just for you whitney. have fun

I’m listening to I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) by Whitney Houston and I’m having intense X-Men in 80s parties feels

Peter sneaking in alcohol and spiking the punch, Jubilee and Jean dancing and singing loudly along to the songs, Kurt dancing - shyly at first, and then just letting loose and having fun. Warren standing by the punch bowl and busying himself with looking as cool as possible, though no one can miss the obvious heart eyes he’s giving you as you dance. Alex chaperoning the party and giving Scott thumbs up whenever he makes a move to go talk to Jean. Ororo being a bit uncomfortable with dancing and/or interacting so she just watches the others have fun with a small smile on her face

Does anyone find it fucked up how people make fun of celebrities who are addicted to drugs? (See: Lindsay Lohan and many more)

Why do people think it’s okay to make fun of drug addicts (people who have an illness)?

The Nora Pine Valentines Serenade Playlist

Here are most of the songs Nora has sung while being under the influences of a candy heart that said ‘Serenade me’ 

Santino Fontana - I Could If I Wanted To
Modonna - Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
Adele - Hello
P!ATD - The Green Gentleman
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Tom Petty - Free Fallin’
Shrek 2 - I Need a Hero
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Across the Universe - I’ve Just Seen a Face
Couting Crows - Accidentally in Love
EXO - Coming Over
Whitney Houston - I will Always Love You



why is everyone mad at azealia banks for bleaching her skin? i don’t support the action but i understand it. unless you’ve grown up dark skin and have had constant comments about how dark your skin is, have missed opportunities because of how dark your skin is etc, then stfu. all of us aren’t the same. some of you who were dark skinned and made fun of went home and had that reassurance from your parents, mom/dad /guardian that you were beautiful just the way you were. azealia banks didn’t have that sense of security. in fact she said her mother would call her ugly and she didn’t have a father figure.

if you also look at the music industry, how many dark skinned POP stars have become famous? yes you have grace jones, but she was never completely mainstream and even if she was a model she was never coveted as the beautiful one.

people use whitney as an example of a brown skin beauty, which she was…but she had to be WHITNEY. the only other exception that i think has reached mainstream fame was Brandy. But people want to act like colorism doesn’t exist when there is proof everywhere that darker skinned people have it worse socially and economically.

the two biggest black stars right now are both light skin and have light eyes and have endorsements for days. when you point out that neither of them would have the level of success if they were dark skinned, people get so bent out of shape as if it’s not true. hell one of the guys who works in the firm that manages one of these stars said ‘she’s hot because she’s not too dark’. and to those fools that want to simplify it as ‘oh so i guess she has privilege because some white man wants to sleep with her’ NO stop simplifying it when you know these are the executives that make the decisions about who gets the push and the promotion.Even if we don’t use these two stars, how many commercials have always featured a lighter skinned woman/daughter? In movies, why is the woman always lighter than the man? Why is the dark skinned woman always the sidekick?

azealia is a product of her environment. i feel sorry that she couldn’t withstand the pressure to continue to be her, but i’m not going to terrorize her for it. I hate that she called that dark skinned girl tar baby, there’s no excuse for that. But we can even use Lil Kim as an example of someone that doesn’t put down black women but bleaches because of her experience and black beauty standards. you also see so many memes where our own black men make fun of darker skinned women, we don’t have representation in the media, we’re constantly reminded we are the least wanted women…yet people want to get mad at the women that want to do something about it because they want to advance their careers, want to feel loved, and want to feel pretty.

Why Whitney was so hard to beat in Gold and Silver:

Nobody liked Whitney, the third gym leader in Johto. Other than the fact that she was a crybaby who hated to lose (who wouldn’t even give you a badge until you let her calm the fuck down after losing) she was also incredibly difficult to beat, causing almost universal hatred of her Miltank.

A strong, tanky cow, Miltank was capable of wiping an entire team with Rollout, WHILE leaving you unable to attack by using Attract, and even if you manage to get to attack Miltank, she can heal herself to almost full health by using Milk Drink. It was like running into a brick wall that you were in love with that was constantly being rebuilt while you were attacking it. Not a fun fight whatsoever.

Since 2001, no one has truly understood why Whitney’s Miltank was such a problem, and neither did I, but I think I have it all worked out.

