just for this dance scene


SKAM balloon squad x Brooklyn Nine-Nine opening credits (boys / girls squad)

I’ve just realized why I loved the scene where Yousef is dancing and Sana is watching him. I’m used to boys being cocky. My subconscious was waiting for Yousef to make fun of Sana for watching him, to make her look and feel like a “stupid little girl with a crush on him”. But he didn’t. He was embarrassed and he didn’t hide it. He excused himself for having the music too loud and for dancing at her house, he didn’t put all the blame on her for being the one watching him. I really like this boy (and I really, really like him with Sana).

the signs as Jean Ralphio
  • Aries: hope you brought a change of clothes, ‘cause your eyes are about to piss tears.
  • Taurus: I made my money the old fashioned way: ♪ I got run over by a Lexussssss ♪
  • Gemini: Tommy T! You just missed the craziest of crazies. clubs. girls. dancing. naked--mom?! argument. fleeing the scene. hiding in a dumpster. coming here. crashing on your couch for a week 'cause ♪technically i'm homeless♪
  • Cancer: When life gives you lemons, steal your grandma’s jewellery and go clubbin’
  • Leo: no, no... that's too mu- that's too much responsibility for me. I got- I gotta find a way out of this
  • Virgo: ♪ she's the wooOOoOorst ♪ she is the worst person in the world
  • Libra: I guess sometimes I call men 'beautiful', too. I guess that means ♪I'm open-minded as heeeelll♪
  • Scorpio: live your life like that cow from that video
  • Sagittarius: ♪K to the N to the O P E she's the dopest little short in all Pawnee, Indiana♪
  • Capricorn: step one: we buy into this club step two: we roll over to the club either in your mercedes benz which is gorgeous or my pre-owned acura legend which is alright step three: i dagger you on the dance floor just bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce now everybodys watching us
  • Aquarius: are you do ding-dongs making fake drugs for sophomores, because if true, this guy wants in!
  • Pisces: ricka ricka ricka ricka! [imitating DJ scratching] [Whispering] Swanson.

The Thrawn Crisis Regency AU 

for @operaticspacestrash 

Welcome to Myrkr estate, Sir Luke…

After being set upon by Imperial agents and left in the woods to die, Luke Skywalker, the secret son of late and unlamented Lord Vader, is rescued by Captain Karrde, a notorious smuggler, and the mysterious Miss Mara Jade. He soon discovers that Miss Jade was once the ward of the former Emperor, and that she desires nothing more than to see him dead. Meanwhile, Admiral Thrawn’s fleet gathers off the coast and no one knows which way the tide of war will turn…

idk i feel like i would’ve liked la la land more if the music was better. like say if the actors had been actual singers. like for example if jeremy jordan had played sebastian. and while you’re at it, just go ahead and replace emma stone with anna kendrick. you know what, just watch the last five years instead


You’re the hottest thing this town has seen in a long time.


Patty Tolan & Erin Gilbert in “Ghostbusters”

“- Screw that. We are scientists. Plus Patty. 

 - Thank you.”

My Favorite Stydia Scenes

Because @argyledpenguin asked and also they were making me emotional. This isn’t remotely all of them, just the ones that make me the most emotional. Enjoy!

Bonus: Lydia remembering that she loves Stiles/the kiss

Part one Part two Part three

and for a more comprehensive experience, here is a link to Lydia’s romantic journey. 


In the midst of this troubled, messed up world, just enjoy this delightful scene of a little girl showing off her dance skills.

And note how the grown up copies her moves and includes them in her own dance, to encourage her.