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Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

A quick Dean X Reader drabble for the holiday. (PS I am thankful for all of you. I really mean it. Thanks for letting me share my crazy thoughts and weird stories. Thank you for your encouragement, motivation, and friendship.) 

Word Count: 1700

I’m especially thankful for you @misguidedconqueress! Thanks for always checking over things and just being amazing! 


The heavy door of the bunker creaked wide open as the boys waltzed through, Cas included, returning home from a hunt. All Dean wanted to do was hold you close; a fresh change of clothes and cracking a beer could come later. You had stayed behind this time, stating you had felt under the weather. It had been the longest time you and Dean had spent apart; he desired so bad to close that distance. As a wave of a bright and hearty smell hit Dean he exchanged a confused look with his brother. The bunker felt warmer, the light almost having a orangish glow compared to the usual harsh fluorescents.

As the boys headed down the staircase, the sound of chattering grew as did their confusion. Castiel proudly grinned having successfully hidden a secret from the two. His job was to ensure the hunt would last long enough but not too long as so they would arrive home on this exact day.  

They strolled through the war room into the library to find it fully converted into a dining area decorated with assorted squash, leaves, candles and a table completely set. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of people drinking and chatting back and forth.

Garth lit up like a Christmas tree upon seeing Dean. “Look who decided to show up.” He sauntered over to them. “Happy Thanksgiving hombres.” He hugged Dean first and then Sam.

Along with Garth, was a large group of people. Garth’s wife, Jody, and Donna with Claire and Alex, Eileen, a few other hunters. Dean gritted his teeth seeing Crowley casually browsing the books.

“What’s going on?” Sam slightly chuckled, stepping out of Garth’s hug.

“Dude, Y/N planned it all. I can’t believe you haven’t had us over before. Man, this place is balls.” Garth gushed.

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i’m revamping my taglist

Writing is difficult, more so when you’re writing for a group of people who you’re looking for any sign of enjoyment from. When you ask people to read and they leave you with nothing in return about if they even remotely liked something that you’ve spent a long time on, it’s difficult to have any sort of drive to keep writing more.

The past fics that I’ve written have often taken me at least fifteen minutes just to tag everyone since I post my fics from mobile - it’s super discouraging when I’ve spent all that time tagging people and I receive nothing in return. 


add your url to the list on which you’d like to be included on here (some of my original permanent taglist has been left on due to their routine feedback - of course, if you’d like to be removed, let me know!)

  • please do not remove anyone’s url from any list
  • if you’d like to be on one of my taglists, please make sure that you are responding to my fics through reblogs, tags, comments, asks about the fic bc ikes don’t really let me know that you read it and they do not help me improve. feedback does.
  • i know sometimes that tags don’t work - that’s why i reblog my fics for different timezones so you’ll still be able to see it.

Please know that if you are not responding, I do reserve the right to remove you from my taglist.

mot-kikoku  asked:

37 or 79 (if you want to of course) congrats on 300!!

ahh thanks you so much! i chose 79 because i it just seems likes something these two would do…

79: stop hogging all the blankets

There are few things in this world better than laying down in bed after a long day. One could argue that laying next to the person you love is better than just laying down, but at this moment in time, Ryan just wanted to sleep.

Shane had left work a bit earlier than Ryan, which made no sense due to the fact he spent half his time looking at random images, but never the less, he was already in bed when Ryan got home. 

Ryan sighed, taking off his shirt and pants, deciding just to sleep in his boxers instead of finding actual pajamas. He slowly lifted the blanket and got into bed, careful not to wake Shane.

He smiled to himself as he closed his eyes, ready to go to sleep. Just as he was about to drift into unconsciousness, he suddenly felt very cold. 

Ryan opened his eyes, looking down at his now exposed body. He groaned softly, reaching to get the blanket back from Shane. The taller man had decided to curl up on his side of the bed, pulling the blankets inward.

Ryan tugged the blanket back onto his body and tried to get back to sleep. It only lasted a few minutes before Shane pulled the blanket off of Ryan again. 

“Stop hogging all the blankets!” Ryan hissed, not caring if Shane woke up. All he got in response was a groan.

Ryan grabbed the blankets back with force, clinging to them for dear life.

“Stop it I’m cold,” Shane whined, bringing the blankets back to his side.

“No shit, I am too.” 

Ryan yanked the blanket away from Shane and made a cocoon for himself. He smiled in triumph as Shane attempted to get the blanket back, but to no avail. 

Shane paused for a second, trying to think of a way to get the blanket back. He noticed one of the ends of the blanket peaking out from under Ryan, and smiled. Shane wrapped his hands around the edge of the blanket and pulled, unraveling the cocoon and pulling both Ryan and the blanket over himself. 

“There, I think this is a good solution to the problem,” Shane said, wrapping his arms around Ryan. 

Ryan grumbled in response, but the warmth of Shane’s chest and the blanket on top of him made it hard to be angry.

“Can I go to sleep now?” he asked, voice rich with exhaustion. 

Shane laughed and nodded, giving Ryan one quick kiss before closing his eyes once more and falling back asleep. 