See, Whitney’s Milktank has a pretty sinister chemistry to it, just like almost every Miltank, which makes it really easy to use. First, even though Miltank only has two offensive moves, they work well together with Miltank’s natural tankyness. Even though Rollout is a pretty weak attack at first, because Miltank has health to spare, there is plenty of time of Rollout to get powerful with consecutive hits. In the time it takes you to get two or three hits on Miltank, she drops you to zero. 

That’s only a problem because even though Miltank might have taken some significant damage, she’s now rolling and unable to stop. Whatever Pokemon you throw out, there’s a good chance that the last couple hits from Rollout will knock out your Pokemon in one hit.

So, your only hope is to hope that your Pokemon can get hits on Miltank in before they die, while waiting for Rollout to end, so that you can once again have a chance to attack without too much worry. Not only that, but, there’s a good chance that during all of this, you’ve managed to whittle Miltank down a bit, so, there’s still hope left.

That is, until she uses Milk Drink, which immediately erases all your hard work.

Milk Drink can only be taught to a select few Pokemon, and Miltank happens to be one of the sole heirs to that throne. In battle it restores a very large chunk of health to the user, but outside of battle, it can be used on any teammate to help restore of of their health. 

That’s all superb if you have your own Miltank, but, Whitney tends to overuse the ability, causing some headaches.

All of that aside, however, there is one sole reason why Miltank is the hardest Pokemon to beat early in the game.

Besides the fact that you can’t really catch a fighting type Pokemon before Whitney (your only option is Heracross, which are extremely rare, only found in trees, and can be hard to raise) there’s a good chance that your strongest Pokemon at that point would be your starter. 

While most wild Pokemon have a 50/50 chance of being male or female, the starter Pokemon you’re given at the beginning of the game has a 75-80% chance of being male. That’s a pretty strong majority. 

On the other hand, Miltank always has a 100% chance of being female. There is no such thing as a male cow. Those are bulls. Miltank is a cow, thus, always female.

You can see where I’m going with this.

Because chances are good that your starter Pokemon is a male, that makes it able to fall in love with Miltank. Being in love causes all of your attacks to have a 50% chance of failing.

So, your strongest Pokemon, now crippled by feelings, is being relentlessly rolled over by a cow, who after wasting your team, will drink some milk and be completely fine, while you’re left shaking your game system, screaming something that’s likely misogynistic.

That’s why Whitney was such a problem.

So, if you replay Gold or Silver, do yourself a favor:

Raise a strong independent female Pokemon. 

Songs you didn’t know were covers

If i Were a Boy was originally by BC Jean, not Beyonce

I Love Rock and Roll was originally by The Arrows, not Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 

I Will Always Love You was originally by Dolly Parton, not Whitney Huston

Dazed and Confused was originally by Jake Holmes, not Led Zeppelin

Achy Breaky Heart was originally by The Marcy Brothers, not Billy Ray Cyrus

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was originally by Robert Hazard not Cyndi Lauper

What I Like About You was originally by The Romantics, not Shrek and Fiona

Preference #124 Halloween


“Alright, is the prince ready to see the princess?” you called down the stairs, taking Whitney’s hand as you helped her walk down, so she didn’t trip on the satin dress she had on. Niall was standing at the bottom with open arms, wearing a suit that mimicked the one seen in Cinderella. Whitney squealed in excitement as she reached Niall. He picked her up and swirled her around. “The princess is looking quite lovely tonight”, she was loving the attention that Niall was giving her and you just thought it was the cutest thing. “Okay you two, let me get a quick picture before the carriage takes you away!”, you snapped a quick photo before Whitney was practically pulling Niall out of the door. “Have fun you two! Be back before midnight!”


“I present you…Woody and Jesse!”, Liam revealed your two 3 year olds who were dressed as characters from his favorite movie. “Look how adorable you both look! Let mummy take a photo before you go!”, you snapped a quick photo as Michael began shouting out phrases from the movie. “There’s a snake in my boot!”, neither you nor Liam could contain your laughter. Adriana then pulled out the stuff horse that she had hidden behind her, “Mumma, look! It’s Bullseye!” “Oh I see! And what about Daddy? Is he Stinky Pete?” both the kids laughed. “No mumma! He’s just daddy!” “I don’t know about that…” you continued to egg the kids on as the continued giggling. “You guys should get going! Stinky Pete is stinking up the house!” you were of course only kidding but the kids were enjoying it. You gave Liam a kiss as he followed the kids out the door. “You’re going to pay for that comment tonight” he shot you a smirk before running off after the kids. 


