: 

Fun Easy Learn
9000 words
babbel, busuu (rarely but i still have them on my phone)

+some sites and specific apps only for my target language

I choose a grammar book and i take notes from from it. So far i chose books from 3 collections: Teach Yourself, Colloquial and For Dummies.

How i take notes from a book

I ignore the excercises, in my notebook you will see only grammar notes and sometimes irregular verbs at the end, but you will never see exercises. (i’ll say later what i do with the exercises)
If the book has a pretty good structure, i just copy what’s in there. (when i say good structure i mean that i can’t extract main ideas or just a formula              e.g. stem+ending)
The theory is written in black or blue, the examples are written with a pencil and if there is a keyword, i highlight it. When i have languages with articles based on the gender of the words, like French, i use a pink and a light blue pen so when i study the articles i can see the difference. 
Now, i said that in my notebook you won’t see exercises, true, that’s because i solve them on another notebook or just on a blank sheet of paper. If your book has exercises after the grammar lesson, solve them. If half of them are wrong, you will take a break of 1-2 days (in which you will study the grammar rules) and when you feel prepared, you solve again those exercises. (you are allowed to have mistakes but try to have at least 70% of the exercises correct).
What i do after i finish a book
After i finish that grammar book, i take another one. However, this time i don’t copy-paste like i did the first time. I read what informations are there and if there are new rules/exceptions, i just write them on a sticky note and add it to my notebook. After i finish my 2nd book i usually move on to the next stage but if i feel that i missed out something, i take a 3rd book and do what i did with the 2nd one.
As a beginner i have the habit to read my notes once a week, as an intermediate learner i rarely do that.

Don’t understand that as a beginner you only take notes! Sometimes when i get bored i just study on memrise/vocabulary app and that sometimes can last 1 week, sometimes 2. I even like to use InternetPolyglot with my target language and an old target language. (e.g. I learn new words in Spanish through Danish) 

After i have a proper notebook

Usually when i finish my book and i add all the exceptions/rules that i found in the 2nd book i also have learned 1.500-2.000 words in that period of time so i want to test my skills.

When i feel confident enough, i start using duolingo. I use it as a test tool, not as a learning one! I take the shortcuts and usually in 2 days i finish a tree. (at the last part of the tree you don’t have a shortcut for everything so you just have to take the shortcut of every skill there which gets boring)

Since Duolingo is pretty advanced with his lessons, at the end i can consider myself a B1 learner. (if you have an amazing memory and skills, you can say you are B2, but Duolingo can’t get you further than that)

The intermediate stage

Whoever followed my blog for a while knows that i have 2 nightmares in my language learning journey, the intermediate stage and the irregular verbs.

For how to overcome a plateau in the intermediate stage i made a post here. (sooner or later you will hit a plateau)

Back to what i do. No book anymore, duolingo is done, this is the moment when i start to use my skills. If i didn’t use 50Languages as a beginner, i use it now. It has 100 audios so i use them to get used to the sound of the words in case i don’t know them and i also use it as a resources to learn new words. On Memrise i try to find advanced/intermediate and i use 9000 words and Fun Easy Learn. 

At this level the main problem is the lack of vocabulary so i try to learn as many new words as i can. However, since using apps can get boring after a while, i use the classic method of learning vocabulary, reading.

How i memorize/learn new words

Most of the time i just use apps/sites. However, everyone had moments when we couldn’t remember a word regardless of how many times we tried to memorize it. When i have to deal with this, i usually make a mnemonic. (e.g. afslutte = to finish, to end, to conclude; in order to remember the meaning i think at a key sentence: If you don’t study you’ll END up as a slut. [harsh example, i know, but it stays in my mind])

If my mnemonic method doesn’t work, i write the word a couple of times, sometimes with my left hand too since i focus more then. (i’m right-handed) and if i still can’t remember the meaning, i’ll start making some sentences where i’ll use that word.

How i read in my target language

Just as a side note, if i feel confident with my skills (that has happened only once) i read books, if not, i read comics until i feel confident enough to try books.

I have 2 methods because sometimes the first one doesn’t work. So, for French i just read and try to guess the meaning of a word and if i can’t, then i search it. Why i do this for French? It’s easier somehow and i can guess the meaning very well. Sometimes i even highlight words and search the meaning later just to analyze them more.

However, this method doesn’t work on Danish. For Danish i have to read once the entire paragraph and then see what i understood from it. If there is a certain word that it’s unknown, i’ll search it. Since Danish has a lot of structures, i tend to use HiNative to translate those because normal online translators aren’t good for these. After i have all the unknown words, i will look over the paragraph again.

With all these unknown words, i usually make flashcards on Quizlet and practice them from time to time.

Sometimes when i’m in a hurry or i’m not in the mood for studying new words in big quantities, i use WordBrewery or Clozemaster. When i use these i always write the new words on a piece of paper or i just add them directly to Quizlet.


I mentioned it above so i should tell you how i use it in order to improve since many might not be familiar to it. It’s an app where you ask questions and natives will answer.  I use HiNative mostly after i read, watch a movie or learn something from memrise.

For what i use it?

- ask for differences
- ask for examples with new words that i didn’t find a context for
- ask for translation from target language to English since not everything is easy to translate as a beginner/intermediate

Listening skills

Listening is a very interesting skill because you can combine it with speaking and reading or just focus only on it.


In this category you find movies/cartoon/series with subs. Usually i don’t do anything when i watch series/movies because i guess the meaning of the unknown words but if there is a certain word that i can’t understand, i will write it down and search it’s meaning.


This involves 2 things. I either talk to someone or i just talk to myself/a toy/the cat. I tend to use the 2nd method most of the time. (it’s not that i dislike talking, i just don’t feel confident enough to use my skills until i’m not sure that i know most of the things/vocab i need to know). I start the conversation like “hey, how are you?” and then i ask myself “how was your day?”. For this question i have to make 2 answers, the reality with what has happened, and an imaginary version for my other side who’s “talking”.


Here i just watch videos on youtube, listen to 50languages, a podcast or songs. If i do listen to songs, sometimes i try to find the lyrics and see if i understand everything, if not, i’ll look for the unknown words and after i start to sing too. (disney songs are great because most have lyrics on youtube already)

Writing skills

Here i have 2 choices, i either find someone or i just write in a notebook/diary. The purpose of this is to figure out what vocab/structures/expressions i don’t know. 

Speaking skills

It’s not that i dislike talking, i just focus on this skill at the end usually. I improve my other skills and the speaking one improves in a weird way too. However, at some point i just ask people who i know for a long time and i feel comfortable with to talk to me on skype/on the phone.


Idioms are everywhere in a language. At some point you have to deal with them. If i find them on memrise, i study them there, if not, i’ll look for them and make flashcards. These flashcards have only the idiom in my target language on them and that’s it. I don’t write the translation. I force myself to remember the meaning.

Also, when i don’t know the pronunciation for something, i use Forvo.

The advanced stage

Here i just learn idioms and some advanced vocabulary at the beginning. After these, i stop caring. I consider my learning journey almost done so i just enjoy my life using the language. I read without worrying that i don’t know words, i watch shows without worrying that i don’t understand what i hear, i can sing without worrying that i just say words with no meaning but similar sounds to what i hear.

Note: This is how I learn languages. I can’t say it will work for everyone but it works for me.

p.s. sometimes Fun Easy Learn and 50Languages are set in another language, not my native one or English.

Let’s talk about oppression.

