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Beronica Playlist

Friends - Ed Sheeran

You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate

Trouble - Cage the Elephant

dRuNk - ZAYN

Wouldn’t It Be Nice - The Beach Boys

I Want You Back - The Jackson 5

Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko

Betty - Pom Poms

Why Can’t We Be Friends - War

Lovefool - The Cardigans

Past Lives - BØRNS

I Love You Always Forever - Betty Who

The Sound - The 1975

Candy Girl (Sugar Sugar) - Riverdale Cast

Feel Real - Deptford Goth

Ivy - Frank Ocean

Crazy For You - Adele

Just the Two of Us - Grover Washington, Jr.

I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden

You and I - Ingrid Michaelson

At Last - Etta James

Jealous - Nick Jonas

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Stevie Wonder

You Make My Dreams - Daryl Hall & John Oates

Up Where We Belong - Joe Crocker

Better Together - Jack Johnson

Cigarette Daydreams - Cage The Elephant

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

Dancing Queen - ABBA

Lean on Me - Bill Withers

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Valli

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

Just Like a Woman - Bob Dylan

I’ll Be There - The Jackson 5

Take a Chance On Me - ABBA

Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves

Dance With Me Tonight - Olly Murs

Sex - Acoustic Version - The 1975

Your Smiling Face - James Taylor

My Girl - The Temptations

Number One - Tove Styrke

I Feel Love - Riverdale Cast

Who’s Lovin’ You - The Jackson 5

Sleepover - Hayley Kiyoko

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

Best Day Of My Life - American Authors

I’m Yours / Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Straight No Chaser

Shut Up - Anya Marina

I’m listening to I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) by Whitney Houston and I’m having intense X-Men in 80s parties feels

Peter sneaking in alcohol and spiking the punch, Jubilee and Jean dancing and singing loudly along to the songs, Kurt dancing - shyly at first, and then just letting loose and having fun. Warren standing by the punch bowl and busying himself with looking as cool as possible, though no one can miss the obvious heart eyes he’s giving you as you dance. Alex chaperoning the party and giving Scott thumbs up whenever he makes a move to go talk to Jean. Ororo being a bit uncomfortable with dancing and/or interacting so she just watches the others have fun with a small smile on her face

Jim’s Big Important Helicopter Playlist

I Touch Myself - Divinyls

I Want To Break Free - Queen

Stayin’ Alive - The Bee Gees

Walking On Broken Glass - Annie Lennox

Under Pressure - Queen

Under Pressure - David Bowie

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ - The Scissor Sisters

The Winner Takes It All - ABBA

Beat It - Michael Jackson

No Scrubs - TLC

Let’s Dance - David Bowie

I Want To Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

Faith - George Michael

We Built This City - Starship

Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash

Tainted Love - Soft Cell

We Didn’t Start The Fire - Billy Joel

99 Luftballons - Nena

(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life - Bill Medley

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler

Saving All My Love For You - Whitney Houston

Come On Eileen - Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves

Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler

Video Killed The Video Star - The Buggles

Our House - Madness

It’s Raining Men - The Weather Girls

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!

Rich Girl - Daryl Hall & John Oates

The Best Of My Love - The Emotions

Evil Woman - Electric Light Orchestra

Come And Get Your Love - Redbone

More Than A Feeling - Boston

Superstition - Stevie Wonder

O-o-h Child - The Five Stairsteps

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed

Starman - David Bowie

Barracuda - Heart

Dancing Queen - ABBA

Que Sera Sera - Doris Day

Call Me - Blondie

One Way Or Another - Blondie

Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) - Sin With Sebastian

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet - Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Was The Son Of A Preacher Man - Liza Minnelli

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Fight for Freya... Pt. 8


I’m getting some serious deja vu here…

So… what do I do when I have nothing else to turn to? Well…

This amazing person, @delia-song let me go to her village and gave me Freya, along with some items. Go give her some love everyone! She did an amazing job! (although, I may have hit her with a net a few times for fun)

It’s time to finally meet Freya again…


Except for the fact that you ended up moving in at the bottom of the town… BUT STILL

I’m legit so happy right now. I’ve been cycling for so long, and now someone just gave me Freya to save me the hassle.


Whitney was with me the whole way too. That little bun.

(Yes, I know this is dream suite, but it was fitting.)

Then while trying to drink my coffee, because I finally wanted to chill… my sister tries to ram me off. She decided to visit to meet Freya, and we just screwed around like this.

With some of the supplies, from Delia’s village, we had a little party. Although… we were gonna have fireworks until I accidentally put them on the ground too early. Who cares, the sparkling cider was still good.

And with that, the fight for Freya series comes to an end. However, this is not the end for animal crossing content. I fell in love with the game again, and I may keep posting on it, or even write about it in some respects. Hell, being that it’s a simple artstyle, I may attempt to do some drawings!

Either way, I hope you all enjoyed this small shitpost series!



Does anyone find it fucked up how people make fun of celebrities who are addicted to drugs? (See: Lindsay Lohan and many more)

Why do people think it’s okay to make fun of drug addicts (people who have an illness)?


I was tagged by the lovely @the-forest-library – you are so awesome for tagging me in such fun stuff! 

1. How do you keep track of your TBR pile? I…don’t? I’ve got a pretty good memory of what I own so I mostly just go by that. 

2. Is your TBR mostly print or ebook? Print! I have a Kindle Fire but I never use it. I should but I just can’t bring myself to do it because I love the feel of a physical book too much.

3. How do you determine which book to read next? I’m a total mood reader. I had thought of doing the mason jar thing but I know I wouldn’t stick with it because if a book just isn’t hitting me the right way I’ll set it down and try another and another and another until I find the right one.

4. A book that’s been on your TBR list the longest? Hmm. Probably the LOTR trilogy. I’ve had that on there for ages but it intimidates the hell out of me and I just keep on passing it up.

5. A book you recently added to your TBR? Everything, Everything & To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

6. A book in your TBR strictly because of its beautiful cover?  Riverkeep by Martin Stewart. I remember seeing it on BookOutlet and thinking it looked cute, read the synopsis and liking it, but for the life of me I can’t remember anything about it now.            

7. A book on your TBR that you never plan on reading? Honestly, I plan to read all of them. Or at least, I’d like to read all of them, but I tend to go through and cull out the ones that don’t appeal to me anymore after awhile and sell them to the used bookstore.

