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why do women in dress pattern illustrations look like they’re about five seconds away from DRAMATICALLY DECLARING THEIR LOVE?

#here we see masha- young and untutored in the ways of love#‘o katya!’ she cries 'my very soul aches when you are not by my side! i tell you i could not breathe if you were to leave me!’#katya kisses her just once. very gently.#and then leaves chelyabinsk. never to return#(two years later masha marries a local boy and never lets herself think of what might have been)

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i know i just messaged you but can i humbly request OtaYuri and their daughter is going on out her first date and the parents READY TO SQUARE UP

Jillian I’ve been thinking about this a lot okay

Katya was just sixteen years old when she was asked out for the first time. She knew that she had no choice but to tell her fathers but oh, was she dreading it.

She chose the smart route and went to her Papa first. Otabek was grading papers in their study, glasses pushed up his nose. After he retired from skating he had gone back to school in order to become a teacher. Yuri supported him fully of course, in exchange for Otabek supporting him becoming a model when he retired five years later at twenty-eight years old.

“Papa?” Katya approached him with a knock on the door. She was the spitting image of Otabek, with thick dark hair and eyebrows, but she had fair features just like Yuri.

Otabek looked up, fringe falling into his eyes. He still had the same hair he had all those years ago, but little spots of gray were starting to grow in. It was most likely from having to deal with Yuri all these years, and their two children.

“What’s up, princessa?” The nickname had stuck even after all these years and it always brought a smile to Katya’s face.

“Um, well.” She traced figure-eights onto Otabek’s desk. “Mikhail, from my class, asked me to hang out with him this weekend. Is that okay?” She bit her lip and looked at him with the most innocent look she could muster.

Otabek blinked for a moment and took off his glasses with a sigh. “What would you guys be doing?”

Katya blinked. He had just invited her over to his house but she knew he wouldn’t let her go if she said that. “We were going to get a bite to eat.”

They stared at each other for a moment, Otabek’s dark eyes narrowing a bit in thought. Then he shrugged and put his glasses back on. “As long as you aren’t out too late.”

Katya perked up and beamed at him, coming around the desk to throw her arms tightly around his shoulders. “Thank you Papa! Love you.” She kissed his temple and then skipped off, almost knocking into her younger brother Nikolai. He was named after Yuri’s late grandfather yet he was Yuri’s spitting image.

Everything was fine after that except for one small detail.

Otabek and Katya failed to mention the date that Katya was going on to Yuri.

Katya was almost able to slip out the door too until Nikolai called. “Where are you going Katya?”

Katya turned around and glared at her younger brother, who was grinning at her sweetly. Nikolai was five years younger than Katya, having been born right after Yuri’s last season. 

“Shut up Nikolai.” She hissed at him. 

Nikolai’s grin didn’t let up but only grew wider when Yuri padded into the room, raising his eyebrow at her. “You’re going out?”

“Um, yeah.”

“With who?” Yuri asked curiously.

Katya mumbled the name and then said louder: “Mikhail.”

Yuri’s face fell. “You’re going out with a boy?”


“Beka!” Yuri screeched and both Katya and Nikolai flinched. This couldn’t be good.

Despite what everybody would have thought, Yuri was not a laid-back parent. He was very hands on and he was a bit of a worry wart. He was also very strict. Otabek was the more laid back one, letting his children get away with anything as long as there was a good reason. Yuri would freak out over every little thing.

Otabek entered the room then, running his fingers through his hair. “Yes, dear?” He teased.

“Did you know about this?” Yuri asked, motioning to their daughter.

Otabek’s eyebrow rose. “About what?” 

“She’s going on a date.”

“Oh. Yes.”

Yuri gaped. “And you let her go?!”

“Yura, she’s sixteen-”

“Don’t you remember what we were like when we were sixteen?”

“Well, you were a punk who hated everybody and went out of his way to piss people off. And you rebelled. I was well-behaved.” 

Yuri grit his teeth. “Yeah. Exactly. She’s not allowed to go.”

“Dad!” Katya protested.

Yuri turned back to him. “Absolutely not. All teenage boys are the same and I’m not going to let my daughter be taken advantage of!”

“It’s not like we’re going to have sex, we’re getting food and then going back to his house.” Katya exclaimed.

Otabek sighed and muttered to himself. “Oh no-”

“You bet your ass you’re not going to have sex you’re not going!” Yuri yelled.

Katya glared at him. “That’s not fair! You just don’t want to admit that I’m growing up! I’m not six anymore, I’m sixteen and I can do what I want! You can’t control me forever!”

