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my shyaralen heart just came up with this Monster AU: Sara's a cute poltergeist who just wants to have fun, haunting a house together with sassy demon Shane, pulling pranks on unsuspecting tourists for shits n giggles. Helen is a really hot mermaid (the kind that can switch between legs & tail), and Ryan's an....okay I need help for this part, but just.....poltergeist Sara and mermaid Helen were the reason I thought of this 😭😭😭😭

my shyaralen heart needs this Monster AU

and i too have no idea what Ryan could be, does anyone want to help this anon?


My boy, the drama queen, the dork, th

Such A Sap ~Freaky February~ (S.R)

prompt: Hi, do you think you could write a Spencer Reid smut? Like, he gets jealous of Morgan flirting with the reader cause they’ve been dating for a year or so and has to claim her? You’re an awesome writer, I live for your smut <3

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Word Count: 1.27k

Warning: None(a little long before you reach the smut)

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Romanian Fun

Request: Hiii, are u taking request? If you are not feel free to just ignore this ☺️ could you do a Sebastian x Reader where they are in an interview about civil war or infinity war idk and he says something to her in Romanian (dirty or not) and he is surprised when she answers and Romanian because he didn’t know she could speak it

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: fun n stuff, language, hints @ smut

A/N: I get a little uncomfortable when writing for a celebrity. Like I’m fine writing for the celebrities characters that they have played in movies but when it comes to them specifically, I dunno. I don’t really know how to explain it.

p.s. all the Romanian spoken in this is from google so don’t come at me.

p.p.s. the ending insinuates smut so if any of want, you can write it and I’ll be happy to reblog :)

“Now let’s welcome our special guests, the cast of Captain America: Civil War!” you hear Jimmy Fallon’s voice and a crew member gives you a signal to start walking out. “Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Sebastian Stan and Y/N Y/L/N!”

You all walk over to the couches and you end up sitting between Sebastian and Elizabeth. Once you all are situated, Jimmy starts.

“It’s such an honor to have you all here tonight.” He smiles.

“I was debating whether or not to come.” Robert says. “I was gonna blow thing whole thing off for pizza but Chris wouldn’t let me.”

The audience erupts in laughter and Chris shakes his head.

“Chris is one of those ‘keep-to-the-schedule’ type of guy. He keeps us on track.” Jeremy adds.

Chris chuckles. “I’m a proud, organized, team leader!”

“Woah, woah, woah, who said you were the team leader?” Anthony questions and you playfully scoff.

“Anthony, we probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Chris.”

The audience laughs again.

“You make a valid point, Y/N.” Anthony points to you while nodding his head.

The laughter dies down and Jimmy smooths out the front of his suit before leaning against the desk he was sat at.

“Alright, so, tell me about the filming…”

The interview goes on, everyone making jokes and laughing every now and then until the spotlight hits Sebastian.

“So, Sebastian, it’s no secret that you speak Romanian, correct?” Jimmy folds his hands on the desk as he waits for Sebastian to respond.

“Correct.” The brunette nods.

“Would you mind speaking some for us?”

“Right now? Oh, I don’t know I kind of-”

“Aw c’mon!” Jimmy then turns to the audience. “Do you want Sebastian to speak Romanian?”

The crowd goes wild with cheers and whistles and screams – even your friends are cheering him on. Sebastian lets out a laugh and tucks his hair behind his ear before nodding.

“Alright, alright, I’ll do it.” the crowd cheers again and Sebastian looks over at Jimmy. “What do you want me to say?”

“Anything. Say anything you wa- actually, I’ve just thought of something better.” He says. “Choose someone, anyone, and tell them what you’re thinking about this very moment.”

Sebastian smiles. “Alright, should be easy…” he pretends to think about who he was going to choose before shifting in his seat so that he was facing you.

“Oh boy, here they go.” Robert teases.

Now, there’s no doubt that something was going on between the two of you. Nothing major though, just flirting here and there. Your costars could sense the tension between the two of you whenever you were in a room with each other. You liked Sebastian and Sebastian liked you but nothing had come from that. Yet.

“Mă gândesc să scot rochia de pe tine chiar acum.” (I’m thinking about ripping that dress off you right now).

You breathe in sharply, the tone of his voice sending shivers down your spine.

“Ți-ar plăcea asta, nu-i așa?” (you’d like that, wouldn’t you?). He continues.

Sebastian scoots closer and drapes an arm around you innocently.

“Nu știi cât de prost vreau să te duc acum.” (you don’t know how badly I want to fuck you right now).

You gulp and look up at Sebastian who was smirking at you.

Glancing around you see everyone with their eyes on the two of you, waiting for a reaction from you. You clear your throat and smile at the brunette beside you. “Vom avea o mulțime de timp pentru asta după acest interviu.” (we’ll have plenty of time for that after this interview).

Sebastian’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open at your response all while everyone else goes crazy, cheering and clapping.

“It looks like you’re not the only one who can speak Romanian, Seb.” Scarlett smirked.

“He’s speechless, look at him!” Elizabeth points out and your friends burst into laughter.

Anthony waves a hand at Sebastian while trying to contain his laughter. “Close your mouth seabass, you don’t wanna catch flies.”

Sebastian snaps out of it and regains his composure.

“What did you say?” Jimmy asked, still trying to control his laughter.

Sebastian licks his lips, cheeks tinted pink as he steals a glance at you. “I asked her how her pussy was doing.”

Everyone fell back into laughter and Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

“Sebastian!” Jimmy exclaimed while laughing. “This is a PG-13 show!”

“Wha- oh come on! I was talking about her cat, you perv! Get your mind out of the gutter!” the brunette joked.

Once the laughter died down, Jimmy moves onto the next topic. While he talked to Robert and Chris about their characters rivalry, Sebastian leans in towards you.

“You and me, after this interview, right?” he whispered.

You giggle. “You gotta take me out to dinner first, Stan.”

Sebastian bites his lip, ghosting over your ear. “You’ve got yourself a deal, baby.”

A/N: I just really love Jimmy Fallon o k a y

tell me what ya think!


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Suga Daddy: Part 3

Suga Daddy: Part 3

Word count: 7.8k

Genre: smut, angst

My computer is in the shop so I had to edit on my phone. Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. ^^

Parts: one | two

Originally posted by bwiseoks

It was now Friday, the first day of rehearsal. You’d gotten there a little early, deciding to stretch and mentally prepare yourself, this would be your focus for the next few months. You’d gotten a text from Yoongi this morning, wishing you luck, so you felt pretty good about today.

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Little Do You Know

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: I recently got attacked in my real life, and all I could think about was Peter Parker taking care of me and I came up with this, roles switched. This is extremely cliche but sometimes cliche stories make the best ones. Not my gif.

Warnings: Cursing

This is my first time writing for Peter Parker so please do leave me feedback here<3

TW Masterlist | MCU Masterlist

The only light that was being emitted in your bedroom was the simple rectangular shine from your phone, as you scrolled through past photos of friends and family; focusing on one person in particular. You were trying to figure out when all of this happened, when just being friends suddenly bloomed into something bigger, something you were terrified to admit.

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hit me baby, one more time?

word count: 2.5k

summary: dan calls himself daddy, and phil finds out dan has a pain kink

warnings: blood, degradation, pain kink, ddlb, swearing just general kinky shit

a/n: this is probably shit but oh well

“yes! daddy wins! daddy’s the best!” dan giggled as that round ended.

“stop calling yourself daddy it’s weird!” phil said jokingly as they continued the game. after the game ended, and they shut off the camera, phil turned to dan with a soft smirk on his face.

“really dan? daddy? a little bit of a stretch for you, don’t you think?” he asked as he settled a hand on dans thigh, squeezing gently.

