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I have a question? Do you need to have a anime style to draw anime characters? ~A beginner artist who wants to change up her style (And who also looks up to you)

Oh, no way, not at all! I’ve seen lots of fanart for anime done in loads of different styles, ranging from photorealistic to super stylised and even abstract, and they’ve all looked amazing! It’s fine to stretch the boundaries however you like, so don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s how you learn and grow as an artist, after all!  

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More of an upcoming stunt being foreshadowed: one of the twins posted about how big her nephew is getting and how much she misses him. After not knowing him all year long. They used the twins to tip off the birthday stuff and to launch Elounor too. It's just so frustrating seeing it all unwind so obviously. Will there be a visit in exactly 2 weeks, per promo schedule?

Nah, I don’t particularly think so. What I know is that if constantly using that child for any kind of promo wasn’t disgusting enough, any time they bring in louis’ younger siblings, I get utterly disturbed. I just can’t, that’s my limit, I guess. And like, the whole family hasn’t seen poor Freddie in what, almost a year now? He doesn’t come to the UK and they all have holidays everywhere but in LA, where their beloved nephew is. So, what’s the truth? We know what’s the truth. I’d rather leave this farce to the only category of people who can watch it unfold and still choose to find it believable.

everyone on this site wants recovery without actually.. doing things to recover. everyone just does the same ol shit they do every other day thinking that if they do the Same Exact Thing they been doing it’s gonna produce a different result. i’m not saying all therapists are good/understanding but y’all will literally go to the therapist, listen to them give you good advice, and come home to complain about “oh, neurotypicals! always wanting mentally ill people to try get better!!” like what are you paying $150 a sess for

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Surprise! Your bias asked you out on a date/friend date! The only thing is, they want you to match some of your mutuals with the rest of topp dogg for a group date… Which mutuals would you pair with the remaining members and why?

AAAAAH no way! This is the cutest idea ever. Well, alright! 

Sangdo - @annlka alright CALM DOWN everyone I know you’re all REALLY SURPRISED but just HEAR ME OUT (…did it work? typing sarcastically is hard) I barely have to explain this but Sannika (Annido? I think Sannika is better idk) would be the cutest couple ever. I mean they’re already basically official and all. Ah yeah this is just obviously a really cute one I don’t really need to say more. #destiny.

Xero - @fishtaeils I SHIP IT SO MUCH!!! I mean it’s about time that the best shipper on Tumblr actually gets shipped herself right? Well, truthfully she reblogged something the other day saying “anonymously tell me who you ship me with” and I sent Xero so this one is legit y’all. I didn’t even have to think about it. I mean they’re just going to be a couple of angels - though I hope she likes selfies a lot ‘cause he’s def going to be taking like 5000. Welp, cute.

A-Tom - @td-b0yz I believe she has a boyfriend so it might have to be a friend date but she’s definitely who I think of when I think A-Tom bias so I have to go with her! I think it’d be cute for them to hang out I just… hope her bf doesn’t mind… too much… heh…

Hansol - Well since he’s ace it’s gonna be a friend date… and since he’s also super popular as a bias he can have a few friends to hang out with, right? Let’s go with @hansoleffect @hansolpsd @cutehansol @zombietwink and @i-growl-growl-growl ~ they’d all totally have fun! ^_^ I mean hell just turn it into a party at this point ‘cause Hansol would be the MOST fun person to have a party with. 

P-Goon - @bias-wrecked I know you stan B-Joo as well but I hope you don’t mind! P-Goon is so boyfriendy already tbh it’s not hard to imagine him paired up :3 

Yano - @turnup4toppdogg idk if you’re even Yano biased but idk anyone who very obviously is!!! So I searched… and then on your blog I saw “#when yano pulls his turtleneck over his face #breathe if you agree” and HAHA omg jasdhkjf. My night is made, and so is your date~

Hojoon - @ilyhojoon ahhh she’s so sweet. I always check her tags whenever she reblogs the Hojoon stuff I make / other people make. Sometimes she’s like the first one to reblog new stuff which is how you know… like… that’s her man yo. You deserve this internet date!!!!

Nakta - Sehee uhhhm again idk for this one because he’s not a popular bias but I’m gonna go with frohjoeman (I won’t tag her cause she’s not a mutual so she’d probably be like who tf is this… and I don’t want to get a creep reputation) I have just seen her posts about Nakta so!!!! ENJOY YOUR DATE!

aaaand that’s a wrap! Sorry if I left you out (please don’t hate me) but don’t sweat it you probably deserve your bias anyway :) ♡

~ Laura the Match-Maker

Sleepover Saturday!

in honour of hitting 1.5k i’m hosting a sleepover!!! you can ask or talk to me about whatever u want!!! some ideas:

  • tell me about your day!
  • tell me about your crush!!
  • confessions
  • unpopular opinions!
  • rant about whatever you want!
  • send me ur fave artist and i’ll make you a playlist
  • ask for a blograte!
  • ask for book, movie, or tv recs!!
  • tell me about your pets!
  • ask/tell me anything you want!!!!

i’ll be tagging everything as ‘rosysleepover’ so if you dont wanna see the posts or join in then just block that tag!!!!! 💖

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Why didn't Cardi do a maternity shoot?

