just found this again and i like it

Honest mood: I had a massive crush of Queen of Mars as a kid.
You know, it wasn’t really weird for me (even if i’m born female) but as a kid I decited to not tell anyone about my girl-crushes. Especially because they were always… um… really, really REALLY attractive? And for a lot of ppl “inappropriate for kids”. Such as Queen of Mars or Jessica Rabbit (both of them are still a big argue for me- Idk which one of them is prettier and sexier… Maybe they’re just equal) and that was my kind of perfect girlfriend for kiddo-me.
So I was looking for some nice music to listen while drawing and accidentally I have found this and… oh boy…
I had crush at her, but I remember when I saw this episode, I SAW HER… I was like “Holyfuck. She needs to be mine, she’s perfect, she’s all I need omg”. 
Again, I was a weird kid.
End of my honest mood. It’s 4:30AM I’m going to sleep now. BYE.

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The funny thing about everybody being on anon is that I was going through the tags to get my Fix^TM of some of the great things we've already discussed and I was just reading along, having a grand old time, found an ask that I was like "DAMN, love this!! Need more of this this is great good god!" Then I was like "wait. Yes. Yes. I see. I wrote this. Like two months ago, this was me"

God dammit I just did it again. If I like my own writing so much why don’t I frickin write more of it for the greater good. For the world. For myself so I can put my name on it and not be like “wow I wish this person would write mor- that’s me again dammit I only have myself to blame”


HAHAHHAHA do write!!!! i will be a loyal reader!!!!

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Ok but, when Boo Boos in jail, Napoleon would risk his own safety to find Carmelita and be like "bitch, breathe at my man again and you out you'll be found in the Hudson River. I will not hesitate." and then when Boo comes back and he's crying on his shoulder because Carmelita doesn't love him anymore, Napoleon just turns the camera and winks

BIIITCH 😂😂 i thot this was gonna be something sweet im fuckin dead

i forget sometimes that napoleon was in a whole gang lol he would have no qualms about pullin up on that girl

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50: what's an odd thing you collect?

Currently I don’t really collect anything! Though I’ve got a weird habit of picking up interesting things I see on the ground, and usually end up leaving them somewhere by accident. Usually cool rocks and flowers, sometimes feathers if I see them. (I got so jealous of a kid who found a red hawk feather at camp. So jealous.)

I did that at camp a lot, usually just left them random places and kids would take them or something because “hey neat” and I didn’t mind at all, I don’t know what I’d do with them when I brought them home. I started it because of a guy who did a similar thing, and he would go looking for good rocks to pick up and take with him. I never really looked down while walking before that and now I do it all the time and I find all sorts of cool shit, like a bunch of turkey feathers the other day, or a very tiny butterfly. 

Know what im sick off

Frd posts with click baity ass titles like “omg rng stooop..mfw what if.. OMG WHAT anyone else?? its happened again rng loves\hates me”

Post that are basically “ i found a egg/other slightly valuable thing : D”

no. you dont have to post EVERY TIME you get something “cool”. Dont see me posting every black tulip i get or rando chest. just freaking chill with the “omg look i got a battle stone :D”  and shit posts. how can you even get more than 1 pages of discussion 

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I went to a Comic Con yesterday and fell in love with the sweetest Shiro and Keith cosplayers. They were amazing. I also made best friends with a Slytherin and a Bill Cipher. It was amazing! What blows is that I found out Lance's voice actor is going to be at the next one.... states away from me.

Omg I am so glad you met awesome people!! 

DOOOD. I feel your pain. When I got into Voltron and found out Josh and Jeremy where just at a Con that was LIKE A 6 HOUR DRIVE FROM ME…. FML MAN.


I understand your feelings anon. Let us embrace and have a moment of silence for our loss. 

my five happy things for today

-i’m full on obsessed with myers-briggs again (i’m sure you’ve noticed), and i have no regrets. honestly psychology is so interesting.

-oh i live for the weather. it was perfect out. just a little cloudy, not too hot… perfect.

-i found out that they cancelled lecture on monday to give us a 4 day weekend?? what a happy surprise!

-i looked in the mirror this morning and liked what i saw. w i l d.

-i had 2 of the cutest, smallest ice cream cones and i’m living.