“yeah i was just immersed in the game phil it was nothing!” dan replied nervously, his cock twitching from phil’s hand on his leg.

phil nodded. “good, because we both know who’s daddy here, don’t we baby boy?”

dan whimpered and bit his lip, trying to contain himself. phil stood up and placed his hands on each of dans armrests, looking at dan sharply. “ i asked you a question, so answer me properly.”

“well, i don’t know, i think that i could probably dom you,” dan mused.

“oh really? that’s a good joke, dan,” phil scoffed.

“i mean, you’re not even that good of a dom anyways, you barely even make me hard sometimes,” dan stated.

phil furrowed his brows. “i know you like it. stop lying.”

“oh i’m not lying. maybe i just need to find someone else. someone who can actually dom me well. you can barely even control me.” dan examined his nails nonchalantly. “i mean, you’re a bit of a wimp.”

phil growled low in his throat, bringing his hand back and slapping dan across the face, the contact creating a loud sound that reverberated throughout their office.

phil widened his eyes in horror. “oh god dan i’m so sorry i didn’t mean to, it was an accident!”

dan groaned at the impact, a harsh red already blooming on his cheek. “more,” he said breathily.

phil gasped. “jesus, dan, you kinky shit.”

“please, phil, just hit me again,” dan asked.

“um, okay,” phil complied and brought his hand down again, creating the same result as last time: a loud, low moan from dan.

“oh you like that, don’t you?” phil asked, his mind beginning to become more and more dominant. “you just wanted to get a rise out of me so i would hit you didn’t you?”

dan nodded. “i’ve wanted you to hit me for so long, slap me, punch me, whip me, please!”

phil found it almost scarily easy to become so dominant, so aggressive. he just couldn’t help it. dan was looking up at him with those pretty brown eyes of his, and all phil wanted to do was fucking ruin his innocent demeanor.

“oh my god dan you’re such a little slut. you’re already hard,” phil trailed his hand up his thigh and brushed his fingers lightly against dan’s bulge, making his breath hitch. “i barely even hit you, but all you want is more.”

“hit me, daddy. please mark me up, make me bleed,” dan whined. there was nothing that he loved more than phil hitting him. he wanted phil to find his dom headspace, where all of his energy was focused on using and abusing dan. he couldn’t get enough of it; the pain felt so, so good. the crack of the belt against his skin, the sting of the paddle, the pull of the clamps, all of it. he had gotten off in the shower many times to the thought of phil hitting him til bruises bloomed on his flesh and blood speckled his skin.

“oh baby, you’re going to love what’s coming.” phil trailed his finger down the milky expanse of dan’s neck, down over his collarbone, chest, and stomach, imagining how beautifully the dark bruises and scarlet blood would contrast against his pale skin.

dan whimpered. “sir please. i know you want to hit me, leave marks everywhere. abuse me. please?” he asked, looking up through his eyelashes at phil, trying to convince him. he needed this so badly. he and phil had lovely sex all the time, but lately it was just sweet, vanilla stuff with whispered “i love you’s” and soft sounds, and dan was craving more. he wanted, no, needed, this, needed to be put in his place by phil, by his master.

phil stood up. “downstairs. my room. clothes off, against the wall. now.”

dan nodded excitedly and lifted himself out of his chair, but phil put his hand around dans neck and squeezed roughly and pushed him back down. “i swear to fucking god, if you touch yourself, i will flog you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

dan made a soft sound in his throat and choked out a “yes sir” with what little breath he had left.

“good boy. now go.”

dan immediately shot up and scampered downstairs, phil’s eyes following his sweet little baby’s ass as he left the room.

dan raced downstairs and entered phils room, quickly stripping and standing with his front towards the wall, his legs spread apart and his hands on the wall above his head, his chest rising and falling quickly in anticipation. a few minutes later he heard footsteps entering the room along with the sound of something else, possibly metallic.

“wow you finally managed to be a good little whore, i’m surprised,” phil said.

dan nodded, and turned his head to the side in hopes of seeing what phil had brought in, but he instead received and harsh slap on his ass, making dan rock forward and then push back for more.

“princess, be patient or ill just leave you like this, hard and pathetic,” phil growled in dan’s ear, turning him around away from the wall. dan looked slightly confused, as phil had told him to be at the wall, but didn’t have much time to think as phil’s fist came sailing towards his jaw. the impact made dan’s teeth clack together and he stumbled onto the ground from the surprise.

“yes sir, sorry sir,” dan replied, bringing his hand up to cup his jaw.

“get the fuck up, you stupid whore,” phil growled, pushing his hand into dan’s hair and yanking him up by his brown locks.

dan winced as phil pulled his hair, and scrambled to his feet.

“get in position you bitch, now.”

dan turned around and spread his legs again, straightening his posture and breathing in deep.

then he opened his mouth in a scream as he felt a sharp metal object hit the skin of his back.

“you answer me loud and clear or else i’ll gag you okay? here are the rules. since i am such a nice master, i’m giving you the pain you so desperately hope for. i will be using two objects to hit you, the first the leather part of the belt, the second is the buckle of the belt. i will be giving you twenty of the first and five of the second, and then fuck you if i feel like you deserve it. you will stay in this position until i say so. if you fall or move, i’ll not let you come for a month, got it?” phil asked.

“yes daddy,” dan answered, biting his lip in anticipation.

“color, baby?” phil inquired, suddenly turning soft and loving, making sure he did in fact have the okay from dan.

“green, daddy, please just get on with it!” dan whined, arching his back.

phil answered with a sharp slap to dan’s ass, jumping back into his dominant headspace, and slammed dan’s head into the wall. “don’t fucking tell me what to do.”

dan groaned and then smiled as he felt blood start to drip from his nose and down onto his chest. he was so hard already it hurt and his cock was blurting precome onto the floor.

“now, i’m going to fit you with a ball gag so the neighbors won’t hear your slutty moans okay?” phil growled.

“yes daddy.”

phil went over to his pile of toys and picked out the gag, which had a nice black strap and a bright red ball in the middle, and brought it over to dan. “look at me.”

dan turned his head towards phil, meeting his bright blue eyes that were filled with lust. phil leaned in and pressed his mouth to dan’s, kissing him roughly right from the start. their mouths melded together, teeth clacking and lips bruising. phil swiped his tongue on dan’s soft bottom lip and dan immediately opened, a soft whine erupting low in his throat. suddenly, phil pulled back and slapped him roughly again, making dan pant even harder. phil pushed the ball in between dan’s pretty pink lips and pulled the strap around his head, pulling it tight.


dan nodded, and phil pressed a soft kiss to dans nose, then turned away and grabbed the brown leather belt from his dresser.

“you ready, whore?” phil asked dan, as he took his place behind him.

dan nodded and moaned low in his throat, trying to say ‘please’ but only managed to let out a garbled plea.

phil smirked and wrapped the belt around his hand for a better grip, then pulled his arm back and whipped it forward, the leather hitting dan’s pale back, forcing a shriek from dans mouth. phil grinned sadistically at the bright pink mark that was already forming on dan’s back.

every hit that phil delivered made dan’s muscles tighten up and a small moan leave his mouth, but not once did he move from his position. phil was on the last hit with the leather, and this one was the hardest, the sound of the belt hitting skin was deliciously loud and dan’s muffled moans were even better.

phil stepped back and looked at his handiwork, dan’s back scored with red marks, some had purple bruises beginning to form on the outside. dan’s breathing was heavy and ragged and his cock was constantly dripping precome now.

dan could feel his hot breath bounce off the wall and the pain dancing up and down his back was warm and stinging.

the belt buckle was a relatively new torture weapon to dan, and completely new to phil. back then, with dan’s previous partner, he was scared of the metal, the blood it pulled out, the way it stung for days afterwards. but now? now he wanted it more than he had ever wanted anything, besides of course phil’s cock.

dan turned his head to the side and tried to say something, but his effort was unsuccessful.

“what was that, slut?” phil asked, walking to dan and facing him. dan tried once again to speak, but it came out muffled and incoherent. phil tugged the ball gag down and gripped dan’s chin. “what is it, whore?”