“I’ll damn well try! Ekaterina Altin, you will go to your room.”

“No! I’m going out! Mikhail is already here.” Father and daughter glared each other down with identical pairs of eyes, jade green staring down jade green. And then Katya defied him, grabbing her jacket and storming out the door.

Yuri was ready to go after her but Otabek grabbed him around the waist, holding him back. 

“Beka!” Yuri looked at him incredulously.

“Just let her go and deal with her later.” Otabek said calmly. “It’s like when you went to Japan.”

Yuri’s eyes went comically wide. “This is nothing like when I went to Japan! This is WORSE!”

Otabek just hugged him close and tried to get him to calm down. Their daughter was right; Yuri was just afraid of her growing up. Otabek stroked Yuri’s hair, which fell halfway down his back still, until Yuri’s breathing returned to a normal pace. He would never admit that Otabek was right.

“Papa? Dad?” Nikolai asked from the couch.

Yuri and Otabek turned their heads to give him their attention. At least they had one obedient kid.

“What’s sex?” Nikolai asked.

Otabek and Yuri looked at each other. Shit.

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Power Play (Trixya x Alaska)- Squeaky Stella
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Ex-school girl Trixie finds herself a pawn between two powerful queens.

(AN: We’re addicted to one shots, but there might be a couple more shots fired in this fic than that. Dark!Alaska VS Badass!Katya. 10k. READ ALL TAGS)

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I need to get this off my chest and I feel like you would be very understanding about this. I used to love Katya so so much. She was the only Queen I used to stam. But when I started liking other queens as well, I have come to realize how immature, obnoxious, and toxic most of her fans are. It got to the point that it drove me away from liking her at all. (1)

Anon said: When I go on YouTube to watch a video about a different queen, I would see comments like why wasn’t Katya in the video or Katya would have done a better job. They spend so much time putting other queens down to make Katya look good even though it does the opposite. I know Katya would never encourage that kind of behavior. She even said that if you’re a bad person, then you don’t know her at all and shouldn’t be her fan. Why would they think Katya loves it if they talk shit about her friends? Trixya fans attack Ginger Minj just because she called Katya her best friend as if Katya isn’t allowed to have more than one best friend. They attack Alaska for winning All Stars 2 when statistically, she does deserve that win. And these stans try so hard to talk like her that I get secondhand embarrassment for them. I want to keep stanning Katya but her fanbase is so toxic and negative which is so ironic. And when you try to call them out, they come up with these petty replies by just unoriginally quoting Katya and thinking they won the argument by just that. I hope this doesn’t offend you but I’m just so upset by this community.

okay so first of all, i’m actually happy that you chose to vent out to this blog because i know a lot of people can relate. so don’t worry, you’re not alone ! and second, i’m not at all offended by this bc i totally know where you’re coming from !! i get very annoyed by a lot of katya fans, but i tend to just tune them out. i know it’s easier said than done (especially since i also stan alaska and there is not a single alaska video out there without a katya stan ruining it) but you somehow just end up getting used to it. 

i know fans are supposed to represent their faves but i think the younger ones tend to forget that. normally when i see Those Comments™, i immediately assume that they’re just written by tweens who are sadly short of creativity and that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. don’t give them your time of day, boo !! they’re def not worth the effort.

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hi daddy id like to order one angsty otauri daughter with a side of angry/mad otabek and a large ready-to-fight Yuri please??????

You got it bb *thumbs up emoji*

Katya snuck into the house that night and leaned back against the door. She closed her eyes to swallow her own tears and then took her shoes off, moving to walk upstairs to her room.

Yuri cleared his throat from the couch and she flinched, looking over at him, trying to hide the distress on her face.

“How was your date?” Yuri asked, his voice a bit clipped. Katya and her boyfriend had been dating for five months now and Yuri still wasn’t used to it. But that was to be expected; Yuri was going to hate any boyfriend she’s ever going to have. Katya couldn’t even imagine what he was going to be like when she got married, if she got married.

“Fine.” Katya answered shortly and she scurried towards the steps.

“You sure?” Yuri hummed.

Yeah.” Katya practically growled and stomped up the steps, slamming her door a few moments later. What did her dad know anyway?

She threw herself down on her bed and covered her eyes with her balled up fists. Mikhail… She loved him, she did, but he wasn’t always the greatest for her self confidence. He could, in back, be quite destructive to her otherwise fiery personality.

But she just couldn’t stay away from him, no matter how hard it got. She could grit her teeth and cry about it later, smiling at him the whole time.

A few moments later there was a knock on her door and she was quick to wipe her tears before Otabek popped his head in. 