Hi. I’m a teen. A Pakistani Muslim teen raised by Pakistani Muslim feminist parents. I am a Pakistani girl privileged enough to be born to a family that can afford to send me to an American school, and a family that believes their only daughter is worth a thousand sons. A few years ago, I realised there was a name for the notions I was raised with: feminism. I found feminism on the internet, in cheery pink-hued articles that told me I was beautiful, that I could do anything a man could do, that my body wasn’t something to be objectified.

And while these twee posts were enough to quench my thirst, in time I began to hunger for something more. I found essays on the evils of manspreading, mansplaining, and cis straight white men. This was feminism, then? The idea that men were in fact, inferior to women? I found this belief in webcomics, listicles, joke sites, even TV shows. In comment sections I watched battles unfold: how dare a man suggest these mentalities are toxic? How dare a woman agree with him?

On twitter I’d find women sharing anecdotes about Joe from work, who’d sit sprawled across his chair in a show of dominance, and how in doing that Joe was an oppressor. How the old white man across the street was probably a racist misogynist homophobic Nazi because he was white. How they were oppressed because the man in the meeting talked over them.

Here’s the thing about that. You are not silenced because a man dared to interrupt you. You are not objectified because a man had the audacity to hold a door open for you. You are not oppressed. You are not oppressed.

Spend a day with me. Walk the streets with me. I’ll show you what oppression is. It is a father forcing his daughter to cover her head, instilling in her a hatred for her religion. It is the teenage girl crying tears of mascara as she is escorted to her marriage and given into the hands of her betrothed. It is the transgender woman fearing for her safety because she lives in a country of homophobes.

Suppression is the woman whose husband forbids her from having a life outside her married one. Objectification is the girl sold as a sex slave because her family couldn’t pay their debts. It is not a man beating a woman in a foot race or performers at a strip show. Accompany me to rural Kashmir, where it’s commonplace for girls to be married off at ten, eleven years old. To the village from where our cleaner hails, where the bodies of young women wash up on the shores of the canal.

Talk about how Dave from IT mansplained programming to you to the women who never received an education because their fathers believed it unnecessary for them. Discuss internalised misogyny with the girl who has to listen to people telling her that her brothers are worth more than her. Please try. Debate the gender binary with my parents, who took years of garbage from relatives and friends on why they chose to have a single daughter.

Nobody forced you to get married at fourteen. Nobody told you that you weren’t worth sending to school because bearing children was all you were good for. You never saw the corpses of murdered girls floating in the canal. You are lucky enough to never have to experience that. You are not oppressed. This is not something to be ashamed of. Please be thankful for it. Please know that there are women in the world who would die to be where you are now. You are not oppressed.

Because look at you. You are educated, you were allowed to thrive, you can do what you like to do. Nobody views you as a unit. When you were born, they were just glad they had a baby; they didn’t care about your gender. Growing up, you had access to all the same privileges as boys. Don’t forget that.

I am not oppressed. I am educated in a country where 62% of illiterate children are girls. My father never forced me to cover my head, or stopped me from having friends of the opposite sex. My mother never told young tomboyish me to be more ladylike. I attend a private school, and I have a college fund. I am privileged, and I am not ashamed, but I want to help women in my country. I aim to be a politician or a journalist and use my platform to speak about women’s issues. Someday, I will make a change. And you can too.


Neighbor kept reporting me to the HOA for petty things, opportunity knocked to pay her back and I took it.

I found out today that my revenge was complete so I came here to share it.

My neighbor who we shall call Chirsty would report us to our HOA for literally everything she didn’t like. Trash can still on the street at 5 PM on Trash day, reported. Kids bike outside while kids are still playing, reported. Didn’t mow this weekend (typically I do this Monday nights), reported Monday morning. Dog barking at 2 in the afternoon as she and her dog walk on the path behind our house, reported. In many cases these were not issues covered by the HOA, but due to repeated reporting the board did fine us and I had to go spend the evening waiting through a 2 hour meeting to have them removed. This kept happening and was driving me nuts. Both my wife and I spoke to her and tried to find out why she felt this was ok and she told us, “You just need to do a better job being a good neighbor.”

Fast forward to early this summer. She posts on a neighborhood website sharing a video about the anti-vax movement. In general the replies are pretty aggressive about telling her she is full of it, but she keeps pushing back leading to a super long post about how we all are wrong and we should listen because she is a doctor. She signs it “Dr Christy Lastname, Naturopathic Physician”

At this point I am mostly just wondering what the heck any kind of doctor would be against vaccines. This made no sense to me so I started digging. I did find that Christy was listed as a doctor on sites where you could find physicians. I dug more into what exactly a Naturopathic Physician was and found that in my state of Colorado they are regulated and required to maintain a license to practice. I checked into it and found out the following

  1. Christy was NOT in the state database as a Naturopathic Physician
  2. The board who regulates it has an online reporting tool

At this point I took all the information I had, grabbed screenshots and checked my timeline and reported her as claiming to be a Naturopathic Physician when she was not.

I then followed that up with this post on the neighborhood website:

  • This is a hot button topic for me and because of that and Christy signing her post as “Dr Lastname” I had to dig some. I for one am a HUGE fan of including whole person treatment. I think Doctors of Osteopathic medicine are wonderful as they work to integrate whole health into the picture with well researched medical best practices. Naturopathy less so which is the problem here. One researched article here: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15208545/ breaks down a lot of the issues quite well. It is almost 13 years old, but still quite good at explaining the valid concerns. I further checked as Colorado DOES regulate naturopathy and I could not find any Christy Lastname listed there. My thought was that it is entirely possible that she holds a license to practice in Colorado and my search wasn’t working, but even just searching her first name or zip code or “MyTown” or “TownNearUs” provides no results for a Christy Lastname. There are 2 Naturopathic doctors in TownNearUs, I used this search: apps.colorado.gov/dora/licensing/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx linked from this page: colorado.gov/pacific/dora/Naturopathy

At this point Christy locked the post and later deleted the entire thing. I was pretty dang happy that she removed the post, but today it got better. In the mail I received a copy of the cease and desist letter that Christy received form the state about a month ago. It told her that she must cease and desist her “practice” immediately.

Breaking Free

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N Winchester, Sam Winchester, Lady Toni Bevel

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings:  season 12.22 spoilers (if that’s still spoilers), not much. SPN stuff. If you can watch the show you can read this.

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: This is my entry for @percywinchester27 aka Ana’s PJO Quote Challenge and my prompt was: “It’s okay,” he said. “We’re together.” He didn’t say you’re okay, or we’re alive. After all they’d been through over the last year, he knew that the most important thing was that they were together. She loved him for saying that. - I changed the prompt a little bit to fit the fic. I hope that is okay.  

Thanks to the sweet, amazing, lovely @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You fell to the floor with your back pushed to the wall and your legs folded up under you as you watched your husband run up the steps to try to catch the door before it closed between the four of you and the world outside.

The moment you heard him scream was the moment you gave up all hope. It was the moment you started believing this was the beginning of the end. It had all happened so sudden. Over the past year you had started believing everything was going to be perfect. Or at least as perfect as it would ever get for hunters.

Lucifer’s baby was still about to be born and you had, like your husband, never trusted the Brits, but Dean was okay. The mark was gone. Amara was gone. For the first time in years you felt as if you had the man you married back. Fully and completely. Dean was himself and as long as you had him, there had never been anything you hadn’t been able to struggle through.

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A mouthful of blood.

Fair warning for those who are squeamish, this post is going to be talking about my teeth and is tagged as #chronic health tag: teeth for those who wish to not see posts like it in the future.

