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  • Normani: Look, I think I know how to help Camila. This calls for tough love. We've gotta draw her out, we gotta bait her, confront her, attack her until she defends herself. Only then will she start to feel better. Just follow my lead.
  • Normani: Mila, you should be ashamed of yourself!
  • Ally: How could you do such a thing?
  • Dinah: Hope you never get mad at me.
  • [Camila starts sobbing]
  • Camila: Why are you all screaming at me? I was minding my damn business and eating some fruit!
  • [she leaves crying and they look at Normani]
  • Normani: Well, I could be wrong.

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can you pls make it clear on ur blog that ur white? esp since ur using a moc as your icon and focus on content related to nonwhite chars like gabe + have popular antiracism posts. theres an issue w white bloggers doing this as a way 2 make nonwhite bloggers feel safe/not know that theyre actually white. i know you post selfies and so i know youre not actively trying to hide anything. itd just say a lot about you as an ally if youd be willing to do this thank u fr reading u dont have to post this

yea sure thing i’ll add it to my about page :o

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Well the age of consent in Japan is 13. That doesn't mean it's morally ok. But by bandying about the 'consent laws of that country make it okay' you've just allied yourself to pedophilia. Congrats. Creep.

woo it’s like the first time I posted something Otayuri and already my first anti!

ooh boy, let’s go then, shall we?

  • pfft I’m a 22 yo girl from Russia and believe me, I know far better than you (whoever the fuck you are you coward) what’s okay and not okay in my culture. 15-16 year olds dating people of 18-19 years is pretty common. some may disapprove but unless someone gets knocked up, people generally don’t care.
  • both of them being guys would gather much more shit than 3 year freaking “age gap” (lol)
  • we seriously need to stop pretending that people under 18 don’t do anything sexual. like how stupid and ridiculous and divorced from reality do you need to be???
  • I was not so into everybody’s business so I can’t be sure but judging by people dating, at least ¼-1/3 of my year did something sexual before 18
  • age of consent in Russia is 16. in Kazakhstan too.
  • “paedophilia” lol. people just love throwing that word around nowadays. do you even know what that means? “Paedophilia is when a person sixteen years of age or older is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to children who have not begun puberty (generally eleven years old or less)” who the hell is supposed to be under 11 here? I don’t think we even have those characters in YOI except for the triplets. and no one’s shipping them as far as I can see
  • I know our culture is super obsessed with sex but since when dating = sex, especially when you’re a teen??? I know plenty of people who dated and then split up all without doing more than making out occasionally
  • you being anon and not even trying to defend your ridiculous notions to my face just discredits what you said by like 50%
  • why do I even argue? it’s pointless. I can write 50 more points and it won’t make a difference to someone like you.  if you ship hate then have the balls to admit it. no need to try and justify your shitty  treatment of others in the fandom by taking an imaginary “high ground”

MJ out :)

  • Ally: Okay, all right, let's hear about the kiss. Was it like...was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a, you know, "I gotta have you now" kind of thing?
  • Camila: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Ally: Okay, so was she holding you? Or were her hands, like, on your back?
  • Camila: No, actually, first they were...they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.
  • Ally: Ohhhh!
  • -
  • Lauren: And, uh, and then I kissed her.
  • Dinah: Tongue?
  • Lauren: Yeah.
  • Normani: Cool.

just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

Happy Birthday, Bucky


Sam has created a chatroom: HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY

Sam has invited Bucky, Steve, Y/N, Nat.

Sam: Happy Birthday, raccoon boy. I’m glad to have been given the chance to know you. I hope you enjoy your birthday, ya jerk.

Steve: Happy Birthday, Buck! I hope we can celebrate many more birthday’s together. Thank you for always being there for me. I’m with you till the end of the line. Love you.

Natasha: С днём рождения! Желаю, чтобы у тебя всё было, а тебе за это ничего бы не было. (Happy birthday! I wish you have it all without repercussions.)

Y/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUCKY!! You deserve the best, and I hope all your wishes comes true. I hope you’re ready to celebrate your birthday later, because we have a big surprise for you.

Sam: … Guys, I think he’s asleep.

Steve: He’s usually awake around this time.

Natasha: Yes but, he’s been tired from his last mission so…

Y/N: … Well, at least we got to wish him before everyone else.

Sam: … Now what?

Steve: Now we barge into his room, and bombard him with hugs.

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So…my friend and I are just a teensy tiny bit dramatic…

As they were building that library in that school’s gym, they built a rehearsal space for us. It was really an empty room taped out with the same dimensions of the library. And they had the tables all there. And he [John Hughes] had us sitting at the same table. All of us. And I was like, “I don’t want to sit with them.” And he was like, “What do you mean?” And I go, “I do not want to sit with them, you know?” And he goes, “Where do you want to sit?” And I knew from the script that I come in after [Anthony] Michael [Hall], so I go, “Wherever he sits, that’s the seat I want.” And he smiled and he looked at Michael, and he went, “Is that okay with you?” Michael went, “Fine.” And [Hughes] just went, “Okay.” And then Ally [Sheedy] said, “I don’t want to sit with them.” And he went, “Where do you want to sit?” And she goes, “Way in the back.” He says, “Fine.” And Emilio says, “Well, I’ll sit with Molly.” And we were like, “Yeah, of course you will.” And the rehearsal had already begun.”  — Judd Nelson for A.V. Club (2016)

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I'm a beginner artist and I'm getting really depressed because I can't draw beautiful things like you.. Can you give me some words for cheer me up, please? And I wanted to ask how should I do neat lines like you? But I can't draw neat lines, the sketch is fine but when it comes to transform it in the drawing it sucks, help me Ally Sensei ;-; Btw I love your art and your blog, it inspires me a lot and when I look at your art I can't just help but want to draw like you one day, saranghae ❤❤💞

one thing i’ve learnt is to not force myself into an art style that just /isn’t/ me! you hate lineart and love your sketches more? WORK with your sketch instead and make IT into the lineart!

it might take you awhile to find solutions to make what you’re comfortable with into a coherent and appeasing product, but know that even if it looks bad/awkward, it’ll be something you’re gonna look back at and say “damn, i’m so glad i kept at it and got to where i am today”

Till the end of Time: No Matter What

Second Person - Words 2.8k

Warnings - Missed Miscarriage 

Harry exhaled deeply in his seat next you, drawing your attention so you could see the soft smile he had to offer as he gently slid his hand under yours, his fingers linking with your shaking ones. “No matter what happens, I love you and I’ll help you through it.”


A frown was on your lips as you held the price tag of the stroller you were looking at. It had only been a month that you had found out that you were pregnant and although you had been to a doctor and been reassured that everything was fine. You still couldn’t wrap your head around the idea that you were going to be a mother.

Every day you thought about how this wasn’t something you wanted yet and every day you felt horrible that you couldn’t be happy about the life growing inside you. The thing that broke your heart the most was seeing Harry feel the opposite.

Harry was thrilled that he was going to be a dad and every chance he got he put a hand over your belly and that was the worst thing of all. One morning you woke up with his fingers dancing delicately over the small bump that had just appeared while whispering against your skin that he couldn’t wait to meet the little girl or boy and you had to fight with every fibre in your body to not break down crying.

Harry didn’t notice the way you felt but Anne did. She noticed the look on your face when Harry had told his family that you were pregnant and later that night when she got you alone you cried into her arms.

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