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In retrospect, knowing he would only keep his mum for 25 years, how great isn't that Louis was the unapologetic mummy's boy he was? He will always know, even thru the awkward teens and later, coming into fame and in front of millions of fans, he always showed just how much he loved, respected and admired his mum. Happy birthday to Jay and happy Mothering Sunday to all mums out there, the once still here and those gone.

Anon, your message is so sweet and important, thank you for sending it <3

Best wishes to you all wonderful Mums, thanks for the important and amazing job you do, raising and loving and protecting us with all of yourselves. And Happy Birthday to Jay, bright and beautiful example for us. May her smile shine on her children (and a little bit on us, too <3) forever x


kageyama tobio used to spend a lot of his birthdays alone…

but after karasuno, he never had to celebrate another birthday alone ever again



Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]


happy birthday johnny seo  // #HappyJohnnyDay

bfl (boyfriend bestfriend lover)

genre: fluff, fluff, and more fluff

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 1,545 words

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opening line: “Although your boyfriend is highkey a manipulator and gets petty at times, you still love Jung Jaehyun for being there for you when you need it the most.” 

*happy birthday jjh you make me swerve too hard for you but I still love you very very much, you dimpled cutie.* 

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  • Atsushi: You’re going to be so proud of me! I finished a puzzle in 8 months and the box said 6-7 years!
  • Dazai: Wow…