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I’ve learned so much this year, and I’ve gained so much confidence in myself. I spent most of this year battling depression trying to get out of that funk and I did. There are times where I just randomly feel like “I’m not doing enough”. But I have the people who love me to remind me that I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

So many times this year I realized that I am my own worst enemy! I hold myself back from a lot of things. I treat myself terribly, doubting and speaking ill of myself. Once I start putting those negative things aside positive things began to happen.

I think losing weight was a big one for me. I mean I wasn’t big but I definitely was 20 pounds heavier & I wasn’t as confident as I am now. My body feels better, my mind feels better and my soul is being nourished. I’m ready for my new beginnings and creative opportunities.


Barely slept last night… got a damn death rattle stuck in my chest… omg… coughed so hard I swear I thought I was going to die last night… go figure!!! Surgery and one hella chest cold– I can’t fucking win. Every time I lay down, the damn death rattle starts up again! (fucking kill me now) 

So spent most of the day taking little naps in my chair and just watching bad tv… Got a few docs ready for some exchanges… put some ideas together… but all in all… didn’t do much of anything but start about six wips (one shots). 

Was feeling dehydrated and was glad my son went and got me some coconut water– I love this stuff and guzzled it down, that really helped… 

But I’m rambling… still got this death rattle in my chest… and the couching hurts soooooo bad– but will be at my parents tomorrow for Thanksgiving! 

Maybe I can combine all these thoughts and ideas in my head and get some shit done here soon– mostly gonna be working on four different Secret Santa Fics to post next month, and the Knock up Yuuri Week. 

Got a milestone I hit today on Tumblr!!! Debating what to do for this!!!! Still accepting ideas! We could always do prompts for drabbles or short one shots!

Ok… Im rambling… Thanks for letting me whine… I know I haven’t been a lot of fun lately… 

hey why do we all wake up at 3am absolutely parched now???? like as if we just spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert outside of a biblical town???? i literally never did this as a kid or even a teenager really but now i have to keep a large glass of water by my bed at all times

we’re on the way to dana’s parents house and blossom is just in the carrier screaming but i don’t believe her anymore because she spent 4 days in the moving van having the time of her life. she’s a little con artist and siamese also don’t have normal meows all she knows how to do is scream

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Spent some time poking around and noticed that for Hirono Ryouta (Sakunami) you still have his age listed as unknown, but his Twitter lists his brithday as April 28, 1998, which means if that's correct we do know now. I know Dateko's old news, but thought I'd let you know. Also the link to his Twitter doesn't work (I'm so sorry, I know there's been a lot of that lately). Also curious if you update the ages for old cast, or just leave it as their age when they played the character?

I really do think that every time I fix a link on a page somewhere, Tumblr’s coding fucks up the update and it messes up a link somewhere else.  All of these links were absolutely working when I made the original cast pages. 

As for updating ages, I admit to not keeping up with that diligently as I don’t update on actors when they stop being a part of Haikyuu.  I keep up with current actors’ birthdays so that I can make those birthday posts, and then I’m reminded to go update their age on the cast pages, but I don’t really mess with it for non-current actors.  I can do a sweep at the end of the year so that everyone is current for the end of 2017, but that’s not something I usually think to keep up with.

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alyssa,,, 🅱️lease,,,, hmu w that good fluffy christine content

yes what a good idea i will definitely do this

christine was almost too good. she brought you coffee/tea/milkshakes/etc. in the mornings, and she planned cute dates because she was organized, and she helped you study because she was smart (even though she would get distracted at times), and she was overall the best girlfriend you could ask for. sunday mornings were spent in the nearest coffee shop, making flashcards for your upcoming history test, or reading christine her cue lines so she could practice, or just snuggling on the comfy couches and enjoying each other’s company. she was good to you always, sneaking smooches on your cheek or the side of your mouth or anywhere that made your face heat up and rich wiggle his eyebrows at you and chloe and brooke “awww” in your presence. more than anything, you loved how you could catch her staring at any given point in the day, because you two are smitten and ultimate goals.

doing blurbs


mmmmm logan and i have been back together for a few days and it feels like we picked up right where we left off and i’m so happy. he grabbed me from work this morning and we went to a cute donut place downtown we used to always go to and we went back to his house and slept n snuggled all day until he had to go to work and he is literally doing every single thing in his power to let me know how sorry he is and how much he wishes we could’ve just stayed together because we would have been so happy. like i have…. dreamed……. about hearing him say all these things forever. i used to have to try and imagine what his voice would sound like saying he loved me and now he says it to me a million times a day and he calls me beautiful constantly and he spent so much time today trying to convince me i have nothing to be insecure about because i’m weird about people touching me or anything after some of the shit i’ve been through this last year. i love him so much and i’ve known since the day we met over a year ago that we are meant to be together and he’s a lil dumb for taking to long to realize it too but i’m so happy he has and all our friends are so happy we’re back together and i’m SO HAPPy :( i told him i’m going to my best friends baby shower in a week and i wanted him to come but didn’t really wanna ask because before he wouldn’t really have wanted to go to something like that but in the littlest tiniest voice he was like “…… can i come with you?” and it was so cute wtf i love him so much

Happy birthday Zen!
Here’s my April Fools’ prank. I promised something spicy but you get fluff instead. I hope you’re not making a sad face. I’m smiling (: 


ive been literally watching nothing but the great british bake off so naturally this had to happen

click on pics for character name and hcs!!

