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Gunslinger (Mcree x Reader)

“Okey Darlin. You hust just gotta grip the handle real tight” Mcree said in your ear as he wrapped around you trying to adjust your from.

When you said you wanted to learn to shoot your cowboy for a boyfriend practically danced in excitement. Insisting he teach you to fire his peacekeeper.

“It’s really heavy” you whimper as you attempt to aim. One i shut and pointing at the target. Your hands were not cooperating. Making it damn near impossible to keep them still long enough to focus on the targer

“Here lemme help” Mcree said with his shit eating smirk. Adjusting you in the most flirty way possible.

“There ya go doll. Now just focus and fire” he smiled

You nodded and squinted before shooting. You hit! Not dead center but you still hit the target!

“Babe i did it!” You say turning to him

He looked like the happiest man in the world. Seeing his most loved person with his most loved possession was clearly to much for his southern heart to bare

“Darlin that was perfect” he smiled as he pulled you into a hug “So. Hows about we work on this again tomorrow. In the meantime. We outta get back. I know another weapon we can practice with” he said with a wink

“That sounds perfect” you say handing him his prized gun.

Wish me luck, I have to go on stage today…

ok but i want to talk about this.

bts has literally had the biggest fucking gap in votes for this award, like winning shouldn’t even be a question by now. But this? this is just unbelievable. They have. EVERY. SINGLE. REASON. to get this win yet they are STILL crossing fingers they are still hanging on this hope to win like I’m sorry but this level of humbleness is so great, so UNBELIEVABLE like I always knew they were humble but this, this just makes my heart grow 7 times and you cannot tell me not to be annoying about them, not to SHOUT THEIR NAME at the top of my lungs, not to give them my FULL support when they have come SO FAR and yet all they show is STILL those 7 boys from Seoul, Gwangju, Daegu, Busan and Gwacheon 


all the blackwatch McCree and Genji things made me curious about what Hanzo would be wearing during that time so I made my own, have a mercenary Hanzo *throws confetti*


This is how those lines were actually born! 

p.s. Related to some tags and replies! He is not releasing the string in the third panel; He lowered the bow and he’s still holding the string, he relaxed the pull from second panel. I know it’s bad for the bow and so on, BUT really, THANK YOU for heads up on this! I really appreciate the feedback on it! (if I didn’t know this, it would’ve been surely something new to keep in mind; next time I’ll make sure it’s visible :3)