So this morning I went to the magic dentist man for my cleaning and also my check up on the tooth extraction. The receptionist is waiting for me, and she tells me there’s been some problems with my insurance, which, yea I tell them, I know. They’re refusing to cover me and want me to go see a different dentist, specifically one who doesn’t believe I’m in pain. So I’m looking at canceling the plan and just paying them up front cause I’ve found my dentist, I ain’t going anywhere else, which she smiles at offers me a cup of tea and makes sympathetic noises when I tell her I can’t have it anymore.

The hygienist was lovely and chatty, and it was all going really well until she probed the tooth next to the extraction site, and I felt this deep, awful not good pain in my jawbone, and there’s a mirror above my head and I get to watch as blood pools up into my mouth and I start choking on it, while both the hygienist and the nurse panic, one scrabbling to bring me upright and for gauze, the other running off going “doctor mark, doctor mark, doctor mark!” who comes running in from the next exam room like he thinks they’ve killed me, and takes over.

Twenty minutes later he’s still holding the gauze in place cause I can’t bite down hard enough to staunch it because my upper root canal tooth suddenly feels like it’s going to break if I bite down on it. All the while my doctor magic man is trying to ask me questions I can nod too: do I take any blood thinners, no, do I take any of these supplements, no, how’s my blood pressure, good, okay, do I have a history of xyz, no, okay, nice weather we’re having right? Eventually the bleeding stops and he looks at it, and tells the hygienist, no, she didn’t slip and tear it open, in fact it LOOKS fine, he doesn’t…what is…I don’t even…oh…it hasn’t healed over yet, it’s still an open wound and the blood clot is still forming, what the heck. 

Five weeks. Five weeks and my body is still trying to figure out how to clot blood. Welp, there goes the idea of surgery to have the other three teeth pulled, cause there’s no way in fuckery he wants me with three more open wounds in my mouth at the same time, so it’ll have to be one bastard tooth at a time, spread out over the course of the full year to let me heal. 

Anyway, crisis averted I get tipped back and they carry on doing the cleaning. No probing, just cleaning. The hygienist looks fit to cry so I pat her on the hand and say it’s okay, other people have hurt me far worse and I know she didn’t mean to. Assistant nurse starts lip wobbling instead and holds my other hand until we’re done.

I’m about to go pay when doctor mark pulls me into his consult room and asks me to take a seat. He’s been doing research he says, picking up his tools as he starts probing around my mouth, into people like me. He’s been calling all his dental buddies around the world and asking for help, for advice, for any shred of info that could help him to help me. Lots of them have got back to him, about patients with auto-immune problems, and teeth that never heal and root canals that have failed for no reason. There’s no science behind it, we’re not there in terms of diagnosis yet, but there’s a million and one anecdotes that dentists don’t want their patients to hear—especially about root canals. 

Which he’s prodding and poking at now, wiggling them around with his fingers and it hurts, it really really hurts so he lets go and tells me plainly: “There’s steel posts in those teeth, they shouldn’t wiggle like baby teeth, your body is fighting really hard to push them out.” 

And he starts telling me about his buddy, a fellow dentist like him, but who was not holistic, but an actual root canal specialist—an endodontist, like the dude who did my last root canal which looks perfect, just a perfect text book root canal. Apart from the bone deep pain and the feeling like I’ve got broken glass lodged in my mouth. 

Dude has been doing root canals for the last thirty years, he’s been the specialist that royalty flies to the US to come and see. And four years ago he started getting sick, like really, really “Write A Will” sick. And he tried everything, he paid for every medical procedure under the sun, but his body just kept getting sicker and sicker, and to top it all off, his god damn teeth were starting to hurt. But specifically, his root canals. Well nothing shows up on x-ray and his partner can’t find anything wrong, but something must be wrong so he has the worst one pulled, thinking he’ll have an implant within six months. Except six months comes and goes, and the extraction site is still healing. It’s healing slowly, but it’s healing…and he wonders, he wonders so he pulls the other root canal tooth out next to it and sends it off for bacterial analysis. And they find all kinds of shit, like fucking MRSA and a whole host of other not good very bad things which have been linked to retroviruses and cancers, and other auto-immune diseases and chronic conditions for which there’s no real diagnosis, let alone a cure. Only symptom management and a drawn out early grave. 

So the dude does what anyone else who had just been told their mouth is a ticking time bomb waiting to kill them, and he pulls every single root canal tooth he has, and he waits, and he waits…and it’s subtle at first, like the mild fever he’s had for the last twenty years and always assumed to be related to allergies, goes away. His migraines, go away, his arthritis, goes away. Slowly but surely his health rebuilds, the doctors are amazed…except when he presents them with his findings, they all make vague noises. “Well that just sounds like a coincidence” sort of thing, “everyone knows these treatments are perfectly safe for healthy people.”

And that’s the crux of it though, isn’t it. For healthy people, cause no one gives a shit if you’re one of the poor buggers whose body is going to go haywire from a simple procedure. You’re not a person, not really, you’re a statistic, and a very, very small one so who gives a fuck. Well this dude did, cause he closed down his practice, became a holistic dentist and refuses to do root canals. He point blank refuses to “save a tooth” that can be pulled and replaced by other means. There’s no point to saving a tooth if you can’t save the patient.

And my doctor magic man, he’s just looking at me, he’s looking at me like I’m his kid, and he just very carefully puts his hand on my shoulder and says “It might take a while, but we’re going to fix this.”

 It’s been about an hour since I got home, and his wife, the receptionist, just called me. “Just wanting to make sure you’re doing okay honey, call us if you need anything. And don’t worry about your insurance, we’ll figure something out.”

Actor!AU Headcanons

I mentioned in the tags of this post that I had an actor!AU for ffxv… and I wish to share my headcanons with you.

  • Ardyn is nothing like the character he portrays. He’s a really good actor, the rest of the cast really likes him because he’s actually a really cool guy when he’s not The Accursed.
  • @oceanicchimera yes, King!Noctis and Ardyn do dance sometimes off-set. But it’s more along the lines of the dance competition from Guardians of the Galaxy because they’re both dorks who can’t dance.
  • Ravus is the one who messes up his lines the most, with Noctis at a close second. 
  • See, Ravus is also nothing like the character he portrays. Ravus is really chill. Ravus really hates wearing that singular colored contact. Makes his eye itch.
  • Ravus and Luna are still related, but they’re cousins instead of brother and sister. (Gladio and Iris are still bro and sis)
  • Ignis is the biggest prankster on set. As in, Prompto walked into his trailer at one point and it was just completely filled with balloons. There must have been a hundred of them. He’s very exasperated.
  • Gladio’s tattoo is just stage makeup, but after the movie he considers getting the tattoo for real. It’s badass.
  • Ignis: “What do you mean I go blind offscreen?”
  • King!Noct always trips over something because the shoes on his outfit have no traction whatsoever.
  • Everyone on set jokingly calls the movie “Bachelor Party Gone Wrong”
  • The cup noodle thing with Gladio was a complete accident. There was a scene where he was asked what his favorite food is, and instead of saying something along the lines of “a hearty steak, medium well,” he forgot and said “a hearty bowl of cup noodles, boiled to perfection, with the absolute best ingredients” and everyone else stayed in character for the scene. It was so hilarious that the producers decided to leave it in. Edits to the script were made. 
  • ^^The stage direction “angrily eat cup noodles” was created from this. 
  • Noctis had a lot of trouble during the Leviathan fight because something was always wrong with the robotic rig and it would randomly lock up and stop. There’s one take in particular that’s going very well until Noctis abruptly gets out of shot. The camera moves back to him hanging there, slowly zooming in on the betrayed look on his face.
  • Whenever Prompto messes up his lines, he either continues in whatever tone he was carrying while saying increasingly hilarious things or slaps a hand to his forehead and lets out a very soft scream (anguished noise)
  • Ignis, right before Noctis comes on set for the reunion scene: “Ten years ago I lost my dear friend Noctis” / “Quit telling everyone I’m dead!” / “Sometimes I can still hear his voice.”
  • Gladio was swinging his sword for a fight scene, but he swung it too hard and it literally just snapped in half. He stopped for a second, then turned and looked directly at the camera, mouthing the words “I’m so sorry”
  • Prompto goes “pew pew” and “bang bang” whenever he shoots his gun (like Harrison Ford and Han Solo)
  • Regis reads the script and he’s like, “Oh… I die… what…. what a surprise………” (Regis is like the Sean Bean of our world, his character always dies)
  • The bros are exactly like their real-life VAs on social media. They answer all kinds of questions and it’s great.
  • Ravus has a tumblr account, but there’s only one post, and it’s this one. There are no tags. The title of the blog is, simply, “Sycophancy.” (He was very amused with Ardyn’s line.) There’s no description. His url is akin to those of the bots that wander the site. He follows several blogs, but does not interact with any posts. No likes, no reblogs. He’s the fandom phantom.
  • Ardyn is like the Sebastian Stan in the social media. He provides the fandom with his own sad headcanons about his character like Seb does with Bucky. (Except Ardyn is very avid on the fact that he is the villain)
  • Sometimes the cast will get together post-movie premiere and do dramatic readings of fanfiction they found
Back 2 U -- Taeyong Soulmate AU

