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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 100 review (+ theories)

Paradis’ conflict against the world just began…

That’s the most impressive event of the chapter, and also a turning point from now on. After two chapters of festival, the cat’s out of the bag. And he just killed Marley’s most important diplomatic figure, alongside a bunch of Eldians from the building above him, thus turning the world against him, and his own nation.

Of course, Willy the martyr of his own blood was ready to die for the ultimate repentance of the Eldians against their own kind, the one wanting to make their nation great again. Such a sacrifice was necessary to convince the world the threat Paradis proposed was real. All parties consented for the highlight of the show to be… potentially explosive.

What happened minutes prior Eren showing up was Reiner breaking down in front of him, finally exposing what he bottled up for nine years. The man Falco believed in went away in front of his very own eyes. Or perhaps he never existed, considering Eren still went and transformed into a titan, disregarding both the boy’s fate and fate the man he despised for years.

Now that he reduced the patriarch of the Tybur family to some mushed piece of meat, what’s going to happen? Is it time for Marley’s counterattack? Find out in chapter 101!

That’s it for the big points. Follow me under the cut for more!

  1. Willy’s resolve and the final part
  2. Eren drops the facade
  3. Reiner’s breakdown
  4. Attack on the World

P.S.: By the way, Isayama stayed true to his word: this chapter beat the record of double-pages in this arc at least. We have four double pages illustrating Eren turning into a titan and beginning his attack. That’s less pages than usual, but it’s quite the impressive show.

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Sugar Mama!AU Brainstorming (jesus christ)

And you know what that means? I can properly be the RariTwi trash that I am. Ya’ll really blind-sided me with how many demanded a Sugar Mama AU (I can’t fuckin’ believe this I can’t even look at it without laughing) but for pete’s sake I can’t shake the inspiration so HERE’S YOUR SIN BRAINSTORM STYLE.

-The AU is of course RariTwi bro ya’ll should know me by now. An anon made a lovely suggestion that it takes place in more 1800s-esque time period and I’m not gonna lie I’m heavily considering it, but for the sake of this brainstorm post I’ll just say it’s in modern times. If you’d rather the other just let me know and I’ll probably reconsider it. o3o

-Either way it’s Twi that’s gonna be the older party here (which is unusual for me; I usually have Rarity a couple years older). Now, how much older is still up for debate because I’m considering making her alicorn right off the bat. Alicorn or nah, what do you think? 

-An anon suggested a lovely way for them to meet and I love it so that’s what’s gonna happen: Twi’s either sponsoring or visiting an event where aspiring artists/entrepreneurs/students showcase their works in hopes of getting hired, gaining a contract, or simply to get their name/business more out there. Because Twi’s present (she’s be pretty famous in this AU) it’s packed and many of these folks are clambering for her attention, and she takes it all in stride if a bit on the bored side (it wouldn’t be the first time she’s come to this sort of event) when a small booth off to the side catches her eye. The dresses displayed aren’t made with expensive material and so they aren’t exactly fancy, but what they lack in expenses they more than make up for in design, charm, and elegance. It’s clear whomever done these dresses is doing it because they love it. And who is this designer? WHO ELSE BUT THE FAB RARITY? Poor Twi’s smitten at first sight.

-So if it’s modern times Rarity’s totes gonna either be in college or she’s only just getting out of college, and she’s really trying to get her career started up. And she wouldn’t be doing too bad; she gets a decent amount of commissions here and there and she’s gotten some attention, but it isn’t enough yet for her to be her only source of income (so she’d have to work a day job to pay bills). Meanwhile Twilight’s known to be one of Celestia’s most astute personal students before she graduated. She probably runs her own business chain of sorts (maybe a chain of popular libraries or… something to do with an invention she made??) or she’s in politics and is one of the youngest among her peers with as high a rank as she does, so she’s kinda shaking things up (hell why not both?). Either way she’s successful and has been for a while, but she’s probably infamous for being… well, a “lone wolf” so to speak. So the whole “sugar mama” thing could probably be on accident; Twi thinks in order to win Rarity’s affections she must lavish her with gifts upon gifts…. so she does.

Alternatively if ya’ll really want me to go all out then hell, Rated R for RariTwi dude ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If that’s the case then it’s one wild 1-night-stand, but Twi actually really likes Rarity, so she keeps giving her gifts and stuff to win her affections.

-What sort of trash would I be if I didn’t include my other ships boi? AppleDash and PinkieShy aw yiss but I’ll actually put more effort in including them, I’m sorry I’m a sucker for RariTwi ok? ;_; I can see Fluttershy being famous because she’s a huge model but also loves animals so when she isn’t modeling, she helps at shelters and raises tons of money for preserving endangered species and stuff. Before she became a model though she was probs a vet for a little while. As for Pinkie, she’d be a very popular event planner: name the event, any event, and Pinkie will get it hoppin’. She’d probably own like a restaurant chain on the side where she sometimes goes to cook herself, and has appeared in cooking shows and even written a few books about her life. She’d be a star in media because of how young she is too with all of this success. I can see her and Shy already be married bro.

Meanwhile we got the college kiddos: of course Rarebear. AJ would probably be balancing work and college to try and start her own brand of apple-based products; not that the Apple Family is doing bad now, it’s just AJ would love to spread their lovingly-produced goods to all of the country; her family would be set for life if she can do it. Then we got Rainbow Dash, up-and-coming Hoofball star with talk of her being signed on to the ever favorite team the Wonderbolts, her dream team in the NHL. She and AJ totes are bros but they suck at talking about feelings, so they’re stuck in a limbo of flustered flirting and trying to ask each other out like dorks.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s all for right now! Some of these are subject to change, but let me know what ya think. xD

Safe & Sound (Negan Fic) - Chapter Seven

Firstly, thank you to everybody who liked, commented and reblogged the last chapter. It honestly means so much to me that people actually read and enjoy this!

