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So…I just want to kiss girls. Lots of girls. Tall girls, short girls, skinny girls, large girls, brown girls, white girls, black girls, all girls.Girls with long hair, short hair, buzz cuts, no hair. Girls are just amazing and pretty. They smell good, they feel good, and they look good. Voices? Sometimes soft and light, sometimes rough and scratchy, and my favorite, smooth and buttery 

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This might just be me but from the social interactions and buzz there seems to be around the set and the girls, I get the sense that they're having a way better time and enjoying working on PP3 a lot more than PP2? Anyone else feel dat?

Maybe. I mean I don’t really see any difference between this one and the others. I just think it’s because all the girls are more involved with social media this time, we’re getting to see those moments.


Science never looked cooler.

By Erica Gonzales for Harper’s Bazaar

In a turn of events no one saw coming but we absolutely won’t argue, Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin just made their runway debut. The two unlikely models made an appearance at the Nick Graham Fall 2017 show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. 

Though unexpected newbies in the world of fashion, Nye, 61, and Aldrin, 87, were a perfect fit for the presentation, since the theme was “Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035.” With motifs of space and the future, why wouldn’t you want a Science Guy and former astronaut in your model lineup?

Nye narrated the show, which we know he does so well, but he walked the runway at the end too, with a signature bowtie and a tailored gunmetal suit. (Look at those finger guns!)

Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon (after Neil Armstrong) was the last to grace the catwalk. Afterwards, he said that walking the show “was as easy as walking on the moon,” which he did in 1969. That metallic bomber is a sleek upgrade from a bulky spacesuit, though.

He even got the “candid model backstage” look down.

After the show, both newly-inducted models had a moment with the designer, where they all did their best alien poses, obviously.

Mr. Nye and Mr. Aldrin, we better see you on the runway again next season.

Source: @harpersbazaar


You also have a “metal arm”, like a “metal robotic arm” in the movie… How difficult was that thing to get on and off, I mean…?

Well, when you have a lot of lube, it’s not really that difficult, I’m gonna tell you. I had to put this thing and then like everytime… I’d have to get into this thing everyday so…

Truth or dare? you pick truth.
have I ever made you cry? have you ever felt like your lungs were closing the door and locking it and saying no no no over and over and over until there was only white fucking noise and no one around to silence it?

truth or dare? you pick dare.
i dare you to show up in a few months just to apologize and tell me you’ve missed me and you’ve kissed a lot of people but not me not me not me and you want to fix that so
you fix it.

truth or dare? you pick truth.
you must be happy are you happy? i would be happy if it wasn’t for my parent’s divorce and you and the constant fucking sound in my head that never shuts off it just buzzes and buzzes and reminds me of a fly trapped between a window pane both in the noise and the
imminent death.

truth or dare? you pick dare.
i dare you to miss me, I guess, even though it was never enough.

truth or dare? you pick truth.
what was the last dream you had about me? remember, no lying. it’s just a game.

—  call it something it’s not– lily rain
Trading Spaces- Part 1

Summary: Sam enlists the assistance of a witch to help you and Dean work through your issues. He’s not expecting that help to come in the form of a body swap sell.

Word Count: 5200

Warning: body swap, a tiny bit of masturbation

A/N: THIS IS PART 1 OF 2. Hope y’all enjoy this trope I’ve been wanting to write for a while! FEEDBACK APPRECIATED! XOXO

The smell of herbs and spices burned your nose, and you held back a sneeze as you watched the woman behind the counter fill a small jar with a goofer dust. She was calm and kind, with wild hair that framed her pretty face, and creamy dark skin that made you envy its flawless clarity. But her easy laugh and gentle demeanor didn’t change the fact that she was a witch, and you held your frown as you watched her closely. Dean shifted his weight behind you, practically buzzing, just as eager to get out of here as you were.

Sam, however, just leaned over the counter with relaxed shoulders and that charming grin that showed his dimples. “Thanks again for selling to us.”

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Merry Christmas to all Destiel shippers out there, I love you all! ❄

“Come on, Cas… I’ve got something to show you.”

Dean impatiently pulls Castiel along, leading him through the halls of the bunker, afraid that he’ll chicken out if he doesn’t get this show on the road right now. It’s Christmas Eve, and neither of them are actually drunk, but they are both pleasantly buzzed. Truth be told, there’s just enough alcohol in Dean’s system for him to not lose the courage to do what he’s been planning to do all day.

Their shoulders bump as they walk, Dean’s hand loosely grasping Castiel’s wrist. The angel doesn’t seem to mind, and Dean considers that a good start. He’s going to do this. He can do this. Because if he doesn’t do it now, he probably never will.

When they reach Dean’s room, Dean tugs his friend inside and firmly closes the door behind them. He sits on the edge of the bed, patting the empty space beside him to invite Cas to follow his example. Cas does, with a gentle smile and a hint of curiosity in those big blue eyes. God, Dean is such a sucker for those eyes; the look Cas gives him is going to make this either more difficult or -if Dean’s shitty luck takes a day off for once-, a bit easier.