A/N: A soulmate au (first words your soulmate says are on your wrist in black and turn white when they’re said) with Taeyong of NCT. This is my first venture into writing for groups other than Seventeen so I hope you enjoy! If you do, don’t be afraid to send me feedback or a request!

I used a member of another group simply to have a name to use! I am in no way trying to slander that member or the group.

Trigger warning: Unhealthy relationship (not with Taeyong, don’t worry)

Genre: slight angst, fluff-ish

Pairing: Reader x Taeyong

Word Count: 4k+

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Out of all the collections of words, numbers, and letters there were in the world, you thought that 1:27 A.M. was the least romantic pairing one could have inked on their wrist. Your friends seemed to agree.

“Come on, Y/N, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!” Donghyuck insisted, reaching out to grab your wrist and pull you back down into your seat.

You were at McDonald’s late at night with your friends, trying to ignore your constantly ringing phone that sat on the table before you.

“He’s an idiot.” Mark added, trying to make you laugh and forget Donghyuck’s teasing over your tattoo. Donghyuck hit his shoulder,  but didn’t disagree, which sent you into a fit of giggles.

“You should turn it off.” Jaehyun said from his place to your left, nodding his head toward the phone.

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Three’s Company (Part 2): A Friend in Need

Title:  Three’s Company: A Friend in Need

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary: After breaking up with your fiance, you’re forced to move in with your twin brother, Bucky, and his best friend and roommate, Steve. Living with your brother is one thing. Living with the man you’ve harbored a crush on for the majority of your life is another. What could possibly go wrong?

Part 1

Characters: Steve Rogers, Female Reader (Y/N Barnes), James “Bucky” Barnes, Brock Rumlow

Word Count: 2355

Rating:  PG-13

Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating, drinking, canon typical violence

Author’s Notes:  This is my first Marvel series and AU. I write SPN on @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog. I drew inspiration from the television show “Three’s Company,”  the movie “What’s Your Number?” and a bunch of other things. Thank you to the amazing @mamapeterson and @climbthatmooselikeatree for helping me - beta work, bouncing ideas off of them, and overall encouraging me.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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rant. sorta. hiatus.

I’ve just found out that some people here think I’m using my blog for the wrong purpose, that I’m cliquey, and that they dread being associated with me. That’s completely fine but that’s not who I am.

I talk to everyone who talks to me. I have trouble reaching out to people because I don’t want to bother anyone. I don’t think everyone wants to talk to me or anything similar, so I don’t reach out to people. I have mutuals that I adore, but I’m too scared to talk to them because I feel like I’ll be bothering them. I still feel annoying when I message some people, for example @noona-la-la-la, who I’ve been following from day one, let alone when I message people I’ve just met or that have just followed me.
As for the cliques … I have a couple of writer friends. I talk to a lot of writers, but it’s about our stories and it’s basically mutual fangirling.
I think it’s extremely unfair of people to talk about me when they don’t know who I talk to and they can’t see my inbox. I talk to a lot of writers who are just getting started, I just don’t promote people because I don’t want to get used for that. If everyone on my blog asked me to promo them, this would become a promo blog and I don’t think you guys are here for that - this is a fanfic blog. I think anyone can understand that. Besides, I’d like to think that the people whom I talk to aren’t here to get promoted but are here because they like talking to me, even if they are considered “smaller blogs”. That’s so subjective and depends on so many things like how often you post, what members you post about, how long you’ve been on this site, what time of day/week you post, who reblogs your stories etc. Notes don’t mean quality.

At the end of the day, I am who I am. I may come off as mean to some people, but I know in my heart I’ve tried to be the best person I can. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been through a ton of shit this year, starting from a breakup of a 4 year relationship to getting diagnosed with a disorder (which I don’t want to get into because it’s TMI and it’s personal). I like to keep my things private and I think people tend to forget they’re not the only person that follows me and that I’m a real person with real problems and feelings. Right now, there are about 28 000 people on my blog. To me, that number is INSANE. This isn’t me boasting or bragging about it - I don’t think my blog deserves that many followers at all. I don’t deserve that kind of attention. There are people that are so much more talented than I am that don’t get enough attention and I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I don’t even know what most of the followers are doing here since a lot less people interact with me than before. But realistically, if anyone thinks I can talk to a hundred people daily and answer all the asks I get and write and work and deal with personal shit all the time, I’m willing to give them my password and see them try to keep up with it. It’s hard to deal with your own life and then come to tumblr and get messages about people asking you to help them overcome depression and suicidal thoughts, asking advice about a breakup, asking help about tumblr stuff, about uni, school etc. I’m not a machine. When someone sends me a message saying they want to die, I feel like shit because I know nothing I say can help that person and I try to come up with the best answer possible to give them some comfort and try to get them to ask for help. So if I don’t reply to an ask asking about when I’m updating something, it’s because I tend to prioritize the asks I get, if I even get the time to go through them.
This is tumblr, not the real world. It isn’t something serious, it doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t change anyone’s value as a person. I DON’T THINK I’M BETTER THAN ANYONE HERE, especially not based on notes and follower count. Personally, I felt happier when I had around 1 or 2 000 followers because I knew they were all here for my stories and not for whatever reason they are now, and I talked to a lot of them on a daily basis and I still do. Now I don’t even recognize most of the usernames that like and reblog my stories because that would just be impossible. It’s easy to preach when you’re not in this situation, I think.

If you’ve ever felt ignored, I’m sorry. I’ve tried to reply to every ask and message I got, but a couple of months ago, I was going through something and I let them pile up. And then I just didn’t have the mental strength I needed to go and answer the asks so I let them pile up and I hated logging on. Then I had a literal breakdown and I deleted the 4K messages that were in my inbox because they were just adding to my already insane anxiety. They were stressing me out and I felt horrible for not being able to reply to all of them and they just kept piling up and I wanted to delete the blog and everything that came with it, but the problem wasn’t this blog or the asks or the questions - it was me and my anxiety and I’m aware of that. If that makes me a bad person, I’m a bad person.