8. An unpublished book on your TBR that you’re excited for? Oh god, let’s see. The Grisha fairytales book by Leigh Bardugo, the sequel to Strange the Dreamer, anything by VE Scwhab, and Wires & Nerves Vol. 2 Marissa Meyer.

9. A book on your TBR that basically everyone has read but you? I want to say LOTR but I’m not sure everyone has read that. It seems like a good choice, tho.

10. A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you? People don’t really recommend me books that often.

11. A book on your TBR that you’re dying to read? Right now there really isn’t anything that screams READ ME READ ME READ ME, but I think I may put down my current read that isn’t really interesting me and go for Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray.

12. How many books are on your TBR shelf? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shelf? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Try shelves with an s. And I’m not sure. I counted awhile ago and got 100 but I’ve bought more than I’ve read since then so I don’t know. 

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  1. If you could eat anything right this minute, what would you eat?
    Hardshell spicy beef tacos.
  2. What’s your dream pet?
    A horse, I guess. I’ve been on a pony once in my life but if you have a horse you have the income and property to sustain it, too.
  3. Who is your least favorite non-politician person?
    Right now, Julian Assange.
  4. What’s something that people expected you to be guilty about that you really just feel nothing about?
    Being 30 and not having kids or even a romantic partner.
  5. If you could have a minifridge constantly full of one thing, what would it be?
    Ginger ale.
  6. Would you rather be a hunter or a farmer?
  7. Is stargazing fun for you?
  8. Name the last song that gave you real enjoyment.
    I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Huston
  9. Salty or sweet?
    Salty af.
  10. If you could swap your passport for another, which would it be?
    I have two and one is European so I’ve got a lot of bases covered. I dunno, somewhere in Scandanavia? I’d feel like a(n even bigger) colonialist prick for flippantly requesting a passport for a country on the basis of the #aesthetic when white people have generally harmful histories in so many nations. Especially all the ones with nice warm climates and beautiful beaches and delicious food.
  11. What is your favorite genre/form to write?
    Historical fiction and comedy.

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2. You’ve got two slices of spongey-soft crustless white bread–what, ideally, should be put between them?
3. From whom was the last phone call you answered?
4. What would you plant in your dream-garden?
5. What was your childhood blankie/favourite soft toy called?
6. What’s the best thing to find in the middle of a milk-chocolate?
7. Who is your favourite female comedian?
8. How can we best persuade governments worldwide to levy higher taxes against environmentally-exploitative industries and corporations and re-invest those capital gains into the renewable energy sector?
9. Can you describe your favourite outfit for me and tell me why you love it?
10. Which of your extended-family relatives are you closest to, and why?
11. Over-ear headphones or ear-buds?

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in the lady cultura video, she says, "he was like, 'cuz you are the only one who can sing like whitney and mariah, I get it, because it's scary to me, it's a challenge, but I'm down for a challenge" unclear who she was talking about lol

idk but it’s fun to hear a lil bit of her just having a chat, you dont get that with her often :)

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet
They’re turning the web into a cesspool of aggression and violence. What watching them is doing to the rest of us may be even worse

This story is not a good idea. Not for society and certainly not for me. Because what trolls feed on is attention. And this little bit–these several thousand words–is like leaving bears a pan of baklava.

It would be smarter to be cautious, because the Internet’s personality has changed. Once it was a geek with lofty ideals about the free flow of information. Now, if you need help improving your upload speeds the web is eager to help with technical details, but if you tell it you’re struggling with depression it will try to goad you into killing yourself. Psychologists call this the online disinhibition effect, in which factors like anonymity, invisibility, a lack of authority and not communicating in real time strip away the mores society spent millennia building. And it’s seeping from our smartphones into every aspect of our lives.

The people who relish this online freedom are called trolls, a term that originally came from a fishing method online thieves use to find victims. It quickly morphed to refer to the monsters who hide in darkness and threaten people. Internet trolls have a manifesto of sorts, which states they are doing it for the “lulz,” or laughs. What trolls do for the lulz ranges from clever pranks to harassment to violent threats. There’s also doxxing–publishing personal data, such as Social Security numbers and bank accounts–and swatting, calling in an emergency to a victim’s house so the SWAT team busts in. When victims do not experience lulz, trolls tell them they have no sense of humor. Trolls are turning social media and comment boards into a giant locker room in a teen movie, with towel-snapping racial epithets and misogyny.

They’ve been steadily upping their game. In 2011, trolls descended onFacebook memorial pages of recently deceased users to mock their deaths. In 2012, after feminist Anita Sarkeesian started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a series of YouTube videos chronicling misogyny in video games, she received bomb threats at speaking engagements, doxxing threats, rape threats and an unwanted starring role in a video game called Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian. In June of this year, Jonathan Weisman, the deputy Washington editor of the New York Times, quit Twitter, on which he had nearly 35,000 followers, after a barrage of anti-Semitic messages. At the end of July, feminist writer Jessica Valenti said she was leaving social media after receiving a rape threat against her daughter, who is 5 years old.

A Pew Research Center survey published two years ago found that 70% of 18-to-24-year-olds who use the Internet had experienced harassment, and 26% of women that age said they’d been stalked online. This is exactly what trolls want. A 2014 study published in the psychology journal Personality and Individual Differences found that the approximately 5% of Internet users who self-identified as trolls scored extremely high in the dark tetrad of personality traits: narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism and, especially, sadism.

But maybe that’s just people who call themselves trolls. And maybe they do only a small percentage of the actual trolling. “Trolls are portrayed as aberrational and antithetical to how normal people converse with each other. And that could not be further from the truth,” says Whitney Phillips, a literature professor at Mercer University and the author of Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Mapping the Relationship Between Online Trolling and Mainstream Culture. “These are mostly normal people who do things that seem fun at the time that have huge implications. You want to say this is the bad guys, but it’s a problem of us.”

