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yesnora: I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude for miss @littlebodybigheart 💕✨ somehow the Universe knew what I needed found a way to deliver it 💞✨Mrs. Potato Head came at a time in my life when I needed self love the most and it is through the video, mel and all of you wonderful people that I am realizing how truly important is to love yourself✨💕😘 It is my hope that all the kids of the future love themselves just as they are!💖✨xoxo LOVE YOU


“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”


Captain Cobra Swan + Hogwarts Houses

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okay but like if we must write berena pregnancy fic can u pls PLS tag it? like 4 the love of god why would u ever make me read this with my own 2 eyes

BTS As Best Friends

A/N: Jen and I were chilling on my couch when I thought of this lil thing. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to send in requests or just come talk to us :) Much love, Alex xoxo

Jin: He’d be the best friend to always take you out to eat at your favorite restaurant, ordering what you usually get before you can even utter a word to your waiter. He’d be the friend to listen to your problems and wait to see if you want advice. If you did, he would be honest and help you decipher the right response or course of action and if you didn’t he would be totally fine with just holding you or helping you take your mind off of things. He’s the type of friend to tell you the shitties jokes just to get you to laugh at how pathetic his attempts are but hey at least he’s trying.

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Yoongi: He’s an asshole tbh but the type of asshole that only he’s allowed to be an asshole to you. If anyone else tries to be rude to you or hurt you lol good luck to that bitch. He complains a lot about helping you/doing things for you but he’s always got your back right away. (”Yoongi, I’m lost. Can you come help me?” “Jfc you idiot *rolls eyes; is already out the door*). He’s one of the those friends who acts like he’s real chill but then will get you the *thing* you mentioned that you have always wanted in passing for you birthday and just shrug like “well.. I knew you’d like it.”

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Namjoon: Lowkey always tries to touch your a$$ but he’s like “what?? me? never pffttt.” But he loves you a lot (as well as your ass). You also have to play nurse like 25/8 since he’s always hurting himself??? Like, no Namjoon put that dow—*CRASH*  Uh… Y/N can you get the first aid kit *facepalm* Besides his awful clumsiness he’s still a very sweet and caring friend and he would never judge you for your thoughts or actions. He’d be the type of person you could discuss ANYTHING with (even touchy subjects) and it would never get heated or awkward. 

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Hoseok: SUNSHINE AND SPARKLES AND GLITTER AND ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD>>>> no seriously though, you’d be still asleep bc shit you’re tired aND HErE CoMEs ThE SUn (aka Hobi) ACTING LIKE HE’S GOT RAINBOWS SHOOTING OUT OF HIS ASS BC WAKE UP Y/N LETS ADVENTURE… but he’d also be a very serious friend when you needed him to be, always caring for you and making you smile with his silliness. He’d love to make you dance for him and try to teach your choreos; he’d be so proud no matter how good (or bad) you are.

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Jimin: cute, shy eye smiles for daysssssss.. especially whenever he makes you smile or happy. He’s a cute lil mochi when it comes to you but when you tease him about his height or his smol little hands shittttt, watch out bitch.. tf did you just say about my hands you little, come here! which results in you screeching and running away from the tiny little muscle man. He’d tackle you cute, soft bear hugs and use you as a personal pillow alllllll the time

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Taehyung: do you think stars have feelings?? or do you think they realize that they’re falling when they become falling stars? what if they’re not falling by choice I mea– Tae, shut the fuck up. Calls you at the most ridiculous hours about the most ridiculous things. Never lets you pay for your food/coffee/ice cream when you go out together. I’m a gentleman and gentlemen never let the lady pay… Tae, it’s 201–shhhhhhh Somehow convinces you to adopt a puppy together???? (it’s good practice for when we have kids together—whoa what?) The cutest lil bean ever

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Jungkook: *pulls up in his car* get in loser, we’re going shopping. Judges your outfits constantly cause you can’t be clashing with him!!! a sweetheart , but he’s still a little shit. Asks your advice on EVERYTHING: appearance, romantic interests, plans, etc. He can’t be 100% sure of something until he’s got your input. Never wants to let you down and refuses to. If you were cold he’d tell you you’re stupid for not bringing a jacket but then make you put your arms through his sleeves so you’re both waddling around like some weird Siamese penguin.

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