Want to give a shoutout to the gorgeous @likearaindropfilledwithgoldust AKA @neganandblake who writes the most amazing Negan fic ever. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. She’s just awesome, and the most lovely person ever.

This one is quite a long chapter. I hope you all enjoy Negan and Isla’s adventures. Let me know your thoughts and any ideas/feedback you have as always, and like and reblog this post if you can xoxo


Chapter Seven

Staying at the farmhouse was painful. He kept the fire roaring for the sake of Isla’s health now the weather was getting significantly colder, but had little enthusiasm to do much else. Isla’s care and safety was his sole focus and priority.

That’s why he found himself inside a small townhouse, scavenging desperately for supplies to keep them both going now they were alone again. With Isla strapped to his chest in her sling, he kept his gun raised at all times as he navigated the dark hallway lined with doors to various rooms of the abandoned property. Thankfully, Isla was sleeping, and therefore quiet, as he knew any small sound from her could bring the dead on them at any second.

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aishizaya  asked:

I really love your HP au Light ! Do you have any more Hogwarts headcanons you could share ? Is Light more of a ravenclaw or slytherin to you ? What creature companion would he have ? I could definitely see him taking advantage of a time turner

I’m glad you asked! 

I believe most of the DN cast end up in Slytherin save for a few! (Matsuda and Sayu are in hufflpuff, Watari and Naomi are in ravenclaw). I have a lot of headcanons about this and I don’t think I’ll be able to write everything coherently in this post, but I’ll try!

To me, Light Yagami is more Slytherin than Ravenclaw. Why? Ravenclaw is for those who pursue knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Slytherin is known to excel, and are ambitious and cunning. The cast of deathnote has very specific ambitions and cunning, they all want what they want, and want to know how to get it. They don’t pursue knowledge just because ‘they like knowledge’ - no, they enjoy specific goals and want to find ways to achieve them the best.

I can see Light making use of a time-turner! That is if he’s very interested in the subject. I believe he’s smart enough to get a grasp on all the subjects matters even without the added benefit of time-turners. He may have been interested in using them, however, after knowing they cause you the relive the extra hours… he fears he might age faster because of it. Light likes his youth. I don’t think Light would be using them because of this reason.

Light Yagami: 

L Lawliet:

  • Interested in ancient runes, magical theory and apparition 
  • (extracurricular: frog choir) 
  • Although L doesn’t actively pursue defense against the dark arts… I believe he is very good at it, he just doesn’t show it.
  • wand is made of Cherry wood and Phoenix feather. Same length as Light’s wand. Nice and flexible
  • Pure-blood from a  distinguished family
  • The rich kid with tons and tons of galleons he can use to purchase all the bertie botts and chocolate frogs he wants
  • Patronus: orca


  • Interested in astronomy, arithmancy and the history of magic
  • Cedar wood wand


  • Interested in flying, charms and the care of magical creatures. 
  • Good at quidditch and actively grabs tickets for the quidditch world cup
  • Red oak wand


  • Probably goes for alchemy, defense against the dark arts, muggle studies and potions.
  • He spends a lot of time tinkering with muggle objects
  • Rowan wand


  • Probably in the frog choir as well!
  • Ends up in slytherin to everyone’s surprise.
  • She really likes potions, divination and xylomancy
  • Spends a lot of time with the nurse (Rem) in the hospital wing cause she gets injured a lot trying out spells
  • Fir wood wand


  • Conjures a thestral for his patronus!!
  • Yew wand

Other wand types owned:

  • Rem = rosewood wand
  • Ryuk = dogwood || sycamore
  • Soichiro = poplar
  • Watari = english oak
  • Naomi = black walnut
  • Matsuda = chestnut
  • Mikami = hawthorne
  • Takada = aspen

So with all the ish that Edward Elric goes through, did anyone else realize that a rock

is the thing that leaves a scar


That’s a third of the series. For a third of the series- with every fight and battle that the Fullmetal Alchemist is in, it’s a ROCK that marks him for a third of the series. 


I know there is HUGE hype around Anti showing up in the next DDLC episode but please remember that if you are sensitive to things Jack mentioned at the beginning of the first episode, please wait till there are gif sets of Anti’s appearance, if there is gonna be one.

Don’t put your mental health at risk for the sake of Anti maybe showing up for a split second. Your mental health is more important than a glitch in a video.

I know this is kind of an odd thing to post while the community is in flames but I care about you guys… (Even though I don’t know any of you, I still care…)


[Hey guys! @1-800-pipedream​ did these absolutely AMAZING cosplays for our AU and I’m honestly so flattered! Starry and I were both freaking out earlier about how great these two looked and honestly I still am freaking out, lmao.

Thank you guys for submitting and showing your cosplays to us! Everything about this cosplay is gorgeous! 💕  If you’d like to see more of their work, you can visit their Instagram page here! ]


that just because Harry isn’t a womanizer, that doesn’t mean he has to hate the angels. It looks like he had a blast on stage and the women were having fun shimmying to his jams. Just let people have fun ffs and stop making this a black and white situation where he either wants to fuck these women or he suddenly doesn’t know how to act around women. That’s not how life works.


It’s on Youtube now finally 


thank you kibum for always providing ot5 shinee pics to feed our souls