A lot of people enjoy the kind of trolling that illuminates the gullibility of the powerful and their willingness to respond. One of the best is Congressman Steve Smith, a Tea Party Republican representing Georgia’s 15th District, which doesn’t exist. For nearly three years Smith has spewed over-the-top conservative blather on Twitter, luring Senator Claire McCaskill, Christiane Amanpour and Rosie O’Donnell into arguments. Surprisingly, the guy behind the GOP-mocking prank, Jeffrey Marty, isn’t a liberal but a Donald Trump supporter angry at the Republican elite, furious at Hillary Clinton and unhappy with Black Lives Matter. A 40-year-old dad and lawyer who lives outside Tampa, he says he has become addicted to the attention. “I was totally ruined when I started this. My ex-wife and I had just separated. She decided to start a new, more exciting life without me,” he says. Then his best friend, who he used to do pranks with as a kid, killed himself. Now he’s got an illness that’s keeping him home.Marty says his trolling has been empowering. “Let’s say I wrote a letter to the New York Times saying I didn’t like your article about Trump. They throw it in the shredder. On Twitter I communicate directly with the writers. It’s a breakdown of all the institutions,” he says. “I really do think this stuff matters in the election. I have 1.5 million views of my tweets every 28 days. It’s a much bigger audience than I would have gotten if I called people up and said, ‘Did you ever consider Trump for President?‘”

Trolling is, overtly, a political fight. Liberals do indeed troll–sex-advice columnist Dan Savage used his followers to make Googling former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum’s last name a blunt lesson in the hygienic challenges of anal sex; the hunter who killed Cecil the lion got it really bad.

But trolling has become the main tool of the alt-right, an Internet-grown reactionary movement that works for men’s rights and against immigration and may have used the computer from Weird Science to fabricate Donald Trump. Not only does Trump share their attitudes, but he’s got mad trolling skills: he doxxed Republican primary opponent Senator Lindsey Graham by giving out his cell-phone number on TV and indirectly got his Twitter followers to attack GOP political strategist Cheri Jacobus so severely that her lawyers sent him a cease-and-desist order.

The alt-right’s favorite insult is to call men who don’t hate feminism “cucks,” as in “cuckold.” Republicans who don’t like Trump are “cuckservatives.” Men who don’t see how feminists are secretly controlling them haven’t “taken the red pill,” a reference to the truth-revealing drug in The Matrix. They derisively call their adversaries “social-justice warriors” and believe that liberal interest groups purposely exploit their weakness to gain pity, which allows them to control the levers of power. Trolling is the alt-right’s version of political activism, and its ranks view any attempt to take it away as a denial of democracy.

In this new culture war, the battle isn’t just over homosexuality, abortion, rap lyrics, drugs or how to greet people at Christmastime. It’s expanded to anything and everything: video games, clothing ads, even remaking a mediocre comedy from the 1980s. In July, trolls who had long been furious that the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters starred four women instead of men harassed the film’s black co-star Leslie Jones so badly on Twitter with racist and sexist threats–including a widely copied photo of her at the film’s premiere that someone splattered semen on–that she considered quitting the service. “I was in my apartment by myself, and I felt trapped,” Jones says. “When you’re reading all these gay and racial slurs, it was like, I can’t fight y’all. I didn’t know what to do. Do you call the police? Then they got my email, and they started sending me threats that they were going to cut off my head and stuff they do to ‘N words.’ It’s not done to express an opinion, it’s done to scare you.”

Because of Jones’ harassment, alt-right leader Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from Twitter. (He is also an editor at Breitbart News, the conservative website whose executive chairman, Stephen Bannon, was hired Aug. 17 to run the Trump campaign.) The service said Yiannopoulos, a critic of the new Ghostbusters who called Jones a “black dude” in a tweet, marshaled many of his more than 300,000 followers to harass her. He not only denies this but says being responsible for your fans is a ridiculous standard. He also thinks Jones is faking hurt for political purposes. “She is one of the stars of a Hollywood blockbuster,” he says. “It takes a certain personality to get there. It’s a politically aware, highly intelligent star using this to get ahead. I think it’s very sad that feminism has turned very successful women into professional victims.”

A gay, 31-year-old Brit with frosted hair, Yiannopoulos has been speaking at college campuses on his Dangerous Faggot tour. He says trolling is a direct response to being told by the left what not to say and what kinds of video games not to play. “Human nature has a need for mischief. We want to thumb our nose at authority and be individuals,” he says. “Trump might not win this election. I might not turn into the media figure I want to. But the space we’re making for others to be bolder in their speech is some of the most important work being done today. The trolls are the only people telling the truth.”

The alt-right was galvanized by Gamergate, a 2014 controversy in which trolls tried to drive critics of misogyny in video games away from their virtual man cave. “In the mid-2000s, Internet culture felt very separate from pop culture,” says Katie Notopoulos, who reports on the web as an editor at BuzzFeed and co-host of the Internet Explorer podcast. “This small group of people are trying to stand their ground that the Internet is dark and scary, and they’re trying to scare people off. There’s such a culture of viciously making fun of each other on their message boards that they have this very thick skin. They’re all trained up.”

Andrew Auernheimer, who calls himself Weev online, is probably the biggest troll in history. He served just over a year in prison for identity fraud and conspiracy. When he was released in 2014, he left the U.S., mostly bouncing around Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Since then he has worked to post anti–Planned Parenthood videos and flooded thousands of university printers in America with instructions to print swastikas–a symbol tattooed on his chest. When I asked if I could fly out and interview him, he agreed, though he warned that he “might not be coming ashore for a while, but we can probably pass close enough to land to have you meet us somewhere in the Adriatic or Ionian.” His email signature: “Eternally your servant in the escalation of entropy and eschaton.”

While we planned my trip to “a pretty remote location,” he told me that he no longer does interviews for free and that his rate was two bitcoins (about $1,100) per hour. That’s when one of us started trolling the other, though I’m not sure which:

From: Joel Stein

To: Andrew Auernheimer

I totally understand your position. But TIME, and all the major media outlets, won’t pay people who we interview. There’s a bunch of reasons for that, but I’m sure you know them.

Thanks anyway,


From: Andrew Auernheimer

To: Joel Stein

I find it hilarious that after your people have stolen years of my life at gunpoint and bulldozed my home, you still expect me to work for free in your interests.

You people belong in a f-cking oven.

From: Joel Stein

To: Andrew Auernheimer

For a guy who doesn’t want to be interviewed for free, you’re giving me a lot of good quotes!

In a later blog post about our emails, Weev clarified that TIME is “trying to destroy white civilization” and that we should “open up your Jew wallets and dump out some of the f-cking geld you’ve stolen from us goys, because what other incentive could I possibly have to work with your poisonous publication?” I found it comforting that the rate for a neo-Nazi to compromise his ideology is just two bitcoins.