*whispers* Divine Victoria reads smutty literature in bed when she’s had a long day pass it on

I’ve been following the Grenfell Tower fire story since it broke, and honestly I still can’t quite put my thoughts in order. I cannot believe that something like this happened in London. I’ve long been fascinated by large fires and how they spread, and time and time again I found myself being infuriated by the blatant disregard for fire safety in buildings with high population/occupancy. I can’t tell you the amount of nightclubs I’ve read about who chained the fire escapes closed, or the amount of buildings insulated or painted with highly flammable materials because it was cheaper. there are countless examples of this and suddenly it’s happened right in my home city. I just can’t believe it.

this is murder or the poor. time and time again the residents drew attention to faults and dangers in the building. time and time again they mentioned fire risk, inadequate escape routes, faulty electronics. a local action group was even threatened with legal action for mentioning these things on an online blog. to top it all off, the flammable coating on the outside of the building was put there to improve the sight of the block for nearby luxury apartments. they coated that building in a fire trap because some rich residents in flats worth millions thought the flats were unsightly, and now 30 people are dead and 70 are missing, believed dead. austerity kills. capitalism literally kills.

to top it all off, the block had a “stay put” policy for fires. what the hell? from the moment you’re old enough to conceive what fire is, you’re told that if a building is on fire, you get out. yes, flats are “designed” to contain fires, but fire does not operate under consistent rules. the slightest variation in environment can cause fire to do things people would deem unlikely or even impossible. interior fire doors mean fuck all when all the windows are open on a hot summer night, and the outside of the building is coated in flammable material. those poor people should never have been told to stay put. by the time they realised the fire was that large, the hallways were so full of smoke even firefighters couldn’t reach them. I just cannot believe this happened. I cannot believe over 100 people might be dead in London’s richest borough, all because they’re low income and no one gave a shit about keeping their accommodation up to standard. I feel sick thinking about it.

i really don’t want to do that again 

Another Wednesday, another Hiveswap development team interview!

Hey there folks, we’re back to our new normal: it’s Ash here once again! I’ve returned from my brief outing to E3 last week and – don’t you worry – I’ve got a brand-new Hiveswap development team interview lined up for you today, just as scheduled!

But before we get to that, I’d like to toss a great, big “Thanks, man!” Cohen’s way for posting last week’s interview in my stead and, in fact, interviewing me so I didn’t have to very awkwardly interview myself. I may not be a super-cool artist or animator, but hopefully you all found what I had to say to be sufficiently interesting nonetheless!

But speaking of our illustrious creative types, today I’ve got an interview lined up with James Roach, Hiveswap’s sound designer and lead composer! These weekly interviews have been focusing mostly on the game’s visual elements and aspects up to now, but why should eyes get all the love? Not that eyes aren’t awesome and all, but I have it on good authority that ears everywhere are also looking forward to Hiveswap. Fortunately, James has very graciously prepared a smattering of Hiveswap sound samples for you to listen to as you read through the interview, so be sure to get equipped with some headphones before you begin!

Take it away, James!

Introduce yourself to the fans! What is your specific role on the Hiveswap team?

I’m James Roach, and I’m the Sound Designer for Hiveswap! I teamed up with [Undertale creator and composer] Toby Fox to compose the soundtrack for the game. I’m also responsible for most of the game’s sound effects and ambient sound alongside Marcy Nabors!

When and how did you get your start on the Hiveswap project?

When I saw the opportunity I reached out to What Pumpkin and sent along my portfolio. I was never part of the “Homestuck music team” in any official capacity, but I was pretty active in the community, so they knew of my work. I was as surprised as any of you when they offered me a job! They paired me up with Toby, who at that point was already a Homestuck music veteran. We’ve both been on the project ever since then.

Tell us a little bit about your career background! How did you get your start in music and sound design? Do you have any advice for others looking to enter this field?

I have been playing piano since I was about four years old. My family and culture have a strong musical tradition, and my mom thought playing music would keep me out of trouble. I got my start scoring web cartoons and doing freelance work. I only started doing sound design in the last few years out of necessity. A friend needed sound work done for their thesis film and had nobody else to do it, and I can’t leave a friend hanging! As far as advice goes, I recommend having your work accessible and easy to find. Make connections and be easy to work with. Being reliable, consistent, and professional will go a lot further than solely being good at something.

We’re making a video game, so of course the question must be asked: what’s your favorite game of all time, and what games are you playing currently?

The first game I remember having a big impact on me was The Legend of Zelda on the NES. My favorite game of all time is probably Bastion, but I don’t play a ton of video games anymore. I play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s all I ever talk about. My friends are so tired of me. Anyway, did you know a group of Myconids is called a “Circle?” Myconids are like cool mushroom guys that live underground. A lot of people think they might have a hive mind, but did you know they communicate using spores? Another cool thing about Myconids is–

Are there any games that you currently use or have used as inspiration for your own music and sound work here on Hiveswap, or just in general?

