just found this in my pictures folder

i have a folder of every unedited picture of a baby tapir smoking a cigar i’ve found on the deep web and it has grown so large i’ve had to buy an external hard drive just to store it.

every time i open the folder to look at the pictures my computer gets extremely hot and i don’t know what is causing it to run so hot, i’m not running any applications in the background or anything, do any of you tech heads have some tips to help with this problem?

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Please post some Eliot sweetness for me.... shirtless pics would work 😂😂 I need it as Im working on a med school prac tonight and the project is making me wanna puke. Okay, thanks 😁

bb I got u 

(courtesy of @sigh-icantfindausername)

lol so i was looking for this picture ^ when I did the adopting a pet imagine and I couldn’t for the life of me find it and then when i was searching through my folder for the best ck pics i found it

i hope this helps!

So I am cleaning out my files and switching them to my new laptop and I found this folder

The one named “Tool Box”

I thought it was just some random tool file but I didn’t know why it was in my personal file so I opened it and 

It’s literally just a folder filled with pictures of Raoul de Chagny

Okay than


Genre: Angst
Info: AU, 1st Person, Yoongi
Rating: PG-13
Word Ct: 995
Prompt: Today was the first family gathering I’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin that absolutely adored you asked where you were and I had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures I took of you to feel okay again
A/N: Thank you @crystallurvesftbubblybaek for the prompt! Also @blameblamebts @hobzzie for the angst! It’s not too angsty, but angst is still angst LOL

It’s just a dinner. I found myself telling my reflection as I straightened out my dress. It’s just a couple of hours, I can handle that much.

Usually I didn’t need to give myself a pep talk to get out the door, but that day was different. It was the first family event I’d been to since I – since he broke up with me. My family loved him, he was the life of the party, kind and considerate, they wanted me to marry him. And, well, as much as I shared their sentiments, he evidently had different plans for his life.

“I can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry. You deserve better.”

Those were the exact words out of his mouth, and I’m pretty sure they’ll haunt me for the rest of my life. But, I had to move on. My life couldn’t come to a complete halt because of one heartbreak. So I sucked it up, I put on my big girl pants and I went to that dinner with my chin held high. When in actuality, I definitely should’ve stayed home.

I wasn’t even two steps in the door when I was bombarded with questions. How’s work? How’s school going? Did you get that promotion? Is that a tattoo? The list went on and on and on. Obviously they didn’t ask questions about him, but the way they were pointedly asking about everything else made it painfully clear. They all wanted to ask, just didn’t have the balls to.

So I answered their questions with a smile, told them what they wanted to hear, I built that wall up three months ago and I’d be damned if I let them break through. Once they exhausted their false interest in my personal life, I headed over to the bar to grab myself a much needed drink. Braving the rest of the evening was far less daunting with a bit of liquid courage coursing through me.

As it got closer to a socially acceptable time where I could make my escape, I thought I was in the clear. Even my nosey mother didn’t go prying into what happened with him, something I deeply appreciated. Of course, I’m not that lucky, that would be too easy.

“Unnie?” I heard a very familiar voice call up to me.

“Hani!” I exclaimed when I looked down to see my most favorite niece in the whole world. “Where have you been hiding?”

She stuck her thumb in her mouth and pointed at her brothers. “I was playing with Daesun and Daeyong. They got new dinosaurs.”

“Whoa!” I said enthusiastically. “New dinosaurs! That’s amazing! I wish I had new dinosaurs.”

“Mm.” She hummed, her wide eyes looking up at me expectantly. “Where’s Yoongi-oppa?”

Oh for fuck’s sake. I groaned internally, plastering the most forced smile on my face as I kneeled down beside her. “He’s not living with me anymore, I’m sorry Hani.”

“Why not?” She asked innocently.

Please don’t. “We’re not together anymore.”

“But you love him.” She persisted, her words cutting deep.

Fighting back tears, I nodded. “That’s right. I do.”

She cocked her head in confusion. “Then why?”