Expressing socially unacceptable views like Weev’s is becoming more socially acceptable. Sure, just like there are tiny, weird bookstores where you can buy neo-Nazi pamphlets, there are also tiny, weird white-supremacist sites on the web. But some of the contributors on those sites now go to places like 8chan or 4chan, which have a more diverse crowd of meme creators, gamers, anime lovers and porn enthusiasts. Once accepted there, they move on to Reddit, the ninth most visited site in the U.S., on which users can post links to online articles and comment on them anonymously. Reddit believes in unalloyed free speech; the site only eliminated the comment boards “jailbait,” “creepshots” and “beatingwomen” for legal reasons.

But last summer, Reddit banned five more discussion groups for being distasteful. The one with the largest user base, more than 150,000 subscribers, was “fatpeoplehate.” It was a particularly active community that reveled in finding photos of overweight people looking happy, almost all women, and adding mean captions. Reddit users would then post these images all over the targets’ Facebook pages along with anywhere else on the Internet they could. “What you see on Reddit that is visible is at least 10 times worse behind the scenes,” says Dan McComas, a former Reddit employee. “Imagine two users posting about incest and taking that conversation to their private messages, and that’s where the really terrible things happen. That’s where we saw child porn and abuse and had to do all of our work with law enforcement.”

Jessica Moreno, McComas’ wife, pushed for getting rid of “fatpeoplehate” when she was the company’s head of community. This was not a popular decision with users who really dislike people with a high body mass index. She and her husband had their home address posted online along with suggestions on how to attack them. Eventually they had a police watch on their house. They’ve since moved. Moreno has blurred their house onGoogle maps and expunged nearly all photos of herself online.

During her time at Reddit, some users who were part of a group that mails secret Santa gifts to one another complained to Moreno that they didn’t want to participate because the person assigned to them made racist or sexist comments on the site. Since these people posted their real names, addresses, ages, jobs and other details for the gifting program, Moreno learned a good deal about them. “The idea of the basement dweller drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos isn’t accurate,” she says. “They would be a doctor, a lawyer, an inspirational speaker, a kindergarten teacher. They’d send lovely gifts and be a normal person.” These are real people you might know, Moreno says. There’s no real-life indicator. “It’s more complex than just being good or bad. It’s not all men either; women do take part in it.” The couple quit their jobs and started Imzy, a cruelty-free Reddit. They believe that saving a community is nearly impossible once mores have been established, and that sites like Reddit are permanently lost to the trolls.

When sites are overrun by trolls, they drown out the voices of women, ethnic and religious minorities, gays–anyone who might feel vulnerable. Young people in these groups assume trolling is a normal part of life online and therefore self-censor. An anonymous poll of the writers at TIME found that 80% had avoided discussing a particular topic because they feared the online response. The same percentage consider online harassment a regular part of their jobs. Nearly half the women on staff have considered quitting journalism because of hatred they’ve faced online, although none of the men had. Their comments included “I’ve been raged at with religious slurs, had people track down my parents and call them at home, had my body parts inquired about.” Another wrote, “I’ve had the usual online trolls call me horrible names and say I am biased and stupid and deserve to be raped. I don’t think men realize how normal that is for women on the Internet.”

The alt-right argues that if you can’t handle opprobrium, you should just turn off your computer. But that’s arguing against self-expression, something antithetical to the original values of the Internet. “The question is: How do you stop people from being a–holes not to their face?” says Sam Altman, a venture capitalist who invested early in Reddit and ran the company for eight days in 2014 after one of its many PR crises. “This is exactly what happened when people talked badly about public figures. Now everyone on the Internet is a public figure. The problem is that not everyone can deal with that.” Altman declared on June 15 that he would quit Twitter and his 171,000 followers, saying, “I feel worse after using Twitter … my brain gets polluted here.”

Twitter’s head of trust and safety, Del Harvey, struggles with how to allow criticism but curb abuse. “Categorically to say that all content you don’t like receiving is harassment would be such a broad brush it wouldn’t leave us much content,” she says. Harvey is not her real name, which she gave up long ago when she became a professional troll, posing as underage girls (and occasionally boys) to entrap pedophiles as an administrator for the website Perverted-Justice and later for NBC’s To Catch a Predator. Citing the role of Twitter during the Arab Spring, she says that anonymity has given voice to the oppressed, but that women and minorities are more vulnerable to attacks by the anonymous.

But even those in the alt-right who claim they are “unf-ckwithable” aren’t really. At some point, everyone, no matter how desensitized by their online experience, is liable to get freaked out by a big enough or cruel enough threat. Still, people have vastly different levels of sensitivity. A white male journalist who covers the Middle East might blow off death threats, but a teenage blogger might not be prepared to be told to kill herself because of her “disgusting acne.”

Which are exactly the kinds of messages Em Ford, 27, was receiving en masse last year on her YouTube tutorials on how to cover pimples with makeup. Men claimed to be furious about her physical “trickery,” forcing her to block hundreds of users each week. This year, Ford made a documentary for the BBC called Troll Hunters in which she interviewed online abusers and victims, including a soccer referee who had rape threats posted next to photos of his young daughter on her way home from school. What Ford learned was that the trolls didn’t really hate their victims. “It’s not about the target. If they get blocked, they say, ‘That’s cool,’ and move on to the next person,” she says. Trolls don’t hate people as much as they love the game of hating people.

Troll culture might be affecting the way nontrolls treat one another. A yet-to-be-published study by University of California, Irvine, professor Zeev Kain showed that when people were exposed to reports of good deeds on Facebook, they were 10% more likely to report doing good deeds that day. But the opposite is likely occurring as well. “One can see discourse norms shifting online, and they’re probably linked to behavior norms,” says Susan Benesch, founder of the Dangerous Speech Project and faculty associate at Harvard’s Internet and Society center. “When people think it’s increasingly O.K. to describe a group of people as subhuman or vermin, those same people are likely to think that it’s O.K. to hurt those people.”

As more trolling occurs, many victims are finding laws insufficient and local police untrained. “Where we run into the problem is the social-media platforms are very hesitant to step on someone’s First Amendment rights,” says Mike Bires, a senior police officer in Southern California who co-founded LawEnforcement.social, a tool for cops to fight on-line crime and use social media to work with their communities. “If they feel like someone’s life is in danger, Twitter and Snapchat are very receptive. But when it comes to someone harassing you online, getting the social-media companies to act can be very frustrating.” Until police are fully caught up, he recommends that victims go to the officer who runs the force’s social-media department.

