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Bing and Larry did want kids but they never got the chance to due to work and overall the thought of how stressful and life changing it all is
But there have been times where they talk ab what they’d name there kids, and how many they’d want to have
Fuck there was this one time Bing tried to make a child in the lab out of organic material (ppg style) and it just ended with the experiment exploding, getting over the walls, and bing ending up with a chemical burn running up his right leg

The Horrors Of Spring | Chapter Three

Summary: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The four courts that serve as the pillars of the fae realm, united in peace, and yet their words could not be further apart. Natsu Dragneel, Prince of Summer, feels as though the weight of royalty will be his undoing. But when the Courts begin to gather, he soon discovers there are those far more trapped than he.

Rating: M                                      Words: 2980

Prologue / Chapter One / Chapter Two

A/N: So long time no update. Life is so busy lately and I am so stressed I am barely online at all these days and unfortunately I haven’t had the chance or the motivation to write any more of this but I thought since it had been a while since the last update I should at least post something.So here’s chapter three! I hope you enjoy it and that you let me know what you think! 

The Pinioned Princess

      “All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.” – Kait Rokowski

Natsu squirmed in his royal finery. Igneel had instructed him to dress in his best clothes for the Gathering of the Courts, but his best was not his most comfortable. His coat was tailored to fit him, but the red fabric felt heavy on his shoulders, another reminder of the burden of royalty. The high collar grazed his jaw every time he turned his head, and he didn’t even bother trying to fasten all the golden buttons. He’d rolled his black pants up to just below his knee and departed without any shoes, causing Igneel to frown at him when they had left for The Shared Plains, the place of the Gathering. Or as its centre was more commonly called, The Crossroads.

Igneel and Erza chatted idly in front of him as they crossed into neutral territory, but Natsu’s own thoughts were too occupied to offer much in the way of conversation. He noticed the way they both carried themselves with an air that requested respect, and he knew they both got it. It made him grimace to himself slightly. Natsu didn’t know how to give that sort of impression, but he was realising now that his dishevelled appearance wouldn’t help him much. The other fae gathered at The Crossroads would regard Igneel and Erza’s entrance in admiration, he was sure of it.

He did not know what kind of reaction he would get.

Gods, he really hated these gatherings. He would have fled for the day if not for the combined wrath of his father and his most trusted guard; and the desire to make a good impression on the Spring Court royals in order to find Lucy again.

“Something on your mind Natsu?” Igneel questioned.

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@mingowow same to all! Mingyu is not the kind of person who would make a big deal out of something like that, but we all can tell that Wonwoo has not been the same skinship wise for a whiiiiiiiiiiile now compared to how he was during predebut days, not only with Gyu - but also with the other members 😞