To the people with the mean comments - I wish you all the best. I hope you get a lot of followers, lots and lots of them since I’m being judged based on that, and when you do, you will see that it isn’t as amazing as you think it is, and it isn’t easy to keep up with everything. If you’re offended by this post, I’m sorry. That was not my intention. I just want to give my opinion since I’m being judged without anyone even talking to me or addressing it directly instead of behind my back. I’m a person, not a robot behind a blog. When I find out someone’s talking about me behind my back, it hurts, despite this being virtual and despite these people not really knowing anything about me. It hurts because it’s not fair. But the world isn’t fair and I’ll deal with it.

To everyone else, thanks for your support. You guys have helped me a lot without even knowing. I’ve posted about my personal issues through my stories a bunch of times because it was my way of dealing with those things and the conversations I had with you guys about my stories have been so pleasant and some of them have helped me a lot. Thanks for being here and for reading my stories. Conversations with you guys have helped me deal with the problems I have. Like I always say, you’ve made Tumblr my happy place. I know it sounds corny, but a lot of times I would feel horrible and this was the only place I had, and you made it great for me. I loved logging on and talking to you and just being here in general. 💗
I’m going on hiatus because of my master thesis, but also because I keep getting dragged into childish drama that I don’t want to be a part of. I don’t want to log on and see posts about me, posts shading me, or trying to make me feel like shit. I don’t think I’ve done something to deserve that. This is a social media site, not my life, and it shouldn’t be anyone’s.

Day 1: My room turned into a ocean. I swear I found fishes and sharks swarming into my lungs. Or maybe that was the remains of you trying not to escape but desperately needing to
Day 2: You weren’t at school today and I should’ve been happy, I was more sad
Day 3: I thought I was ready to move on, then I saw you with her.
Day 4: We haven’t spoken in days now. My mind thinks its being shoved off a cliff.
Day 5: I wish it would just hit the bottom
Day 6: This will be the first weekend we dont hang out. I know you’ll be seeing her and I know youll be smiling without me. I’m trying hard to learn how to too
Day 7: I asked you for help on a history assignment and you replied with “Ask Amber im busy”. I texted back: “Tell Emma I said hi”
Day 8: You posted a video with her on the only social media site you have. When I saw it I erupted. I spewed lava every where, oh god its every where
Day 9: My mom made me sleep next to her on the couch. She was afraid I would try and do something like I did two years ago when another guy tore up my heart. I actually had thought about it
Day 10: I slept in your sweatshirt one last time so i can feel myself engulfed in you. I know you wanted them back so I had to feel you and smell you one last time.
Day 11: I gave you all of your stuff back and you thought I looked like a warrior but really I went home and tried getting you out of my bloodstream
Day 12: when will my eyes stop flowing?
Day 13: I snuck out with a boy and smoked weed on his couch. He talked about love and how much it hurt. I only pictured you.
Day 14: I woke up next to that same boy and I woke up screaming. The boy was worried and confused but I knew why I screamed. I imagined you laying with another girl on your couch. I ran out of his house so fast you’d think Id be better at running from you.
Day 15: Its spring break and im with my best friend and your with her and i swear i can feel you tracing her spine the way you used to trace mine
Day 16: I ignored your birthday and it felt worse than the puking i did that night
Day 17: Im treading icy water while you’re swimming away from me, I guess I just hope you’ll loop around and find your way back to the shattered, but still there, us
Day 18: I don’t remember the sound of your voice I don’t remember the color of your eyes I don’t remember your the taste of your lips
Day19: No amount of screaming gets your name out of my head
Day 20: I got on a plane today and when we took off I swear i almost walked to the door and started flying
Day 21: They say it takes 21 days fo break a habit but I think I just manage to fall more in love with a greedy monster
Day 22: I saw you today and wished you a happy late birthday and promised we’d watch the third Hobbit together. I’m beginning to hate myself more
Day 23: Its the end of the month maybe next month won’t be filled with thoughts of you and killing myself. i think im beginning to be over you
Day 24: april fools
Day 25: i think i understand now. when you first told me you loved me your mouth curled up on the edges, two days before you left when i gave my bare self to you your mouth was a straight line when saying i love you
Day 26: if you’re trying to kill me its working
Day 27: i woke up this morning to my blankets and pillows piled in a corner in my room. its something s ghost would do to make his presence known. im haunting myself. or maybe its the ghost of us tsking over my body
Day 28: its almost been a month since you told me it was never me. i almost texted you happy easter but i saw those text messages and just got angry
Day 29: I hate that you act like you didnt break my heart. i hate that you think im fine that im not writing a shit poem sbout your shit personality
Day 30: thirty days since you’ve wanted me. thirty days since i told you i love you. thirty days since you’ve slipped from my fingers. i tried catching you. you’ve been gone far too long. thirty days is too long
Day 31: i had a nightmare last night about you. you told me you loved me and kissed my forehead. i woke up breathing heavily and shaking. i want you out of my life
Day 32: running on no sleep isn’t fun
Day 33: ive been awake for over 50 hours in fear that ill see you in my dreams again. i cant risk that. it hurts so much. get out of my head
Day 34: my mother told me that love will do this. that its cruel and torturous and breaks you into such little pieces not even yourself can pick up all the pieces. you know where they all are, please come back and pick them up
Day 35: i talked to another guy last night we stayed up late and he asked me questions about you. we were sober so it wasn’t easy spitting up vowels and similies and euphemisms explaining the empty feeling in my chest after you left
Day 36: fuck if i stopped seeing you everyday i swear id be over you.
Day 37: my knee didnt touch your leg like it used it i promise i didnt do that fuck
Day 38: you told me that the wrinkles on my leg bothered you when i sat down. thats not what you said when we were trying not to get caught in the back of your car
Day 39: you told me you’d take me to prom and in two days itll just be another day you promised to spend with me. its funny how our plans turned to dust in a matter of seconds after cleaning
Day 40: the thunderstorm of us was inside of you and maybe that why it felt so close. i keep counting the seconds between the boom and light hoping you arent moving away buy i fear that you are already letting others feel your storm. the plants you grew are dying. maybe you should come back to water them
Day 41: ten days since its been a month since you left. i cried at prom because all i could look for in the crowd was you.
Day 42: i got so drunk all i could see was your face. the guy i fucked kept telling me his name wasn’t yours. i just screamed and cried because you’re all i still think about despite your efforts to continue to push me away
Day 43: i should be getting high today but if i do ill just write more and think more about a guy who will never care
Day 44: i think im trying to gain feelings for someone else because it’ll make moving on from you easier. im afraid to write that it hasnt
Day 45: you traces my leg like you used to. it was like dandelion tea. it made my insides fill with happiness. you’re my yellow paint.
Day 46: Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would put happiness inside him. He would consume it everyday in the hopes that it would bring his sadness to rest despite the fact that it could kill him first. i gues you were my yellow paint emphasis on the were. see im not going to write about you anymore, because when i write you down im under the impression that you’ll stay with the words but you don’t. this is the last sentence I’ll ever write about you

Five Little Words

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Natalia (OFC)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Power outage, bad weather (no one is in danger but it sounds scary), mention of crappy ex, mention of abandonment, Jensen singing (and hell yes that is a warning!).      

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: This is a three in one ;) I hope I won’t dissappoint anyone. A while ago I did this tumblr game thing where I let people send me a “I wish you would write a fic where…” I told a few people I would do theirs. @chaos-and-the-calm67 said this:

I wish you would write a fic where Jensen and the Reader get stuck in a room when the lights go out (place of your choosing) so they sit in the dark and get to talkin’ and when the lights come back, Jensen asks the Reader out :)

I changed it a little Bev, but I hope you still like it.