One counter-trolling strategy now being employed on social media is to flood the victims of abuse with kindness. That’s how many Twitter users have tried to blunt racist and body-shaming attacks on U.S. women’s gymnastics star Gabby Douglas and Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno during the Summer Olympics in Rio. In 2005, after Emily May co-founded Hollaback!, which posts photos of men who harass women on the street in order to shame them (some might call this trolling), she got a torrent of misogynistic messages. “At first, I thought it was funny. We were making enough impact that these losers were spending their time calling us ‘cunts’ and ‘whores’ and ‘carpet munchers,'” she says. “Long-term exposure to it, though, I found myself not being so active on Twitter and being cautious about what I was saying online. It’s still harassment in public space. It’s just the Internet instead of the street.” This summer May created Heartmob, an app to let people report trolling and receive messages of support from others.

Though everyone knows not to feed the trolls, that can be challenging to the type of people used to expressing their opinions. Writer Lindy West has written about her abortion, hatred of rape jokes and her body image–all of which generated a flood of angry messages. When her father Paul died, a troll quickly started a fake Twitter account called PawWestDonezo, (“donezo” is slang for “done”) with a photo of her dad and the bio “embarrassed father of an idiot.” West reacted by writing about it. Then she heard from her troll, who apologized, explaining that he wasn’t happy with his life and was angry at her for being so pleased with hers.

West says that even though she’s been toughened by all the abuse, she is thinking of writing for TV, where she’s more insulated from online feedback. “I feel genuine fear a lot. Someone threw a rock through my car window the other day, and my immediate thought was it’s someone from the Internet,” she says. “Finally we have a platform that’s democratizing and we can make ourselves heard, and then you’re harassed for advocating for yourself, and that shuts you down again.”

I’ve been a columnist long enough that I got calloused to abuse via threats sent over the U.S. mail. I’m a straight white male, so the trolling is pretty tame, my vulnerabilities less obvious. My only repeat troll is Megan Koester, who has been attacking me on Twitter for a little over two years. Mostly, she just tells me how bad my writing is, always calling me “disgraced former journalist Joel Stein.” Last year, while I was at a restaurant opening, she tweeted that she was there too and that she wanted to take “my one-sided feud with him to the next level.” She followed this immediately with a tweet that said, “Meet me outside Clifton’s in 15 minutes. I wanna kick your ass.” Which shook me a tiny bit. A month later, she tweeted that I should meet her outside a supermarket I often go to: “I’m gonna buy some Ahi poke with EBT and then kick your ass.”

I sent a tweet to Koester asking if I could buy her lunch, figuring she’d say no or, far worse, say yes and bring a switchblade or brass knuckles, since I have no knowledge of feuding outside of West Side Story. Her email back agreeing to meet me was warm and funny. Though she also sent me the script of a short movie she had written (see excerpt, left).

I saw Koester standing outside the restaurant. She was tiny–5 ft. 2 in., with dark hair, wearing black jeans and a Spy magazine T-shirt. She ordered a seitan sandwich, and after I asked the waiter about his life, she looked at me in horror. “Are you a people person?” she asked. As a 32-year-old freelance writer for Vice.com who has never had a full-time job, she lives on a combination of sporadic paychecks and food stamps. My career success seemed, quite correctly, unjust. And I was constantly bragging about it in my column and on Twitter. “You just extruded smarminess that I found off-putting. It’s clear I’m just projecting. The things I hate about you are the things I hate about myself,” she said.

As a feminist stand-up comic with more than 26,000 Twitter followers, Koester has been trolled more than I have. One guy was so furious that she made fun of a 1970s celebrity at an autograph session that he tweeted he was going to rape her and wanted her to die afterward. “So you’d think I’d have some sympathy,” she said about trolling me. “But I never felt bad. I found that column so vile that I thought you didn’t deserve sympathy.”

When I suggested we order wine, she told me she’s a recently recovered alcoholic who was drunk at the restaurant opening when she threatened to beat me up. I asked why she didn’t actually walk up to me that afternoon and, even if she didn’t punch me, at least tell me off. She looked at me like I was an idiot. “Why would I do that?” she said. “The Internet is the realm of the coward. These are people who are all sound and no fury.”

Maybe. But maybe, in the information age, sound is as destructive as fury.


why is everyone mad at azealia banks for bleaching her skin? i don’t support the action but i understand it. unless you’ve grown up dark skin and have had constant comments about how dark your skin is, have missed opportunities because of how dark your skin is etc, then stfu. all of us aren’t the same. some of you who were dark skinned and made fun of went home and had that reassurance from your parents, mom/dad /guardian that you were beautiful just the way you were. azealia banks didn’t have that sense of security. in fact she said her mother would call her ugly and she didn’t have a father figure.

if you also look at the music industry, how many dark skinned POP stars have become famous? yes you have grace jones, but she was never completely mainstream and even if she was a model she was never coveted as the beautiful one.

people use whitney as an example of a brown skin beauty, which she was…but she had to be WHITNEY. the only other exception that i think has reached mainstream fame was Brandy. But people want to act like colorism doesn’t exist when there is proof everywhere that darker skinned people have it worse socially and economically.

the two biggest black stars right now are both light skin and have light eyes and have endorsements for days. when you point out that neither of them would have the level of success if they were dark skinned, people get so bent out of shape as if it’s not true. hell one of the guys who works in the firm that manages one of these stars said ‘she’s hot because she’s not too dark’. and to those fools that want to simplify it as ‘oh so i guess she has privilege because some white man wants to sleep with her’ NO stop simplifying it when you know these are the executives that make the decisions about who gets the push and the promotion.Even if we don’t use these two stars, how many commercials have always featured a lighter skinned woman/daughter? In movies, why is the woman always lighter than the man? Why is the dark skinned woman always the sidekick?

azealia is a product of her environment. i feel sorry that she couldn’t withstand the pressure to continue to be her, but i’m not going to terrorize her for it. I hate that she called that dark skinned girl tar baby, there’s no excuse for that. But we can even use Lil Kim as an example of someone that doesn’t put down black women but bleaches because of her experience and black beauty standards. you also see so many memes where our own black men make fun of darker skinned women, we don’t have representation in the media, we’re constantly reminded we are the least wanted women…yet people want to get mad at the women that want to do something about it because they want to advance their careers, want to feel loved, and want to feel pretty.

