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yall wtf

guess who used the same banner twice in a row hahaha not me

anyways idk how the shit i hit 1.5k asfasdgsd i have no words other than thank you guys sm!!!

first im gonna shout out all super cool people im in a gc with and people ive chatted with in the past

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if i forgot you please tell me!!

Am I the only person that loves the way Elias says Sana’s name?? Like..am I weird for going through each clip he’s in just to hear him say ‘Sana’ (with a slight questioning tone)??
I can’t tell if it’s the way he says it or just his voice???? Idk ignore me

I’ve had, I think, exactly 4 major interactions with groups of friends or strangers today and in every single one of them I think I’ve referenced the millennial avocado toast thing in some way.  Apologies to the friend who was present in all 4 of these interactions and had to hear me talk about avocado toast at every conceivable opportunity.

(In one situation it was actually a slice of pie but it was still functionally an avocado toast in that by not buying it I saved 5 bucks I can put towards a house.)

tumblr is being a major ass-hat so I’m gunna submit this 2 hours past yer b day lmao

happy birth!!! have me + sass with a space cupcake. Spacey is off doin space things idk

I made such ungodly squeals when I saw this?? I put banshees to shame
HFHFJGJHKH THANK YOU for the bday wishes and for drawing my nerd son! you both look amazing <3
I’m dyi n g; help  

i hate when customers complain abt being carded whenever they buy cigarettes or alcohol like??? sir i have to ask for your id or i’ll fucking lose my job and be in trouble with the law so just take 2 seconds out of your day and hand it over

alright when someone comes at me saying something like “why do you even want keith and lance to end up together? they are barely friendly with each other” like, i get it, you are probably completely focused on their bickering and just kinda…gloss over the moments where it is so very obvious they care about each other. and not everyone sees the potential between them, anyways. that’s cool. but when you say that and then proceed to hit me with “keith and allura would make much more sense” i just???? what??? bitch WHERE? after season 2, i am positive they care about each other (i just personally think it’s only platonic, especially since i’m very attached to the gay!keith headcanon, i don’t feel right shipping him with girls myself) but how are they any more friendly with each other than keith and lance?? they’ve literally…barely interacted 1-on-1 throughout the whole show so far. is it bc they hugged? bc allura apologized for her behavior towards keith? lmao bc that wasn’t even written well. she  was completely justified in how she was feeling.  keith didn’t even bother to ask how allura was feeling and he didn’t even bother to apologize himself. they were both in the wrong in ways and it was handled very poorly and i do not see how that portrays a good relationship. i’m sorry but i just, personally, cannot see how keith and allura makes more sense than keith and lance. how can someone think keith and lance are barely friendly with each other but think keith and allura are friendly?? did you watch the show Dude