“d-daddy,” dan stammered, his voice shaky, “feels so good, want to bruise, want to bleed, please daddy more, more, want your cock too, i’m so hard, please!”

phil chuckled. “so impatient, so greedy. beg for it, you fucking cockslut.”

“daddy oh god please hit me more twenty isn’t enough! i want more, please. ruin me, mark me, abuse me, i need it! i want it, please sir,” dan begged, his voice dripping with desperation, his only thought was the metal glinting at the end of the belt still wrapped around phil’s hand.

phil sighed. “disappointing, thought you could do better. guess you just are a dumb whore.”

he stepped back and flipped the belt around so that the metal was dragging on the ground. phil had never been so aroused in his entire life, looking at his little cockslut in front of him, wrecked. but not wrecked enough, phil thought.

dan didn’t feel or hear anything for a feel seconds and was concerned that phil had left, when he felt the metal connecting with his skin. his mouth opened in a scream, the cold buckle pulling away before he could catch his breath. the pain shot through his body and his knees buckled, his head dipping low between his shoulders.

“ah, ah, remember whore, if you don’t stay in position you will get a punishment, and not one that your slutty little body will enjoy.” phil reprimanded, pulling the buckle back to him to prepare for another shot.

the buckle hit dan’s back again and another moan/scream ripped from his throat. he felt the warm blood from the harsh hit run down his back and he moaned again loudly despite the gag.

phil once again approached dan and pulled down the gag, whispering in his ear. “i want to hear your loud, whorish moans as i hit you, okay?”

“yes sir,” dan groaned, finally able to talk.

“good boy, such a good, slutty, princess for me.”

dan whined at the praise and arched his back, asking phil silently to hit him again.

phil grinned and complied, making the metal kiss dan’s skin again, and dan tipped his head back and screamed, the pain feeling better than any vibrator or other toy he had ever felt.

again and again the metal hit dans skin, and again and again dan screamed and moaned until his voice was hoarse. the last hit again was the worst, phil bringing down the buckle harder than ever before, opening up a bright red gash on dans back, blood pressing to the surface instantly. dan came instantly as the metal hit, unable to hold it in any longer, the pain just felt so overwhelmingly good.

phil looked at dan, his back painted with bright reds and purples and cum dripping slowly down his leg, and phil had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. it was his first time abusing dan like that, and phil loved it more than he cared to admit.

phil’s study was broken by a low whine from dan who was still in position and phil rushed to his side.

“don’t worry baby, it’s okay you did so good, let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” phil asked gently, turning dan to face him.

dan’s face was a mess of tears and a bit of blood from his nose, and he looked absolutely exhausted. he still was breathing heavily and he looked up at phil with half-lidded eyes. “hurts,” he said softly.

“c'mere, love, can you make it to the bathroom?” phil asked gently, placing his hands on both sides of dans face.

dan nodded sleepily, his eyes drifting close as phil wraps his arm around his waist.

“i’m sorry baby, you have to stay awake just a bit more so we can get you taken care of, okay?” phil said, looking at dan to make sure he opened his eyes.

dan simply nodded again and they made their way slowly to the bathroom. when they got there, phil sat dan on the closed toilet seat while he began to fill the tub with water, not adding any bath bombs or bubbles as it might sting dan’s back. every so often he would turn around to make sure dan stayed awake, and to his credit, dan was trying.

phil stood from his position kneeling by the tub and went to leave, but he heard dan whine and turned around to see him making grabby hands at phil.

“i’ll be right back love. i have to go get some stuff for your back okay?” phil asked him.

“okay,” dan replied, all his energy spent.

phil smiles and kisses his curly hair before turning again and exiting the room.

he came back with some pain medication, salve, and gel to sterilize and soothe the marks. he set them on the counter and went over to dan to pick him up and help him to the bath. as dan sunk into the steamy water, he winced at the burn.

“do you want me to stay out here, princess?”

“yes daddy,” dan said quietly, but reached his hand out to phil, who grabbed it and began stroking his arm lightly.

“daddy?” dans soft voice carried to phil.

“yes, darling?”

“can we do that again?”

this is a lot longer than i thought it would be? also constructive criticism is always welcome as i’m new to writing

Mind if I- (Bucky x Reader) really short

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

(A/n): wow would you look at that

Summary: Buck has a nightmare, so he bunks with you- someone whom likes to sleep hugging a pillow

Warnings: fluff man


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Pairing: The Losers Club x Reader, The Losers Club x Female Reader, slight Richie x Reader.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Swearing - but that comes hand in hand with Richie, blood (?)

Word Count: 614

Requested: Yes.

A/N: First request, I hope you all enjoy it! Constructive criticism is always helpful! Please feel free to private message me any requests.


It had been quite the mystery to the losers as to what Y/N’s fear was. She never spoke of it and none of them pushed her to. They all knew it was personal but it still baffled them as to how they all survived. In the final battle with pennywise, each of the losers conquered their fears; Y/N did not. However curious they all were, not one of them ever pressed the situation. To that, Y/N was very relieved.

They stood in a circle. Eyes darting from one another whilst each extending their hands out.

“Swear to me. Swear to me that if it isn’t dead, we’ll all come back.”

Each of the losers took it in turn to give their verbal oath to their faithful leader and held their right palms out, willingly. Bill started with Richie, after himself, he used the shard of glass to slice into his palm, watching the blood treacle down onto the grass. He moved onto Eddie, then to Stan, to Mike, to Ben, to Bev and finally, to–

“Bill, stop! She’s losing colour, look at her!”

After hearing Beverly’s alert, all seven of the other losers turned to Y/N. Instead of having her normal, pigmented skin colour, she was as pale as a sheet and seemed as frail as one. What was going on in Y/N’s mind, none of the Losers could decide, but Y/N knew all too well why she was reacting the way she was.

Her fear. Her fear, that none of the Losers knew, that never came up in any of the battles with the infamous killing clown, that had haunted her ever since she saw Victor Criss cutting into one of her peers when she was seven years old, was finally coming to light. She was terrified of blood. The sight, the taste, the smell, and even, the crimson pigment scarred her to the bone.

Before anyone could even hold a grasp on what was happening, Y/N’s poor legs had already given way to her, sending her cascading to the floor.


“We thought you’d never wake up.”

Your favourite trashmouth sat at the end of your bed, pushing his glasses back up his nose that had previously fallen down.

“Richie?” You inquired, “Richie, what are you doing here?”

“Don’t you remember?”

“Remember what?”

“You collapsed, after we did the blood oath. You’ve been passed out for hours! Don’t worry, we know you’re one of us. Not even a blood oath could determine that.”

“I collapsed?”

Y/N did not like the idea of the losers knowing her one weakness, so she was trying to play it cool. If none of them caught onto the reason why she fainted, she was very into it staying that way.

“Yes. But don’t worry, I brought you back home. With the help of the others, of course….” Richie trailed off, hoping Y/N would admit what he already knew. “I know you’re scared of Blood, Y/N. And that’s okay, I’m shit scared of clowns?! Have you seen them? They’re fucking terrifying.” They both burst out in giggles.

“So, you don’t think any different of me?”

The pink hue on her face was causing the boy to have a hard time with coping how cute she was being, though he would never admit it.

“No, Y/N. You’re one of us, you always will be. Y'Loser.”

He was just poking fun but he had no idea how much that sentence really meant to the, now, thankful girl. She was one of them, one of the Losers, and she would shout it from the rooftops to prove how proud she was.

Slow Hands

Summary: Nat and Wanda get tired of the ever growing sexual tension between you and Bucky so they decide to take action.

Word count: 2639

Warnings: swearing, implied smut

Requested by anon: Can you do a Bucky x reader based on the song Slow Hands by Niall Horan. I live for your writing.