Songs you didn’t know were covers

If i Were a Boy was originally by BC Jean, not Beyonce

I Love Rock and Roll was originally by The Arrows, not Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 

I Will Always Love You was originally by Dolly Parton, not Whitney Huston

Dazed and Confused was originally by Jake Holmes, not Led Zeppelin

Achy Breaky Heart was originally by The Marcy Brothers, not Billy Ray Cyrus

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was originally by Robert Hazard not Cyndi Lauper

What I Like About You was originally by The Romantics, not Shrek and Fiona

Preference #124 Halloween


“Alright, is the prince ready to see the princess?” you called down the stairs, taking Whitney’s hand as you helped her walk down, so she didn’t trip on the satin dress she had on. Niall was standing at the bottom with open arms, wearing a suit that mimicked the one seen in Cinderella. Whitney squealed in excitement as she reached Niall. He picked her up and swirled her around. “The princess is looking quite lovely tonight”, she was loving the attention that Niall was giving her and you just thought it was the cutest thing. “Okay you two, let me get a quick picture before the carriage takes you away!”, you snapped a quick photo before Whitney was practically pulling Niall out of the door. “Have fun you two! Be back before midnight!”


“I present you…Woody and Jesse!”, Liam revealed your two 3 year olds who were dressed as characters from his favorite movie. “Look how adorable you both look! Let mummy take a photo before you go!”, you snapped a quick photo as Michael began shouting out phrases from the movie. “There’s a snake in my boot!”, neither you nor Liam could contain your laughter. Adriana then pulled out the stuff horse that she had hidden behind her, “Mumma, look! It’s Bullseye!” “Oh I see! And what about Daddy? Is he Stinky Pete?” both the kids laughed. “No mumma! He’s just daddy!” “I don’t know about that…” you continued to egg the kids on as the continued giggling. “You guys should get going! Stinky Pete is stinking up the house!” you were of course only kidding but the kids were enjoying it. You gave Liam a kiss as he followed the kids out the door. “You’re going to pay for that comment tonight” he shot you a smirk before running off after the kids. 


“Did daddy pick your costumes out?”, they nodded and you looked to Louis, “Why wouldn’t you let them pick out what they wanted” “Look how sick they look! They’re some pretty good looking soccer players if you ask me!”, they were equipped with the whole deal; cleats, a jersey, soccer balls, shin guards…you name it, they had it. “Mum, look what dad taught me!”, Drew began shuffling the ball on his knees, but it only lasted for a few seconds. “Look at that! You’re a pro!” “Yes, yes, thank you very much!” Louis bowed and you hit him on the arm, “Not you!” you laughed and so did the kids. “Mum, daddy taught me how to do dribble and then switch direction! He said it would make the other person fall down and it’d be funny!” Leighton did a demonstration and you clapped before turning to Louis, “Why are you teaching our kids this! They’re 4, we don’t need them hurting kids on the playground!” Louis laughed, “Relax babe, I bet you when we come back, the kids will have double the candy just because of the tricks!”


“Danny Zuko coming through!”, you turned from your spot in front of the stove to see Harry holding Eric’s hand as he brought him into the kitchen. He was adorable in his leather jacket and aviator glasses, the greased back hair completing the look, even though he was only 2 and didn’t have much. “Hi baby, you’re so cute!”, you fixed the collar of his small jacket as Harry began taking photos. “How come daddy didn’t dress up?” “Well daddy, doesn’t look very good in high-water jeans!” “Oh you’re no fun!” you teased. 
You gave both Harry and Eric a kiss before handing Eric a small basket for his candy. “Don’t be getting into any fights you two!” “You won’t see me fighting, but I’m not sure about this guy! He looks like trouble…” Harry pointed to Eric and he giggled at his father.
You watched as the two of them walked hand-in-hand down the street, Eric never failing to stop and wave at the other little girls that walked by, only causing you to laugh even more.

I Got a Boy - Drag Show Playlist

This is the song list for Chapter 27’s Bolt Girls Drag Show. I figured I’d share it with you guys because this is what I exclusively listened to while I was writing it.

All links go to Youtube! Enjoy!

I Got a Boy” - Girls’ Generation

Work B*tch” - Britney Spears
When I Grow Up” - The Pussycat Dolls
All I Want for Christmas Is You” - Mariah Carey
Telephone” - Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé
I Am the Best” - 2NE1
Girlfriend” - Avril Lavigne
Hollaback Girl” - Gwen Stefani
Candyman” - Christina Aguilera
Believe” - Cher
Bubble Pop!” - Hyuna
I Wanna Dance With Somebody” - Whitney Houston
Bootylicious” - Destiny’s Child
Popular” - Wicked the Musical
Dancing Queen” - Abba
Super Bass” - Nicki Minaj
Man! I Feel Like A Woman” - Shania Twain
Blank Space” - Taylor Swift
Girls Just Want To Have Fun” - Cyndi Lauper
Move” - Little Mix
Roam” - The B-52s
Bad Reputation” - Joan Jett
Bang Bang” - Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj
Material Girl” - Madonna



Deniece Williams | Let’s Hear It For The Boy ✨  Kriss Kross | Jump ✨ Spice Girls | Wannabe ✨ Rick Astley | Never Gonna Give You Up ✨ a-ha | Take On Me ✨ Whitney Houston | I Wanna Dance With Somebody ✨ C+C Music Factory | Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) ✨ The Weather Girls | It’s Raining Men ✨ Bee Gees | Stayin’ Alive ✨ Cindi Lauper | Girls Just Want To Have Fun ✨ Wham! | Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go ✨ Village People | YMCA

* (… It looks like you found Papyrus’s workout playlist.)

Preference #100 Water Park


You had woken up to yet another hot and humid day. It was a struggle to even leave the house in this weather but you could tell Niall and Whitney were starting to have a bit of cabin fever. “Babe, why don’t you take Whit to the pool for a little bit, I think I’m gonna try to get a quick workout in.” “Too crowded but I sure could use a cool down from all this heat” “Alright, then what about…what about that new waterpark that just opened a couple weeks ago? That might be fun” “I forgot about that place! Yeah, I guess I can take Whit down there and we can have some fun for a few hours! I’ll get her changed and then I guess we’ll head down there” “Don’t forget her hat, and sunscreen!” 

