Fanon Keith: Is emo, listens to MCR

Canon Keith: Is an obvious punk, listens to Ramones, Sex Pistols, Against Me, The Misfits, Bad Religion, Rancid, Dead Kennedys, Dropkick Murphys & The Offspring… and MCR.

Fanon Keith: Listens to metalcore

Canon Keith: Listens to Metallica & Anthrax

Fanon Keith: Is an emo whose life revolves around Lance

Canon Keith: Is a certified badass but also puts up a front because he’s scared people will abandon him, but doesn’t abandon his friends… except that one time because the writers should’ve done it better. Also has a sense of humor that’s pretty snarky. Very independent and resourceful.

Fanon Keith: “Nuuuu! Don’t hurt me! Lance, help me!”



Trio Shipping in one posts *goes wrong (I’m sorry Red)

Actually, I was using Bases method that I was found (for just for fun & meme & Learning)

You’ve been to know that was papyrus, You can still recognize that was Dalv (A man with Purple skin & Purple appearance) in Undertale Yellow and… you don’t know who’s the another Hoodie with Yellow Color but He’s Mad Dummy Swapped (Undertale Red)


Fan canon vs bbc canon

Fanon Mycroft:
- controls the entire British government
- is omni present
- can single-handedly make jerks who are mean to Sherlock disappear without a trace
- can get Sherlock out of literally ANY sticky situation
- can make any crimes/killings/drug charges that Sherlock made go away
- always has everything under control
- is god

Canon Mycroft:
- can barely control anything
- struggles to keep Moriarty locked up
- can’t take down Magnussen
- is barely able to control sociopathic sister to stay in prison
- has to whore around to ensure Sherlock doesn’t get incarcerated
- almost got himself and/or Sherlock killed in sherrinford
- has a sad fridge

The Zodiac Signs As Serial Killers

Aries - Seduces you. Blunt force trauma. Exhibits their victims. Cries when caught

Taurus - Stalks you after you break up with them. Poison. Feeds bodies to pigs. Finds Christ in jail.

Gemini - Con artist. Giggles when they stick the knife in. Hates blood. Taunts the cops and then gets caught.

Cancer - ‘Angel of Death’ type. Plays music while they torture you. Visits graves. Creates shrines to their victims.

Leo - Wants to become famous. Kills flamboyantly. Hides bodies in the attic. Screams “thats me!” when sees their crimes in the news.

Virgo - Looks sweet but has a scalpel in their sleeve. Keeps body parts in china cabinets. Mommy issues. Smiles in their mugshots.

Libra - Copies other people’s crimes. Whistles while being led to the gas chamber. Foot fetishes. Likes guns.

Scorpio - Killer grin. Loves playing psychological games with their victims. Falls asleep during trial. Keeps a scrapbook of their crimes.

Sagittarius - Roams for victims. Drives a shitty car. Loves strangulation. Takes a bite out of you.

Capricorn - Hammers and screwdrivers. Married but their partner has no idea. Has a torture chamber. Keeps trophies in a little box under the floorboards.

Aquarius - Likes to make homemade bombs. Maniacal laugh. Caught because they cant help but brag. Has Hitler’s speeches on tape.

Pisces - Worst killer of all. Simply snaps one day and goes beserk. Pleads insane. Keeps cyanide pills in a fancy locket around their necks.