A/N: this was my first songfic. I wrote a fic inspired by the song using a few variations of lines that fit with the story rather than one with big chunks of lyrics between paragraphs. Hope it’s ok 😊

‘Damn that man is something else’ Natasha sighed as she stretched on a training mat next to Wanda. She was gazing at Bucky as he grunted against the weights on the bench press and Wanda giggled at her dumbfounded expression.

‘Keep dreaming Nat, you know he only has eyes for (Y/N). She’s got him wrapped around her little finger but she has no idea. I bet he’d walk through fire if she asked him to’ she laughed when Natasha rolled her eyes and she got her phone out of the gym bag lying next to her. 'Who’re you texting now?’

’(Y/N)’. Wanda tutted and giggled again. 'She has to see this’ she said, her eyes moving again to Bucky as he got off the bench and dragged the back of his hand over his forehead to wipe the sweat off of his face and she hit send. When your phone had gone off you were sat with Sam, both in silence as you scrolled through your Instagram feed just enjoying each other’s company. Knowing Nat it was nothing but the text made it sound urgent so you exhaled heavily and sat up.

'Urgh I’ve got to go. Nat wants me’ you sighed and Sam rolled his eyes.

'She still trying to set you up with Bucky?’ he asked and you laughed.

'Something like that. God I wish she’d stop it’s just embarrassing for me. It’s not even like he likes me back’ you whined and Sam scoffed.

'Keep telling yourself that. Sorry do you need a guide dog? I think you may have gone blind’ he retorted.

'Ha ha. But seriously I’ve got to go’ you said, waving as you walked out and headed down to the gym. When you shoved the doors open Nat’s face lit up and she waved you over. You met her bright grin with an irritated scowl and she and Wanda both burst out laughing. Unbeknownst to you, Bucky, upon noticing your arrival, had puffed his chest out, loaded up the weights so they held at least 200lbs and started deadlifting the enormous weight. Deliberately not looking at him you keep your eyes on the girls and make a beeline for their mat so you miss the side glances Bucky was giving you, hoping you’ll look over. 'What?’ you hissed when you got within earshot. Nat just grinned wickedly, nodding over at Bucky while Wanda was in stitches laughing. 'And?’

'And he’s hot as hell and every day that you skirt around the glaringly obvious sexual tension between you makes me question what the hell is wrong with you’ she replied, her voice gradually getting louder. 'Look just go over and talk to him’ she said and you sighed. 'Please?’ she whined and you huffed and got up from the mat.

'Fine’ you snapped and you made your way over to him. 'Hey Buck’ you greeted, lifting a hand to wave at him as you approached. When he saw you his eyes widened, he dropped the weights just missing his foot and he cursed under his breath. 'Sorry, did I interrupt? I’ll just go’ you said, turning slightly to return to Nat and Wanda.

'No!’ he almost yelled and you turned back to him. 'I mean no you didn’t interrupt, it’s fine I was just about to stop anyway’ he said hurriedly.

'Can you really lift all that?’ you asked in disbelief, noting the loaded up bar at his feet.

'Yeah, you know it’s really not that hard, it’s all in the stance. Come here I’ll show you’ he stepped back and gestured for you to stand in front of it. You bit your lip and looked back at the girls who were nodding furiously and sticking their thumbs up at you.

'Ok but only if you take some of the weights off. Not all of us are super soldiers Barnes’ you teased and he laughed nervously as he went to lessen the weight you’d be lifting. You stood in front of the bar with Bucky inches behind you and he instructed you in a low voice, sending shivers down your spine with every word that left his lips.

'First you gotta stand with your legs apart and your feet just underneath the bar’ he said and when you complied he nodded and continued. 'Then when you bend over to grab the bar make sure you keep your legs straight’. You did as he said, bending over and wrapping your fingers round the metal, trying desperately to ignore all the dirty thoughts fogging your mind as you felt your bum press against his crotch and you flushed when he made no effort to move back. 'When you’re ready to lift, bend your knees so your shins touch the bar, lift your chest, straighten your back and pull. Take a deep breath, hold it and stand up with the weight’. You bent your knees and lifted the bar as he said, almost laughing when you felt it come off of the floor. When it became too much you dropped it, stepping back and bumping into Bucky.

'Whoops’ you giggled as you fell into his chest which soon became more of a nervous chuckle as you felt his large hands come to rest on your hips and his hot breath on your neck as his hair tickled your cheek.

'Whoa there, think you might need to sit down’ he said, so quietly it was like a whisper and you nodded, wanting nothing more that to leave this uncomfortable situation. 'Here’ he said, offering you his water bottle as you sat on the bench next to his mat. You thanked him and took a swig from the bottle, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand and looking over at the girls who’d been watching, gaping in disbelief. You raised an eyebrow at them and missed the lustful look Bucky was giving you as you took another mouthful of his water. You looked back to Bucky as he returned to deadlifting the weights and shot him a smile as you leaned back on the bench, waving at Steve when he entered. One eyebrow arched when he saw you sat with Bucky but he shrugged and made his way over to you.

'Hey (Y/N), didn’t think you’d be here’ he said, apparently ignoring Bucky, still releasing grunts of exertion.

'Rogers I’m offended. I come to the gym all the time, boy do I love training’ you said sarcastically and he laughed. 'Buck was just teaching me how to deadlift. He’s really a very, very good teacher’ you said putting emphasis on each word and lowering your voice almost to a whisper, inwardly laughing as Bucky’s grunts turned to embarrassed coughing.

'Nice (Y/N)’ Steve replied, smiling at you as your inward laughs turned to childish giggles. 'Anyway I thought you girls always spent the whole day leading up to one of Tony’s parties getting ready?’ he said and your eyes widened.

'That’s tonight? Oh shit’ you exclaimed, running over to where Wanda and Nat were still sat, evidently not planning on training any time soon. You grabbed their hands and pulled them up, still looking slightly panicked. 'Tony’s party is tonight?’ you yelled and they nodded nonchalantly. 'Why didn’t you tell me? Oh god I’ve got nothing to wear! I can’t go I’ve not had enough time to get ready’.

'Relax (Y/N) we’ve already picked out a dress for you and Nat will do your hair and makeup. You have to look killer tonight, we’re gonna get our old pal Buckaroo to give way to his urges and finally make a move on you. He just needs a little push’ Wanda explained and you rolled your eyes, tugging them both by the hand out of the gym and up to your bedroom. 

'It doesn’t leave much to the imagination does it?’ you said, your voice a high pitched squeak with nerves as you tugged at the hem of the slim fitting burgundy dress that stopped above your mid thigh. The plunging neckline showed off a modest amount of cleavage and Nat had straightened your hair and given you a smokey eye with lipstick almost the exact colour as the dress and velvet six inch heels. Wanda squealed when you stepped out and Nat’s jaw dropped. 'Does it look terrible?’ you asked nervously.

’(Y/N) if I was Bucky I’d fuck you on the spot’ Nat deadpanned and your rolled your eyes. 'Ok well lets get going I can’t wait for you two to get together for much longer!' 

'Steve is she trying to fucking kill me?’ Bucky growled to his best friend, his hands tightening around the beer bottle he was holding and his eyes never leaving you as you danced with some of the tech guys. Nat and Wanda were with you, wholly encouraging you as you swung your hips teasingly and beckoned one of them forwards with one finger. When he came closer your hand closed around his tie and you pulled him towards you as you began grinding against him.

'Language Buck’ Steve warned. 'I told you, tell her how you feel and then you might be dancing with her. Like that’ he said, blushing at little as he watched your overly provocative dance around the flustered man you’d chosen to be your victim. Bucky growled, now watching your partner and he made up his mind to teach this little boy to stay away from his girl. 'Don’t hurt him Buck’ Steve yelled in vain to his retreating back. When your back was turned Bucky almost soundlessly pulled the technician back and took his place, any noises of protest being drowned out by the music. When you felt two muscular arms tighten around your waist and pull you up against him, you knew it was Bucky and you leant into his touch.