Now that they’re both sitting here in their ugly Christmas sweaters (Donna had decided to knit one for everyone, and Sam had insisted that it would be rude not to wear them tonight), Dean realizes how utterly ridiculous his plan probably is. And this whole situation for that matter.

Yet, somewhere in some hidden corner of his being he gathers the strength to blurt out what he’d been dying to say all day.

“So yeah, Cas… About that other Christmas present that I mentioned earlier, the one I’d rather give you in private…” Dean clears his throat, stalling, deep down afraid of Castiel’s reaction.

But Cas’ eyes light up as he clearly remembers that promise, and it encourages Dean to keep going.

“I just… It’s something I kinda wanted to give you for a long time, but you can totally say no if it’s… if it’s not something you want.”

Cas looks confused now, and Dean’s voice fails to offer any more words. And so Dean points to the ceiling, hoping that the message will come across without him having to say it out loud. To let Cas know what he wants, Dean Winchester style.

Playing along immediately, Castiel tilts his head and follows Dean gaze, slowly blinking at the mistletoe that’s hanging right over their heads, there were Dean had put it up earlier that day when he’d come up with plan ’finally-confess-those-feelings-to-Cas’.

There’s a long silence, during which Dean feels his heart sink to his stomach, afraid that he ruined everything. And on freaking Christmas Eve, nonetheless. Stupid, stupid Dean.

But then he feels a warm hand on the side of his neck. And another one on his knee. And the second he actually lowers his gaze to look at Cas, soft lips are already crashing into Dean’s with so much eagerness that it instantly makes Dean giddy. He kisses back without a second thought, pulling Cas as close as physically possible. When they’re both out of breath they slow down, taking turns, pressing butterfly kisses to each other’s lips. After a while, they’re just resting their foreheads together, neither of them talking.

Dean’s thankful for the not talking part. He prefers actions, and he’s glad that Cas gets it. The two of them have a special way of talking, one that they can both understand without saying a word.

The only words that Cas gives him are “Merry Christmas, Dean”, and Dean enthusiastically says them back.

i’m watching buzzfeed video and just imagine that kara is a buzzed reporter and is doing a video that requires finding a stranger on the street and hanging out with them for the day, as many of them do, so she walks up to lena without know that lena is lena luthor of l corp and lena totally has a busy schedule for the day but she can legit not turn down this adorable cinnamon roll so she discreetly cancels her entire day for kara and it’s this cute day with all this fluffy stuff [think this video] and at the end of the day lena comes clean and asks kara out and kara is kara so she’s hella flustered and surprised but of course she says yes because the entire day lena has been making her heart beat faster and then bonus her peers after the fact are like KARA HOW TF DID YOU GET LENA LUTHOR TO AGREE TO THIS and fuck im gonna write it tonight aren’t i 

12x10 coda based on Sam saying that Dean and Cas were ignoring each other in the kitchen every morning

Castiel wakes up alone. He rolls over in bed and sighs loudly as he runs a hand through his hair. He feels groggy and uncomfortable, just like he always does after he sleeps. It’s not natural for his body to rest, and even just a few hours of sleep makes his grace buzz beneath the surface of his skin like it’s been de-charged for too long. Still, he sleeps most nights.

Dean is in the kitchen hunched over his phone and furiously drinking a mug of coffee when Cas stumbles in several minutes later. He looks up from his phone just long enough to make eye contact before casting downward once again. It’s deliberate. Acknowledging Castiel’s presence to demonstrate that he’s purposely ignoring him. It’s something Castiel never would’ve recognized a few years ago.

“Hey, Cas,” Sam greets a little somberly as he goes straight to the coffee pot. “Sleep OK?”

Dean clears his throat.

“Fine, thank you,” Cas answers gruffly. 

Sam turns dramatically toward his brother. “How ‘bout you, Dean? Did you sleep OK?” he asks too loudly, obviously annoyed.

Dean grunts his response.

Sam and Cas share a look.

While Sam goes on a grocery run later that morning, Cas and Dean sit silently in the library together. Dean is on his laptop, and Cas is sitting directly across from him reading a book that might have pertinent information regarding cosmic deals.

“More coffee?” Dean asks as he picks up his own mug.

“Mm,” Cas responds without looking up from his book.

Dean takes it as a yes and grabs Cas’ empty mug. 

When he comes back two minutes later and sets Cas’ mug down, he briefly squeezes his shoulder before returning to his seat. Cas stupidly lifts his head and strains his neck up in anticipation of something that never comes. 

They continue on in silence. 

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A week ago, I was in London performing my new song with Louis Tomlinson ‘Just Hold On’ on X-Factor in Wembley Arena. It was a life changing experience, and just in a few days after we debuted the song 41 countries around the world made this song number one on iTunes. I can’t believe what just happened, I’m still buzzing from what’s going on with this song.
—  Steve Aoki (x)