Feeling my resolve break, I offered her a sad smile as I stroked her hair. “Because, love isn’t always enough.”

Before I had an emotional breakdown in front of the entire family, I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. For months I’d been telling myself that I was fine, that if he didn’t want to be with me anymore then I would let him go. I’d let him be happy. Those were lies, all lies, and as I fell to the floor, my body shaking, I sobbed harder than I ever had before.

Why? I asked myself for the hundredth time. Why did he leave? We were happy, we were going to start a life together. He told me that he loved me, was it – was it all a lie?

Wrapping my arms around my knees, I tried my hardest to bury myself in my regret. I thought I was okay, I thought I was okay. As my vision started to get blurry, I pulled out my phone from my pocket. Opening Instagram, I immediately let out a quiet laugh. I hadn’t changed my profile picture yet, I couldn’t bring myself to. It was a picture of the Kumamon plushie he won for me at the fair standing beside me, making me look comically small in comparison.

Hesitantly, I scrolled through my account, a sad smile creasing my face as I remembered the memories behind the pictures. We were happy, that much was clear, the three years we spent together wasn’t a lie. His gummy smile was the brightest part of my life. We laughed about everything, shared a love of music, a desire to create, a life together, it was hard to think that it was all over in one evening. How he said ten words to me and left me forever.

I miss him. I finally admitted to myself. I miss him so much.

Tears still rolling down my cheeks, I smiled to myself. Even though he left, even though I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see him again, I still had a piece of him that he left with me. Because, no matter how often I tried to convince myself otherwise, I had his heart. I rubbed away the wetness streaking my face. Standing, I righted my dress and mentally prepared myself for the rest of the evening. I could make it through a couple more hours. If I could survive three months, I could survive anything.

While I was talking myself off a ledge, I neglected to notice a little red bubble in the corner of my homescreen. I had a message, but a message from who? Tentatively, I opened up my texts, my free hand flying to my mouth in shock the second I saw the number.

Hey, can we talk?


Here’s the Fancy Craftsman, by request (it will also be part of my full save for Newlyn Hills a.k.a. Newcrest). This is a large, fairly detailed house so be prepared for very expensive bills. XD There are four bedrooms and a ridiculous number of bathrooms, so your Sims shouldn’t have to pee-waddle too far to relieve themselves. One of the bedrooms is a mother-in-law suite with its own closet, bathroom, and painting room. The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom as well. The other two bedrooms are decorated for a child (who is a Voidcritter fan) and a teen girl (who likes photography and movies).

The basement houses a home theater-style room and an additional bathroom. There’s a swanky home office on the main floor and a more casual one (for chess and homework) upstairs, as well as a craft room for woodworking, pumpkin-carving, etc. Outdoors your Sims can relax in the hot tub or sit around the firepit. There are also a few spots for planting harvestables.

Many more interior pictures can be found in my Fancy Craftsman tag.

  • Lot size: 40x30
  • Cost: §269,247
  • Lot Location: “Midtown Meadows” in Newcrest
  • Required Packs: Get to Work, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Perfect Patio, Luxury Party, Cool Kitchen, Spooky Stuff (just for the pumpkin-carving table), Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, Backyard Stuff, Kids Room
  • To install, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 8 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder. 


**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse

Forgot to mention - this lot is completely CC-free! Enjoy!

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So, besides losing your art folder (really sorry that happened) how was Sakura Con?

Okay so my folder ended up in lost and found! So I’ve very luckily gotten all my stuff back ( ´ ▽ ` ) ALSO


SO YEA THE CON WAS AMAZING-so many people took pictures of my cosplay 

uhhhhm i just found a photo saved to an album on my phone and i’ve 1. never seen this picture 2. it wasnt part of my downloads folder like anything else i save is 3. my phone was dead as i was heading home from the ER at the time it apparently appeared on my phone like it saved and created its own folder called 0

i reverse search and its apparently been saved to a couple other peoples phones but no one believed them lmao

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Girlfriend's Hidden Fetish

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