“Did daddy pick your costumes out?”, they nodded and you looked to Louis, “Why wouldn’t you let them pick out what they wanted” “Look how sick they look! They’re some pretty good looking soccer players if you ask me!”, they were equipped with the whole deal; cleats, a jersey, soccer balls, shin guards…you name it, they had it. “Mum, look what dad taught me!”, Drew began shuffling the ball on his knees, but it only lasted for a few seconds. “Look at that! You’re a pro!” “Yes, yes, thank you very much!” Louis bowed and you hit him on the arm, “Not you!” you laughed and so did the kids. “Mum, daddy taught me how to do dribble and then switch direction! He said it would make the other person fall down and it’d be funny!” Leighton did a demonstration and you clapped before turning to Louis, “Why are you teaching our kids this! They’re 4, we don’t need them hurting kids on the playground!” Louis laughed, “Relax babe, I bet you when we come back, the kids will have double the candy just because of the tricks!”


“Danny Zuko coming through!”, you turned from your spot in front of the stove to see Harry holding Eric’s hand as he brought him into the kitchen. He was adorable in his leather jacket and aviator glasses, the greased back hair completing the look, even though he was only 2 and didn’t have much. “Hi baby, you’re so cute!”, you fixed the collar of his small jacket as Harry began taking photos. “How come daddy didn’t dress up?” “Well daddy, doesn’t look very good in high-water jeans!” “Oh you’re no fun!” you teased. 
You gave both Harry and Eric a kiss before handing Eric a small basket for his candy. “Don’t be getting into any fights you two!” “You won’t see me fighting, but I’m not sure about this guy! He looks like trouble…” Harry pointed to Eric and he giggled at his father.
You watched as the two of them walked hand-in-hand down the street, Eric never failing to stop and wave at the other little girls that walked by, only causing you to laugh even more.

Preference #100 Water Park


You had woken up to yet another hot and humid day. It was a struggle to even leave the house in this weather but you could tell Niall and Whitney were starting to have a bit of cabin fever. “Babe, why don’t you take Whit to the pool for a little bit, I think I’m gonna try to get a quick workout in.” “Too crowded but I sure could use a cool down from all this heat” “Alright, then what about…what about that new waterpark that just opened a couple weeks ago? That might be fun” “I forgot about that place! Yeah, I guess I can take Whit down there and we can have some fun for a few hours! I’ll get her changed and then I guess we’ll head down there” “Don’t forget her hat, and sunscreen!” 

“So, Whit, what do you want to do first? What about the slide? That looks like fun, doesn’t it?”, The toddler clapped her hands excitedly at the suggestion, so Niall took that as a yes. “Alright Whit, sit on Daddy’s lap and I’ll hold onto you, yeah?” the whole way down the two of them were cheering as the tube began gaining speed and just as they were about to hit the pool Niall made sure to lift Whitney in the air, to keep her from drowning in the deep waters, earning a squeal from the 14 month old . “Was that fun?”, once again she clapped her hands together and giggled, making Niall laugh as well. Let’s just say that wasn’t the last ride on the slide. 


Pulling into the parking lot of the waterpark you could already hear the excitement coming from the backseat, as this was the first time Michael and Adriana had ever been to a waterpark. Liam parked the car and went around to open your door, taking your hand to help you out. The kids jumping out of the backseat quickly, as they were anxiously waiting to see what was beyond the gates. The four of you made your way to the ticket booth and then inside the park. It wasn’t long before the two kids were feuding over what to do first, “I want to go on the slide!” Adriana pleaded, “I want to see the whirlpool!” Michael begged. “Alright, alright, settle down, we’ll make sure we go to everything before we leave.”, Liam had to interject the two before things got too out of hand. Though the fighting didn’t end there; “I don’t want to do that! I want to see the fishies!” Adriana whined, “That’s boring! I want to go on the river rafters ride!” Michael yelled back. You were starting to get tired of all the bickering and Liam too was sick of hearing it. “That’s enough! I told you earlier that we would go to everything before we left but if you two can’t handle it we’ll just leave right now.”, Liam never usually got mad at the kids but this time he had enough. From that moment on the kids stopped the arguing and enjoyed all the attractions that you went to. 


You were sat under an umbrella with a drink in hand as you watched your husband take both Leighton and Drew around the large wave pool in their floaty rings. You were enjoying the quiet time as you basked in the sun but it was interrupted when you felt a series of cold droplets on your stomach. You looked up to see Louis holding the kids, he stood in front of you sopping wet. “C’mon babe, you’re missing out on all the fun! Come on the slide with us!”, Louis whined and you gave in to his request after multiple pleads. 