Obvious notes are stuff like Transistor, Luigi’s Mansion, Monkey Island, and so on and so forth. A lot of the inspiration for Hiveswap’s soundtrack comes less from games and more from my own musical and cultural background. There’s also a third-wave ska song. I have a really complicated relationship with ska.

As someone who writes music for video games, surely you must have a favorite video game composer or two (or three)! Who are they and what games have they scored?

You can’t talk about video game music without mentioning Nobuo Uematsu (the Final Fantasy series’ original composer) in some capacity, and his work has always been an inspiration to me. I think there’s an obvious Darren Korb (Supergiant Games) influence on my work as well. I’m really looking forward to hearing more of the Pyre soundtrack. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that Toby has greatly influenced my work, since I worked with him specifically on this, but he absolutely has. The way he writes counter-melodies is phenomenal.

What’s your workstation like? Do you listen to any particular kinds of music while you work? If so, tell us about it!

Because I’ve been doing a lot of Foley work, I have this bizarre assortment of things lying around everywhere in my apartment for the weird, specific sounds they make. I’ve had this bundle of straws (which I flick rapidly to make monster footstep sounds) on my desk for weeks. There’s a broken umbrella (perfect for a monster’s wing flapping) hanging on the door, and a big pot with a fork and a broken slinky in it (scraped and slapped together to make creepy, echoey laser sounds) just lying around too. It’s a disaster to live in.

Favorite Homestuck character?

Aradia Megido.

Favorite Homestuck ship?

I used to be all about Intermission shipping, but it’s a little complicated to get into.

Favorite Homestuck flash?

I think like most people who started reading as a carryover from Problem Sleuth, “WV: Ascend” was the big “Whoa!” moment for me, so it’s always had a special place in my heart.

Do you have a personal message you’d like to relay to all the Homestuck and Hiveswap fans out there?


Where can people find more of your work? Link us to your own little corner(s) of the Internet!

Whenever you close your eyes and open your heart… I will be there. No, I’m kidding – please follow me. You can find me on Twitter and SoundCloud!

“Can’t hoooold on much longer… But I will neeee-ver let go!…” –oh, wait, I’m back on? Sorry about that, James’ last answer there brought out my inner Crush 40 fanboy. (Sonic Adventure had a killer soundtrack though, didn’t it?) Thank you again for letting us pick your brain for a while, James – and for those lovely sound samples, of course!


bertholt, at this point, it’s either your waifu or your laifu

Imagine... Dean finding a Victoria’s Secret Bag

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Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: quick little Dean drabble for you guys! For those of you who have seen NCIS, this was sort of inspired by the way Tony DiNozzo sneaks around when he’s prying into Tim and Ziva’s stuff. Hope you like it!

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Hi I just wanted to say that I loved the book and all the characters expressly Ty as I have just found out that I have autism and he has really helped me and it's really nice to read a character who thinks like me so thank you very much. So my question is that I was wondering which Sherlock Homes book did Ty pick to take home with him. Thank you again and I can't wait to read the next book

The Return of Sherlock Holmes. :)

I’m falling apart

A/N: Reader is Jensen’s little sister who is going through a tough time with depression and Jensen is determined to help her. If this becomes a series it’s gonna be super dramatic & probably kinda twisty.

Trigger warning: Depression, suicidal thoughts.

Jensen threw his head back laughing at a joke Jared made. Looking around the table he realized how lucky he was. He was sitting at a table in Rome surrounded by his friends and fellow cast mates, enjoying the night. Tomorrow was the first day of the convention and the few days following it him and Jared would tour the city some before heading back home to his family. A gentle smile fell on Jensen’s lips when he thought about Danneel and the kids in Austin and all the plans they had for the hiatus.

Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, Jensen grabbed it, smiling even wider when he saw Danneel’s name pop up on the caller ID.

“Hey babe.” He answered.

“Hey Jay.” Danneel’s voice responded, only something sounded off in her tone.

“What’s up?” Jensen said, standing up from his seat and walking away from the group, “You sound worried.”

“Yeah, I mean, I’m sure it’s nothing but…” Danneel trailed on.

“You’re kinda worrying me here Dee. What’s going on?” Jensen pushed.

“It’s Y/N.” Danneel responded.

“My sister? Is she okay?” Jensen quickly pushed.

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okay but can we talk about how the Doctor created a statue of Rose as the goddess Fortuna by hand and got it 100% accurate down to the chip in one of her fingernails (and the shape of her bum :’D), without using any photo or timelordy device while Rose wasn’t even in the same time period, let alone the same room?