“So, Whit, what do you want to do first? What about the slide? That looks like fun, doesn’t it?”, The toddler clapped her hands excitedly at the suggestion, so Niall took that as a yes. “Alright Whit, sit on Daddy’s lap and I’ll hold onto you, yeah?” the whole way down the two of them were cheering as the tube began gaining speed and just as they were about to hit the pool Niall made sure to lift Whitney in the air, to keep her from drowning in the deep waters, earning a squeal from the 14 month old . “Was that fun?”, once again she clapped her hands together and giggled, making Niall laugh as well. Let’s just say that wasn’t the last ride on the slide. 


Pulling into the parking lot of the waterpark you could already hear the excitement coming from the backseat, as this was the first time Michael and Adriana had ever been to a waterpark. Liam parked the car and went around to open your door, taking your hand to help you out. The kids jumping out of the backseat quickly, as they were anxiously waiting to see what was beyond the gates. The four of you made your way to the ticket booth and then inside the park. It wasn’t long before the two kids were feuding over what to do first, “I want to go on the slide!” Adriana pleaded, “I want to see the whirlpool!” Michael begged. “Alright, alright, settle down, we’ll make sure we go to everything before we leave.”, Liam had to interject the two before things got too out of hand. Though the fighting didn’t end there; “I don’t want to do that! I want to see the fishies!” Adriana whined, “That’s boring! I want to go on the river rafters ride!” Michael yelled back. You were starting to get tired of all the bickering and Liam too was sick of hearing it. “That’s enough! I told you earlier that we would go to everything before we left but if you two can’t handle it we’ll just leave right now.”, Liam never usually got mad at the kids but this time he had enough. From that moment on the kids stopped the arguing and enjoyed all the attractions that you went to. 


You were sat under an umbrella with a drink in hand as you watched your husband take both Leighton and Drew around the large wave pool in their floaty rings. You were enjoying the quiet time as you basked in the sun but it was interrupted when you felt a series of cold droplets on your stomach. You looked up to see Louis holding the kids, he stood in front of you sopping wet. “C’mon babe, you’re missing out on all the fun! Come on the slide with us!”, Louis whined and you gave in to his request after multiple pleads. 

The two of you were each sat in a large yellow tube with one of the kids perched on your lap. Louis went down first and you soon followed. You weren’t expecting to be shot out so fast at the end and the sudden splash of water caused  your top to fall down. “Lou!” you yelled and he looked to your direction, swimming over to take Drew from your hands. “Looking sexy, love” he gave you a smirk but you quickly fixed your top before giving him a smack on the arm. “Not funny Louis.” For the rest of the day you made sure to avoid the slide at all costs, ignoring Louis when he begged you to ride it again.


“Babe can you put sunscreen on my back?”  “One minute Harry, I’m putting some on Eric…I don’t want him to burn” you finished lathering up your son before putting on his sun hat that matched his swim suit. Harry insisted that the three of you go to the waterpark and you thought the idea sounded fun until you got there and tons of fans began swarming you and the rest of your family. Of course Harry wouldn’t turn them away so you stood to the side with Eric. Eric was squirming in your arms, reaching for the large pool that was steps away. “Harry I think I’m going to bring him over to the shallow end of the pool” you motioned to the pool and began walking that way. “Babe, wait” “Harry it’s fine, you can sign some autographs, I’m just going to take him to the water so he stops being fussy”, Harry gave you a quick kiss before returning to the crowd of screaming girls.

Harry joined the two of you at the pool about an hour later. You were a little upset that he brought you here and you weren’t even getting to spend family time together. “Do you like that?” you asked Eric as you bounced him around the shallow waters. He giggled and smiled causing you to do the same. “Hey buddy, do you like swimming with mumma?” you turned to see Harry wading his way through the water to meet you and you gave him a small smile, still disappointed about the whole fan mob. “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t think there would be that many people and I just couldn’t turn them away…” “It’s fine Harry.”, it wasn’t really fine but you decided to drop the subject, there was no need to fight about it. “Well how about we go on some water rides, you want to do that bud?”, you smiled and handed Eric over to Harry, the three of you enjoying the rest of the day together in peace.

Lighten Up & Danse!


“Why do they call him ‘Dance’? He doesn’t look like he moves very good." 

God, we love him, but sometimes homeboy has just got to lighten up a little and dance! Sure he’s more of a country/western fan, but even the most devoted Brotherhood Paladin will have a hard time not shaking that booty to these popular synthpop and hip-hop jams. Ad Victorium!

Blow - Kesha // Dance Apocalyptic - Janelle Monáe // Toy Soldier - Britney Spears // Just Dance - Lady Gaga // I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston // Dance in the Dark - Lady Gaga // Soldier - Destiny’s Child (feat. T.I. & Lil Wayne) // Dance (A$$) - Big Sean (feat. Nicki Minaj) // Only Wanna Dance With You - Kesha // Anaconda - Nicki Minaj // Stronger - Britney Spears // The Safety Dance (Gabe Flaherty Remix) - Men Without Hats

I’ve been wanting to do a fun poppy mix about Danse for a while, I hope it turned out well! The songs are all supposed to be only vaguely related to him, most of them having “Dance” in the title lol. The mix is also filled with songs about his soldier-hood and of course his ass, and I included a fire remix of Safety Dance too, since everyone associates that song with him. I hope you enjoy! 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfl8WrPhW34)

Who wants to relive the USWNT road to Vancouver with me? Today - the start of our ladies’ Victory tour -I will start this project.

As I was live at every USWNT game in Canada, I got some nice pics and videos during warmups, game and post game. Once a week I post my vids and pics on my pages:

- Youtube: joerdeli (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfl8WrPhW34))

- flickr.com: Charming Angel85     https://www.flickr.com/gp/joerdeli/1x223D)

Please subscribe. You will also find vid/pics from the Concacaf Tournament or Algarve Cup and so on. As I plan to go (hopefully) to the Olympic Qualifiers, Algarve Cup and to Rio, more will come. So tune in and follow me.

The pics quality may not be the best as i don’t have a great camera, but I hope you fans still have fun. I don’t put any watermark (just don’t have time for that), but please credit my pics when you share them: either joerdeli or Charmingangel85. Any feedback is appreciated. I can only learn.

