just for today


Hugo’s first holiday means he gets to go on lots of new adventures, and suffer through me making him pose for a ton of photos.

Well… I’m getting a bit overwhelmed now. Maybe I should take a break from the dragon ball art (in all forms), or something? The sudden spike in attention (and followers like jfc) I’ve gotten from it is starting to get me a little, uneasy. I really do appreciate all the sweethearts tho 💙 but gosh, i do not like getting suddenly veeery nervous whenever I put something up.. I’m not much used to such a large and vocal fandom (and kind of relentless at that note)

I don’t know. Like I said, it’s gotten pretty overwhelming, especially at how quickly it happened in such a short amount of time its like, really weird. But I do start to freak out a little from all the attention.