just for running man

Every time an ad for “Get Out” comes on Spotify i damn near piss myself because holy shit.

Listen, i’m white, ok i know this. I will never be able to fully grasp the exact gravity of walking into a house of white people while being a black guy. 
But as a white people, I know white people are scary as all fucking hell and I personally get terrified about approaching the homes of other white people I have known for a while. Because we are some sketchy motherfuckers. This multiplies when faced with people of color because while humanity in general is suspect, white people are shady enough that the temperature around a good deal of us is several degrees lower than the ambient temperature. 

And like, occasionally it’s a video ad and i just see a guy looking scared as all hell, or it’s just audio and I can hear the Clueless White Girl and i just “run man”
“Run and do not stop till you are home and lock the doors. block her number”

I have no doubts it’s gonna be one hell of a horror movie because historically, we white bastards are the most terrifying thing on this earth. And it shows.

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.


George Michael’s “Somebody To Love” rendition was easily the best performance at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. It was a spectacular and awe-inspiring performance in tribute of perhaps the most spectacular and awe-inspiring frontman the rock world has ever seen. I have such a respect for George Michael due in large part to this performance… and now he’s gone, too. Another, taken too soon.


The other members agree because we’ve talked about it a lot. When other actresses are on the show, we called you unlucky for fun… and said you’re ugly. You know we don’t mean it, right? It always bothered me. We all talked about how sorry we are towards you. However, we never had the chance to bring it up to you. I hope you know we didn’t mean it. I’m very sorry.


I’ve been here a long time. Out of Cuba. A lot of black folks are Cuban. You wouldn’t know from being here now. I was a wild little shortie, man. Just like you. Running around with no shoes on, the moon was out. This one time, I run by this old… this old lady. I was running, howling. Kinda of a fool, boy. This old lady, she stopped me. She said..“Running around, catching a lot of light”. “In moonlight, black boys look blue”. “You’re blue”. “That’s what I’m gonna call you: ‘Blue’.”

Moonlight (2016) dir.  Barry Jenkins

  • You don't know my brain the way you know my name: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • You don't know my heart the way you know my face: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

I know people who can very easily take this kind of work for granted. You begin to think you deserve this. You don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves to be on television. Nobody deserves to get the shot to do this. You earn it everyday.


what adhd is: i JUST saw a squirrel run up a tree and i started thinking “man what if i could run up trees like THAT” and i remembered the time in third grade i climbed up a tree with my friend as a dare and the friend i climbed UP that tree with was the same person who



A bit too long | Drabble

pairings/characters: kim taehyung x reader

writer: gae

genre: fluff

summary: Sometimes your stare lingers on a bit too long.

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“Ok so you get the rules?” The staff asks one last time as the stylists fix the mic on to your outfit.

It was the first time your group was on a variety show, so naturally you were nervous. Wearing such an inappropriate dress didn’t help either. Being dressed as a maid, the handed you the shortest possible dress ever; not that it didn’t look good on you. It just wasn’t your type.

It was running man, inside a café. One of the most ridiculous concepts ever in your opinion. There were clues hidden everywhere, which would lead them to find the exit from this trap. Of course you weren’t alone, you had your group members beside you. Silently glad that you weren’t the leader and faced with the tiring responsibilities.

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Headcanon that Saitama doesn’t like to touch things when he’s nervous/anxious/flustered since he’s terrified that he might break something so he either shoves his hands under his armpits, crossed his arms, curls his hands into fists and keeps them in his pockets or just wring his hands.  And he’s also terrified of maybe breaking the ground/floor/running over people too so he just kinda…stands there.

Nervous/anxious/flustered Saitama that stays as still as possible.

(Genos finds this freaking adorable)