This is my entry for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge where my prompt was “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh as well as my entry for @iwriteaboutdean 200 follower challenge where my prompt was “Kiss Me” - Sixpence None the Richer.

Song also used Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins.

Thanks to amazingly talented @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

No hate towards Danneel intended. Her and Jensen are my otp. This is just fiction. Also no mention of Supernatural in this one so I guess if you prefer to see it as an AU it could be that.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

The storm was raging outside. It seemed to have hit the town out of nowhere. You hated that you had to go out in this weather, but your washing machine was broken. It was your turn to wash your daughter’s softball mini league uniforms, and she needed them tomorrow. So you didn’t have a choice. You sighed as you watched the darkness outside the glass doors  that were almost quivering in the wind. You quietly folded the uniforms as you dreaded having to head home in the storm. Luckily your little girl didn’t pay much attention, she had never been to fond of lightning storms, but she seemed to slowly be growing out of her fear of them. She was too busy playing with her favourite toy, her Winnie the Pooh teddy.

Natalie made you so proud. She was a tomboy who played softball and soccer, and still she was one of the most artistic and imaginative kids in her class. She made up stories and loved drawing little pictures to go with them. She was a special little girl and the light of your life.

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anonymous asked:

Hey G, I think I asked a while ago but can you pls do another of the things harry does post? Part 3?

part one | part two

- will drink your coffee/tea and make a grimace for you because “there’s too much sugar here, pet”

- call on your phone in the middle of the day to ask what’s the name of the song you were listening early, because now it’s stuck in his head

- wakes you in the middle of the night just because he remembered the thing he wanted to tell your earlier but couldn’t remember

- put both hands between his thighs when he’s watching a scary movie, for safety of course

-  tries to persuade inanimate objects to do things in the way he want, like when the printer is too slow and he tries to convince it to be faster, as if it could hear/ answer him

- still get nervous when he has to talk with your father, calling him Mr and Sir all the time, even after your father said that it wasn’t necessary

- pull you to sit on his lap while he’s talking on the phone, kissing and biting your back/neck/shoulder while you giggle

- say “who yeh’re smiling at?” while you scroll down on your phone as fast as possible so he won’t know that you were smiling at the pics of him with his fans in his last trip

- put a pillow under his shirt while you complete your nightly routine, rubbing his belly, looking at you and saying “see? I’m having your baby” 

- Do a weird medley of songs while he sings in the shower, going from “twinkle twinkle little star” to “woman” and finishing with “isn’t she lovely?”, always thanking the ‘audience’ for having him

- hold you from behind after you shower and says “I’m gonna smell yeh till all the perfume fade away”

- will braid your hair while you’re siting between his legs on the floor, reading out loud a old poetry book he found in a book fair

- tries to twerk when he’s sure that no one is watching

- put his cold hands on your neck just to see your body shiver with it

- has a smug smile on his face after he listened to you talking with your friend and saying how much you love him and how good you feel when you’re with him

- pouts deeply when he’s thinking about something important and you feel the need to kiss the  wrinkle on his forehead, making him smile with that

- get embarrassed when you start to poke his dimple and teasing him about how pretty he is, and how seductive his dimples are

- loves when your mom tell him stories about your childhood, asking for her if he can take some pictures of the little you - in a bath, playing with a pink ball - with him, saying that if you don’t let him sleep on your arms tonight, he’ll post them tomorrow on twitter

- cries every time he watch “The Notebook”, hiding his face on your neck and asking you if “yeh’ gonna love me till I get old? Even if I don’t remember who yeh are?” as you promise him that yes, you’ll always love him, no matter what

-  smiles embarrassed when you look at this hands and say “ omg harry you’re naked!” because he’s without his rings™, hiding his hands behind his back

first, sorry for taking so long do to this! it’s been months since you asked me and i was procrastinating as usual. second, thanks to @theheadcanonsawakens (ridicula) and @stylishmuser for helping me! i love you both very much a lot!

edit: i felt the need of add a gif on this.

Don't be creepy to retail workers please God

Hi, local goth-turned-tumblr esque store employee here. And boy do I got a couple stories for you.

Today (8/24/17) my manager (let’s call her…Megan) got a message from a former coworker about a Craiglist post. Apparently a (presumably) female customer has a little crush on Megan and put it out on the lost connections page about how she was too afraid to ask her for her number in person. Any other day we’d brush it off as an innocent thing. But this customer put my manager’s name on the site a long with her last name which she shouldn’t have known. Our nametags only have our first names. Which means this customer somehow found out my manager’s full name which is a little unsettling. It shook her so much she called our store manager on her day off about it.

Now me. About a month or two ago now a 30 something yr old man came in with his 2 yr old daughter. They shopped and came up to the register. Now anyone who’s dealt with kids at the register knows you need to keep those fuckers occupied or they’ll screw you up bad. So I talked with her and even gave her a (broken) keychain to swap for the signed receipt. I get my receipt, put their stuff in a bag and am all prepared to send them on their way when I get the dreaded “can I get your number” question.

I tell him that I doubt my bf would appreciate that (despite being a very single pringle but that’s beside the point) and he goes away. I think that’s the last of him until about 2 weeks later. He comes back in when I’m alone, does nothing creepy but reminds me of our last conversation. Leaves, I think it’s the end of it. Nope, comes in 2 days ago. I get a phone call early in the day, no one on the line. A couple hours later he walks in. Luckily my other keyholder is there, as well as another customer. I do everything in my power to keep my attention on the other guy so that I don’t have to talk to creepy guy. Both leave, I tell my keyholder the story, I think that’s the end. NOPE. Today I get a call, no answer but a click. Guess who strolls through my door a few hours later.

I’m talking with Megan while censoring shirts when I see him. Immediately I tense up but keep working. Guy goes to the Funko Pop wall, grabs one, comes VERY close to me and asks me if we have a certain Pop in stock. We don’t and I tell him so. He puts it back and returns, asks me out again. I tell him the same thing, my boyfriend wouldn’t like that. He says “thought I’d ask again” and leaves.

I don’t know if it’s just me being paranoid, but I’m scared now to answer the phone. What if it’s him and he only comes in while I’m there? Please customers, leave retail workers alone. We are working and don’t want/need to deal with you being creepy

A Song of Ice and Stone - Part 1: Winterfell

Characters: Y/N Stone, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark, Lysa Arryn, Jon Arryn, Rob Stark, Benjen Stark, Petyr Baelish,

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut     

Word Count: 3800ish

A/N: I know I usually mainly write SPN and honestly I can remember when I last tried writing characters that doesn’t live in that world, but I have wanted to do something for Game of Thrones for the longest of time so I decided it was time to take the leap.

Thanks to my sweet amazing friend, cheerleader and editor @blacktithe7 for betaing this series for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Winterfell had always been your home, even if you weren’t or never would be a Stark. You weren’t anything. You were a bastard, a little girl who was sent away after your mother died in childbirth, and your father, Jon Arryn married a woman of a suitable name. Lysa Tully wanted no evidence of her husband’s past treading the halls of her castle. So, soon after the wedding, you were sent away to serve the sister of the woman who banished you. Luckily for you, one of the Stark’s maids took too you. She not only showed you the ropes but treated you as if you were her own child. She had been your saving. Not only were you a bastard, you were a strange child growing up in the North. Your name reminded you and everyone else of that every day. Y/N Stone, a bastard girl from the Vale.