'Doll, what do you think you’re doing?’ he growled into your ear and you worked to suppress the moan threatening to break your composure. 'I’ve been watching you all night in this little number and you’ve not looked my way once’. You responded by spinning around to face him, gripping the lapels of his jacket with both hands and pulling him even closer.

'You mean like this?’ you whispered, smiling innocently up at him as you met his dark blue eyes. He pressed his forehead to yours and his fingers dug into your sides making you sigh with pleasure and close your eyes. You let the music carry you, pushing yourself up against the front of Bucky’s jeans and whispering his name into his ear as you moved your hips rhythmically against his.

'Fuck’ he snarled and you pulled back, looking into his eyes for mere milliseconds before his lips crashed into yours and he was kissing you with a desperate urgency that made you smirk as you kissed back, your hands snaking under his jacket and wrapping round his waist, feeling the rippling muscles underneath his dress shirt. His hands were slowly moving down from your hips to your thighs, the metal on skin contact making you gasp against his lips and giving him an entrance to force his tongue inside your mouth. They found the hem of your dress and started pushing it up, getting dangerously high and you pulled away, his lips chasing yours in an attempt to get them back. You removed your hands from his hips and pushed his hands away then grabbed his tie, pulling his head down to your level you pressed your lips to his ear.

'Not here’ you whispered, only just audible to him above the sound of his own heartbeat and the booming music. 'We should take this back to my room’. When you let go of his tie he remained close, breathing heavily and staring at you, his eyes almost black with desire. He nodded and gripped your hand as though making sure that there was no way he was leaving the party without you, pulling you through the partying throng and out of the door, not stopping until he reached the elevator and hit the button. When the doors closed his lips met yours again, his body pinning you to the wall and his flesh hand gripped one exposed thigh and hoisted it up so it rested on his hip. He kept this hand firmly on your thigh but let his metal hand roam your body, slowly skimming up one side from the hem of your dress to your collarbone, forcing a guttural moan to leave your lips. Your hands tugged at his hair as he left wet kisses along your neck, down to your cleavage and back up to your ear, nipping on your lobe and eliciting yet another breathless moan from you.

'You were dancing with that kid from tech’ he whispered and your breathing hitched. 'You led that poor boy on to play with me’. You nodded silently, squeezing your eyes shut and noting how quickly Bucky had regained control. He was pushing your dress up tantalisingly slowly but when he saw your burgundy lace panties you could tell his control was weak as his eyes widened and he swallowed.

'Yes Sergeant’ you gasped and his eyes shot to yours. Once more closing the gap between you he buried his face in your hair as he tried to recompose himself. 'The boy meant nothing. It’s you I really want. I want you, Bucky’ you simpered and he pulled back to look into your eyes. 'I’m yours’. That was it for Bucky. A low, animalistic groan emanated from his chest and he pushed himself into you, rejoining your lips but your hands didn’t stop, steadily moving over each other’s bodies as though systematically trying to memorise each and every curve and muscle. You were so caught up in each other that neither of you heard the doors of the elevator open or Nat and Wanda both watching, their mouths agape as you stripped Bucky of his jacket and began on his buttons and as Bucky clawed desperately at the seams of your dress until they tore. He discarded the dress and stood back, gazing at you with admiration as he drank in your exposed form, your flushed cheeks as you stood in just your matching underwear and heels and the playful smile on your face. You beckoned him towards you and he complied, dropping his own shirt on the floor as he did. Planting himself between your legs, he kissed you with such passion that it took your breath away and your hands ran across his broad chest and muscled torso, digging your nails in a little leaving tiny red scratches in your wake.

'I really liked that dress as well’ both your heads snapped up in shock at Nat’s voice and you pulled Bucky in front of you when you saw both of them stood there. 'Oh well I’ll get another one’ she shrugged as though nothing had happened and you peeked out at her from behind Bucky. He turned his head slightly to look down at you.

'Your room?’ he asked and you nodded, leaving your clothes in the lift as Bucky lifted you off of your feet so that your legs were wrapped around his waist and his hands cupped your bum. You made your way past the girls and to your bedroom door at the end of the corridor, hungrily attacking Bucky’s lips with your own as he fumbled behind himself to open you door.

'Tell us all about it’ you heard Wanda yell after you, just before Bucky kicked the door shut, lay you onto your bed and, lowering himself on top of you, reattached his lips to yours as a beginning to a night you would never forget.



I’m Not a Kid

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 4.2k

Genre: smut

Parts: one | two

“Y/N” you heard Jungkook sing song. He had been bothering you for the past three weeks. Jungkook was your boss’s son and he had been trying to get you to go out with him since day one.

You had given the papers to your secretary and turned to face him. “Jungkook,” you sighed and walked back over to your office. You walked inside your office and turned to close your door but Jungkook stopped it and walked in. You sighed again and went to sit at your desk. You got on your computer, not looking at him, “Yes, Jungkook.”

“Oh, Y/N” he laughed. “I love when you call me that.”

You looked over at him, “It is your name.”

He just stood there and smiled with a wink. You rolled your eyes, “What did you need?”

He walked over and sat at the on the edge of your desk. “Well, I need a date to dinner tonight?”

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Little Librarian

Requested: noppidy nope

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x reader

Warnings: drinking, smoking, cussing, self hate, angst, fluff.

Words: 2,719

“Come on, you promised.” Hannah said, stopping at the open door. “Plus, we’re already here.”

“I can always turn around.” You sighed.

“You’d abandon me like that?” She pouted.

You only rolled your eyes and nodded towards the door. Hannah let out a cute squeal and took a hold of your hand and dragged you inside. Hannah greeted her friends as you both weaved through the people packed into Bryce’s party.

You both made it to the kitchen and Hannah grabbed two beers. You smiled and gently took it from her hands, although you knew you weren’t going to drink it. It wasn’t your thing.

For nearly an hour you followed Hannah around like a lost puppy. Eventually you both sat down at a table outside, you sober and awkward while Hannah was tipsy and relaxed. You were never one for parties, but Hannah was your best friend and you, for some reason, promised to accompany her to one.

You wanted to go back and punch your yesterday self in the mouth.

“I spy with my little eye; a cute tutor and his cute student.” Hannah tapped the table grabbing your attention. “Jeff! Clay!” She screamed over the music in the back yard.

“Hey, Hannah, Y/N.” Clay said semi-awkwardly.

“‘Sup ladies.” Jeff greeted, with that perfect smile that left you without words, even after years of crushing on him.

Actually everything about him left you completely disarmed. The beautiful fluff that sat atop of his head, the crinkle in his nose when he laughed, the full lips that dared you to kiss him without regret, those pretty blue eyes that found yours as you picked out your favourite parts of him.

“You alright?” He asked while you quickly averted your whole head to the ground, attempting to hide your reddened cheeks.

“Y-yeah! I’m good.” You sputtered out quietly.

“She’d be a little better if she actually drank the beer I got her.” Hannah huffed.

“Not thirsty.” You looked back up to Hannah.

“You’ve been here for an hour and you’ve done nothing but follow me around and mope.” Hannah rolled her eyes. “Go have fun.”

“I’m content right here.” You declined.

Jeff pitched in. “C’mon, little librarian,” Little librarian, that was his nickname for you. He had been calling you that since you had met, because at first he had mistook you for one when you bumped into each other in the library. “Come dance with me.”

“I can’t dance.” You tried weakly, but he pulled you from your seat anyway.

“Don’t listen to her! She’s in dance!” Hannah yelped.

“Hannah! You traitor!” You gasped as Jeff tugged you into the middle of the mess of grinding people.

You internally cringed at the feeling of their sweaty bodies surrounding you. But after a moment the feeling of hands on your hips brought you out of your thoughts with a slight jump.

“At least pretend to have fun? You’re starting to hurt my feelings.” Jeff joked as he pulled you closer.