I just wanna know what I did wrong??? What did I do or say to make you not want to even talk to me anymore? You just fucking disappeared like I wasn’t shit. I was tryna give you everything I had even though I didn’t have shit to give. What the fuck happened?

things from deh 11/19
  • the lights hadnt even gone up on ben yet on the bed and people were already applauding like it was the end of the world. the applause just..kept going. and ben had this choked up look on his face and he was trying not to cry
  • the same for rachel bay jones just. raucous applause. 
  • and also? when the murphy family breakfast rolls on people lost it and they had to wait like 85 minutes before going back into the song
  • ben forgetting his lines in the middle of sincerely, me and just kind of standing there with a little grin on his face as will was just staring at him like omg
  • during ywbf ben walked toward the front of the stage as usual, you know, but he was looking UP at the screens and all around like he’d never seen it before in his life and he wanted to memorize it all. he had his head entirely craned back just looking UP 
  • after smthng jared says about the Gay Emails ben sat there and did his normal little head shake but ppl laughed so much, and he did it again and people laughed, and he just kept doing it an incredible amount of time just. shaking his head and everyone loved it
  • he wiped his hand ENTIRELY down to his foot when he meets zoe for the first time. like not just a dramatic little shirt wipe. he lifted up his leg and wiped it the ENTIRE length to his off-brand shoes
  • after zoe was like “im not breaking up w you” ben was facing out toward the audience and did this little hand moment like Oh but again. we all laughed. and he kept doing it for like 5 hours
  • also his FREAK OUT when he thinks zoe is breaking up w him was SO DRAMATIC he did lunges and shit i have never seen a human body move in that way before
  • mike really pummeled him in sincerely, me during their little Buddy Buddy part. and BEN !!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKIN RAN HIS HAND THROUGH MIKES HAIR INSTEAD OF DOING HIS NORMAL TINY POKES
  • sincerely, me was basically a rock concert ppl next to be started to clap along it was wild
  • bens hug with jlt after for forever didnt end they just did not let go of each other
  • mike was especially kind today as the computer lab connor he was very very kind. gentle. until you know, hes not
  • ben hugged michael park after to break in a glove
  • this is not specific to today but whenever rbj struts up the center of the stage during good for you i lose my mind
  • there was a half standing ovation after words fail. a good portion of the mezzanine stood and i couldnt see the orchestra. man, you could see him concentrating all his energy just NAILING every single not and i think he was legitimately sobbing when he told the murphys the truth. he had to take some breaths. i mean, sobbing more than usual. i was worried for a second
  • so big, so small was impossible to watch bc it was the most truthful beautiful quiet thing ive ever seen. the looks they gave to each other. the words they said without speaking abt how much they love each other. i cannot express the power of the beat that evan and heidi spent looking into each others eyes doing nothing but being together. they took their time on this song and it hurt so bad 
  • the finale was ridiculous it was just everyone weeping weeping weeping. laura dreyfuss was WEEPING her face was red with tears but she somehow held it together to talk to ben and say “i wanted you to see this” but even from the MEZZANINE i could see the sparkle of tears in her eyes and i was like laura please if you start crying, im really gonna lose my composure and fuckin shriek or something
  • when everyone came out to sing for forever at the finale and theyre all looking at him ben just looked at them for a good long minute and theyre all smiling at him, and the look on rachel bay jones’ face is ethereal, and hes in the spotlight, and he steps forward to sing his final lines and he closes his eyes and just feels it 
  • and then its done
  • laura gives him a huge bouquet of flowers and he keeps motioning for the rest of the cast to come on and bow with him again and again bc the theatre just wont shut up and he has to keep coming back and bowing 
  • and then its really done

God I’m finally done with this comic I don’t care if it looks like shit just. Just take it.

I started working on this comic in September but due to personal health problems and inktober I wasn’t able to finish it until now. Like with all my comics, I don’t like the final results but goddamn it I spent a long ass time working on this comic and you’re gonna look at it! Or not. I can’t force you to do anything. At the very least I’d appreciate if you look at the line art. That shit took the longest time.

Most of comics I think up of are just scenarios I think are interesting or a particular image I wanted to draw and I conjured up a comic around it to provide some sort of context. For this one, I was inspired by the paneling in Houseki no Kuni manga and I wanted to draw something like it, so if you’re wondering why the paneling looks different than my average comic than that’s why.

This comic is entirely hypothetical, with Fi being around for the past events of Breath of the Wild. If Zelda is so tsundere for Link for being the chosen hero, I think Zelda would fear Fi because she thinks she is disappointing Fi by being such a failure.

The love in this comic isn’t intenderd to be romantic love (although you can view it that way if you want to it’s not like I can stop you), but more like the kind you feel when you want to die but hearing some kind words is enough to save you. Yeah.