You had thought you would hate Lady Stark, but she was just kinda there. She was the lady if the house. You worked for her, but she never spoke badly of you or treated you as any less than the other maids. The way she treated her husband’s bastard though would make you flinch. At least she let him stay. At least he got to grow up in the house he, rightfully or not, was born into while you had been cast aside like trash.

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom returns from promotional stuff to spend a few days with you.

Warnings: None? Maybe swears.

Word Count: 1005

A/N: Okay, so this is a thing that a couple friends (@toms-spidey and @peterandchurros) have done… Was Ava’s idea to do this with Peter/Tom… Idea came from this post. Read Ava’s here and Charissa’s here. This is mushy.

Mornings were hard when Tom was away from you. Before you finally dragged yourself out of bed, you’d scroll every social media site you had on your phone for new information about him, but everything just felt so detached when he wasn’t around. You took your sweet time leaving the warm blankets, but you hurried to get ready in the hotel bathroom. In a little more than an hour’s time, Tom would be landing and you’d see him for the first time in nearly four months. You took a bit of extra time on the little details, picking out a shirt and a perfume you knew he liked.

Then, you were on your way to the airport. You pulled into a parking space just as your phone started going off, signaling that Tom was within five minutes of being on the ground, getting off the plane. Though you knew there would be crowds of people yelling and waving, you hoped he would be out of the airport within the half hour. You sat in your car, jamming to your favorite music, until you saw a familiar car drive past: the van that would be picking up your boyfriend. With a little spring in your step, you followed along, basically shaking with anticipation.

When Tom walked out of the doors and locked eyes with you, his entire face lit up. He ran up to you as you shouted each other’s names in pure excitement. Lifting you off the ground, he spun you in a circle before placing a soft kiss on your lips. He set you back down but didn’t let go. You snaked your arms around his middle and pulled yourself close to him.

“I missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, (Y/N).”

“Hey,” came a voice from behind Tom—Harrison, “I hate to break this up cos I know it’s been forever, but I’d really like to get to the hotel.”

The two of you nodded at one another before pulling away from each other. Before you turned to go, Tom stole one more kiss, causing Harrison to dramatically roll his eyes. You raced off to your car so that you could follow them; you didn’t want to waste a minute. After all, Harrison and Tom were only stopping here for a few days. You’d gotten lucky that the city wasn’t too far of a drive from where you lived so that you could shack up with them in the hotel.

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A Queen for the King #5

Summary: With a righteous blow, Arthur defeated Vortigern, destroyed the looming tower, and had taken his rightful place on the throne, vowing to do whatever was necessary to defend the kingdom, and her people. He was a King of the people; honest, compassionate, hard working. Everything that Vortigern was not. There was just one thing missing; the woman he was betrothed to as a child. There is a saying, after all; every king needs a queen.
Characters in this chapter: Arthur Pendragon, female reader, Bedivere, Blue, multiple unnamed men
Characters mentioned: Goosefat Bill, Wet Stick
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x female reader
Word Count: 1,217
Warnings: Canon violence, sword fighting, Arthur’s sword being enchanted, angst
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for all the support and positivity you have shown us! GIF credit [x][x]

Co-Written with @winchester-writes

Our work is not to be posted on any other sites without our express written permission.


You looked up at him, standing tall above you, longer hair hanging in his face. With your head tipped to the side, you reached up, and ran your hand through his hair, smiling as he leaned into your touch.

“You want a child with me?” you murmured.

Arthur’s nose scrunched cutely. “Caught that, did you?”

“It was not difficult to miss.”

Gnawing on his bottom lip, Arthur draped his hands on your hips. “Know what else that is not difficult to miss?”

When you gave a contented hum as an answer, he dipped his head, and whispered, “We’re all alone.” You barely registered the wink Arthur shot you before his warm lips were on yours.

Everything about that kiss you shared that day was absolutely magical. The moment his lips touched yours, it was like time itself had stopped. Your entire body relaxed against his while a wave of electricity coursed throughout it. Right then, there was no one else that existed on this planet except for you and Arthur.

One of Arthur’s hands that were situated on your hips moved up to your back to bring you ever so closer as the other came up to cup your cheek. Letting out a breathy groan he pulled away and rested his forehead against your own.

“I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my existence with you and only you.”

“Even when we’re old and all wrinkly?” Your nose turned up slightly, but he just rubbed his own against yours, earning a small giggle.

“Even when we’re old and wrinkly, darling,” Arthur agreed as he pulled back and kissed the top of your head. “So enough training for today, what would you wish to do instead?”

“A lovely walk in the garden sounds very relaxing,” you stated as your hands came to rest against his chest.

“Then a walk through the gardens is what we’ll do.”

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The Legend of Captain Killian Jones - Part Two

The Legend of Captain Killian Jones - Part Two

Beta’d by @kmomof4​ / Amazing Artwork by @artistic-writer

Summary: Cursed three hundred years ago to take on ghost form and haunt his family estate, Killian Jones receives a reprieve once every hundred years to take on corporeal form in order to try and break his curse.

A renowned restorationist, Emma Swan takes on the project of bringing the three hundred year old Jones Manor back to its former glory. A manor that is reportedly haunted by the notorious Captain Killian Jones. Good thing Emma doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Rated M / Also available on ff.net and ao3 / Line breaks indicate a change of POV / scene

A/N:  Killian’s poem borrowed/based on the song lyrics of Arise My Love by Michael Card; inspired by the Song of Solomon /  If you asked to be tagged and I missed you, I am SO sorry! Lost my original list and had to go back through the notes. Hoping I didn’t forget anyone…

Edited to add: @artistic-writer created two additional art pieces after this fic was posted (Thank You!!!). The first is slightly nsfw (it shows a man’s bare ass) so I have linked to Salem’s post at the appropriate point in the fic for those who wish to view. The second is posted with this post at its appropriate moment within the fic. Enjoy!!

Part One

Part Two

Killian inhaled the sea air deep into his lungs relishing in the burn of the salty breeze at the back of his throat. His senses were always diminished while in ghost form, numbed as if he’d imbibed in too much rum leaving everything dulled around him. Now that he was corporeal again, Killian marveled in the feel of the cold sand between his toes and whisper of midnight against his skin.

Just as it had happened the times before, Killian found himself upon the shore where his curse had been cast, appearing there in solid form at midnight of his first day back as a flesh and blood man. The first thing he’d done was divest himself of his leathers and other garments, and run head long into the sea allowing the waves to wash over him in order to give proof of his physical form. He now stood at the water’s edge in nothing but his skin and drew in the comfort the moonlight dancing over the waves provided him.

Gods, he missed the sea.

Should he and Henry succeed… no. When. When he and Henry succeeded, Killian would take the lad and his mother sailing up the coast. He still had quite a cache of valuables tucked away, enough to provide him and Emma and Henry a comfortable future. Though he’d never begrudge Swan her work. It was evident just how much her occupation meant to her, and he’d be content to follow after her from one project site to the next for the remainder of his days if that’s what she wanted.

But he was getting ahead of himself, again. An introduction might be warranted first, mate, he chuckled to himself as he collected his garments and made his way to the small cavern within the cliff side.

Tucked away in the back corner was the piece of luggage Henry had been able to procure for him. Within it were articles of clothing the boy had either pilfered from his uncle, or acquired within the last week while in town. They would hopefully meet Killian’s needs over the next two weeks while he’d be staying at the manor.

As fortune would have it, the final stages of the manor’s restoration project were being completed, and to celebrate the Misthaven Historical Society would be hosting a Grand Opening Celebration whilst Killian was in his corporeal form.

