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can you provide me with some good stenbrough hcs because this site is sorely lacking

*clenches fist* for the stenBROS out there

they are such cuddlers?? like not a minute goes by when they are not at least touching shoulders. they just love rubbing each other’s arms, waist, back, etc. bill has a bit of rubbing stan’s shoulders when he notices him stressed out, and stan relaxes as his muscles get relaxed and he has to work to keep standing. stan repays bill by wrapping an arm around him and rubbing soft circles on exposed skin of his waist

bill loves to sit on stan’s lap. the losers could be all in a circle talking and bill will be sitting between stan’s legs and leaning back as stan plays with bill’s hair. PLUS stan would be sitting on bill’s jacket cause stan doesn’t want to get dirt or grass stains on his pants

bill finds it so amusing as he watches stan clean up his room. not full on cleaning mode because stan is always over here and unless theres a hurricane that comes in, it’d still be fairly clean and bill always wants to laugh when he sees stan subtly move a picture frame slightly to the left to be parallel to the side, or fixing a shirt hanging on a hanger. it’s just one of many of his boyfriend’s things that he loves

bill always knows when to leave stan alone to himself, but he also always knows when to be persistent on being there for him. he knows stan is depressed, and he literally do anything to make his boyfriend smile 

one time he caught stan crying in the shower, and bill ran in and wrapped stan’s sobbing form in a towel and they sat on the bathroom floor for an hour as bill plays with stan’s hair shushing him 

stan always asks what bill is writing that day. he gets so excited to hear what bill is writing because his boyfriend is such an amazing writer and he knows bill is going to get far in this profession, and he’s just supportive?? bill always gets nervous when stan asks him to read something of his because dammit his stutter gets so bad when stan is just watching him, but stan is patient as always and just smiles as his cute boyfriend reads him a poem that he wrote or an excerpt of a story

every morning they walk georgie to school hand in hand, while georgie sings “stan and bill sitting in a tree! k-i-s-s-i-n-g!”

Tired heroes having a well deserved rest. ヽ(´ー` )ノ
Has it gotten even a bit colder? I wanted to draw them in warmer clothes for fall. They’re wearing each other’s colors! 

Hierarchy of Ube

“biggest fan”

for @yoianniversary //I think yuuri’s mom is such a sweet and supportive character //// probably yuuri’s first and number 1 fan <3



akaashi will kill everyone in the room, and then himself
original post by ayedah :”D

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Master post with all four chocobros!
This was such a fun series to work on and all the feedback I got from them were lovely as heck! The shop is going to have all four available for prints and such if anyone is interested! Thanks again for such a fun trip!

Yuuri & Phichit - Museum Guide

• Phichit is a doll and I love him. He greets the listener in Thai, and proceeds to introduce Yuuri as “This is my best friend, Yuuri!” who is, of course, embarrassed by this

• Yuuri calls Phichit a “fan service monster” and says that he always goes over the top when interacting with fans (isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?)

• Phichit demonstrates this by going over the top very enthusiastically explaining the plot and theme to the King&the Skater movie, all while dancing in the middle of the museum in front of his SP costume display

• Yuuri: You’re gonna dance here?!

• Phichit proceeds to grab Yuuri’s hand and tugs Yuuri into the dance with him
(Yuuri asks “Shall we skate?” all breathy-like in English and I died)

Phichit: Look, it’s the photo corner!
Yuuri: Oh no, Phichit’s social media posts are here too…
Phichit: Look, there’s Yuuri’s ring! Hey, omg, did you know, Yuuri and Victor are–
Yuuri: Ahhh, Phichit, no! Next, next, next, let’s go!!
Phichit: Haaaaaaappyyyyyyyyy Wedding! -fading into the background-

• Phichit and Yuuri fanboy Victor’s skating in extreme detail, talking about his routines, jumps and combos. Phichit thinks Victor’s Stammi Vicino program is amazing
(Yuuri thinks everything about Victor is amazing)

Yuuri: Of course it’s so like Victor to be able to pull off programs with such high difficulty
Phichit: If it’s Yuuri, you could totally do it too!!!
Yuuri: Please don’t shout those kinds of things…

• Phichit was super surprised and impressed with Yuuri’s GPF performance, including the fact that he had four quads and a flip in his FS. He also thinks Yuuri is very “manly” for pulling off such a feat

• Phichit:  (shouting) Everyone! My best friend got a silver at the GPF!!!

• Phichit and Yuuri were both super happy to be able to see each other at the GPF, say it brought back fond memories of their time in Detroit together, are proud of each other’s accomplishments and are excited for the future

Best Friends Forever, I love these two so much… 

hello confirmation that cyrus turning around was intentionally to show that he likes jonah!! can i just point out that they are clapping and cheering! i have never been this happy, i mean, look at them. look at josh. look at asher. listen to peyton. listen to everyone in the room. they support it. they are just as excited about this as we are. this is happening people & i couldn’t be happier!!


You’re a good student. You’ll make it - I promise you, you’ll make it. You get better grades than I did. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fine.