just for laughs festival

i can’t find any footage or even more screenshots of wario being liz lemon’s super but i did find one article from 2011 saying that at some panel at the just for laughs comedy festival that year some of the writers confirmed that they filmed and later cut that scene

wario was played by bobby moynihan


David Hyde Pierce (Niles Crane) singing the Psychiatrist Song.


Shane Mauss’s stand up is so effortless, he makes it look so easy. This was is first TV appearance four years ago.

Yaisaaaa !

Yesterday, I went to see a play that I’ve performed in before, Musical Hakuoki「Hakumyu Live2」.

Honestly, I laughed so hard !

Just as I remember ! The production is a festival of singing !

And just as I remember it ! ! Hakumyu ! !

The momentum and bright show were perfect !

There were numbers from Reimeiroku and Shinsengumi Kitan and I was singing them to myself, they just came out naturally since I knew them.

But I was also filled with such a feeling of longing when I was watching it from the audience.  

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