The two of you were each sat in a large yellow tube with one of the kids perched on your lap. Louis went down first and you soon followed. You weren’t expecting to be shot out so fast at the end and the sudden splash of water caused  your top to fall down. “Lou!” you yelled and he looked to your direction, swimming over to take Drew from your hands. “Looking sexy, love” he gave you a smirk but you quickly fixed your top before giving him a smack on the arm. “Not funny Louis.” For the rest of the day you made sure to avoid the slide at all costs, ignoring Louis when he begged you to ride it again.


“Babe can you put sunscreen on my back?”  “One minute Harry, I’m putting some on Eric…I don’t want him to burn” you finished lathering up your son before putting on his sun hat that matched his swim suit. Harry insisted that the three of you go to the waterpark and you thought the idea sounded fun until you got there and tons of fans began swarming you and the rest of your family. Of course Harry wouldn’t turn them away so you stood to the side with Eric. Eric was squirming in your arms, reaching for the large pool that was steps away. “Harry I think I’m going to bring him over to the shallow end of the pool” you motioned to the pool and began walking that way. “Babe, wait” “Harry it’s fine, you can sign some autographs, I’m just going to take him to the water so he stops being fussy”, Harry gave you a quick kiss before returning to the crowd of screaming girls.

Harry joined the two of you at the pool about an hour later. You were a little upset that he brought you here and you weren’t even getting to spend family time together. “Do you like that?” you asked Eric as you bounced him around the shallow waters. He giggled and smiled causing you to do the same. “Hey buddy, do you like swimming with mumma?” you turned to see Harry wading his way through the water to meet you and you gave him a small smile, still disappointed about the whole fan mob. “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t think there would be that many people and I just couldn’t turn them away…” “It’s fine Harry.”, it wasn’t really fine but you decided to drop the subject, there was no need to fight about it. “Well how about we go on some water rides, you want to do that bud?”, you smiled and handed Eric over to Harry, the three of you enjoying the rest of the day together in peace.

Preference #114 Alone Time


You and Niall hadn’t had time to yourselves since having Whitney. It had been about 5 months since the last time you had done something just the two of you. Niall decided it was time for a break; he called Harry to see if he could take Whitney for a few hours just so the two of you could have an evening of peace. Harry happily agreed and stopped by the house at 6 to pick Whitney up. “Have fun kids, don’t get TOO crazy!” Harry winked as he ran back to the car, carrying Whitney in his arms.
Finally, you and Niall were alone. It wasn’t one of those situations where you got rid of the kids to have sex; the two of you just wanted some alone time together. You let out a long sigh of relief when an overwhelming silence came over you. Niall was already in the kitchen cooking a wonderful dinner for the two of you to enjoy. The conversations that night were un-interrupted by the cries of your toddler making it all the more enjoyable. It wasn’t that you didn’t like having a child, there just comes a point where having the time to be alone is much needed.
After dinner the two of you went to watch a few movies on the couch. Your cuddle on the couch soon turned into a heated make out session after Niall whispered a slew of playful things into your ear. You didn’t want it to end but it was quickly cut short when Harry and Whitney came bounding through the door. You and Niall immediately moved off each other and looked to Harry. “Am I interrupting something, hm?” "Oh shut it!” Niall retorted, as he threw one of the pillows at Harry who had his hands up in mock defense. “Hi mummy! Did you have fun with daddy? Me and uncle Harry had loads of fun and we got ice cream!” “Oh, isn’t that wonderful! Me and daddy watched some movies and had a very nice dinner! I’m glad you had fun!”
Even though the evening didn’t carry on like you hoped, it was still nice to have those few hours reserved for just you and Niall.


