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Headcanons about Kendra Young
  • She was the Slayer for exactly a year, her tenure cut tragically short aged sixteen. She slayed sixty-six vampires, nine hell hounds, and one queller demon in that time.
  • The Watcher’s Council separated her from her parents when she was three, but nevertheless they sent their daughter letters every month. Denouncing the letters as a distraction to her destiny, Her Watcher burnt them all before she could read them. Consequently, Kendra never found out about the birth of her little brother and sister, or the success of her father’s small business, or her family’s move to New York. 
  • In what little spare time she had, Kendra enjoyed archery and watching history documentaries. 
  • Kendra slayed her first vampire when she was four. Her Watcher was teaching her to write when he-in a moment of stupidity- invited a vampire inside. Kendra staked the demon with her pencil, sharpened it, and quietly finished writing her name. 
  • Kendra was a christian, and in her loneliest moments would comfort herself with the knowledge that she was living the life God intended for her.
  • Her favorite part about being a Slayer was researching all the women who came before her, and she felt a deep sense of admiration for each and every Chosen One. She was a fan of lots of them, but was particularly inspired by Xin Rong for her efficiency. When training, she would often ask herself ‘What would Xin Rong do?’
  • Kendra had a photographic memory.
  • When Drusilla hypnotized her, she showed her visions of what her life could’ve been like if she had never been chosen. It was the happiest moment of Kendra’s life, and only then did she realize that being a Slayer wasn’t what she wanted at all. 
  • She always slept with Mr Pointy under her pillow, just in case. 
  • When Kendra died, The Watcher’s Council neglected to inform her parents. It wasn’t done maliciously, of course, they just…Forgot. It was only when they received the monthly letter from Mr and Mrs Young that they realized their mistake, by which point they were too embarrassed to rectify it.