You blushed. “Sorry, I’m not used to this.” you swayed your hips to the music.

“Being at a party or being at Bryce’s party?” He guided your hip’s movements.

“Both.” You laughed.

“I see.” He laughed along with you. “You and Clay are impossible nerds.” You were practically grinding against him now.

“I’m sorry I don’t really fit the bill to be a party girl, I’m more of a lonesome bookworm.” You shrugged.

“I see you more as a sexy librarian.” Jeff laughed before someone called his name and practically ripped him away from you.

“Jeff, man, come on. Group of cuties wanna talk to you.” Some guy, whose name you’d never know, tried pulling the baseball boy away much to his protest.

“Dude, right now?” Jeff tried not to snap at the boy.

“Oh come on, Jeff. Look, you don’t even have to hook up with the brunette chick, just keep her busy so I can score her friend.” The guy asked. “Please, be a bro, bro.” He begged.

“But…” He trailed off looking back at you.

“Oh, don’t worry about me. Go help your friend out. I’ll just go find Hannah or something.” You urged.

“I’ll be right back, alright?” Jeff started to walk away. “Wait for me, librarian!” He called a little ways away.

For half an hour, you stood on the wall, waiting,  while Jeff stood talking up a storm with the beautiful brunette, his friend snogging the redhead a few feet over. You willed yourself not to feel jealous over it, instead you felt heartbroken. Which was no better, but you couldn’t help it.

Annoyed with your mindset, you looked down at the cooler of beers. With a deep breath you reached down to snag the cold glass from the ice. You quickly twisted the top off and downed half the bitter drink. After cringing a little you tipped it back and finished it off.

“Whoa, slow down, there.” Bryce’s voice startled her as she started on her second beer.

“I’m good, I would like to get as drunk as possible as fast as possible.” You ignored him a raised the bottle back to your lips.

“Well, if that’s the case,” He grabbed her beer from her hand and started back inside. “Follow me.”

Part of you told you to do the opposite and run in the other direction. But, alas, your eyes fell on the baseball player and the cute girl, who seemed to have gotten closer since the last time you looked. You decided against your chest right mind and followed Bryce inside.

This was where he gave you a red solo cup filled with what looked like water. You raised an eyebrow at him and he nodded for you to drink it. With a slight shrug you tipped the cup back and swallowed half the beverage, this time the burn sliding down your throat made you cringe deeply.

You shook your head, already feeling it. “Thanks Bryce.” With that you finished the drink and grabbed another one.

“Anytime.” He nodded. “What’s got you all sour?”

“My hopeless crush.” You huffed, sparing a glance at the couple in the back yard. He was now leaning against the fence with his hands on her hips and she was tracing patterns onto her chest.

“Really? Jeff? That’s who you’re pining for?” Bryce laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. The quiet library nerd has heart eyes for the hot ass baseball star. Hilarious.” You rolled your eyes and finished off your drink, again.

He handed you a new one. “Well, in my time of knowing Atkins, he was never into the shy, library girls. No offense.”

“None taken.” You had know that was true. “How about we stop talking about Jeff and we started getting wasted?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

With that, you spent most of the night with Bryce and the other boys. Mostly Zach and Justin, they had quickly becoming your favourites. They were funny and sweet. Not sweeter than Jeff.

You shook your head again, trying to rid your brain of Jeff related thoughts and tipped your cup back. You made a game for yourself. Every time you thought about Jeff you drank. It turned out he was on your mind a lot. So needless to say, you were pretty drunk.

You were now sitting between Bryce and Justin, most of the party playing King cup, a card game where you had to do something based on the card you. Bryce drew a four card; give two, take two.

Bryce grabbed four shot glasses and filled them all the way up. He took two and slid two over to you. You grinned and quickly threw back the burning liquid, easily.

The crowd cheered you on, just as drunk as you were. As you finished your last shot, you felt a hand on your thigh. Turning, you saw that it was Bryce. You gently moved his hand from your leg.

Bryce leaned over to talk into your ear. “Relax, no one will notice.” He put his opposite hand on her thigh this time, while his other slid over her shoulders.

“it’s just a little too hot to be this close though.” You giggled drunkenly.

“Well then, why don’t we shed a few layers.” He whispered and trailed his fingers up her shirt.

“Nope, I think I’ll keep my clothes on.” You giggled again. Is this what being drunk was like? Giggling nonstop?

Suddenly, cold seeping through your shirt brought you out of your thoughts making you jump up.  “Whoa, careful, Y/N!” Justin caught you as you wobbled.

“Shit, I’m sorry. Thought your tits could use something to drink.” Bryce joked, as he had spilled his drink on you.

“Come on, I’ll help you get cleaned up.” Jessica pulled you towards the bathroom. “We’ll be right back guys.”

As you made it to the bathroom, Jessica quickly helped you pull off your T-shirt. You both quickly trying to clean it up with the extreme soft towels.

“Dude, my mother would kill me if she knew these are what her expensive towels were being used for.” You laughed.

“Oh shit! Same!” Jessica agreed, laughing with you.

Eventually, it was settled that you wouldn’t be able to wear that shirt again. “You wait here, I’m going to go get my jacket.” Jessica rushed out of the bathroom, closing the door for you.

You continued to dry your shirt as best you could. It was your favourites, there was no way you’d let it fall to the likes of alcohol. You giggled to yourself, was your shirt a princess that you had to save from the alcohol dragon?

The door opened and you looked up, still giggling a little to find Bryce. “You know, it’s rude to just walk into a bathroom without knocking.”

“Well, here, to make up for ruining your shirt and my rudeness.” He reached out to hand you another drink.

“You are forgiven.” You downed most of the drink. This time it tasted weird, sweeter than your other drinks. You shrugged it off and finished it.

I really should go try and find- whoa, shit.” You moved to stand and the room began to spin.

“Careful, there, Y/N.” Bryce grabbed you around your waist, to steady you.

“I’m fine, just really, really dizzy.” You leaned against Bryce.

“Let’s get you to a room.” He started to drag her out of the bathroom.

“But I have to wait for Jess…” You trailed off into a giggle.

Bryce ignored you and pulled you along. Finally you two slipped into a dark room. I’m scared of the dark bad things happen in the dark. You giggled to yourself again.

You felt Bryce lay your down on the bed, and your head lolled about a little. You almost dismissed the dipping of the the bed around you, but your brain was slightly awakened by the feeling of lips pressed against your neck.

“Bryce, quit it.” You laughed pushing at him.

But he continued on down to your chest. In the back if your alcohol induced mind, alarms were going off. You shoved at him, but your ditsy mind was weakening you.

He pinned your arms down and you begun to get scared. You tried to break through your haze and do something but all that came out was a weak yell.

Bryce leaned up over you and as you opened your mouth to try and scream, he slammed his lips into yours. You squirmed and tried to keep your lips closed but when his hand slipped into your pants and into you roughly, you cried out.

Satisfied with your opened mouth, his tongue slid inside. The feeling made you fag, and tears welled in your eyes. This was happening. There was nothing you could do.

I’m going to be raped.

After a moment moment of painful fingering, Bryce pulled his hand out of your pants and started to push them down. Something in your mind snapped. You were not about to let this happen.

You bit down on his tongue. Hard. As he reared back in pain you let out a scream. As loud as you could. You scream was cut off by a harsh slap to your cheek.

The blow disoriented you more than your drunkenness itself. But still, you kicked your feet at him, one of them successfully hitting their target.

As soon as Bryce tumbled to the ground in pain the door flew open. The bright light from the hallway made you squint your eyes.

Mm, that feels nice. You kept your eyes closed, suddenly extremely exhausted now. You felt the bed dipped again and a hand grab your bruising face.

“No, get off.” You whined, pushing at the person, whom your mind suspected as Bryce.

“Hey, hey, relax. It’s me, little librarian.” Little librarian? Now is not the time to be thinking of Jeff, Y/N. He’s the reason you’re in this mess.