She lacked the enthusiasm for it, like the first 6 months of her pregnancy was really bad for her, and she struggled a lot with the fact that she’s going to be a mom and she was in all just really really worried that she’ll turn out like her mother. So she kinda tried to ‘ignore’ the fact that she was pregnant. The only one who was actually excited about it was Jackson. 

Then when she herself started getting excited then all this drama happened and she was more focused again on that than doing anything pregnancy related. And now she’s too tired and can’t be bothered to do one. 

Also photo-shoots/celebrations have never been a thing for her. She hates birthday parties (even going to them) and any kind of big celebrations. 

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What should I do if I'm looking for friends but don't currently have one? Bc I'm a lonely person that needs other ppl in their life. -🐧

i think one thing that almost always works for me is talking to people who seem to be sitting alone. maybe ask to sit beside them if you can and/or ask about the time? it’s what i always do when i’m at a new place

I think it’s no secret to anyone that my OTP is a rarepair, right?

But the fact that it is a rarepair is actually a huge reason, why I love it so much. 

You see, it was pretty much the first time for me that I entered a rather small fandom. Before, I was always part of fan communities where pretty much everything was a thing somewhere. So I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact no one seemed to ship my ship as I first checked out the fandom of SnS. 

And so I started to pay even more attention to the two and what actually was just a small, little, random thing made more and more sense. I explained the ship 100 times to my RL friends and 200 times to myself. To put it simply, my love and obsession just grew and grew and now…here we are.

But well. While I do know nowadays that there are people who ship them, it’s still a very overlooked ship and I wanted to try my best to explain it to the fandom now as well. 

So yeah:

A Ship Analysis (or at least a Try of it) for 

Zenji Marui x Yuki Yoshino

Please note:

1. My opinion. If you have different views, that’s alright okay? Please just leave me be.

2. English is not my native language and I apologize in advance for grammar and spelling mistakes. 

3. Spoilers for both Manga and Anime, of course. I will focus on both. 

4. I will refer to Marui with his first name here, simply because I am used to that. 

5. I am horrible in explaining. 

6. Looots of pictures. 

7. This might get updated in the future quite often *shrug*

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Gen 8 Kanto games. Thinking it's another remake. But the new Professor Oak is young and your dad. Your mom back home who mails you cool stuff & compulsively buys PokéDolls? Still holds the record for the youngest female Kanto league champion. Sometimes you run into her in odd places--an abandoned power plant, Silph HQ, a desert island, a cave; she claims she's "just visiting friends" and gives you a helpful item before flying off on her Doduo.

BRUH IF YOU ARE IMPLYING GREEN AS THE NEW PROF OAK AND THEN LEAF IS YOUR MOM™ AT LEASTMY FUCKING SHIP WOULD BE CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ID CRY!!!!!! but highkey i still wanna,,…play as leaf….kick team rocket ass………..run into green @ the league once more….let it be…

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Trust me. You're an inspiration of thirst. I just need 24 hours extra a day and 7 days extra in a week. But don't worry. Good things come with time. Diamonds are created by putting coal under a lot of pressure over an extended period of time 😏😏💚💚 Oh, and never think you're ordinary. You're extraordinary.

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Y'all flatter me straight into my feels like whoa. I don’t even know what to say. *fans face while looking up at the ceiling to prevent tears*

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the Ravus we see in Ep Iggy better be the real one or i will cry. please just give me more Ravus i will die for this beautiful man.

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I’m not even near Ravus hell, but I can def appreciate his majestic stature in that clip. I admit I’m just too entranced by Ignis most of the time that everything else fades out except bae and I just swoon forever, LOL!

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hii i love ur art! <3 how do u do side view people so well? do u use like guidelines n stuff? ❤️❤️

I don’t use many solid guidelines honestly, it’s mostly all practice (profiles have always been one of my favorite things to draw, so I doodle them a lot).

These are my basic guidelines for profiles:

As for placement, some of the notes I made in this post apply to the profile as well (i.e the ear lines up with either the eyes or eyebrows down to the bottom of the nose, the mouth lines up with the top of the jaw, and the eye changes it’s shape when it’s turned). Additional notes for the profile:

Everything else I mostly know from memory or intuition, so sadly I don’t know how to offer you much help besides this. I still struggle with my profiles so I’m always using references, making quick studies, and tweaking my art like crazy to get things right.

Thanks for the ask! I hope this helps a little bit.

Say cheese~! ✌

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a kiribaku tickle fight would be super cutesy??? (though bakugou may get violent... hope kiri's ready to harden)

a kiribaku tickle fight would be super freaking cutesy I actually had like a million different ideas for this but i only have so much sketchbook space lmao

So I hc that Kiri is super ticklish in his sides and maybe his sibs/friends too real advantage of this so he kinda adapted so that the moment anyone came near his sides he hardens his sides as a precaution

and Baku is super ticklish on the back of his neck so of course Kiri’s gotta give him a lil raspberry