Invitations for the event had been sent to members of the Jones Family Trust, who were invited to come and stay at the manor during the festivities. Henry and Killian had launched a plan to contact the manor’s curator in order to gain an earlier invitation to the estate. The lad had sent an electronic communication as Mr. Killian Jones asking if he’d be welcome to arrive two weeks early, under the pretense that he’d be in the area on business anyway.

The truth of it was that the celebration occurred at the tail end of the time in which he would be in flesh and blood form, and he had no wish to hide out in the woods or the cavern until the event in question. Besides, having access to the manor meant having access to Emma and Killian did not want to waste a moment’s opportunity to physically be in her presence.

The curator had happily agreed and had even offered to arrange for the town’s tailor to come up to the manor in order to fit Killian for a suit for the more formal part of the celebration should he have need. Which he did. The appointment would also afford him the opportunity to fill in the gaps in his wardrobe, which now that Killian had chance to see it, he found sadly lacking. Though he would have to ask the lad how it was he’d been able to acquire a leather jacket with his meager means and resources. Clever boy.

All that remained for the time being was to wait for a more acceptable hour in which to present himself, and then he could begin the pleasurable task of wooing his Lady Swan.

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Ties That Bind - Part 1: At First Sight

Characters (first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Harvelle), Crowley McCloud, Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte, Ben Braeden, Asher (OC), Mike (OC),

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Violence, robbery, gun shot wound, language (I think that is it for this one)

Word Count: 3500ish

A/N: Thanks to @blacktithe7 for betaing and helping me rework this series.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


You were practically hopping on one foot across the room, trying to catch your 6 month old german shepherd pup that had chosen to run off with one of your shoes just as you were about to leave the house. You were already late and in no mood for any of his shenanigans. Being late what not all that unusual for you though. You were a busy person, but when you were in a moment you gave yourself to it fully. No matter if it was the kids you worked with needing attention, your puppy needing love or a file you needed to read over. The last was what had slowed you this morning before everything started going wrong.

“Drop it Santo,” You pointed at him and spoke in a firm tone when you finally managed to get him cornered. Santo stared back at you for a few seconds before he reluctantly did as he was told.

“Good boy,” you mumbled as you retrieved your shoe and put it on. You led him out back and into his pin. You checked to make sure he had plenty of fresh water before you petted him goodbye and practically ran for your car. Even if you were busy and he was a brat, he still deserved your love. He was a sweet puppy and he was going to grow up to be an amazing dog.

Just as you put your key into the ignition, your phone rang somewhere down in your purse. “Damnit.”

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Never Fully Believe An SugarDaddy’s Story on his Past SB’s. LUXY AND SD BLACKLIST JOHN H.!!

Where did I disappear to?! I made one post over the last three weeks and deleted it because it was an honest cry for help. I didn’t want to let my Sugarbabes know I had fallen into failure. But I’m here to tell you my story.

Four weeks ago I had ventured onto a millionaire dating site called Luxy. I found my first whale, infamous John Hollis. His message was direct and straight forward. He was an experienced SD who was offering his girls (yes, he had more than one at a time) 10k per month. Here was the conditions :

1. You must submit to him a “thumbs up” selfie to him to claim you’re cute and real in which he collects every girl that fell in his trap, posts them on his social media and claims they were his “"sugar baby” your risqué pictures are then shown to other sugar babies for his own personal validation of what he’s gotten so far.

2. You must spend one entire weekend with him twice a month. 

3. Before you see him he had each sugar baby have a full panel STD test before allowance was given. It’s a $339 test in which he would pay for. (Never did)

4. You must submit your utter loyalty to him. No multiples, no vanillas etc.
5. You must get rid of all social media or not post to any of them if you wished to survive. Any postings causes suspicious activity to his insecure, overbearing ass in which you are questioned and interrogated intensely.
6. If you failed to answer his texts or failed to answer nightly and morning FaceTime calls, again with the interrogation and snide comments against you. As well as guilt trip you.
7. Anytime you try to explain yourself he automatically turns the situation into your fault because he’s GODS GIFT TO WOMEN and does NOTHING wrong in the world.
8. Anytime you needed real help he will give excuses but give you JUST enough to survive with food money, again he’s doing you a favor.

9. Anything that physically gets deposited into your account are checks from his therapy company which you can’t spend because they will bounce. 

He flew me first class to see him for the first time. I stayed in a hotel, the arrangement commenced. In that time I physically received new shoes, an iPad Pro and $500.

Now this is where the gates of my prison opened. While I was there he physically got on his iPad and “paid all my bills” so I thought I was walking away a happy camper. The worst was yet to come. I had quit my job, my car completely broke down, and I had no money. Why???
All those bills he “paid” bounced within a couple of days because finding out he has a stolen account reported over a year ago. He kept “booking flights” to come see me but his ex wife never got the kids, his kids leg broke, he kept getting booted off the planes here. OH and the best one yet, he got in a car accident on his way to get me but kept being put in a room where visitors couldn’t see him.

But hey, he kept me alive by UberEats to my house everyday. Wasn’t that enough? To him it was while every day I suffered. No money, no car, no job, no school…

Call me stupid for sticking around and waiting even that long…but it got to a point where the only thing I felt like I could do was wait patiently for him while he LIES AND LIES. I hope that no girl ever suffers through what I did. I know he’ll talk shit about me to his next victims making him look like a saint. Never EVER believe a one sided story.

YES, there are a TON of red flags in this situation, but anyone who has followed my page from the start knows I give you the GOOD and BAD, raw sugaring so you don’t make the same mistakes. Anyone who degrades me, go for it. But what would you do to have that MAGICAL 10k we’ve always wanted? The one we post all over Tumblr to be the Sugar QueenB? Many of you won’t admit but everyone has done stupid things for someone extremely convincing. He’s a fraud, of course he’s good at lying. @sugardaddyblacklist

don’t be a fool (pt. 2)

Summary; Promises can be hard to keep, and the deal made between Y/N and Shawn is no different. With hectic schedules and new friends, things between the ex-couple certainly take a turn for the worse.



three months later

You weren’t going to lie when it came to the break-up between you and Shawn. Things were scattered everywhere and your empty apartment soon became an apparent dumpster as well. It had probably been one of the most dramatic and tiring months of your life thus far. You haven’t had the motivation to even leave your apartment let alone your bed, and everything around you only further reminded you of Shawn and the great times you two once shared together. 

After Shawn left you, you were forced to toss out anything and everything Shawn left behind. You couldn’t risk having any remaining memories of him. It wasn’t easy, but you eventually got yourself to make your apartment Shawn and heartbreak free.

You were no longer in constant contact with Shawn, and it didn’t seem as if Shawn has made the effort to call you either. Despite this, you left his contact untouched and most importantly – undeleted. Every time you heard his songs on the radio or saw an interview of him on TV, you couldn’t help but miss him even more. He left a giant hole in your heart, and it didn’t look like it would be closing up any time soon.

You also stopped going to work after the breakup, so it was inevitable for your boss to fire you. You haven’t found a new job since, which brought you to the last resort of posting flyers around your apartment complex asking for a roommate to help share rent with. A few days later, you had gotten a phone call from a guy named Cameron asking if you were still looking for a new roommate. According to Cameron, he needed an apartment so he could be closer to his filming site for his newest film. When he told you he got famous off of Vine, you almost cried all over again because it was so similar to Shawn’s story. Luckily for him, he had been the first person to call and ask, which is how you and Cameron have been living in the same apartment for the past three weeks. 

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