Preference #114 Alone Time


You and Niall hadn’t had time to yourselves since having Whitney. It had been about 5 months since the last time you had done something just the two of you. Niall decided it was time for a break; he called Harry to see if he could take Whitney for a few hours just so the two of you could have an evening of peace. Harry happily agreed and stopped by the house at 6 to pick Whitney up. “Have fun kids, don’t get TOO crazy!” Harry winked as he ran back to the car, carrying Whitney in his arms.
Finally, you and Niall were alone. It wasn’t one of those situations where you got rid of the kids to have sex; the two of you just wanted some alone time together. You let out a long sigh of relief when an overwhelming silence came over you. Niall was already in the kitchen cooking a wonderful dinner for the two of you to enjoy. The conversations that night were un-interrupted by the cries of your toddler making it all the more enjoyable. It wasn’t that you didn’t like having a child, there just comes a point where having the time to be alone is much needed.
After dinner the two of you went to watch a few movies on the couch. Your cuddle on the couch soon turned into a heated make out session after Niall whispered a slew of playful things into your ear. You didn’t want it to end but it was quickly cut short when Harry and Whitney came bounding through the door. You and Niall immediately moved off each other and looked to Harry. “Am I interrupting something, hm?” "Oh shut it!” Niall retorted, as he threw one of the pillows at Harry who had his hands up in mock defense. “Hi mummy! Did you have fun with daddy? Me and uncle Harry had loads of fun and we got ice cream!” “Oh, isn’t that wonderful! Me and daddy watched some movies and had a very nice dinner! I’m glad you had fun!”
Even though the evening didn’t carry on like you hoped, it was still nice to have those few hours reserved for just you and Niall.


You had been wanting to have some alone time with Liam because dealing with twins can be hectic at times. Niall had offered to take Michael and Adriana for a few hours so you could do just that. He stopped by to pick them up and take them back to his flat for the evening. "Bye mummy! Have a fun play-date with daddy” Adriana waved and gave you a kiss before leading Niall out the door; Michael was already waiting outside, he loved hanging out with his uncle, even though he was only 4 and the options for things to do together were limited. You shut the door behind Niall and immediately felt Liam’s arms wrap around you. “Finally…alone” Liam whispered, sending chills up your back. “Now we can catch up on Celebrity Big Brother” you laughed at Liam’s comment. You had finally gotten the kids out of the house and the two of you planned on spending the evening watching TV.
You and Liam were snuggled up on the couch watching the last recorded episode when you heard the door open and heavy footsteps running down the hall. “Mummy! Daddy!” “Hi princess, where’s your brother?” Liam questioned as he picked Adriana up and walked toward the door. He was met with Niall who was carrying a sleeping Michael. “Aye, thanks mate for taking the kids tonight.” “No worries, I think I tired them out!”, Niall handed Michael to you and left shortly after. You took the kids up to put them to bed and by then you were both exhausted, falling asleep as soon as your bodies hit the mattress.


The kids were gone for the day; Sophia offered to take them to the movies along with their two children, Adriana and Michael.  
Having time alone with Louis was rare, he was either gone or you were both taking care of the kids. The two of you didn’t know what to do with yourselves. It was the first time in months that you didn’t have to think about cleaning up spills, making snacks, or supervising playtime.
You had just finished making yourself a cup of tea when you heard Louis’ footsteps approaching the kitchen. “Would you like a cup? I forgot to ask you” “I think I’ve got something a bit more relaxing upstairs, would you like to join me?”, Louis reached out for your hand and you took it willingly, not knowing what he had upstairs but liking the sound of something relaxing. He brought you upstairs to an awaiting bath. Candles were burning and the subtle scent of rose petals wafted up from the bubbly water. “This is amazing, Lou” “Well, I know how hard it is for you when I’m away and even when I’m here; taking care of the kids and working so hard…” you gave him a kiss before undressing and getting in the water, Louis joined in only moments later.
The rest of the afternoon was spent sulking in the bathtub. The two of you talked about things that would otherwise not be shared due to lack of hours in the day. Jokes were exchanged and so were laughs, it felt like you were back in the dating stage again. “I’m glad we had some time to ourselves, I miss doing things like this…” you let out a long sigh before looking up to Lou, “Well maybe we could do it a couple times a month; I just have to call one of the boys and I’m sure they’d be glad to take the kids, even though they can be little devils at times.” He grinned knowing that it’d make you laugh.
Louis helped you out of tub handing you a warm towel to dry off. You then returned downstairs to the tea that you had made hours prior.
It wasn’t long before the front door opened and both kids ran in with Sophia following behind them. “Thank you so much Soph, it was really nice to have the time to ourselves. Anytime you and Liam need us to watch the kids, just call!”


Eric was at Louis’ house for the afternoon which meant you and Harry could have some much needed time to yourselves. Eric was still young which meant midnight diaper changes, early bottle feeds, and many sleepless nights for the two of you.
It seemed as though you should’ve taken advantage of the time without Eric to do something nice with Harry, but the thought of sleep was just way to irresistible to pass up. You both cuddled up in bed, turning on Netflix to watch shows that you just hadn’t the time to sit down and thoroughly enjoy. It wasn’t long before the two of you were sound asleep, arms and legs tangled up in one another as you slept peacefully, no cries or interruptions.
You felt like you could’ve slept all day but there was going to be no chance of that. You were rudely awakened by Louis when he came back to drop Eric off at the time you had arranged earlier and had forgotten all about. “WAKE UP STYLES FAMILY!” He shouted as he jumped up and down on the bed. It was as if he was a 5 year old child, trying to get the attention of his parents. “Bloody hell!” Harry jolted from his sleep to see a laughing Louis standing over him. Meanwhile you had your hand to your chest, it felt as though your heart was going to burst from your chest due to the sudden screams that filled your room. “Where’s Eric?” Harry questioned, “Ohh, that’s what I forgot! I knew I left something at home!” “Louis that’s not fucking funny!” Louis thought otherwise as he continued to laugh. He then picked up the carrier next to him, revealing Eric who was giggling as well. “I think your daddy got up on the wrong side of the bed today, yeah?” Harry only rolled his eyes before taking his child from Louis. “Thank you so much for watching him, Lou” you gave him a smile and he returned the gesture. “Not a problem!” “I’m not sure how much I can really trust you watching my kid, but thanks for taking him today, honestly.” Harry finally lightened up a bit as Louis calmed down on the jokes. “To be honest I think I’m one of the best babysitters there is! You guys know where to find me!” he laughed once more before leaving. Making both you and Harry doubt his child watching abilities. 


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