“Hey, I heard you come in. May I?” Katya just pulled her knees to her chest. Her heart rate picked up. There was no way she could hide anything from her papa; he was just too observant. Otabek came in and sat next to her on the bed, hands clasped in his lap.

Otabek was silent for a minute or two before he spoke up. “How was your date?”

Katya laid her head on her knees and looked away from him. “It was good.”

“Did you two see that new movie?”

Katya’s shoulders shook from how hard she was trying not to cry. “Yeah. It was alright.” She bit her tongue to stop the hiccup forming in her throat. The movie was good aside from the things Mikhail would whisper in her ear every now and then.

“How about after?”

Katya recalled her and Mikhail driving around in his car, taking in the cool, Russian night. Mikhail reminded her of how she wasn’t what her dad wanted out of her: she wasn’t a skater, and she never would amount to the success that both her parents had.

“U-Um…” She sniffed and wiped her nose. Crap, she was blowing it.

“Katya…” Otabek wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into his chest. Katya was gone after that, leaning into him and turning towards him in order to burst into tears in his chest. 

“I-I’m sorry Papa.” She said through her tears. Her voice barely broke a whisper and Otabek ran his fingers through curly brunette hair.

Otabek kissed her head and curled his hand around her upper arm, sliding it up and down comfortingly. “Sorry for what?” 

“D-Do you think that….” Katya sniffed again. “That D-Dad is… d-disappointed with me? Are you?”

Otabek blinked down at her. She didn’t dare look up at him, choosing to hide her face in his chest. “Why would we have any reason to be disappointed in you? It’s quite the opposite.”

“W-Well… I don’t… skate.” Katya forced the word out as if it were venomous. “And… you and dad were gold medalists in competitions. And I’m never going to… And yeah, Nikolai is but… I don’t…” She curled more into him and her crying picked up.

Otabek just held her close and let her cry it out. He saw the shadow of Yuri’s silhouette in the hallway and knew he was dying to come in. When his husband did poke his head in Otabek just shook his head at him and held up a hand to keep him from coming in just yet.

“Ekaterina, we love you very much, whether or not you skate. If you did skate we would be supportive of you but we are also supportive of you now.” Otabek assured her. “Your music is beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

Katya let out a wet laughed that was almost identical to Yuri’s. Otabek remembered how he held Yuri years ago when his grandfather died when he was a little bit older than their daughter was now. Yuri cried for hours but Otabek still made him laugh in between. Now Katya’s face mirrored that.

“Why are you bringing this up now,  Красавица?” Otabek inquired. “Did… Mikhail say something to you?”

Katya clicked her tongue but otherwise didn’t say a word. It said all that Otabek, and by default Yuri, needed to know.


“I’m gonna kick his ass!” Yuri screamed in the hallway and then burst into the room, startling Katya who had been unaware of his presence.

“Dad!” Katya shouted and Yuri moved to her other side, pulling her into his arms.

“Don’t you dare ever think we could ever be disappointed in you. About anything you do. We are so incredibly proud of everything you create and everything you do in school.” Yuri took her face and forced her to look into matching green eyes. “You don’t skate because it scares you and we would never force you into anything.”

“Mikhail said-”

“I do not give two shits about what that little punk has to say about me or your father.” He glared at Otabek who covered up a snicker with a cough. “What you think of us is more important and I want you to know that we love you so incredibly much.” He kissed her forehead and pulled her into a hug. His face was dead set into one of hatred and he looked feral, ready to kill. Otabek felt what Yuri was conveying through his expression deep in his heart.

“I don’t want you seeing him again.” Yuri ordered through clenched teeth.


No. Not if you’re going to come home crying about something he said. And you better tell me what else he said to you, about us or about you. Because I need some good material if I’m gonna murder a seventeen year old kid.”

“You’re not going to murder him.” Otabek added.

Yuri’s gaze snapped to him. “He hurt my daughter I’m killing him.”

“Yuri-” “Dad-”

I’m killing him.”

Yuri couldn’t be swayed but Otabek forced him to stay inside and let out his frustrations by screaming at him instead. It worked, at least.

Sk8er Girl CH4 (Trixya)- Squeaky Pink
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Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

(AN: LAST chapter! We did the angst, hurt, comfort, and fluff. Now - smut! Hope y’all enjoyed the ride)

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⭐️⭐️ “я звезда - навсегда. спасибо большое.”⭐️⭐️

@momsgoldteeth I really loved watching you on this season of All Stars! Your growth was truly inspirational, and inspiring to us all that have a Brenda that needs to STFU.