That wasn’t true, you were the reason you were in this mess. You threw yourself a pity party because the guy you were practically in love with didn’t like you back. Shit, you were pathetic.

“Come on, you gotta stand for me.” The person tried to pull you up.

“No, stop it, Bryce.” You protested.

“Look at me. Y/N, open your eyes and look at me.” You did as you were told, and sure enough there was Jeff in all his concerned glory.

“Jeff…” Tears welled in her eyes.

“Hey, there, little librarian.” He said softly, touching your cheek. You hissed and jerked away from his touch. “He hit you.”

It was more of an angry statement than a question but you nodded, closing your eyes. You felt him gently wipe away the tears that slipped out.

“Come, let’s get you out of here.” He helped you fix your pants and pulled his jacket over your shoulders.

It was only now, that you noticed, the others in the room. Zach and Justin holding Bryce against the wall, Hannah, Clay and Jess watching you with concerned eyes. You gave them all a drowsy wave as Jeff pulled you up into his arms.

“Bryce, you’re lucky I don’t have my bat with me, or I’d break your knees.” Jeff called out as he carried you out to his car.

You didn’t even make it out if the house before you fallen asleep.

“I’m never drinking again…” You groaned into your pillow.

“That’s what everyone says. But in your defense you were also drugged.” The commenting voice from the side of your bed made you sit up startled.

“Woah, there, relax.” It was Jeff.

You sighed grabbing your head. “What are you doing here, Jeff?”

“Taking care of my favourite librarian, where else would I be?” He handed you a glass of water.

“I dunno, maybe with the pretty brunette girl from last night.” You said quietly.

“Carly? Not my type.” Jeff shrugged. “I’m more into sexy librarians.”

You laughed at his words and shook your head. “No you’re not, Bryce said you weren’t.”

“He also drugged and tried to raped you.” He gently tilting your chin up. “Bryce’s mindset isn’t correct.”

You didn’t say anything as his words sunk in. You watched his face lean closer to yours slowly, but being impatient, you closed the distance yourself. You prayed that you were right.

It seemed you were because he quickly deepened the kiss. His hand holding the back of your head pulling you closer while yours slid into his hair.

“Oh my shit!” Hannah suddenly yelped from the doorway making you two break apart, panting. Why can’t I get Clay to kiss me like that… or at all?” She whined.

“She kissed me.” Jeff shrugged making you blushed. “I was just happily returning it.”

“What happened? I heard yelling.” Clay appeared next to Hannah and she looked at him.  “What?”

“Screw it.” Hannah snagged the boy’s collar and yanked him into her lips. Clay’s eyes were wide and he let out a startled grunt. Finally he caught on and pressed into her lips, kissing back.

“Now that they’re distracted…” Jeff leaned his head against yours. “Will you be my little librarian?”

“I already was.”


A/N: Request from @inlovewithnovels. Tony is kind of an arsehole in this one. It just happened, I needed a culprit. & I heard strange noises in my room while writing this. Not cool. Not cool at all.

16th October: Scare pranks. 👻 | feat. Loki

Words: 1679
Warnings: demons, mentions of exorcism, blood, gore and death, panic attack

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Forelsket - Part Six

Characters - Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes

Word Count - 1408

AU - Soulmates

Warnings - Language, Cliffhanger, Implied depression

A/N - I’m bringing this back and I’m taking it easy so it won’t be on a daily schedule. I still don’t know how it’s going to end tbh.

Forelsket Masterlist

Nat found herself in her usual spot, leaned against the kitchen counter with a hot mug of coffee in her hand. Blowing at the steam, she peered over the rim of her cup as Steve slipped out of your room. He squeezed the door closed behind him, being sure not to make too much noise for fear of waking you up. His hair was shaggy, his beard was lush and in need of a touch-up, and there were bags living beneath his eyes.

“How’s she doing?” Natasha asked in a hushed whisper as if the sound of her voice would disturb the stillness of the apartment. “I see you go in and out but feel like I haven’t seen her in days.”

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All of You (I Want All of You) | (Part 2) | (Part 3) (Part 4)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

A/N: This was a request, hope I get it right. :) My first post-negan era smut piece. Daryl is in the Sanctuary still and is approached by Negan’s daughter (Reader), she takes a liking to him and smut ensues. I didn’t get to the ‘Negan doesn’t approve’ part of the request, may have to make a second part if people like it.


Y/N hated it here. All the men constantly eye fucking her and making lude jokes when he wasn’t around and all the women disgusted by her because she was his daughter. Not like you had any choice in the matter, if you had had a choice you would rather be out on your own taking your chances with the dead. You claw a little at your bedroom window, high above the sanctuary, staring jealously at the staggering walkers you see clawing their way toward the Sanctuary’s gate. One of your father’s men put it down immediately. You sigh in dissatisfaction and close the white lace curtain over the frame again and plop down on your bed.

I am so fucking bored. You say to yourself and begin to play absentmindedly with your hands. Suddenly your door slams open and your father makes his presence known.

“Y/N, I thought I told you I wanted to have dinner with you tonight? Get your ass over to the dining room.” Negan gruffly cried out, the vein in his neck popping from your disobedience. You roll your eyes and sit back up.

“Sorry, dad. I lost track of time.” You huff and walk out the door in front of him and head down the hallway to the small dining room his men had set up for us. You sit down at the four post wooden table and notice that the meal is already laid out for both of you, complete with placemats, utensils lined up on the right side, wine glasses, and a bowl of some sort of soup, still steaming with heat.

“What the fuck is this a five-star restaurant?” You scoff and slump down into the chair, disrespectfully.

You father sits down on the opposite side of the table, smiling to himself at the scene. His demeanor changes slightly at your words, “You’d do well to remember how good you have it Y/N.” He growled with a hint of anger.

“Oh yeah. How fucking good I have it.” You roll your eyes and begin to slurp your soup, you can taste corn, tomatoes, and green beans, as the hot liquid slides down your throat.

One of Negan’s men saunters into the room with a bottle of wine, ready to pour into both of your glasses. You allow him to fill your glass, after he pops the cork, you nod in appreciation. Alcohol was one of the only things that got your through with these assholes some days.

The man walks over to fill Negan’s glass and he looks up at the servant, covering his glass with his hand.

“Timothy, fucking tell me this is the merlot and not that fake grape shit again.” He glares at the man.

The man steps back a little, with fear in his eyes, looking again at the bottle, “Yes, sir.”

Negan removes his hand and nods, in a gesture to the man to continue. With now shaky hands the man pours Negan a glass, setting the bottle on the table.

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Meet Me -- Part 3

Read Part 2 ½ here

“The Hallway”

The flirtatious energy between the two of you did nothing but escalate over the next few weeks – a playful conversation here, a casual night spent on the couch together there – and it kept building. You’d noticed that your heart raced when he walked in the room or your cheeks started to turn the color of a ripe strawberry when he’d catch your eyes, something that never happened before any of … this.

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The Chase of Love (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request from: @grumpycheshirecat
Prompt: “Shut up, it’s fine, just chill, we’re fine, I’m fine, everything is cool, everything is good! We’re chill, nothing is happening and I am not freaking out, not at all, we’re FINE.”
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: In case clarification is needed, I used “Y/F/N” and “Y/L/N” to refer to “your first name” and “your last name.” Also, when you mentioned the ‘other half’ part in the request, I wasn’t entirely sure if you were hinting at a Soulmate AU or something like that, but I took it as such, so I hope that’s okay.

Whenever a person would hit the horrors of puberty, they would receive a marking upon their wrists- a marking that held the words you were to first hear come from your other half’s mouth. People often worried when they received something casual, like hi or it was nice meeting you, however those who have already met their soulmate always say it’s more than just the words and you’ll know when it’s your significant other.