You had been wanting to have some alone time with Liam because dealing with twins can be hectic at times. Niall had offered to take Michael and Adriana for a few hours so you could do just that. He stopped by to pick them up and take them back to his flat for the evening. "Bye mummy! Have a fun play-date with daddy” Adriana waved and gave you a kiss before leading Niall out the door; Michael was already waiting outside, he loved hanging out with his uncle, even though he was only 4 and the options for things to do together were limited. You shut the door behind Niall and immediately felt Liam’s arms wrap around you. “Finally…alone” Liam whispered, sending chills up your back. “Now we can catch up on Celebrity Big Brother” you laughed at Liam’s comment. You had finally gotten the kids out of the house and the two of you planned on spending the evening watching TV.
You and Liam were snuggled up on the couch watching the last recorded episode when you heard the door open and heavy footsteps running down the hall. “Mummy! Daddy!” “Hi princess, where’s your brother?” Liam questioned as he picked Adriana up and walked toward the door. He was met with Niall who was carrying a sleeping Michael. “Aye, thanks mate for taking the kids tonight.” “No worries, I think I tired them out!”, Niall handed Michael to you and left shortly after. You took the kids up to put them to bed and by then you were both exhausted, falling asleep as soon as your bodies hit the mattress.


The kids were gone for the day; Sophia offered to take them to the movies along with their two children, Adriana and Michael.  
Having time alone with Louis was rare, he was either gone or you were both taking care of the kids. The two of you didn’t know what to do with yourselves. It was the first time in months that you didn’t have to think about cleaning up spills, making snacks, or supervising playtime.
You had just finished making yourself a cup of tea when you heard Louis’ footsteps approaching the kitchen. “Would you like a cup? I forgot to ask you” “I think I’ve got something a bit more relaxing upstairs, would you like to join me?”, Louis reached out for your hand and you took it willingly, not knowing what he had upstairs but liking the sound of something relaxing. He brought you upstairs to an awaiting bath. Candles were burning and the subtle scent of rose petals wafted up from the bubbly water. “This is amazing, Lou” “Well, I know how hard it is for you when I’m away and even when I’m here; taking care of the kids and working so hard…” you gave him a kiss before undressing and getting in the water, Louis joined in only moments later.
The rest of the afternoon was spent sulking in the bathtub. The two of you talked about things that would otherwise not be shared due to lack of hours in the day. Jokes were exchanged and so were laughs, it felt like you were back in the dating stage again. “I’m glad we had some time to ourselves, I miss doing things like this…” you let out a long sigh before looking up to Lou, “Well maybe we could do it a couple times a month; I just have to call one of the boys and I’m sure they’d be glad to take the kids, even though they can be little devils at times.” He grinned knowing that it’d make you laugh.
Louis helped you out of tub handing you a warm towel to dry off. You then returned downstairs to the tea that you had made hours prior.
It wasn’t long before the front door opened and both kids ran in with Sophia following behind them. “Thank you so much Soph, it was really nice to have the time to ourselves. Anytime you and Liam need us to watch the kids, just call!”


Eric was at Louis’ house for the afternoon which meant you and Harry could have some much needed time to yourselves. Eric was still young which meant midnight diaper changes, early bottle feeds, and many sleepless nights for the two of you.
It seemed as though you should’ve taken advantage of the time without Eric to do something nice with Harry, but the thought of sleep was just way to irresistible to pass up. You both cuddled up in bed, turning on Netflix to watch shows that you just hadn’t the time to sit down and thoroughly enjoy. It wasn’t long before the two of you were sound asleep, arms and legs tangled up in one another as you slept peacefully, no cries or interruptions.
You felt like you could’ve slept all day but there was going to be no chance of that. You were rudely awakened by Louis when he came back to drop Eric off at the time you had arranged earlier and had forgotten all about. “WAKE UP STYLES FAMILY!” He shouted as he jumped up and down on the bed. It was as if he was a 5 year old child, trying to get the attention of his parents. “Bloody hell!” Harry jolted from his sleep to see a laughing Louis standing over him. Meanwhile you had your hand to your chest, it felt as though your heart was going to burst from your chest due to the sudden screams that filled your room. “Where’s Eric?” Harry questioned, “Ohh, that’s what I forgot! I knew I left something at home!” “Louis that’s not fucking funny!” Louis thought otherwise as he continued to laugh. He then picked up the carrier next to him, revealing Eric who was giggling as well. “I think your daddy got up on the wrong side of the bed today, yeah?” Harry only rolled his eyes before taking his child from Louis. “Thank you so much for watching him, Lou” you gave him a smile and he returned the gesture. “Not a problem!” “I’m not sure how much I can really trust you watching my kid, but thanks for taking him today, honestly.” Harry finally lightened up a bit as Louis calmed down on the jokes. “To be honest I think I’m one of the best babysitters there is! You guys know where to find me!” he laughed once more before leaving. Making both you and Harry doubt his child watching abilities. 


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