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Just for You

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: Hey babygirl, just want to say your writing rocks ! And if you can do a imagine which Y/N went on a run without Daryl (maybe with Maggie and Rick) and she found a beautiful black lingerie and “surprise” Daryl 😁😁❤. Just a thought but would be sweet!

Summary: Reader goes on a run with Maggie and Rick and finds lingerie. She takes it home to surprise Daryl. Pre-Negan. Season 5/6. Alexandria. Hope I got this one right! :) Smut Alert.


“Be careful, Y/N.” Daryl says.

You roll yours in response, “I know… Dad.” You mock him a little and laugh at him playfully.

“This ain’t no joke, Y/N. I ain’t gonna be there to protect ya… Be. Careful.” He looked at you with serious but, worried eyes.

You smile sweetly back at him and lean up and give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” You say softly, as you reach up to caress his cheek with your hand.

He closes his eyes and nuzzles into your hand a minute before he looks back at you, now with only worry.

He moves his hand over to put it on your cheek, mirroring your action, looking into your eyes a moment before swooping over and landing his lips on yours for a short passionate kiss.

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Feel Me

No one loves you like I love you
I never cheated, never lied
I never put no one above you
I gave you space and time
And now you’re telling me you miss me
And I’m still on your mind
We were one in a million
Our love is hard to find

Do you stay up late
Just so you don’t dream?

Every time your lips touch another
I want you to feel me
Every time you dance with somebody
I want you to feel me
Do your days get a little bit lonely?
Nights get a little bit colder?
Heart beat a little bit louder?
Days get a little bit longer?

When you’re running, who you run to?
Where do you go to hide?
When he ain’t giving you enough to
Get you through the night
I won’t be caught up in the middle
Through your highs and your lows
Baby, ‘long as you’re not with me
You’ll always be alone

anonymous asked:

I'm having an awful day and I was wondering if you could tell me how Bucky would try to cheer his best girl up?

Well, I’d hug you first. Make sure you know my arms are the safest place. Then I’d draw us a bath and ask you to tell me about you day. I’d listen and massage those shoulders of yours to make sure there’s no knots. Then I’d carry you to bed and cuddle you until the world doesn’t seem so bad and you remember I love you - Bucky