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“Perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 She changed the decree of death to one of victory and vindication. All because OF this young girl’s obedience, humility, courage and dependence on her God. She knew the power of prayer.
I believe that God has a great call and purpose for your life, as He did for Esther’s. Your assignment may not be the deliverance of a nation, but whatever God has called you to be, is extremely significant. Just at the right time, God will lead you into your destiny, He will give you the wisdom and the anointing to fulfill it.

reasons why signal is my favorite ars episode

  • “from uh, anthony patridge” x 34
  • sally but it gets faster every time she gets nervous 
  • sally and anthony’s beautiful alternating and unison conversation
  • i cry 
  • “more re-runs and less comfortable pants”
  • listen each of them thinking the other one has it better and them being there for each other is like, the best thing in the entire world
  • preserved and pURE platonic relationships between guys and girls, seriously, incredible
  • “lil brain feet”
  • sally is a genius, a sneak
  • the whole character analysis of esther, in the airplane bathroom, smoking a cigarette 
    • “suck it, tsa”
  • esther likes getting dressed up !
  • “i get to feel fancy!” 
  • the call sign is W-H-A-T 
  • sally getting excited about lock-picking
  • katie speed already knows that i love her voice acting (in every single ep but i’m gonna say it again bc it’s SO FUCKINg AMAZING)
  • get rekt, factory dude
  • “take that, meaninglessness of the universe!”
  • Sally Climbed A Radio Tower !!
  • oh yeah the WILL i’m crying i wanna know what she was planning on giving esther
  • i get so nervous every single time i listen to her climb the tower, like, forreal
  • esther sounds so nervous on the phone pls
  • b r i d g e t 
  • do you know that, aside from flapping my hands wildly and squeaking, i also cried really hard when it was revealed that esther and bridget had dated because i thought it was too good to be true
  • seriously the quickest way to my heart is good representation and my favorite character in this show is like me and i am so happy
  • the giggles 
  • they tease each other and they’re so good
  • bridget and ettie vs the world ! 1! !
  • “i would deeply mind if you started calling me the female hg wells”
  • and the episode ends here??? right?? there’s nothing after that 
  • nothing. 
  • truly. 
  • i’m fine it’s fine 
  • (“what were we gonna do, get an apartment and tell everyone we were unlucky in love?”)
    • (rude and unfair)
    • (the irony of it, the bitterness in her voice) 
    • (it was intended to be harmful and it comes out tragic) 
I’m doing editing on my Westallen Christmas fics and...

I’m noticing that Grandma Esther gets mentioned quite a few times. She actually makes an appearance in one where she gives Barry and Iris a hard time. Quite a few of your made requests involving her in the fics. 

Just for fun which actress would you guys like to play Grandma Esther?

In my head its Nichelle Nichols.

If she were to ever appear on the show how cool would it be for the one of the first black actresses in a genre TV show to be related to Iris? 

anonymous asked:

Id love for you to talk more about the law of attraction, do you know any blogs about it?

I just listen to esther hicks videos on youtube but you can browse the law of attraction tag on tumblr too

You will often feel that everything has been said before; that you have nothing new to offer. This is not true. Everything you do is essentially unique. Yes, you will never be Herman Melville or Sylvia Plath or Edith Wharton. This is a good thing. You are you are you are you. You are infinite in your capabilities. You are an integral part of the universe. Just by existing, you have already changed the world.
—  Note to Self by Esther G. @countrymiles

>> Miss you 

“So when will you be back?” You asked, opening the glass door to let Esther outside. Justin fixed his snap-back turning it so it was the right way on his head.

“Not until next week baby.” He answered, making you pout your lips. He’s been gone for almost two weeks now so now only has it been awhile since you’ve seen him but it’s been a while since you two have been intimate. “I know Y/N, I wish I could come back now but you know I have to get this stuff done.” 

“Yeah, I know.” You sighed, pausing for a moment as Esther ran around the backyard. “I just miss you.” You added, looking out the glass door to make sure she doesn’t start chewing anything up.

“I miss you too…Did you do something different to your hair? It looks good.” He commented, leaning back on the suede couch. 

“Yeah, I dyed it darker it’s as black as it can get now.” You explained. “I also went shopping yesterday. I bought some lingerie” You teased, a smirk forming on his lips. “I wish you could take it off.” You added, digging your teeth into you bottom lip.

“You know, I could always book a plane ticket for you….” He hummed, taking the hat of his head, revealing his blonde hair. 

“Hmm yeah, you should do that.” You smiled smugly.