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why do women in dress pattern illustrations look like they’re about five seconds away from DRAMATICALLY DECLARING THEIR LOVE?

#here we see masha- young and untutored in the ways of love#‘o katya!’ she cries 'my very soul aches when you are not by my side! i tell you i could not breathe if you were to leave me!’#katya kisses her just once. very gently.#and then leaves chelyabinsk. never to return#(two years later masha marries a local boy and never lets herself think of what might have been)


So to commemorate UNHhhh birthday, I feel like sharing these was kind of fitting :P

Usually I take selfies of what I wear in front of a mirror bc I have the memory of a fish and it makes planing outfits a lot easier. The UNHhhh inspired captions started when I was a few weeks into UNHhhh hell and I desperately wanted to have a laugh at myself (sometime around December) and it’s been one of my favorite things to do daily ever since.

⭐️⭐️ “я звезда - навсегда. спасибо большое.”⭐️⭐️

@momsgoldteeth I really loved watching you on this season of All Stars! Your growth was truly inspirational, and inspiring to us all that have a Brenda that needs to STFU.



It’s a me! Mari- i mean, its your local tumblr survivor flop and first boot Duncan!!!! I’ve finally accepted my flop reputation in survivor and decided to see if I can not suck so hard at big brother. The game I’m in is called House of Shade: Arcane. LOOK HOW PRETTY THE LOGO IS!!

Antyways! We were assigned with the task of creating a post and trying to get the most notes on it to win a secret prize. I’m really hoping its a signed photo of Leah or Dan, two of the hosts, it would really make my day. It’s only week two of the game but i don’t want to dismiss this challenge! If you’re a fan of the spy girls, yekaterina petrovna zamolodchikova(your dad may just call her Katya), or want this guy to raw you 

then we already have a lot in common! 

So if y’all thotties could reblog or even just like this post i’d super appreciate it!



just found this gem, Katya back in 2010 giving you just gorgeous, run-of-the-mill bisexual, transvestite hooker.

  • Me after crying for five days straight, my eyes are puffy, my throat is sore, my will to live, gone: please just let katya win.....just once.,,.....im begging you.... i cant live like this i dont want to live like this.... just let her win........please

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hi whats ur oppinion on trixya?

Hey!! I  love them so much. I think their friendship is so amazing and I love how you can tell how much they care about one another. They vibe off of each other really well. But I don’t think that they’re in love with each other in a romantic way or anything, and I don’t think Katya is pining for Trixie or whatever. It's obviously totally fine to think that, just as long as you’re not harassing Trixie and Katya about it ( but I’ve never seen anyone do that so that’s good) . 


Aww look at you guys! I hope you’re not as stupid as you are ugly.
Listen, I’ve got one tip for you: You’re a Drag Queen. Be funny!