It was a strange life to lead. Your friends had laughed hard when they saw your words of: “Come the fuck on!” written in a beautiful, fancy cursive. On the day your heart clenched painfully, and your whole body burned, your friends had mourned with you at the sight of the words fading to look like a scar, signifying that your soulmate, whoever they were, had died. Then, some day later, you felt as though an entire weight was taken off of your shoulders, and there was a lightness in your heart that you couldn’t describe- you had looked at your wrist then, and found that the words had returned, brighter than ever.

You were just walking down the streets of Gotham, when the sounds of gunshots echoed from overhead. While others cowered in hopes to avoid the bullets they assumed were going to arrive, you looked up and saw Red Hood chasing after someone on the rooftops. You weren’t sure what possessed you, but you decided to join in the chase, on ground-level.

You were skidding into an alleyway when the thug hopped down onto one of the garbage containers, and continued running. You were going to attempt to apprehend him– again you had little clue as to why– until you heard the helmeted hero land next to you with frustration and exclaim: “Come the fuck on!” The words tickled on your wrist as he said them, and your heart felt as though it was going to burst.

“Holy shit, it’s you,” You mumble, and suddenly the man’s hidden face snapped towards you.

His whole body has gone tense, and before either of you can say anything, he’s tackling you to the ground and bullets fly overhead. He then pulls you in through a nearby door, that apparently lead through an abandoned building.

“Why now?” He asks under his breath. “Why when I’ve pissed off a whole gang?”

“You’ve done what now?” You’re then pulled into another room in the building, again, just barely missing the bullets that barrage where you just stood.

It goes on like that for awhile, you two run from what seems to now be an army of assholes, and your soulmate keeps muttering profanities while pulling you along. You’ve both just left the building, and as you try to continue running, Red Hood stops you by pulling you into his chest and hiding in the shadows. His plan works, and the men all pass you by. He pulls you back into the building after a few minutes.

Finally having time to process everything that’s happened, you pace around the room, while he just leans against a boarded up window.

After a few more minutes he asks: “You good, doll? Anything you want to talk about? Y’know, instead of walking back and forth like someone who can’t remember whether the directions said left or right?”

You continue pacing. “Shut up, it’s fine, just chill, we’re fine, I’m fine, everything is cool, everything is good! We’re chill, nothing is happening and I am not freaking out, not at all, we’re FINE.”

He hums before taking off his helmet, which, probably embarrassingly, causes you to stop and stare. He isn’t wearing a mask underneath, so you’re able to get a clear view of his eyes, and you find yourself getting lost in them.

“See something you like?” He teases.

You approach him and bring a hand up to fix a stray hair. “You’re hot.”

His face goes bright red. “Not very subtle, are you?”

You smile, your own cheeks tinting red. “Sorry, I just… it’s true.”

He clears his throat. “I– thanks. I, uh, I mean, you’re pretty hot too. Very hot, really. Uh,” He holds his hand out suddenly. “Jason Hood– wait shit, no. Red Todd– fuck. J-Jason Todd! Is me. That’s my name. I’m Jason… Todd.”

You take his hand in yours with a giggle, “Well, I’m Y/F/N,” You pause teasingly. “Y/L/N.”

He nods and even his ears are red with how much he’s blushing. “Cool. That’s a good name. I mean– it just… it suits you. This is… I’m doing wonders on my bad boy complex right now, aren’t I?”

You laugh, and his eyes soften at the sound. “Think they’re gone? Because I was on my way to get some frozen yogurt with this soon to be expired coupon before this all happened.”

Jason chuckles, puts his helmet back on, and motions for you to follow him.

BTS Reacts to: Crush falling asleep on them


Probably gonna be a little flustered at first, but will quickly change into ‘parent’ mode and put a blanket over the two of you letting you snuggle into the space between his neck and shoulder.

Originally posted by jjilljj


He’ll stare at you for a little while with a small smile on his face, but soon shake it off realising what he’s doing is perhaps a little creepy. He’ll tuck you in on the couch, moving to somewhere else in the room so you could sleep comfortably.

you’re the toy puppy

Originally posted by butterflyguk


Hoseok will accidentally release a little scream once he notices you sleeping. He’ll be trying to contain his excitement as to not to wake you up; he wouldn’t move a muscle until you woke up on your own accord.

“Oh my God, is she sleeping? On me?! Oh no shh you’ll wake her! Ah but she looks so cute.”

Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl

Rap Monster

Once he realises you’re sleeping he’ll try to move into a comfortable position without waking you; but of course being clumsy af, he’ll accidentally elbow you in the face. But he’s still a sweetheart so he’ll apologise over and over again and let you sleep on him again, this time without moving at all.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you I-, yeah yeah sure just go back to sleep.”

it’s actually a really uncomfortable position for him but he’ll pretend for you

Originally posted by rapmini


He’ll be a little shit and take pictures of you drooling on his shoulder and use them as blackmail when he wants something. However, he would still think it was extremely cute, even though you’re completely soaking his shirt.

“Ah Y/N you’re gonna regret this later.”

I fucking love this gif

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He’ll do that little giggle once he sees your sleeping face, for two reasons, one: you’re snoring, two: you’re hella cute. Like Jimin, he would also take pictures of you, but not to use against you, just to keep to himself when he misses you.

“Aish, will you stop being so cute?!”

Originally posted by taehyunglq



I honestly can’t imagine him being anything other than shook af

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Mutual Friend

Anonymous asked:

“Can you do one where y/n is best friends with Brendon Urie and y/n is at Brendon’s little house studio so he invites Josh Dun because he has a crush on her and it gets really fluffy and cute, they where playing together different instruments and stuff”

A/N: Sorry for the late post, hope you enjoy!

Warnings: mild language

Fem!Reader x Josh Dun | masterlist

“Y/N! You’re coming over today, right?” Brendon asked. “Yes, Brendon, I’m leaving now. Chill,” you responded, giggling. Brendon always has a way of getting on your nerves.

“Well sorry, don’t want you to bail on me again!”

“Brendon that happened ONE TIME! You’ll never let me live that down, my God.” He laughed in response.

“Hurry and get your ass over here.”

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Don’t Care About the Presents (M)

Originally posted by holy-yoongi

Summary: It’s that time of year again, and for your friend group’s annual secret Santa this time, Namjoon has you. Which means that this year, his gift has to be perfect. However, sometimes it’s not the material gifts that are the best ones.

Member: Namjoon

Word Count: 6.2k+

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Warning: Smut, Painfully cheesy fluff to the point that characters call themselves out on it

A/N: Part of the Christmas collab with @cremesuga, @jungkxook, @haniwritesbtsstuff, @jiminniemouse, @inktae, and @jungblue! I also have an unhealthy obsession with those damn Ryan pajamas help me. Also I hope no one’s lactose intolerant because this is filled with cheeseeeee.

Namjoon is glad that there are websites that do secret Santa drawings for you now, because if he had drawn your name while in the same room with you, there’d be no hiding how he felt about this current situation. Which was a complete mess. Hands shaking, heart racing, red in the face kind of mess.

However, now he has to deal with his roommate judging him as he flails in front of his computer screen, which now displays you name. And Min Yoongi knows how to judge.

“Calm down. You look like one of those things they put outside car dealerships.” Yoongi flicks the back of Namjoon’s head as he passes behind him, on his way to flop down on the couch.

“You don’t understand, man.” Namjoon lets out a groan before burying his face in his hands. “Like, I know I can’t tell you because it’s supposed to be secret Santa—"

“You got Y/N, I knew it the second I heard you squealing from my room.” Yoongi’s tone is flat, almost bored, as he picks up the remote and starts flipping through the channels.

“Squealing, what? I wasn’t squealing.” Namjoon’s arms cross over his chest as he lets out a huff of air.

“I mean, that was the highest I’ve ever heard your voice go.” Yoongi sighs as he shuts the TV off, unable to find anything to watch. “So, when’s the wedding? I know a ring is probably outside of the price range for a typical secret Santa but…”

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