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Simply Accessible #02

i get it, not everybody has the energy to fiddle with tons of options. so this theme is a stripped down version of outrageously accessible, it’s just a simple theme you can slap onto any blog as is for the most part just so you have an accessible theme.

live preview + code


  • 500px posts
  • verdana or arial font
  • 14/15px font (except the 3 top links, they always stay 14px due to an issue with verdana being too big if 15px)
  • optional bold/italics + color
  • optional left sidebar if you want it
  • optional link underline
  • up to 3 links under the dropdown nav
  • optional borders
  • sidebar image title, plus it works as a home button
  • and like all the standard stuff you expect

if you need any help or there’s any bugs, please shoot me an ask!

also, i’d really appreciate it if you liked or reblogged this post if you’re considering using this, thank you!

expect more themes from me in the future

I was making a valentines card for my friend/role play partner, and so we used to role play as Gaster and Arial. I totally understand that you don’t do arial but I was just thinking, “tomato tomatoe, doesn’t matter that there 2 different characters, its the picture that counts. And anyways, give it a bandana and skirt, and tadaaa, you got yourself a lucida who stole Gaster’s scarf!”
(I was very lonely today :’) )

arial ‘my plan is to trespass on his property, deliberately step into a bear trap, and hope he finds me entertaining enough to let me live’ footlight

taemodachii  asked:

hello!! i was just wondering what font you used to type 'arialic hollow' in your neon fonts post?

i’m always changing the fonts. but, the fonts i use most are: calibri - type writer - novecento wide


Walking in that room when you had tubes in your arms
Those singing morphine alarms out of tune kept you sleeping and even (x)

Fake Tweet Tutorial

I was asked about how I make my fake tweets, so this is a tutorial on the method I use to make my fake tweets. I know there’s a way to change the code, but if you don’t really understand that method, you can try this. **Also, the keyboard shortcuts I use in this tutorial are for PCs; you’ll have to use similar shortcuts if you use a Mac.

Anyways this is my fake tweet tutorial.

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