just found out how to work hashtags


If you don’t support Dirty Laundry (the Klance fic by Gibslythe for those who don’t know) and you had a hand in bullying the author, get the fuck off my blog. I’m so disappointed in the Voltron fandom right now…The author went OUT OF HER WAY to even tell us to create a different hashtag so her fic wasn’t disturbing people on the Klance tag who didn’t want to read it. SHE WAS EVEN GOING TO MAKE THE NSFW CHAPTER SEPARATE AND WARN US SO IF WE DIDN’T WANT TO READ THAT WE WEREN’T SURPRISED. Y'all ugly ass haters ruining this just because you don’t agree with something ?! IT’S A WORK OF FICTION. IT CAN BE WRITEN HOW EVER THE FUCK THE AUTHOR WANTS TO. DON’T LIKE ?! DON’T FUCKING READ. Y'all were only upset AFTER you found out the author was white. You racist scum…honestly.